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Some amazing news this week is that our allergist has been consulting with a doctor at the NIH, who specializes in treating individuals with Moses’ diagnosis, and we specifically asked about her thoughts about vaccinating Moses with the pneumococcal vaccination (Pneumovax 23).

It’s been a source of stress because 1) Moses’ pediatrician is constantly trying to line up Moses’ next vaccination, 2)  DH would like to minimize Moses’ exposure to vaccinations, but has been interested in getting Moses vaccinated with Pneumovax, and 3) I don’t feel good about any additional vaccinations for so many reasons (read here and here), but mostly because of the following:

  • Moses’ marked decline in health (physically and emotionally) to the MMR vaccination,
  • vaccinations increase IgE levels (and Moses’ IgE levels are already sky high),
  • I know at least a few people with Moses’ diagnosis who have had serious negative reactions (requiring hospitalization) to the pneumococcal vaccination, and
  • recent blood work has indicated that Moses’ pneumococcal antibiodies are in the normal range (likely because of his history of pneumonia).

Our allergist asked us if we had any questions for the NIH doctor and one of our questions was, “We are curious about whether she would recommend that Moses receive the pneumococcal vaccination keeping in mind that his pneumococcal antibodies are in the normal range and his previous negative response to the MMR vaccination. His last pneumonia was in November 2012 and it was a secondary infection developed when he was in the hospital with IV antibiotics for an MRSA infection.”

Happily, the NIH doctor responded that she would NOT recommend that Moses be vaccinated with Pneumovax 23. Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!!!

DH is 100% on board with not vaccinating Moses now that we have a Job’s syndrome specialist who does not recommend that Moses receive the vaccination.

I’m feeling sooooooo relieved…..  So thankful!!!

All is well

Although mama worries about her boy, in the big scheme of things, all is well in his world.

Our sweet boy flying a kite

Our sweet boy flying a kite

Double COMT gene mutation?

A friend of mine wondered if Moses might have a double catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) gene mutation, and if he did, it might explain why he develops rashes when he takes supplements that contain ingredients such as Acetyl L Carnitine and Quercetin (i.e., supplements that increase glutathione production).

Her daughter has this gene mutation and can only handle very small doses of these supplements.  Most people need methyl donors (which are found in supplements that increase glutathione production) but if you have a double COMT gene mutation then they cause issues for the person.

Something for me to think about because I have wondered why Moses has such strong “healing reactions” to some of the supplements that I have tried with him (such as MaxGXL, Robert Keller’s original glutathione formula, and Alpha CRS).

My friend knows that her daughter has a double COMT gene mutation because she ordered a nutrigenomics genetic test for her daughter.  “This test has been the best thing by far we have done for our daughter and I am convinced it would be helpful for anyone having a variety of health challenges.  Through this test we have been able to implement the correct diet and supplements that she needs and eliminate all the things we were doing wrong that usually would be considered healthy for an individual without her mutations.  The test costs $499 and tests for 30 different genes, best money we ever spent.” Find out more here.

We haven’t ordered this test for Moses, but it’s yet another thing for us to “keep in our back pocket”.

On a similar note, my karmic healer also highly recommended someone who does great diagnostic work. Again yet another test that might uncover other avenues of healing for us to explore. I’m keeping this in our back pocket as well.

More reading:

I don’t know what changed in the ethers but something major must have changed because DH is open to restarting homeopathy. I’m so happy about this development. I have been thinking for a long, long, long time that we needed to restart homeopathy. I still feel that out of all of the many modalities of healing we have tried (and we have tried many) that homeopathy has been the most instrumental in Moses’ healing. I really feel that it helps to get at the energetic root of disease /illness.

If you are curious about our journey with homeopathy, I blogged about it quite extensively here. We started it when our son was 4 years old and continued until he was 6.5 years old. I really do feel that it helped with Moses’ overall health, vitality and emotional health, but when we started clearing the chronic miasms, I found that the healing reactions were sometimes so strong and de-stabilizing that I wanted to see what life would be like without homeopathy. We stopped our treatment at Syphilinum 200C in November 2012 (after Moses spent 12 days in the hospital with an MRSA infection that turned into pneumonia), so it’s now close to two years later.

