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Oceans Alive

Activation Oceans Alive 2.0 is the other supplement recommended by our Heilkunstler for both Moses and me.

Oceans Alive Phytoplankton is a super-nutrient from the ocean that provides the body with an increase in residual energy that builds up significantly when it is ingested on a daily basis. Marine plankton benefits are attributed to the abundance of naturally produced vitamins and minerals. You can learn more about it here

I’ve started it, and I actually love the taste. It’s very salty (it comes from the sea) and it tastes like super-potent seaweed goodness!  My body craves it. I can take the drops directly from my tongue. Because of the saltiness, I follow it up with a glass of water. I do feel that it’s helping with my energy levels.

So far, I haven’t started it with Moses because I’m gradually introducing the amaranth oil and he’s been going through a healing reaction (likely related to homeopathy), so I’m going to give it some time. Also, I’m pretty sure that he’s going to think it’s disgusting (since Moses is very picky).  I’ll start him off with one drop in juice or something like that.


  • There are over 100 testimonials about Activation Oceans Alive here.  It’s a very compelling read. In general, everyone’s energy levels seem to sky rocket on this supplement.

oceans alive

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Amaranth Oil

During our last consultation with our Heilkunstler, she recommended two new supplements, both by Activation;

I started Moses on the amaranth oil yesterday, so it’s really too soon to see an effect, but one thing that I really like about it is that the taste is mild and it’s been easy to hide it in his cereal, on his toast and/or shakes. I started with one drop.

The recommended daily dosage for the Amaranth oil is 5 drops for every 50 lbs of body weight per day, so I will gradually work up to 6 drops per day. So far so good though!

I have been feeling like Moses needed a high quality oil because we stopped the flax seed oil (his body wasn’t “testing” high on flax seed oil and our Heilkunstler suggested that we stop it). In the meantime, I’ve been adding hemp seeds and chia seeds to his shakes every day, but it still feels like he needed more.


  • Amaranth oil is a rich source of vitamins, like E and essential fatty acids, including oleic acid (which is good for the heart), and about 40% linoleic acid which cannot be produced in the human body.
  • Reduces inflammation;
  • Reduces anemia;
  • Supports respiratory system;
  • Protects against environmental toxins;
  • Protects against radiation;
  • Improves brain function;
  • Boosts the immune system;
  • Detoxification;
  • Antioxidant;
  • Improves eyesight;
  • Helps digestive disorders; and more!
  • You can find out a lot more about the benefits of Amaranth oil here.


  • A couple of testimonials about Activation amaranth oil, one of which was regarding respiratory health here.
  • More testimonials on Amazon here.


June 27, 2015 – Today was Day 3 and I gave him 3 drops. It might have been too much. He wasn’t feeling well shortly after taking it. He felt light-headed. Wanted to lie down. Tried to make himself throw up. He was supposed to go to the movies and instead, he stayed home. He also has an increase in wheeziness and coughing. Oh boy!  I’m going to give him a few days break and then will go back to one drop per day.



* In case you are curious, the total cost for both supplements was $105.26US, including shipping, so it wasn’t cheap, but since they were so highly recommended, I figured it was worth giving them a try.

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May 2015 Heilkunst update

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in May 2015. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

The following were the new droppers this month, which Moses started on May 18, 2015.

1) Skin – Eczema/cradle cap scalp/Itchiness all over body – Sol. car. 7C/Cer. bon. 30C – 2 X a day plus spray
2) Ear fissures – Lat. mac. 30C – 2 X a day plus spray 2 X a day
3) Abscesses – Indigo 12C – 2 X a day
4) Abscesses on eyelid – Cad. bro. 12C – a drop a day (Spray as well, if possible)
5) Asthma – Background – Yohim. 12C – a drop a day
6) Acute – Asthma – Med. 200C – as needed
7) Food allergies/Eye ulcer/Prone to pneumonia/Thrush – Copaiva 12C/Vesic. 30C/Anag. 12C/Fer. ars. 12C – a drop a day
8) Immune normalization / Potential parasites – Stic. 30C/Solid. 30C – a drop a day
9) Stress/Anxiety – Mur. ac. 30C – a drop a day
10) Acute – Night terrors – Cheiranth. 9C – as needed (he didn’t need this at all – he didn’t have any night terrors this month).

