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More news: we started Moses back on his prophylactic antibiotic tonight. Waahhh! :-(

For my new readers, Moses has been on a prophylactic antibiotic for his diagnosis since he was 4.5 years old and he’s now 8 years old (most individuals with Hyper IgE syndrome are on a lifelong course of prophylactic antibiotic – crazy, I know). Read about us coming to terms with starting it here.

We have stopped it for a day or two here and there (with our infectious disease specialist’s blessing), but we’ve re-started it twice in short order because Moses’ became sick shortly after we stopped it on both occasions.

We stopped it again 17 days ago. It was DH’s idea and so I went with it. It probably wasn’t the best timing – we stopped the day before we went on vacation for 10 days. Within days of stopping, Moses’ skin got worse – around the backs of his knees, his stomach, his groin, his armpits, his neck and even his face. We weren’t quite sure if it was related to being on vacation (i.e., eating some different foods and potential cross-contamination, definitely eating more treats than normal). We also stopped some of his supplements (flax seed oil and probiotics) while on vacation.Happily, Moses remained in good health (with the exception of some 7 new abscesses [which is a whole different story that I'll share another time]) and he had a great vacation otherwise.

We’ve been back home for 5 days now, back to his normal routine, foods, and supplements and his skin seemed to clear up a bit, but worsened again yesterday and today (this was before the allergic reaction), so we decided to re-start the prophylactic antibiotic. I’m disappointed for sure…

We’ll see what Moses’ skin does over the next week and if it clears up, then we will likely keep him on the prophylactic antibiotic for a good long time… :-(

Moses had been on the antibiotic for so long that I forgot that Keflex is effective against Staphylococcus infections (which is responsible for his rash)…. It’s not effective against MRSA infections, however, which is responsible for his recurrent abscesses.


Well, we learned today that Moses is allergic to a new food: either sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. Ack!

Moses had an allergic reaction to Enjoy Life’s “Not Nut’s Seed and Fruit Mix”. Double ack!

I *love* Enjoy Life products because it’s free of the top 13 allergies. We have always felt safe giving Moses anything that Enjoy Life makes because to date, Moses’ known allergens are 7 of the top 13 allergens: gluten, wheat, milk, tree nuts, mustard, eggs and fish.

Within minutes of eating a small handful of this mixture, Moses started to complain that his throat was swelling. Thankfully, Benadryl (and rinsing his mouth out with water repeatedly) was enough to reduce the swelling and stop the reaction.

Enjoy-Life-not-nuts-Mountain-Mambo-Nut-Free-Trail-Mix-Gluten-Dairy-Nut-Free-6-Ounce-Pouch-Pack-of-6-0-4These are the ingredients:

  • Raw Sunflower Kernels, Roasted Hulled Pumpkin Seeds (Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Oil, Salt), Raisins*, Dried Cranberries* (Cranberries, Cane Sugar, Sunflower Oil), Chocolate Chips (Evaporated Cane Juice, Non Alcoholic Cocoa Liquor, Non-Dairy Cocoa Butter), Dried Apples*. * = sulfate-free


enjoy life

That reminds me, a few weeks ago, Moses had a very similar reaction to another Enjoy Life product: the Sunbutter Chocolate dessert bar. (The same swelling of the throat occurred – thankfully, Benadryl and rinsing his mouth out with water repeatedly did the trick).


  • Tapioca Syrup, Sunflower Seed Butter (Roasted Sunflower Kernel, Evaporated Cane Juice, Salt), Evaporated Cane Juice, Chocolate Chips (Cane Sugar, Chocolate Liquor [Non Alcoholic], Non-Dairy Cocoa Butter), Roasted Lightly Salted Sunflower Kernels (Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Oil, Salt), Rice Crisp (Rice Flour, Rice Bran, Raisin Juice Concentrate, Honey, Salt), Cocoa Powder, Oil Roasted Pumpkin Seed Kernels (Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Oil, Salt), Vegetable Glycerin, Brown Drizzle (Evaporated Cane Juice, Cocoa Powder, Palm Kernel Oil, Ricemilk, Sunflower Lecithin, Salt, Vanilla), Pre-Cooked Quinoa Flakes, Puffed Amaranth, White Rice Flour, Salt, Light Buckwheat Flour, Vanilla, Millet Flour.