Since November 2012, Moses has been doing great physically and emotionally. For the most part, most people can’t even tell that Moses’ has a health condition. Overall, for his diagnosis, he is doing exceptionally well. Remarkably well. I feel that it’s a testament to all of our hard work and so many things that we have tried along the way. But, as I indicated in my last blog post, the abscesses have gone out of control. In 2013, Moses had 34 surface abscesses and 12 intra-abdominal abscesses (which were awful). Between the end of March and early September of 2014, Moses has already had 48 surface abscesses.


I feel that Moses is stuck in one of the chronic miasms, and it’s manifesting in his body as repeated abscesses.

My plan is to consult with a new homeopath (another one trained in Heilkunst) as our former homeopath moved away, and also DH did not like our former homeopath. At all. I’m hoping that starting with someone new might help. I’ve heard great things about the homeopath who I plan to contact, and that she is gentle in her approach and also uses a pendulum to choose remedies (i.e., she fine-tunes the remedies based on her intuition).

As much as I’m happy about restarting homeopathy, I’m also really nervous about it as sometimes Moses’ healing reactions to the remedies were huge (like developing pneumonia), but I feel that we really need to try something new to shift us out of this current pattern. I’ll restart the Heilkunst treatment too as I always join Moses in whatever treatment he’s on. In the case of homeopathy, the healing of the child goes deeper when the parents also undertake the treatment (the same is also true for the karmic healing treatment – the whole family needs to participate to receive the full benefit of the treatment).

I believe that our new homeopath is currently on holidays, so we probably won’t get in to see her right away – it might not be until the end of September / October, but this is the direction we are thinking of moving.

In the meantime, we are still using medications, essential oils, having karmic healing sessions, seeing our energy healing chiropractor, practicing emotional freedom technique and generally trying to be a normal family and have some fun along the way. I’m going to make more of an effort to do my “grounding energy” practice that I learned from my karmic healer. I also have a session with our naturopath in a couple of weeks and Moses has a number of consultations with doctors over the next month (pediatrician, infectious disease specialist, surgeon, and Moses’ allergist is also starting to consult with HIES specialists at the National Institutes of Health [NIH]).

I’ll keep you posted as always.

Oh my goodness, it’s been a big week for my boy.

Today, he had 8 abscesses drained under general anesthesia (four under his right armpit, two under his left, one on his groin and even one on his scrotum). My poor boy.

I haven’t been blogging a lot of about Moses’ abscesses, but he’s had a steady stream of abscesses since he stopped Linezolid (the super antibiotic that he was on earlier this year).

So I don’t bore you to death with discussions about abscesses and also to keep my thoughts organized in one place, I’ve been keeping a record of all of the abscesses since the end of March in one post here. In the last 4.5 months, he’s had 28 abscesses that have drained spontaneously, 12 that needed surgical intervention, 5 that disappeared on their own  (that’s 45 in total). His body has been going crazy with abscesses.

After we started emotional freedom technique in July, I found that all of the abscesses were draining spontaneously (thank God!), so most of them were resolved painlessly, but it’s still disconcerting and has still involved lots of visits with the surgeon as he keeps track of what’s going on.  I am still finding a pattern of a multitude of abscesses popping out after I spend time with “spiritual friends”. This won’t make sense to any new readers, but it’s related to a pattern that that I’ve discovered with the help of a karmic healer. I’m terribly upset about the whole thing as I’ve basically become a hermit as I’ve tried to test out this theory, but I’ve been finding that the pattern is still very strong and also obvious.

Moses was close to abscess-free when we were in Calgary (he had one spontaneously drain on the plane ride to Calgary) and another spontaneously drain when we were in Calgary. Within a couple of days of arriving to Winnipeg, he developed 7 abscesses, and shortly after we got back home to NL, almost all of the abscesses resolved themselves. It was amazing to watch them all drain and/or disappear on their own. And then I went for a walk with a friend in the woods, and within a day, Moses had 3 huge abscesses and 2 weeks later, those 3 developed into the 8 that were drained by the surgeon today.

I feel beat up on so many levels and feel terribly sad about the whole thing. But, we have some things that we are going to try in the near future, so we’re not without hope.

