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Given that Moses’ latest abscesses have gone from being surface abscesses to internal abscesses, and this is not a good progression with respect to the direction of cure, I’ve been understandably concerned.

As many of you know, after 2.5 years of Heilkunst homeopathy, I decided to take a break from Heilkunst in November 2012 given that I wanted to see how Moses’ body would do on its own. I still feel that Heilkunst has been the most important thing that we have done for Moses’ healing, but most of the rounds of healing were difficult due to the healing reactions. It was also difficult because DH was not on board with this modality. He did not like our practitioner, did not understand homeopathy and thought it was a waste of money. It was very stressful on our family dynamic because we were constantly fighting about Moses’ treatment.

I brought up Heilkunst again with DH a couple of days ago and I met the same wall of resistance, so I don’t feel that it’s a treatment that we can pursue at this time. Plus, I’m not sure if it’s what Moses needs.

One of my readers shared:

While researching Heilkunst I found a lot of information about homotoxicology. I was also referred to Mary Coyle. Have you ever heard about her? She does a very thorough drainage and gently opens pathways and only then does sequential homeopathy. I talked to her on the phone and she told me that some kids are so sensitive that they can’t do heilkunst right away, they need to be prepared for it first to avoid bad healing reactions. I haven’t worked with her yet but she seems to be very knowledgeable.

Based on what I’ve read (see below), this may be something that I will consider. DH might be on board with it because it’s described as a bridge between allopathic and homeopathic medicine. I’ve often thought that I needed someone to bridge the gap between allopathic and homeopathic medicine. The reason why my husband loves our naturopath is that she provides a bridge and speaks to us in a language that we can both understand.  I will research it further and will feel it out regarding whether we will pursue this further. In the meantime, I’d love to hear any of your experiences with it.

From Mary Coyle’s website:

The treatments involve a host of detoxification methods which work synergistically together. Where conventional and holistic treatments serve only to heal the structure of the body and it’s organs, we actually combine those methods and take it one step deeper: by applying the principles of Homotoxicology to detoxify the body at the cellular level.

Although homotoxicology is based on the principals of homeopathy, it can be thought of as a “bridge” between allopathic and homeopathic medicine. As such, it has many similarities to classical homeopathy as well as differences. One key difference is that it places more emphasis on the physical manifestations of disease and uses diagnostic tools based on anatomical and clinical findings (similar to allopathic medicine). Homotoxicology also utilizes complex homeopathic remedies designed to restore the child’s vital force, and balance the biological flow system.

Homotoxicology studies the influences of toxic substances in humans, where symptoms and disease are seen as a result of the appropriate biological resistance to these toxic substances (homotoxins). Homotoxicology views disease as a process within humans and antihomotoxic preparations are therefore designed to deal with the distinct stages of an illness.

The combination formulas we use, which are based on the principles developed by Dr. Hans Henrich Reckeweg (Germany), are unique and based upon not only a large body of knowledge but also on a complete strategy for therapeutic application in the various phases of disease.

Our special approach is to make the body ready and responsive for the treatments. Eliminating the toxins has become a recognized factor to a healthy body and is critical to the development of these children.

Our practitioners have determined that it is not enough to simply begin a treatment, such as IV or HBOT, on a child. If the body is not prepared to remove the toxins, the treatments will not have the proper effect. This is the vitally important aspect and the reason for the many concrete successes we have seen.

Blogs of parents who have used homotoxicology with their children with autism:

  • Autism and Homeopathy – Read about 9 year old, Kale’s journey of healing with homeotoxicology here. After 2 months of treatment: “What kind of progress am I seeing on this homotoxicology protocol?  I see increased eye contact, moments of pure clarity where he looks at me or someone else with those gigantic brown eyes as if he were seeing us in a different way, more compliant, laughing at appropriate situations that should be laughed at.  He is also writing his phone number when asked what is your phone number?  He is also attempting to write more.  His verbal approximations are clearer and he is able to produce better sounds.  Do I think this protocol is making a difference?  ABSOLUTELY.”
  • Hidden Recovery - “Most of our kids have deficits in metabolic pathways which cause nutrition deficiencies, inflammation which leads to hyper-reactivity and allergies, and a build-up of toxins. We found Homotoxicology to be the most effective way to heal Leo. Mary Coyle  originally helped us do our first long-term detox with this method.”
  • Regarding Caroline’s first month real time log re: homotoxicology here. So far, no gains reported.
  • Recovering Sabrina – read about Sabrina’s first “in person” session here.
  • Nichole’s recovery – Nichole’s mom eventually switched from homotoxicology to CEASE homeopathy (it’s a long story, read here).
  • Lisa used homotoxicology to heal her 3.5 year old son with autism -  “My middle child Max was diagnosed with ASD at the age 3 years old. He had a significant negative reaction to a flu vaccine at age 2 ¾ which led us to reflect on reactions he had all along with the vaccinations. Max had multi-sensory issues along with many autistic characteristics. He also had a nutritional absorption issue as he dropped off the growth chart from 50th percentile to 5th percentile after his first birthday. I knew we had to detoxify my son, but was concerned about his reaction to the chemical chelation therapies available. I heard a lecture in 2005 by Mary Coyle a homeopath regarding the principles of Homotoxicology and began this protocol shortly thereafter. Max began making significant improvements.”
  • Compelling testimonials about the recovery of children with autism on Mary Coyle’s website here. 