That same night, Moses also ate food that was prepared by a friend (all of the food items were “safe”, but I didn’t know if there was potential for cross-contamination with one of his allergens), so I wasn’t sure at the time which food caused the allergic reaction. It’s all falling into place now.

I suspect the allergen is either the sunflower seeds or the pumpkin seeds (or both?).

Moses has eaten pumpkin seeds in the past (we roasted our own) and he didn’t have an allergic reaction then, so I don’t think it’s the pumpkin seeds. Moses has had sunflower seed oil, but not sunflower seeds as far as we know.  (A quick read of the Food Allergy Research and Education website states that “some seed oils are highly refined, a process that removes the proteins from the oil. However, as not all seed oils are highly refined, individuals with a seed allergy should be careful when eating foods prepared with seed oils.”)

In any case, we are going to avoid sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and at the next appointment with his allergist, we’ll get him tested for both.


A couple of months ago, my friend, Dante’s mom at Boy Connected, asked me if I had noticed whether Moses’ symptoms get worse around the full moon.  hmmm…. I hadn’t noticed, but I hadn’t really looked for a connection.

The reason that she asked was because often symptoms can get worse around the full moon because of increased parasitic activity (it’s parasite breeding time). ewwww….  (This is why Dr. Kalcker’s parasite protocol [related to Kerri's protocol] starts 3 days before the full moon and continues to the waning moon [i.e., a total of 18 days]).

Well now that I’ve been looking for a potential connection, I have noticed that for the past 2 months (June and July), Moses has had a night terror only once per month and both times, the night terror occurred exactly 3 days before the full moon. I did a quick google search and some have said that night terrors can be related to parasites and can increase around the full moon. hmmmmm……

Looking back at my notes:

In March, Moses had 2 night terrors 5 days before the full moon, and 2 new abscesses on the day after the full moon.

In April, Moses had a new abscess a day after the full moon.

In May, Moses was sick at home a couple of days after the full moon.

hmmmm…. maybe there’s something to this full moon thing.

There are a wide range of symptoms that can be associated with parasites (read more here) and Moses has a number of them (of course a number of these symptoms are also related to his diagnosis) but the fact that he has a compromised immune system means that his system is also susceptible to becoming infected by parasites.

“90% of the world population is infected with one or more parasites in their body, being able to coexist in the same host up to five different types. The danger comes when the balance is upset, within the host, skyrocketing the number of parasites and the host starting to show signs of serious illness and even, in some cases, death. Parasitic infections caused by parasitic worms do not always cause disease in man, a number of carriers has been found which are fully healthy. Parasites are silent murderers claiming  unsuspecting victims living in a world that does not even imagine they exist. Doctors in Western Europe and the U.S. do not contemplate the possibility that we may be infected, but with phenomena like the immigration of people across continents, the problem is much more common than anyone can imagine and often parasites are causing many of the rare diseases, or other such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or arthritis that are causing so much damage lately in our communities.” – Dr. Kalcker, source

I’m not really sure what to do with this information. DH does not believe that parasites are a problem and Dr. Kalcker’s parasite protocol involves a number of supplements (and also enemas), and I can’t get buy-in from DH or Moses for this protocol.  During our recent consultation with our naturopath, she didn’t think we needed to go this route, and I was happy to let it go for now.

I’ve been researching essential oils that are good for parasites. You can read more here, here and here. I’m going to start doTERRA’s GX Assist, which can help with intestinal parasites for me and see how I feel. I’ve taken GX Assist before, but generally only take 1 capsule a day for 10 days, but I’m going to take the recommended 3 capsules per day this month starting today and lasting until the waning moon. After that I’ll take PB Assist (doTERRA’s probiotic for 5 days).

Since Moses isn’t taking essential oils internally, I will put oregano, melaleuca, lemon and OnGuard on his belly and on the bottoms of his feet during this same time.