Essential oils

I have a theory on why this latest round of abscesses didn’t drain on their own. I started putting essential oils directly on the abscesses (typically, I have just been applying them to the bottoms of his feet instead of on the abscesses directly), and I feel that in Moses’ case, it prevented the abscesses from bursting because they kept his skin intact.  Lesson learned: I will not be putting any oils on any active abscesses in the future.  I am, however, going to apply the oils on his armpits and his groin once the wound has healed. Someone sent me an essential oil protocol for MRSA that has been effective for others. I pray that it helps (and if it does, I’ll post the protocol).  I won’t put the oils on before the wounds heal because I have found that the oils help his skin to heal so fast that the abscesses often close up before they have completely drained.


His surgeon (who we love) has been talking for months about starting a 6 week round of Linezolid since when he was on the super antibiotic, he was essentially abscess-free. For my new readers, we had started Linezolid to help resolve some intra-abdominal abscesses that Moses had in November.

I have not been keen on re-starting Linezolid (it’s considered a “big gun / super antibiotic”). It’s very expensive (costs $6,000 for a 6 week course, which thankfully should be covered by my health insurance plan), but has the potential to affect liver function, which means that Moses will need bi-weekly blood work. And, we found that last time, within 2 weeks of stopping Linezolid, he started developing abscesses again. So it’s not a long-term solution, but his doctors all seem keen to re-start him on it. We will soon have a consultation with his infectious diseases specialist (who we love) and we’ll discuss this option and my concerns. If she is still keen, we will likely give this a go, as DH is on board to re-start Linezolid, and I don’t have any energy in me to left to fight this. (I’m keeping all of my energy to fight DH about vaccinating Moses with the pneumococcal vaccination – I need to choose my battles).

Karmic healing

I have a karmic healing session scheduled for Moses at the end of September. The last session was in June for all three of us, so it’s time for another session. I’ve been trying to minimize our sessions because her sessions are astronomically expensive, but I do feel that she does good work. I need to do a better job of practicing the energetic exercises that she recommends. I do feel that it helps, but unfortunately, I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing so. (I’ve been practicing more EFT lately).

Happily, DH is totally on board with the karmic healing sessions (I’ve been paying for them and he doesn’t know exactly how expensive they are). I really do feel that the work that she did has positively affected our family dynamics.

Dr. Schulze’s Herbs

As mentioned in this post, I have ordered some of Dr. Schulze’s herbs. DH is currently not on board with trying them, so I don’t know if we will actually use them, but at least we’ll have them on hand. I suspect I’ll receive them in 3 weeks or so (to save on shipping costs and custom fees, I shipped them to a friend in the states, who is shipping them to me). I might get DH to try them so I can get him on board before trying them with Moses. I also want to get our naturopath’s thoughts on them.


One of my friends whose child has a form of HIES has mentioned the possibility of using IVIG, so DH and I are looking into it. My gut says no at the moment, but it’s worth finding out more.


And last, but not least, DH is open to us re-starting homeopathy again. This is a HUGE development and is worthy of a separate blog post altogether, so I’ll share my thoughts about that in my next post (read more here).

So, all in all, I am feeling optimistic that we can shift out of the current “abscess world” that we have been living in. Will keep you posted as always. Please do keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Fourth egg challenge fail

As my long-time readers know, Moses is allergic to eggs, and we have tried on a couple of occasions to “challenge” his egg allergy because his allergist felt that the best way to know if Moses is really allergic to eggs is to feed it to him. She has found that some of her patients are able to tolerate eggs in baked goods and she hoped that Moses might be one of those people.

A brief history of Moses’ experience with eggs:

  • When he was 2 years old, he had what we think was an “accidental exposure to eggs” (i.e., he accidentally ate a muffin that contained eggs) and he wound up in the hospital for four days with gastro-intestinal bleeding;
  • April 8, 2011 - he had a stomach ache after eating the equivalent of 1/30th of an egg in GF banana bread.
  • Sept 24, 2011 - he had a violent vomitting incident after eating the equivalent of 1/8 of an egg in a GF pancake.

Based on Moses’ previous experience with eggs, I didn’t feel good about the challenge, but we were open to trying it because it had been awhile (3 years) since we last tried, and it would have been so great to add eggs to Moses’ diet.

So, his allergist recommended that Moses have an official “egg challenge” at the hospital. We baked 12 GFCF blueberry muffins with 1 egg, which meant that every muffin contained 1/12th of an egg. The first “dose” was 1/32 of a muffin, which meant that it contained 1/384 of an egg.

Moses ate it up and thought it was delicious, but within one minute, he told me that his tongue was starting to swell and his throat was itchy. Oh oh!