More info:

  • Utilizing homotoxicology to assist the body in reducing microbial overload – pdf of presentation here.
  • Autism One 2010 – Homeopathy & Homotoxicology and Their Role in Reversing Vaccine Injury article
  • THRiiVE presentation at Autism 1 2009 -
    Mary Coyle and Sandra Stewart (Part 1) video
    Mary Coyle and Sandra Stewart (Part 2) video
  • Homotoxicological chart – Dr. Reckeweg’s chart of homotoxicology maps out a very clear progression of cellular health, either in the direction of improvement, or in worsening. If you follow any row on the chart from the left to the right, it will illustrate a worsening of health, and from right to left indicates an improvement. According to this, Moses is in the deposition phase (i.e., swollen lymph nodes), which is in the 3rd of the 6th phase (6th being the worst). Read more about the deposition phase here.


I talked to someone from Mary’s office and Mary charges $350 for the first session and $185 every 6 weeks for subsequent sessions plus the cost of the remedies / supplements (which varies).

They also recommend SLIT therapy by Lawrance Caprio to be done in conjunction with homotoxicology. It’s basically the same as allergy shots but performed using drops. It’s a lengthy process to desensitize the body. This is accompanied by elimination diet. $200.00 for initial consultation plus $400.00 for food sensitivities testing and then oral drops, which would need to be repeated for awhile.

I asked about healing reactions and she said as the body releases toxins, we may observe healing reactions, but we would be able to slow them down as Mary would give instructions on how to administer the remedies. We would also need to collect samples of hair, finger nails and saliva to send to them for testing to see if the remedies are working as expected.

I’m currently not getting a yes to proceed with this modality at this time.

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Comments on: "Homotoxicology" (2)

  1. Hi Janice,

    I’m sorry I haven’t replied any earlier. Yes, we have started with homotoxicology 2 months ago. We are seeing Marc Salmon in London.

    As you know we have been doing CEASE for a while (1 and a half years) and I always thought my son could have improved more, like the other kids. He was still non-verbal for instance, and his socialization and imaginative play are very poor, so it’s like… ok, he has improved in many ways (calmer, attention span etc) but the 3 big aspects that actually cause him to be diagnosed autistic are still there!

    He was always mildly constipated, and looking back I should have insisted with the homeopath for more support remedies. Because if they don’t have BMs every day, the truth is that it all gets reabsorbed or something. One of the mums in the CEASE group on FB went to see Mary Coyle for the same reason. And it was very positive for her son.

    So we did the same. I was also asking myself whether I could have dealt with the clostridium bacteria that shows in my son’ stool test without having to give my son an antibiotic.

    So homotoxicology is good in many ways: the support remedies really makes the detox pathways start working, and my son is now having much more regular BMs. When he tested my son using the VOLL machine, he actually found out the my son still had damage from the MMR, with a potency we never addressed while doing CEASE (they are normally 30C, 200C, 1M and 10M), so in this case, he needed a very low potency (D4). That was very interesting because, come to think of it, we could never have guessed that.

    He tested him for a few bacteria/virus/parasite… and my son tested positive for toxoplasmosis, herpes and clostridium difficile :( and they have nosodes for all of them, so let’s see if they are really effective as they claim nosodes are.

    They can also test whether the person needs certain supplements or not. My son tested positive for vitamin D and B12.

    We have just done a new hair elements test (Doctors Data) and he is excreting quite a significant amount of mercury now. (we had a hair analysis at the beginning of the year, and our DAN doctor told us he didn’t have a mercury problem because it was not showing high on the results… now I realise it was not high because he was not excreting it properly!) so the remedies are working, it’s good news!

    Since we started homotoxicology my son is finally understanding that he “has to communicate”, he learnt very quickly how to use PECS with the speech therapist and has been vocalizing more, trying to say thing (still very early days). It’s hard to say that it’s happening because of the homotoxicology, or if it was just a coincidence (he is nearly 4, when the language seems to come for some children with speech delay), so I will keep you posted.

    If you start treatment, I would be very interested to know, please keep me posted.

    Lots of healing to your family,

  2. spirityoga said:

    Hi Julie: Thank you soooooooo much for taking the time to write such a detailed response… Sounds like homotoxicology has really been helping your son. I look forward to hearing how he continues to do….

    I talked to someone in Mary Coyle’s office yesterday and still have this in the back of my mind as a potential to follow. I’ll let you know if we do! I think it’ll take some work to convince my husband. I asked him the other day if he’d consider another form of homeopathy and he outright said no…. I’m going to give it a bit more time, and in the meantime am exploring a karmic healer, who is highly recommended by my energy healing chiropractor…

    Take care,

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