His Heilkunstler decided not to give him any homeopathic powders since she felt that powders would just destabilize him. The plan is to do just droppers for at least 3-4 months to help build his immune system and then consider powders again.

Immediately after Moses started the droppers, he was intensely angry / emotional / felt like life was unfair. This lasted for three days. He had tiny “bumps” on his eye lids and yet another abscess disappeared.

Five days after starting the droppers, he had three new abscesses: one on his right armpit, one on his right groin and a small one on the right side of his head. Yikes!

His Heilkunstler also recommended the following probiotic: GutPro, but they don’t ship to Canada. (Fortunately, someone that I know was going to be in the US, so she picked up a bottle and shipped it to me). If you live in the US, you can order it here: organic3.com or corganiccs.com. He started the new probiotic (GutPro) on May 28, with no die-off reactions. Yay!

On June 4, a swollen, small lymph node on the right side of his neck developed – this is a new place for him and it was painful to touch, so I emailed his Heilkunstler for an acute remedy, and on June 5, he started the new remedy for his abscesses: Rh. a. 7C/Spiran. 12C (twice a day). It’s been a couple of days now and his abscesses haven’t changed yet.

Other than the abscesses, it’s been a great month. Moses is healthy and well.

He’s becoming more independent. He walked all the way to school on his own from our house a couple of times.

He has so much energy, that we hiked the Signal Hill North Head Trail as a family a couple of days ago for the first time ever! It’s a 500 ft climb, so it’s a great hike! I was so proud of him!!

Signal Hill hike

Signal Hill hike

It feels as though things have settled down for us, and we are able to focus on “normal” life kind of stuff. Things are great and I’m so pleased.

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Clearing Carcinosin to 50M (my journey)

In May, I cleared Carcinosin to 50M, and started the following droppers as prescribed by my new Heilkunstler.


1) Constitution – Sil. 30C/Nux-v 30C/Drainage combo – a drop a day

2) Neck and shoulder pain/Jaw clicking – Chi. mur. 12C/Pix 30C – a drop a day

3) Plantar’s warts/Allergies to dogs and cats – Atham. 7C/Rhe. 200C – a drop a day

4) Stress/Anxiety – Lith. mur. 1M – a drop a day

5) Connection to life purpose – Form. 200C – a drop a day

6) Connectedness to Moses – Cinca 1M – a drop a day

Miasm Powders:

Carcinosin 30C/200C/1M/10M/50M


My Heilkunstler felt that it was appropriate for me to continue taking the following:

  • the supplements that I currently take (an omega supplement, multi-vitamin and an anti-oxidant supplement); and
  • Vitamin D drops.

Carcinosin (i.e., the cancer chronic miasm) can be described as follows:

“In psychological and emotional terms, the cancer state of mind is one which is “resigned” — either from having given up from stress or disappointments in life, and just accepting that that is all one can expect from their life, or in terms of a weakness of will to counteract the stronger will power of their family or friends, and just accept what others have dictated for them. In anecdotal terms, nurses on cancer wards have often said that the cancer patients who actually express anger (at their condition, at their caretakers, etc.) are the ones most likely to survive.” – Source.

In the past, Carcinosin has been a big chronic miasm for me, and I’d already cleared Carcinosin to 50M in September 2012, which is perhaps why I didn’t have a huge healing reaction to it during this round of clearing (i.e., this was my second time that I cleared Carcinosin to 50M). One thing out of the ordinary that I experienced (and  could have been a healing reaction) is I experienced  intense neck and shoulder pain (significantly more than I generally experience), which was partially alleviated after a massage and some yoga. A couple of weeks later, my chiropractor still needed to unwind some neck tension.

In early May, I saw a counsellor and felt that it really helped. It was my first appointment with a counsellor and I loved her gentle and intuitive way. I expressed a lot that was on my heart and we covered many topics. She gave me lots of food for thought. I will likely be booking another appointment with her in the future, but for now, I want to sit with some of her suggestions.