It wound up being a terrible experience because the allergist wasn’t present and the nurses weren’t authorized to give Moses any medicine without the doctor’s authorization (she was in the hospital and available on call), but when my son is having the start of an anaphylactic reaction to a known allergen, there’s no time to spare. I actually delayed, while I waited to see how fast they could get “authorization” to give Moses medication, but Moses (understandably) started freaking out, so I grabbed our Benadryl and gave him some medicine. And then the nurses were upset because I didn’t follow proper procedure. Ugh! (Insert curse words here).

As much as I’m trying to “make peace” with the medical system, it’s stuff like this that drives me absolutely CRAZY!!! I was soooo angry.  So was Moses. Within 40 minutes of the Benadryl, Moses’ tongue went back to normal and he was fine, but today he is completely broken out with the worst rash that he has had in a long, long time.

Well, I guess the lesson is that Moses is really, really, really allergic to eggs. And we are not going to set up any other oral allergy challenges for any of his other allergens for a long, long, long, long time.

Immunological update

We received some great news about Moses’ recent blood work.  Over the years, we have really build a great rapport and mutual respect with all of Moses’ doctors and we have grown to love his allergist/immunologist and she us. She has said many times how amazed by how well Moses is doing, and she feels that it’s a reflection on all of the research that we do and she can see how well Moses is doing under our care. This was the same doctor who thought we were crazy when Moses was 3 years old because she thought we were under-medicating him. We have truly come full circle.

It’s been years since Moses’ last major immunological blood work (the last time was probably when he was diagnosed when he was 4 years old). To make a long story short, all of his blood work came back with great results. Everything came back normal (except for his IgE levels and eosinophil levels, which is to be expected based on his diagnosis). Liver function, lymphocyte function, auto-immune function, total protein levels, total T cells,  IgA, IgM and IgG are all normal. Many other markers were normal too. Yay, yay, and yay.

We were particularly pleased that Moses’ IgE levels are now at 18,044. Although his IgE levels are still through the roof (100 is considered normal, 2000 is considered “hyper”), DH and I happy that his IgE levels were lower than they had been when they were tested in Nov 2012 and 2013 (when it was measured at >20,000). Yay, yay, yay!!!

Other great news is that Moses has normal levels of antibodies for Pneumococcal (likely because he has had pneumonia on several occasions). I’m sooooo happy about this news. DH would like Moses to receive the Pneumococcal vaccination and I haven’t been supportive of the idea (read why here and here). We discussed the issue with his immunologist and I explained that Moses reacted negatively to the MMR vaccination and that we have talked to people with Moses’ diagnosis who had severe reactions to the Pneumococcal vaccination (i.e., immediately requiring hospitalization and IV antibiotics due to severe infections). His immunologist is going to research more about it and get back to us, but I felt that she was reasonable in her response (i.e., she wants to consult with some others who are more experienced with dealing with HIES patients before making a recommendation). In any case, this buys us more time, for which I am thankful.

Overall, it was a great day and we’re so pleased!


We had a great vacation in Calgary to visit the city where Moses was born and then to Winnipeg to visit my family. Highlights for Moses: seeing Grammie Rosie and Grandpa George, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends, lots of playdates, riding the luge at Canada’s Olympic Park, seeing the mountains for the first time in Banff, zoo, go-karting, amusement park, a trampoline park, Children’s museum and canoeing. Wow!

Highlights for me: visiting with so many dear friends and family, and especially visiting my mom and dad.

There’s really too many photos to share, but here are some of the highlights.

St. George's in the Pines in Banff, where DH and I were married in January 2006.

St. George’s in the Pines in Banff, where DH and I were married in January 2006.





Bow River

Bow River


Uncle Gregor and Auntie Janice

Uncle Gregor and Auntie Janice


Shelley Belly and me

Shelley Belly and me

Our Calgary family

So many new friends

Polar bear!

Polar bear!

Fun with cousins

Fun at the zoo


Fun with cousins

Fun with cousins at the Children’s museum

Me and my brothers

My brothers and me

My brothers and our families

My brothers and our families

Sharing a laugh with my niece

Sharing a laugh with my niece






Moses and Grandpa George and Grandma Rosie

Moses with Grandpa George and Grandma Rosie

Old friends

A very special reunion of friends with Cori and Stephanie



So proud of Moses and his cousin for participating in a duathlon (150 m run, 1 km bike ride, 150 m run) last weekend!!!!!  It was one of our proudest days as parents. Look at him go!