More reading

  • How to detect and treat a parasitic infection by Dr. Kalcker


August 17, 2014: A couple of days ago was the full moon and there was no major or obvious effects of the full moon. But, he did wet his bed (something that NEVER happens) three days before the full moon and an abscess spontaneously burst on that same night. I did a quick google search and pinworms can be related to bed wetting (a scientific paper documented a case study here), so it does give me something to think about.

I know that I’ve said this before, but I love our naturopath! Love her.

We see her every 6 months or so, and  have been seeing her since Moses was 3 years old, so she has seen him come a long, long way and remembers how we struggled in those early days. She has also witnessed us try so many different modalities to heal Moses. She has always been an impartial sounding board for many modalities and has often acted as a marriage counsellor for DH and I as we have struggled to find a balance in which modalities to use.

Both DH and I respect her equally. And Moses likes her because she has toys in her office. :-)

Read about our last session here.

I had a session for me with our naturopath last week, and as always, I had a good cry in her office. I just about always cry in her presence as she holds such a  sweet space and listens so compassionately. I feel very safe in her presence and I hold so much as I have navigate Moses’ various health issues and so many emotions associated with it.

As I mentioned in my last post, it feels like our family has had huge breakthrough. I feel that EFT is a big part of it. Maybe it’s also related to the last huge session that we had with our karmic healer three weeks ago. In any case, it feels like something major has shifted.

During Moses’ session, I asked Kathleen for her thoughts about a good natural antimicrobial that we can eventually use to replace Moses’ prophylactic antibiotic. She had three suggestions:

    • CD (which we are using, just 2 drops in 8 oz of water a day, but he only gets ~3-4 doses a day, so he probably is only getting 1 drop a day). He is also getting 2-3 CD baths a week (~23 drops). She is happy with this and doesn’t think that we should change much given that even at this low dosage, it has seemed to have increased his coughing (which I think means is cleaning out the junk in his lungs).
    • Genestra Berberis formula – 1 capsule twice a day between meals; or
    • Genestra Black walnut combo tincture – 15 drops twice a day (but since Moses is allergic to tree nuts, this really isn’t an option).

Overall, she doesn’t feel that we should change anything at the moment – she thinks we should just stay the course and keep things steady for now. We are going to heed her advice and keep Moses on his prophylactic antibiotic for now and consider the Genestra Berberis formula for a possibility for the future.

She recommended considering castor oil abdominal massages  as it’s a gentle cleanse and gets the lymph system working, but this is more of a treatment that would be good for starting in the fall / winter.

She recommended trying a Vitamin C topical ointment for his ears, which are very cracked and dry.

She also recommended UMAC liquid, which is a phytoplankton and a great source of antioxidants and micronutrients. I am considering trying this, but CD is not effective with antioxidants, so I’ll need to decide which is more important.

Currently, Moses’ tongue looks okay from an iron and a Vitamin B perspective, but she said that we should considered re-starting the Vitamin B supplement in the fall. (We stopped Vitamin B since Kerri doesn’t recommend it as it feeds parasites).

As you know, I’ve been very interested in Kerri’s protocol, but have decided not to implement it fully at the moment. I’ll just continue to administer CD as I have been, and not push it beyond that. I discussed with our naturopath whether she thought enemas would help Moses and she thought that we should just let Moses have a good summer and not complicate things. I’m going to heed that advice. It makes sense given that Moses is doing so well and neither DH nor Moses were on board with starting them.

I had started CD drops myself and got up to 12 drops a day (maximum dose for a “healthy” adult would be considered 24 drops a day), but truthfully, it’s so gross tasting that I couldn’t get beyond 12 drops a day. I found that I was bringing up a lot of phlegm when on the CD. I think it was clearing out mucous in my system, but as of yesterday, I decided to stop and let myself get back on my normal supplements (doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality supplements – vitamins / minerals, antioxidants and omega oils). (I had to stop my supplements since CD isn’t effective with antioxidants). I was on CD for a month. Perhaps I’ll go back on CD every once in while, but for now, it feels right to stop.

In any case, I love our naturopath because I feel that she helps to keep things simple and sees the big picture. She basically recommended that we have a fun summer! Enjoy ourselves. And let Moses have fun.

