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A quick update about my appointment with the German New Medicine (GNM) practitioner on Monday. There’s more to say, but it’s my bedtime…

I resonated with some of the info re: the GNM session (like Moses’ eczema was related to our separation at his birth [he was essentially separated from us for 6 days when he was first born due to health issues], lung stuff is related to fear, belly pain is related to anger). He basically said that Moses needs a lot of skin to skin contact, and we should try to minimize his triggers of fear and anger as much as possible (which, truthfully, I think is easy to say, but hard to do — how is it possible to avoid triggering fear and anger in anyone???)

The GNM practitioner asked me – what is the longest that Moses has gone without having to go to a medical or natural healing appointment. I answered “one month”, but truthfully, I don’t know if he’s ever gone even one month without an appointment…  It made me sad to think about it. He suggested that we stop going to all medical and natural healing appointments for 3 to 6 months (which is very radical), and something that DH would never agree to, and I’m not sure is really wise anyway.  I was very sad after the appointment– I felt very deflated since I was really hoping that this modality may be the key to Moses’ healing. Perhaps, I’ll look into essential oils that help with separation / abandonment, fear, anger and self-esteem to help Moses work through some of these themes.

I think I’ll use the info that resonates….  I think GNM is good at identifying themes and emotional root causes, but in my opinion, the session wasn’t that informative for how to break the cycle.  Probably because Moses’ “condition” is such as big cycle to break, the GNM solution is not an easy one to undertake. I think it would be very radical / crazy to stop going to all medical appts for 3 to 6 months. I wish that we could. It made me sad to think about it…..


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  1. Oh dont know me ..but if we were friends i would scream yes! Yes about the suggestion of no medical appointments for three to six months…it seems to me you might be caught up in a dynamic of this drama of sickness…not that any of it is fake..please dont think that is what im saying ..but that maybe you are self prophyizing. I know this is coming out bad..but i would consider the no medical stuff..for three to six is amazing how people can heal without those pesky doctors

  2. spirityoga said:

    Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your thoughts!

  3. I’m sorry you ended up disappointed with the outcome of the GNM appointment. At least you did feel there were some useful ‘info takeaways.’ I agree that asking you to immediately cease all allopathic interventions and treatment doesn’t seem a very feasible option at this point, since you have been ending up in ER because of the extreme pain Moses has been experiencing. You say ‘how is it possible to avoid fear and anger triggers?’ For me that is where Heilkunst comes in :) By changing the internal state of mind, and releasing past trauma at the vibrational level, the patient no longer is bound to react in the same (negative) way to external life events, and so the cycle is broken at the root cause level. I have experienced this myself- certain things that used to cause a lot of anxiety for me, are now unproblematic or even enjoyable. I hope Moses continues to heal from these abscesses, with no further complications, very best wishes.

  4. Hi Tess:I will definitely consider the GNM framework in terms of root causes. I purchased the scientific chart and just received it yesterday, so still need time to work through it. I’ve definitely been contemplating revisiting Heilkunst, but my husband has such as strong aversion to that modality of healing, unfortunately. Plus, some of the healing reactions were so destabilizing. If we can’t break through this cycle, I will definitely need to reconsider Heilkunst. I do very much appreciate your thoughts and another viewpoint as to what may be going on with Moses. I’d welcome any other thoughts. Take good care!

  5. While researching Heilkunst I found a lot of information about homotoxicology. I was also referred to Mary Coyle. Have you ever heard about her? She does a very thorough drainage and gently opens pathways and only then does sequential homeopathy. I talked to her on the phone and she told me that some kids are so sensitive that they can’t do heilkunst right away, they need to be prepared for it first to avoid bad healing reactions. I haven’t worked with her yet but she seems to be very knowledgeable.

  6. Hi Dasha: Thanks very much for the info. I haven’t heard of homotoxicology or Mary Coyle. Sounds very promising and a bridge between allopathic medicine and homeopathy, which my husband might understand better. I emailed her to find out more. Do you know if she does distance work, and what her rates are like?

  7. Janice, she does distance work. Her rates are high for initial consultation but much lower for subsequent consultations. It took her awhile to get back to me so I started working with your Heilkunster but now I don’t even know what to do. I just wrote you an email.

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