Ready, Set…




You can do it!

You can do it!



And he finishes the race!

And the crowd goes wild!

Dr. Schulze’s herbs

I had a consult with our karmic healer last night and she suggested yet again Dr. Schulze’s herbs. She has told me story after story of how Dr. Schulze herbs, in combination with her work has helped people with cancer, IBS, etc.

She’s mentioned them since our first consultation, but I’d been reluctant to try them because:

  • DH isn’t on board;
  • palatability issues – I wasn’t sure if I could get Moses to take herbs / tinctures;
  • we’ve tried so many things (including many herbs and supplements) – and a lot of times, Moses breaks out when we try a new supplement or we find no noticeable effect; and
  • I’m just skeptical (and also tired) of trying new things…

But, after talking with the karmic healer last night, I decided to reconsider. Racquel speaks very highly of these herbs and feels that we are getting on top of the “spiritual issues” behind Moses’ flare ups, but we need to do a better job of supporting his body physically.

So…. I went ahead and watched a few of Dr. Schulze’s videos and decided to give it a try and ordered the following:

  • Superfood ($40)Spirulina Algae, Blue-Green Algae, Chlorella Broken-Cell Algae, Barley, Alfalfa & Wheat Grasses, Purple Dulse Seaweed, Beet Root, Spinach Leaf, Acerola Cherry, Rose Hips, Orange & Lemon Peels & Palm Fruit in a base of Dr. Schulze’s Proprietary Non-Fermentable Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast (it’s vegan and gluten-free)
    • whole food, herbal, vitamin and mineral product
    • Blasts every cell in your body with nutrient-rich organic vitamins and minerals to give you more energy than ever before
    • Nature’s high-octane super-nutrition that assimilates  in seconds
    • Standard dose is 2 tablespoons (30 mL)  in the morning; since Moses is 50 lbs, he would start with 10 mL (2 teaspoons).

(I haven’t quite decided between Superfood and Superfood 100 for Kids — I think I’m going to go with the Superfood 100 for Kids since I’ve read that the Superfood powder is very unpalatable. The Superfood powder is really the best for individuals who are sick / immune-compromised, but I’m not convinced that I’ll be able to convince Moses to take it).

  • Superfood 100 for Kids ($24)- Acerola Cherry, Palm Fruit, Spirulina Algae, Blue-Green Algae, Chlorella Broken-Cell Algae, Barley Grass, Alfalfa Grass, Wheat Grass, Purple Dulse Seaweed, Rose Hips, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Beet Root, Spinach Leaf, in a base of Dr. Schulze’s Proprietary Non-Fermentable Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast
    • watch a video about it here.
  • Intestinal formula #3 (i.e., for children) ($22) – Senna Leaf & Pod, Cascara Sagrada Aged Bark, Anise Seed, Clove Bud, Tangerine Oil, California Fig Concentrate
    • Promotes regular or healthy bowel movements.
    • This is a milder formula of Intestinal Formula #1 (it’s supposed to be better tasting).
    • Liquid format.
    • Start with 1 capful at night (for an adult); therefore, Moses would start at 1/3 of a capful, given that he is 50 lbs.
  • Children’s echinacea ($22) – Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Echinacea Purpurea Seed
    • strengthens immune system
    • Standard dosage is 2 droppers 3 times per day (i.e., 6 per day); for Moses, his dosage would be 2 droppers per day since he is 50 lbs.

Tips on getting children to take the supplements:

  • Consider mixing 50% herbal supplement with 50% maple syrup,  putting it in shakes, grape juice or apple juice. (More tips by Dr. Schulze here).
  • If you are concerned about alcohol in the tincture, then:  you can place the tincture in a cup, pour boiling water into the cup, and the alcohol will evaporate in seconds.
  • Childhood dosages: take the child’s weight and divide by 150.
  • Common dosage is 2 droppers 3 times per day (i.e., 6 per day); for Moses, since he is around 50 lbs, his dosage would be 2 droppers per day here.

