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I have an amazing update about my friend’s son, Dante. Back in October, I shared my friend’s exciting news that after shortly after starting Kerri’s protocol, he started talking again…

In my friend’s latest blog post in January, Dante had dropped 39 points in his ATEC (autism treatment evaluation checklist) score from 99 to 60. Soooooooo amazing!! In her own words, “I would say that those 39 points are mostly the gap between a child who was feeling horrible and now a child who is feeling pretty good.” Read her whole story here and how she started the protocol here (she indirectly learned about it through Dante’s neurologist).

On Wednesday, Dante’s mom called and told me that she had read my recent blog posts and she really thought the protocol would help Moses. Her call felt like an answered prayer because I’d been thinking about how Moses’ body needs a good natural antimicrobial.* After Moses’ last stay in the hospital, both DH and his infectious disease specialist were open to stopping Moses’ prophylactic antibiotic. Yay!!!  Except that within 9 days of stopping the antibiotic, Moses was home sick twice – with a fever and general malaise, and truthfully, this is not typical for him. He generally is very robust and doesn’t often come down with infections (unless there’s an energetic trigger).  So, sadly on Tuesday, we started him back on his prophylactic antibiotic. And then on Wednesday, my friend called.

My friend encouraged me to learn more about Kerri’s protocol and even ordered the book for me. She shared some ideas for me to consider for Moses and also encouraged me to check out this FB group because there are so many inspiring recovery stories.

This protocol is healing children with autism!

I am very excited about this protocol because, to date, there are 133 individuals between the age of 2 and 33 who have been recovered from autism (meaning that they now have an ATEC score of 10 or less) as a result of this protocol. Amazing!!!

Approximately 78% of individuals lose 10 ATEC points within 50 days of following this protocol.

Check out the following stats from Kerri’s May 2013 powerpoint presentation (these numbers are from last year):

  • After 3 months, the average drop between ATEC1 and ATEC2 was 14 points. Sample size = 259
  • The average drop between those 2 ATECs if the child started at over 100 points was 26. Sample size = 30
  • After 6 months, the average drop between ATEC1 and ATEC3 was 20 points. Sample size = 211
  • The average drop between those 2 ATECs if the child started at over 100 points was 36. Sample size = 20
  • After 9 months, the average drop between ATEC1 and ATEC4 was 24 points. Sample size = 137
  • The average drop between those 2 ATECs if the child started at over 100 points was 44. Sample size = 17
  • After 12 months, the average drop between ATEC1 and ATEC5 was 30 points. Sample size = 28
  • The average drop between those 2 ATECs if the child started at over 100 points was 73. Sample size = 3

Children are healing!!!!!! They are really healing!

The protocol

Note: I have not yet read the book so I am writing the info below based on my very limited knowledge of Kerri’s protocol. To find out more, read her book. I’m also being purposefully vague (using abbreviations, for example) because this protocol has received a lot of negative publicity in the mainstream media due to mis-information.


This protocol involves CD, which is an inexpensive, broad spectrum, gentle anti-pathogenic. CD:

  • Kills all pathogen with no harmful side effects;
  • 2 functions with pathogens: (1) oxidizes the pathogens itself, (2) it oxidizes the toxins released by pathogens while they are living, dead, or dying;
  • Targets all types of pathogens based on electrical charge and pH;
  • Causes no liver damage; and
  • Fortifies immune systems, improving liver function, reducing bacterial and viral loads, candida and inflammation.

I am open to using CD because when Moses was 4, I actually gave him CD drops (I gave him a daily dose of 3 drops of CD a day for a period of approx. 2 years). In fact, approximately one month ago, I re-started CD baths because I thought they might help with his recurrent abscesses.

As a result of my conversation with Dante’s mom and my reading, I started dosing Moses with oral CD again. Only 1/4 of a drop the first day. Then 1 drop the second day (over 5 doses), then 2 drops the third day (over 5 doses). Yesterday, I tried 3 drops and Moses told me that his water tasted funny, so I’m going to back down to 2 drops and probably stay steady at 2 drops for awhile. At his weight, the maximum would be 16 drops, so 2 drops is quite minimal, but I figure it’s better than nothing. On the protocol, you would typically have 8 doses, but I’m doing what I can do.

I’ll also continue with the CD baths (20 drops at the moment).

The Diet

Kerri strongly advises individuals to follow a gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free, sugar-free, antioxidant free (antioxidants cancel CD), no vitamin C, no juices.  Read more about the recommended diet here. As you know, Moses is on the GFCF diet, but he does have minimal soy in his diet (we try to avoid, but are not strict about this) and he is definitely very far from sugar-free.

Ocean Water

Another important part of the protocol is ensuring that the children’s minerals are replenished. Kerri HIGHLY recommends supplementing children with ocean water. Ocean water:

  • Re-mineralizes the body because the body loses vital nutrients may be lost along with toxins during detoxification; and
  • Increases brain connectivity

DH is is not on board with trying ocean water (or really anything new)….  Another alternative (although it’s not as recommended) is sole water, and conveniently, I have sole water in our cupboards (which had been recommended by our homeopath), so I am re-starting sole water.