So be it!

We’ve had a great weekend so far – a visit with a friend last night, farmer’s market this morning, visit to the beach this afternoon and a bike ride tonight.

Here’s to a fun and healthy summer!!!

It feels like we’ve had a major breakthrough.

A couple of weeks ago, my mother-in-law gave me the book, The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner.

I’d seen this title on several occasions and noticed that it was recommended by a number of practitioners and authors that I respect. I figured that the book was about emotional freedom technique (EFT), but I hadn’t bothered to find out more or why people were so excited about it.

I’d first learned about EFT when Moses was one year old and I had liked it. When Moses was 3 years old, I started using it again and I wrote this:

I started using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which is a technique that I used on myself a couple of years ago and had found that it helped release emotional charges on issues, but had gotten out of the habit of using. When I was at my emotional wits’ end a few days ago, I started using this technique and since then I’ve felt more centred, at peace, grounded. After the first night of using the technique, I actually had a dream that Moses and my emotional charges were no longer “plugging into each other” because they had been diffused.

I think a lot of what was happening was that my “emotional charge” was affecting Moses’ emotions and we both were setting each other off. I knew that was happening, but I didn’t know how to “diffuse the charge”.  That’s where EFT came in to help.

But, I got out of the habit of using it when I started getting interested in other energy healing modalities.

When my mother-in-law presented me with this book a couple of weeks ago, it felt like a big sign! I started using it right away and found that I felt better. I’ve been using it to help with my stress with work, my stress about Moses’ health-related issues, and have also been using it to heal some very deep childhood traumas.

I feel very optimistic about the power of EFT. I love how it’s so simple to use and quick. I have definitely found that my work-related stress has diminished since I started using EFT, and overall, I’ve been feeling more balanced and at ease.

A friend of mine has problems with recurrent migraines and I taught her how to tap and within one round, she was surprised that the pain had subsided. By the second round, she felt fine! She tried it again, the next day and again, it helped. On the third night, she didn’t have a migraine, but decided to tap anyway, and she told me that she felt so good, her chronic back pain felt better! Today, when I talked to her, she told me that she was having trouble sleeping, so she decided to tap and mid-way through a round of tapping, she fell asleep!

I’ve been using it with Moses twice a day, and unlike most modalities, he is very open to using it. I have noticed how he completely relaxes when I do it. A couple of nights ago, he had a bad sleep and we tapped on it, and he told me in a surprised voice, “You know, mom, I really think this is helping. I feel better.” He has been helping me to come up with ideas on what he wants to tap on (e.g., stress about day camp, his diagnosis, his bumps).

Within 9 days of starting EFT, Moses had four abscesses spontaneously drain and one abscess resolved itself! Prior to starting EFT, Moses’ surgeon was discussing the possibility of needing to use general anaesthesia to deal with them all.

We saw his surgeon earlier this week and he considers everything resolved!  We don’t need to see his surgeon every week anymore, and our next appointment is in a month’s time.  So amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Moses still has some scar tissue in one place that will hopefully continue to heal).

I’m feeling very optimistic that we are on the right track and feeling soooo happy.

If you want to learn more about EFT:

  • I love Nick Ortner’s book, The Tapping Solution.
  • Gary Craig, the person who developed EFT has a great EFT tutorial here.
  • I love what Lissa Rankin says about EFT here.
  • Nick Ortner has a great online video about how to use EFT here.
  • Dr. Mercola has a tutorial about EFT here.
  • The meaning behind each of the EFT points with respect to acupuncture points here and here.
  • Tips on surrogate tapping here.

What’s great about EFT is that it’s an evidence-based practice and there are actually a number of scientific papers that have supported that fact that it works.

I’m so excited about EFT!!!!

tapping solution

In addition to recommending crystals for protection, my naturopath asked if I’d been using essential oils for protection. This was a great question considering my love of essential oils and the fact that I have a very extensive collection of essential oils.

And truthfully, I hadn’t been specifically using any essential oils for protection.