Towards the end of May, I started wearing an orgone pendant, which I really felt helped to keep me grounded, calm and feeling energetically protected.

In general, I’m feeling wonderful. More grounded. More at peace. More ease. More space between thoughts. Less striving. Less anxiety.

My work-life balance is, well, balanced.

Moses is healthy and well.

DH and I are getting along really well, and we have been having more fun with each other.

I’ve been inspired by Leo Babauta’s book, The Power of Less, and have been inspired to let go of that which is non-essential and focus on that which is essential.

I’m feeling really supported and completely feel that we are on the right track as a family. I am loving the gentle approach of our new Heilkunstler and feel that the remedies that she prescribes are exactly what my body needs. So gentle. I also feel that the orgone pendant has had a significant effect on my current state of mind. Feeling very content and supported, and loving all those who are sitting at my healing round table and at Moses’ healing round table.

Life is good.

Hiking Signal Hill

Hiking Signal Hill

You can read about the last time that I cleared Carcinosin:

  • at the end of this post to 10M here; the first time that I cleared Carcinosin, I was angry for most of the month (i.e.,  years of suppressed anger came up to be expressed).
  • at the end of this post to 50M here: the first time that I cleared Carcinosin to 50M, I experienced flu-like symptoms.

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GutPro Probiotic

Moses has been using the same probiotic (Genestra’s HMF powder) for years. Moses’ Heilkunstler advised that we change it up and recommended that we start using GutPro Probiotic. She assessed a list of ~12 different probiotics and GutPro came out on top of the list for Moses.

GutPro is an 8 strain formula:

  • Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Lactobacillus gasseri
  • Lactobacillus salivarius
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum
  • Bifidobacterium infantis
  • Bifidobacterium longum
  • Bifidobacterium breve
  • Bifidobacterium lactis

GutPro is free of unwanted additives:

  • No allergens (e.g. dairy, corn, soy, gluten. GutPro™ probiotic is produced on a non-dairy, non-soy vegetarian culture)
  • No fillers or excipients (e.g. inulin, cellulose, maltodextrin, FOS)
  • No strains that are reported to cause reactions (e.g. streptococcus thermophilus, etc)
  • No strains that contribute to d-lactic acidosis (e.g. l-acidophilus, etc)
  • No unnecessary ingredients (e.g. magnesium stearate, silica, titanium dioxide)

Sounds good to me!

If you live in the US, you can find out more about GutPro and purchase it here.

But, we live in Canada and they don’t ship to Canada. Ack!

Fortunately, our Heilkunstler was at the AutismOne conference a couple of weeks ago and she purchased it for us and then sent it to us via Expresspost once she was back in Canada. Because Moses only needs a small dose (1/64 tsp = 12.5 Billion CFUs), a bottle contains 460 servings, and so will last us way over a year. His Heilkunstler will probably change up his probiotic by then, but at least it’ll last a long time because it cost ~$150Can with shipping (taking into account the current US/Canadian exchange rate). Yikes!  Anyhoo, it’s worth it if it helps….  Also, Moses has been taking a daily prophylactic antibiotic twice a day since he was 4.5 years old, so it’s important for him to take a high quality probiotic.

I read that others have experienced die-off reactions after starting GutPro, so I was worried about starting it, but so far, so good. One thing that I find different is that HMF powder contained Fructooligosaccharides, which was sweet, so Moses had no problem with me adding it to his water.  Gutpro doesn’t contain anything except for the cultures (and it seems to leave an “off taste” in the water), so instead of adding it to water, I’m adding it to his smoothies or his rice milk. (Update (June 7): I’ve now been adding it to his water with no problems).  By the way, the measuring spoons that are sold with GutPro are a must since otherwise, it would be impossible to figure out how much is a 1/64 of a teaspoon!

Interesting, after I tried some water with Gutpro, I felt some stomach upset (something that I generally never experience). Hmmm…. a die-off reaction for me?


June 28, 2015 – Moses has been taking this consistently every day over the last month. So far, so good!  No obvious changes, but I trust that it’s helping.