Another portion of the protocol involves enemas with CD, which helps to:

  • Expel toxins and parasites.
  • Kill the pathogens causing dysbiosis in the large intestines;
  • It’s a process to get the chlorine dioxide into the blood stream so it could kill the biofilm that exists in the blood, blood can carry the CD past the blood-brain barrier to kill pathogens in the brain;
  • While detoxing, it keeps the colon moving and avoid the reabsorption of toxins through the intestinal walls; and
  • Detoxify the lymphatic system, liver and gallbladder.

I’ve already broached the subject with both DH and Moses and, not surprisingly, neither of them are keen on the idea at all. I think it’ll be a very hard battle to convince them of it…..  The enemas help to increase the amount of CD in the body, and it also helps  individuals to release A LOT of parasites, since the CD kills parasites and the enemas help with their release. I should mention that I am open to enemas given that approximately 15 years ago, enemas were an important part of a liquid only 10 day fast that I participated in.


The following can be used to minimize potential healing reactions related to the CD, such as:

  • food grade Diatomaceous Earth – useful in breaking through biofilm and also helping to kill parasites and bacteria (a few of my blog friends have said great things about diatomaceous earth);
  • burbur – helps detox liver and kidneys;
  • Pool Salt Baths – removes toxins;
  • Bone Broth for sustenance; and
  • lots more.

Anyway, I wanted to share this information with you to organize some of my thoughts about it and also to share with you that I’m very excited about this protocol for healing autistic children. The more that I read about it, the more that it makes sense to me and I am so encouraged by how many children have been recovered from autism from following this protocol and many in a relatively short period of time. Many of these children were non-responders to other protocols. You can watch some recovery story videos here. And, if you join the FB group, it’s such a very supportive environment. There are so many wonderful recovery stories and also daily stories of children healing.

You can find more information about Kerri’s protocol here:

  • This book (check out the reviews – what’s amazing is that almost all the reviews are from parents who have followed the protocol in this book and have achieved remarkable and measured improvement in their kids with Autism);
  • This website;
  • May 2014 Autism One presentation (it features before and after stories and pictures of children whose families have successfully used the protocol as well as children who have lost their diagnosis and what they did to get there.);
  • Facebook group.
  • A method for successful treatment with autism - presentation by Dr. Kalcker (May 2014)

* As a side note, we have been using essential oils (which have anti-microbial properties), but DH is reluctant to use them orally, so we have been just using them topically. I’ve been very conservative with Moses (just using one drop of 4 essential oils [typically frankincense, DDR Prime, Balance and melaleuca] on the bottoms of his feet twice a day because both DH and Moses don’t want me to over-do it). I still feel good about using the essential oils and overall I feel that they help Moses’ underlying vitality, strength and recovery. His surgeon has remarked on many occasions that he is amazed by Moses’ capacity to heal. He heals from surgery sooooooo fast – within hours sometimes, and I do feel that the oils (especially frankincense and DDR Prime have helped with this). But, it does feel like Moses’ body needs more support from an anti-microbial perspective.


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Comments on: "Thoughts about Kerri’s protocol" (6)

  1. Janice, very interesting. How is your son doing on CD? I read so many mixed reviews for this, mainly that it’s bleach and shouldn’t be used. I checked in Wikipedia and it looks like they use it as disinfectant. What are your thoughts on this. I wasn’t able to find any scientific research that CD is not bleach so I still don’t even know what to think about this one.

  2. spirityoga said:

    Hi Dasha: We are going very very slow on the protocol, so I’m keeping him at 2 drops of CD a day (and at his weight, he can get 16 drops) and some baths with CD. I feel that if I could up his CD dose, it would be better (i.e., he is still developing abscesses, so I think he needs a higher dose), but I can’t get DH and or even Moses on board (it doesn’t taste very good), so I’m doing what I can.

    I think you should read Kerri’s book to find out more info. At the dosages that are being used, it’s very safe and also very effective. I actually feel really good and very excited about this protocol and it’s helping sooooo many children. You should join the FB group to find out more and to read some of the stories – they are so inspiring……

    A scientific study conducted in 1982 has shown that chlorine dioxide at a concentration of 5 mg/L is not toxic for human consumption.

    I know that this topic is highly misunderstood and there’s a lot of negative information about this protocol, but truthfully, it is healing so many children. It’s so inspiring. Join the FB group to find out more…

  3. Idk how to eat while doing this, without resorting to junk food. A healthy diet contains lots of fruits and veggies and those Are the main components of my diet, along with juicing. I cant do legumes, meat, or the like. Any thoughts?

  4. Hi Stacy: There is a great FB group: CD/CDS Moms – What is my kid eating today. Check it out for ideas.

    I’m not following Kerri’s protocol at the moment, so I’m not the best person to ask!

  5. Oh ok thanks. For what reasons did u decide to stop the Cd protocol? I’m on the fence abt trying it and would love insight

  6. I have a highly skeptical husband and I wasn’t able to get him on board to agreeing with the protocol for our 8 year old…. And I wasn’t able to get our son on board with enemas. I’m highly inspired with all of the amazing stories on the CD FB group. I really feel that the protocol can be beneficial. I would try it if I were you……..

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