I knew immediately which blends would be perfect:

1. OnGuard essential oil blend (cinnamon, clove bud, Eucalyptus globulus, rosemary and wild orange), which is an immune blend. As Daniel Macdonald states in his Emotional Healing with Essential Oils book, immune blends… “are especially indicated for personalities who have a weakened boundary due to some kind of perpetual violation to their personal space. Immune blends given individuals strength to say ‘no’ and resolve to maintain clear boundaries….”

2. TerraShield essential oil blend, which is an insect repellent blend, but is also great for repelling other types of “pests”. As Daniel Macdonald states, “Repellent blends strengthen the protective shield around one’s body, helping them to feel safe. This is especially important for children and adults who unconsciously “merge” with other people’s energy. They may doe this as a way to relieve others’ burdens, or to simply “lighten the load” in the environment.” Goodness, this one sounds perfect for me.

During the last few days, I’ve been consciously using OnGuard essential oil blend before I leave the house and also on Moses as well. I choose OnGuard because I love the smell of OnGuard, whereas Terra Shield isn’t my favourite blend (it smells like citronella, since well, it contains citronella oil, in addition to 14 other essential oils).


Find out more about essential oils here.


I had a  recent consultation with my naturopath and given the pattern that Moses and I  have been going through, she suggested that I consider using crystals to help with boundaries and protection. She didn’t suggest any crystals in particular, but she planted a seed, and it felt right, so I started to search for a crystal that may help.

I consulted with a few sources (websites, friends and a couple of colleagues who specialize in working with crystals). One of the crystals that came up was black tourmaline, which is great for boundaries, grounding and protection.

Then, a couple of days ago, I was absolutely delighted to find this beautiful black tourmaline bracelet with a Herkimer diamond at Sandi Lane  Fine Art’s Etsy Shop.

Black tourmaline and herkimer diamond bracelet

Black tourmaline and herkimer diamond bracelet


I love it!

It’s particularly perfect because I have a special affinity to Herkimer diamonds – I have always found that herkimer diamonds have spoke to me, and used to collect them. I gifted a Herkimer diamond to my mom and to this day, she still wears it.

I have it ordered and can’t wait to wear it!

You can read more about black tourmaline and herkimer diamonds below.

“Black tourmaline, also known as schorl, is associated with the root or base chakra, and is excellent for grounding excess energy. It is a well known as a purifying stone that deflects and transforms negative energy, and thus is very protective. It can transform and remove negativity from an individual or an environment. It is often used as an aura cleanser, and can help one attain higher levels of awareness. Black tourmaline is also used for repelling and protecting one from black magick, and is often said to return the negative spell to the sender. Some claim that black tourmaline deflects all kinds of energy; it is possible that the black tourmaline’s effect of grounding excess energy gives this impression. Black tourmaline has also been used to deflect radiation energy from tv’s and computer monitors. Emotionally, black tourmaline is excellent for dispelling fears, obsessions, and neuroses, bringing emotional stability. Physically, black tourmaline is said in crystal healing to strengthen the immune system, help with heart disease, arthritis, and gout.

Herkimer diamond can be considered a potent balancing stone for getting our physical and emotional energies in proper order. It should be used with care, especially if you are not adapted to its high vibrations. Given that this is one of the most powerful gemstones for releasing and discharging the energy blockages within our auric energy field, it is no surprise that Herkimer diamond is frequently used in crystal layouts and/or for placing on energy centers – chakras. Just like quartz crystal, when combined with other semi precious and precious gemstones, it can considerably increase their performance.”

Life is so cyclical because one of my very first blog posts on this blog five years ago discussed considering placing crystals (amethyst and rose quartz)  in our sensitive child’s room to help his sleep and his healing.

We’ve had such a great and sunny weekend – so nice to spend some time exploring and remember that we live in such a beautiful province.

Ice berg at Signal Hill

Iceberg at Signal Hill

Overlooking St. John's

Overlooking St. John’s

Pouch Cove

Pouch Cove







What a handsome man

What a handsome man

So proud of our little man for doing such a great job reciting a poem, Secrets, in front of all of his grade 2 classmates and the parents.

He spoke audibly, with confidence, enunciated well and was well paced in his delivery. So proud!