Others’ experiences with GutPro

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Orgone pendant

I recently purchased a blue circular orgone pendant for Moses and a violet one for me.

Sandra Weizman, in her guest blog post about managing your child’s Heilkunst treatment, shared the following information about orgone pendants:

“Reich was able to produce the positive effects of this four-beat cycle (i.e., tension, charge, discharge, relaxation) through the creation of an orgone accumulator. (Read more here). The effects have been reproduced in orgone pendants that create a field of high frequency energy that interacts with one’s energy field, raising and strengthening it.

You can wear one of these pendants around your neck and you can also place your homeopathic dropper bottles on the pendant. Within a half hour, the remedy will be energized many times over and work more effectively. The same holds true for essential oils. These pendants can be purchased here. I highly recommend them to my patients.”

And this is what Fifth Element Orgone has to say about the pendants:

“When I was originally asked to create Orgone Pendants, I was a bit hesitant as I assumed that something so small really wouldn’t do anything. But as it turned out they were incredibly powerful.  People told me about how they felt energized, more focused, slept better, and how negative people didn’t come near them anymore. I’ve had many friends tell me how they felt energetic blocks being removed by these pendants and that they wear them 24/7 and only take it off to shower or bathe. What they seem to do is create a field of high frequency energy, which interacts with your energy field, raising and strengthening it. Now personally I’m not sure about wearing one all the time, as maybe our energy bodies need a chance to stretch and expand on their own. But I do realize we are constantly being bombarded by low frequencies, wifi, emf, cell phone signals, negative emotional states etc, so wearing an orgone device like this is almost a necessity these days.”

It’s too soon to really tell if it’s having an effect on my energy body, but so far, I am enjoying wearing it, and Moses was excited to wear his today as well. I’m hanging it on Moses’ bed post while he sleeps, so that he can experience some benefits from it as he sleeps.


May 29, 2015: I love my pendant. I feel that it’s really making a difference (increase of energy, more emotional balance, increase of well being). I’ve been sleeping with it at night and I feel its protection at night. I’m going to purchase some orgone pucks to protect our home.

I’ve also been using the pendant to energize our homeopathic remedies and essential oils.

orgone pendent

Orgone pendant

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Cytoflora (a probiotic immunity tonic)

A dear friend of mine mentioned that she recently started her son, who has Asperger’s, on Cytoflora (a probiotic immunity tonic) and after only three days, he is no longer constipated, his behavior is calmer and his language has escalated noticeably.

CytoFlora is a probiotic lysate in tincture form that supports healthy gut function and a balanced immune response. A probiotic lysate basically means it’s a dead probiotic. By lysing, cutting, or decimating the cell wall of beneficial bacteria, vital nutrients from the cytoplasm and cell wall have been released into the solution making them readily available upon ingestion. Find out more about CytoFlora here. It is tasteless (which is very good for children who are picky).

Note that CytoFlora doesn’t replace a probiotic, but should be taken in addition to a probiotic.

Health Benefits of CytoFlora:

  • Improves healthy bowel, gut and immune function
  • Increases communication and speech
  • Amplifies sociability, cognitive awareness and moods
Ten autistic and immune-deficient children, ranging in age from 4 to 15 years old, were placed on a 3-week protocol of CytoFlora. 21-day ATEC scores also showed statistically significant decreases across the board, with a mean total score of 29.4 (down from 42.1), indicating an overall 30% improvement. Results revealed a 14% improvement in Speech/Language Communication, 27% improvement in Sociability, 20% improvement in Sensory/Cognitive Awareness, and a 45% improvement in Health/Physical/Behavior. Find out more about the study here.
You can order CytoFlora from IHerb (my friend says that she found it cheapest through IHerb) or Amazon.

My friend’s son also started a high grade fish oil called Coromega Omega 3 Kids Orange Squeeze. It comes in a small pouch. It tastes great and can be mixed with whatever (e.g., juice, apple sauce, shake). My friend feels that this supplement helped reduce her son’s aggression.

I will discuss with my Heilkunstler and will see if she thinks it might be useful for Moses, but in the meantime, I wanted to share this info with all of you.