Some of Dr. Schulze’s videos or blog posts

  • children’s colds, ear infections and childhood dosages here.
  • immune boosting here.
  • preventing childhood colds and flus here (he recommends Echinacea Plus and Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”)
  • a child’s eczema was helped with the superfood powder and the intestinal formula #2 – more info here.  This boy sounds like Moses “He has flax oil, fish oil, and probiotics every morning and is gluten and dairy free. I have tried every oil, moisturizer, bath product, petroleum jelly, going to the pool to get chlorine on his skin, bleach in his bath water, making sure he gets enough sun, you name it! We have been to the doctor several times so he could have steroids and ointment that only worked for a week or so then it came back with a vengeance.”

Intestinal formulas #1 vs. #2.

  • Dr. Schulze has stated that his “Intestinal Formula #1 will over time strengthen the walls of the small intestine, destroy Candida overgrowth, destroy and expel intestinal parasites and relieve gas and cramps, since “Leaky Gut Syndrome” is a result of a thinning of the small intestine, this may help. He also states that his “Intestinal Formula #2 will draw out old fecal matter off the walls of the colon and out of bowel pockets. It will also draw out poisons, toxins, heavy metals and remove radioactive materials. It will also remove over 2,000 known chemicals and pharmaceutical residues.

Erin’s comment about Dr. Schulze’s supplements helping her son’s eczema (from here).

  • We cleared up 90% of his eczema through using different supplements at age 2 and those literally made him clear up within a week. It was REMARKABLE….he used to scratch all over his body until he bled…  I know it is going to sound crazy but the thing that worked for us was Dr. Schulze Super Food Vitamins and at night giving him his Formula 2 product (lots of activated charcoal and other herbs etc). The taste is STRONG but if you get them used to it young they never know the difference but it is also available in capsule form. My husband and I both take his vitamins in capsule form. The transformation was so remarkable (I walked around showing family members his back that used to be scratched anywhere my child could reach that was cleared up within a week) that I actually sent a testimonial in to Dr. S and he published it. He is really unconventional but it is what worked and he explained that it is probably some sort of nutrient deficiency in my son that was causing the eczema. My child had to be covered from birth to age 2 in a onsie (like the LONG JOHN onsies) to keep him from scratching til he bled all over. We tried the steroid creams the doctors gave us for flare ups but he could only get that once or twice a year. He does have flare ups, like when the weather changes and things start blooming etc but nothing and I mean NOTHING like what we dealt with the first 2 years of life.

Dr. Schultz’s “Minimum Entry Requirements”

  • Dr. Schulze’s “minimum entry requirements” – this is what he recommends for all of his patients within the first month, and these minimum entry requirements alone create healing for 90% of his patients.
  • 1 – Nutrition - Superfood
  • 2 – Digestive system (getting colon clean) –  Intestinal formula
  • 3 – exercise and sweat - energy shot is good for extra energy; Deep Tissue is good for sore muscles.
  • 4 – Immune support – Echinacea
  • 5 – detoxification - in 3rd or 4th week: 5 day detox (e.g., 5 day bowel detox, 5 day kidney detox or 5 day liver detox).
  • 6 – attitude – use positive affirmations

Some more reading:

Shipping to Canada

    • Yikes – shipping to Canada is expensive!
    • International Shipping Charges: $32.00 to order the 3 items that I mentioned above (the same shipping costs regardless of the type of Superfood ordered).
    • Taxes and duties are NOT included in the total.  All of Dr. Schulze’s products are shipped via FedEx International Economy.  They do no offer international shipping via any other carriers.
    • Another person says that they paid US$52 for an order that weighed 4 pounds, and then paid Canadian customs, so paid over $100 for custom and shipping. Yikes! 
    • I figured a way around it – I’m going to get them to ship the products to a friend who lives in the US, and then she will ship it to me by USPS. It cost $13.75 to ship that package to me via USPS, but will take 3 weeks to get to me.

Places to order Dr. Schulze’s products in Canada:

  • Biovea sells Superfood ($51.40)  and there’s free shipping for orders over $69, but they don’t sell any other Dr. Schulze’s products.

Dr. Christopher’s products

  • Some Canadians choose to purchase Dr. Christopher’s products (e.g., from Herbs First) given the expense of shipping Dr. Schulze’s products to Canada.

Other Superfoods (not official Dr. Schulze).

  • Ozark Herbal superfood here.

I’ll keep you posted on how things go. I’m curious if any of you have used Dr. Schulze’s herbs and, if so, what your experience has been.


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