Reciting his poem!

Reciting his poem!

I have an amazing update about my friend’s son, Dante. Back in October, I shared my friend’s exciting news that after shortly after starting Kerri’s protocol, he started talking again…

In my friend’s latest blog post in January, Dante had dropped 39 points in his ATEC (autism treatment evaluation checklist) score from 99 to 60. Soooooooo amazing!! In her own words, “I would say that those 39 points are mostly the gap between a child who was feeling horrible and now a child who is feeling pretty good.” Read her whole story here and how she started the protocol here (she indirectly learned about it through Dante’s neurologist).

On Wednesday, Dante’s mom called and told me that she had read my recent blog posts and she really thought the protocol would help Moses. Her call felt like an answered prayer because I’d been thinking about how Moses’ body needs a good natural antimicrobial.* After Moses’ last stay in the hospital, both DH and his infectious disease specialist were open to stopping Moses’ prophylactic antibiotic. Yay!!!  Except that within 9 days of stopping the antibiotic, Moses was home sick twice – with a fever and general malaise, and truthfully, this is not typical for him. He generally is very robust and doesn’t often come down with infections (unless there’s an energetic trigger).  So, sadly on Tuesday, we started him back on his prophylactic antibiotic. And then on Wednesday, my friend called.

My friend encouraged me to learn more about Kerri’s protocol and even ordered the book for me. She shared some ideas for me to consider for Moses and also encouraged me to check out this FB group because there are so many inspiring recovery stories.

This protocol is healing children with autism!

I am very excited about this protocol because, to date, there are 133 individuals between the age of 2 and 33 who have been recovered from autism (meaning that they now have an ATEC score of 10 or less) as a result of this protocol. Amazing!!!

Approximately 78% of individuals lose 10 ATEC points within 50 days of following this protocol.

Check out the following stats from Kerri’s May 2013 powerpoint presentation (these numbers are from last year):

  • After 3 months, the average drop between ATEC1 and ATEC2 was 14 points. Sample size = 259
  • The average drop between those 2 ATECs if the child started at over 100 points was 26. Sample size = 30
  • After 6 months, the average drop between ATEC1 and ATEC3 was 20 points. Sample size = 211
  • The average drop between those 2 ATECs if the child started at over 100 points was 36. Sample size = 20
  • After 9 months, the average drop between ATEC1 and ATEC4 was 24 points. Sample size = 137
  • The average drop between those 2 ATECs if the child started at over 100 points was 44. Sample size = 17
  • After 12 months, the average drop between ATEC1 and ATEC5 was 30 points. Sample size = 28
  • The average drop between those 2 ATECs if the child started at over 100 points was 73. Sample size = 3

Children are healing!!!!!! They are really healing!

The protocol

Note: I have not yet read the book so I am writing the info below based on my very limited knowledge of Kerri’s protocol. To find out more, read her book. I’m also being purposefully vague (using abbreviations, for example) because this protocol has received a lot of negative publicity in the mainstream media due to mis-information.


This protocol involves CD, which is an inexpensive, broad spectrum, gentle anti-pathogenic. CD:

  • Kills all pathogen with no harmful side effects;
  • 2 functions with pathogens: (1) oxidizes the pathogens itself, (2) it oxidizes the toxins released by pathogens while they are living, dead, or dying;
  • Targets all types of pathogens based on electrical charge and pH;
  • Causes no liver damage; and
  • Fortifies immune systems, improving liver function, reducing bacterial and viral loads, candida and inflammation.

I am open to using CD because when Moses was 4, I actually gave him CD drops (I gave him a daily dose of 3 drops of CD a day for a period of approx. 2 years). In fact, approximately one month ago, I re-started CD baths because I thought they might help with his recurrent abscesses.

As a result of my conversation with Dante’s mom and my reading, I started dosing Moses with oral CD again. Only 1/4 of a drop the first day. Then 1 drop the second day (over 5 doses), then 2 drops the third day (over 5 doses). Yesterday, I tried 3 drops and Moses told me that his water tasted funny, so I’m going to back down to 2 drops and probably stay steady at 2 drops for awhile. At his weight, the maximum would be 16 drops, so 2 drops is quite minimal, but I figure it’s better than nothing. On the protocol, you would typically have 8 doses, but I’m doing what I can do.