Other thoughts about CytoFlora:

  • Recovering Nicolas – had an increase in language after starting CytoFlora.
  • Anthony at BioMed Heals stopped Bio-Ray CytoFlora because of strep strain. But Anthony’s mom takes it and she loves it.
  • Some other thoughts from parents of children on the autistic spectrum here.

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His eyesight is improving!

I mentioned this already back here, but it’s such a significant thing that I felt that it needs its own post. Moses’ eyesight is actually improving!

To bring you up to speed, when Moses was 4.5 years old (in February 2011), he rubbed an actual hole in his cornea (i.e., developed a corneal shield ulcer) (read more here) and re-injured the same eye twice (read here and here). The hole was the same size as his actual cornea, and so obstructed his eyesight. It was terribly painful and an awful ordeal, as you can imagine. At one point, he couldn’t see at all out of his left eye, but overtime, his vision improved, but to this day (4 years later), he still doesn’t have 20/20 vision out of his left eye (even when he wears glasses).

We are supposed to be “patching” his good eye with a opaque piece of plastic (called a foil) daily, but Moses is terrible at patching his eye since when he uses it, he can’t see. So, he often takes off the patch and after one day, it’s typical lost. It’s been yet another source of stress for the family on top of our other stresses.

A brief history of Moses eyesight:

  • On June 7, 2011, his vision (with his glasses) was 20/200 out of his left eye (on Table 8 on page 21 of this document, 20/200 vision indicates “severe low vision”. That meant that all he could see was the top “E” on the Snellen Chart – see below).
  • In September 2014, his eyesight (with his glasses) was 20/80 out of his left eye (on Table 8 on page 21 of this document, 20/80 vision indicates “moderate low vision”).
  • In January 2015, it was 20/70 (with his glasses).
  • On May 5, 2015, it was 20/60 (with his glasses) on the day that he developed an abscess on his eyelid and we spent 7 hours in the ER.
  • On the very next day (May 6), it was slightly better than 20/50 (with his glasses)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • On May 20, his eyesight in his left eye was stable at slightly better than 20/50. According to Table 8 on page 21 of this document, 20/50 is considered “near normal vision”. Hallelujah! Absolutely amazing!

And it gets even better because the eyesight in his right eye has improved as well.

In May 2013, his prescription was:

Right: +5.25, +0.75, 075
Left: +5.25, +2.25, 075

And currently his prescription (May 2015) is:

Right: + 4.50, +0.50, 070
Left: +5.50, +2.25, 070

This means that he doesn’t need as strong a prescription in his right eye (an improvement of 0.75), but he needed a slightly stronger prescription for his left eye (only a 0.25 change).

His eye doctor was very pleased and surprised at how Moses’ eyesight has improved! She remarked that the level of patching that we have been doing has had a positive effect (which is kind of funny since we are virtually not patching his eyes at all, but not for lack of trying).

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I think that this marked improvement in his eyesight is related to our Heilkunst treatment. Both his current practitioner and his last practitioner prescribed remedies that are specifically aimed at helping to heal his eye ulcer. It’s absolutely amazing to me, but I think that it’s working! Heilkunst treatment is such a God-send in our lives. I am so thankful for this treatment and for our practitioner.

I truly feel down to the depths of my soul that Moses will be okay, and he is truly healing. It is such a blessing and a miracle.

I am so thankful.

p.s. We are also going to make more of an effort to get Moses to patch his good eye.

More reading:

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9 years old

9 years old already!

We celebrated by playing ball hockey with his friends and playing in the backyard with his buddies.

Lots of fun was had by all!

So proud of our funny, healthy and vibrant 9 year old. He’s growing up. (sniff, sniff)

Ball hockey!

Ball hockey!


Birthday boy

Alex bd 022

Moses and his silly cousins.

At the backyard

At the backyard “after party”

Birthday bike from his Grammie Millie, Uncle Mikey and Aunt Melissa

Birthday bike from his Grammie Millie, Uncle Mikey and Aunt Melissa

 Read about his 8 year old birthday celebrations here.


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