I’ll also continue with the CD baths (20 drops at the moment).

The Diet

Kerri strongly advises individuals to follow a gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free, sugar-free, antioxidant free (antioxidants cancel CD), no vitamin C, no juices.  Read more about the recommended diet here. As you know, Moses is on the GFCF diet, but he does have minimal soy in his diet (we try to avoid, but are not strict about this) and he is definitely very far from sugar-free.

Ocean Water

Another important part of the protocol is ensuring that the children’s minerals are replenished. Kerri HIGHLY recommends supplementing children with ocean water. Ocean water:

  • Re-mineralizes the body because the body loses vital nutrients may be lost along with toxins during detoxification; and
  • Increases brain connectivity

DH is is not on board with trying ocean water (or really anything new)….  Another alternative (although it’s not as recommended) is sole water, and conveniently, I have sole water in our cupboards (which had been recommended by our homeopath), so I am re-starting sole water.


Another portion of the protocol involves enemas with CD, which helps to:

  • Expel toxins and parasites.
  • Kill the pathogens causing dysbiosis in the large intestines;
  • It’s a process to get the chlorine dioxide into the blood stream so it could kill the biofilm that exists in the blood, blood can carry the CD past the blood-brain barrier to kill pathogens in the brain;
  • While detoxing, it keeps the colon moving and avoid the reabsorption of toxins through the intestinal walls; and
  • Detoxify the lymphatic system, liver and gallbladder.

I’ve already broached the subject with both DH and Moses and, not surprisingly, neither of them are keen on the idea at all. I think it’ll be a very hard battle to convince them of it…..  The enemas help to increase the amount of CD in the body, and it also helps  individuals to release A LOT of parasites, since the CD kills parasites and the enemas help with their release. I should mention that I am open to enemas given that approximately 15 years ago, enemas were an important part of a liquid only 10 day fast that I participated in.


The following can be used to minimize potential healing reactions related to the CD, such as:

  • food grade Diatomaceous Earth – useful in breaking through biofilm and also helping to kill parasites and bacteria (a few of my blog friends have said great things about diatomaceous earth);
  • burbur – helps detox liver and kidneys;
  • Pool Salt Baths – removes toxins;
  • Bone Broth for sustenance; and
  • lots more.

Anyway, I wanted to share this information with you to organize some of my thoughts about it and also to share with you that I’m very excited about this protocol for healing autistic children. The more that I read about it, the more that it makes sense to me and I am so encouraged by how many children have been recovered from autism from following this protocol and many in a relatively short period of time. Many of these children were non-responders to other protocols. You can watch some recovery story videos here. And, if you join the FB group, it’s such a very supportive environment. There are so many wonderful recovery stories and also daily stories of children healing.

You can find more information about Kerri’s protocol here:

  • This book (check out the reviews – what’s amazing is that almost all the reviews are from parents who have followed the protocol in this book and have achieved remarkable and measured improvement in their kids with Autism);
  • This website;
  • May 2014 Autism One presentation (it features before and after stories and pictures of children whose families have successfully used the protocol as well as children who have lost their diagnosis and what they did to get there.);
  • Facebook group.
  • A method for successful treatment with autism - presentation by Dr. Kalcker (May 2014)

* As a side note, we have been using essential oils (which have anti-microbial properties), but DH is reluctant to use them orally, so we have been just using them topically. I’ve been very conservative with Moses (just using one drop of 4 essential oils [typically frankincense, DDR Prime, Balance and melaleuca] on the bottoms of his feet twice a day because both DH and Moses don’t want me to over-do it). I still feel good about using the essential oils and overall I feel that they help Moses’ underlying vitality, strength and recovery. His surgeon has remarked on many occasions that he is amazed by Moses’ capacity to heal. He heals from surgery sooooooo fast – within hours sometimes, and I do feel that the oils (especially frankincense and DDR Prime have helped with this). But, it does feel like Moses’ body needs more support from an anti-microbial perspective.


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