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Clearing Psora to 10M (my Heilkunst journey)

This is a summary of my Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update from mid-December to late January (7 weeks). Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On December 10, 2015, I started the following droppers:

1) Mitch. 30C – (Physical -Digestion/ Plantars warts/Neck and shoulder pain/TMJ)

2) Puls. nutt. 200C – (Emotions – stress/anxiety related to uncertainties at work)

3) Sars. 1M – (Mentals – life purpose / coping skills)

4) Peri-Menopausal Symptoms – Visc. 200C – a drop a day plus a drop in a  glass of water and sip throughout the day.

Chronic miasm wafers: Psora 12C/30C/200C/1M/10M

Psora is one of the chronic miasms and I’d previously cleared Psora to 10M in May 2012. (Alas, I didn’t keep track of my experiences back then, so I can’t remember what it was like for me to clear it the first time, but in general, my healing reactions weren’t bad back in 2012. Had it been note-worthy, I likely would have written about it). I cleared Psora out of season (i.e., Psora is typically cleared around the the autumnal equinox) because my Heilkunstler cues into what it is that I need and currently my body needs to clear this miasm.

Psora is considered the first of the typical eight miasms that are cleared. The psoric state of mind is not feeling like it has enough and anxiety. Of course, it’s also related to Psoriasis. Find out more about Psora here.

A day after starting my droppers, I was feeling down / depressed. Feeling like I wasn’t enough and was lacking a purpose. My boss had asked me to use some of my vacation time, and so I had some unexpected time off and I was completed deflated. It showed me how much my sense of purpose is linked to my day job (which I don’t even love to do, oddly enough). Within a couple of days, I had a new rash on the right side of my neck.

On December 14, I started the Psora wafers (one per day for five days). On Day 2 of the Psora wafers, I had hives on the back of my left leg and a new rash on my lower back. Lovely.

The dropper for my peri-menopausal symptoms helped and my feelings of running hot went away. Yay!

On December 21, I was hit by a wall of exhaustion / fatigue and had a migraine (very uncommon for me), so I assume that it was related to clearing Psora. This feeling passed after I had a good night’s sleep. Also, I had developed a rash on both hips, on my lower back, my upper back and both sides of my neck. They were itchy, but not as itchy as the Lepr. clearing was.

Around this same time, I was feeling the emotional effects of clearing Psora – feelings of anxiety and not feeling good enough.

It’s now the end of January, which is a long time to go between clearings (~ 7 weeks) because I schedule my clearings for every two of Moses’ clearings to save some money and because it’s not urgent for me to receive frequent clearings, since my issues are relatively minor.

The itchiness associated with the Psora clearing eventually faded. Thankfully.

One positive thing that happened last month is that I started to have time and energy to write about things that don’t involve Moses’ health and our Heilkunst journey. I started writing in my “Enjoying Our Simple Life” blog, where I write about whatever inspires me (simple living, exploring themes about finding your life purpose, things that bring me joy). I feel that this is a huge sign of a positive shift in my own inner health. The last time that I wrote in this blog was September 2009, so it had been a long, long time since I’d had energy to write about topics just for me and just for the fun of it.

Another shift that I’ve noticed is that I used to exclusively read blogs that involved health, healing, essential oils and autism (because parents of children with autism are so knowledgeable about healing). Now, I’ve been spending a lot of time reading blogs about simple living, financial independence, investments and financial health. What a switch!

I have continued to be stressed about how the economic downtown is affecting my industry and my work load. It is quite unsettling to say the least. I have reduced my hours to parttime hours, and am currently taking 4 weeks of holidays because there is very little work to go around. Eep!

The truth is that I have found not working to be very challenging, since a lot of my self-worth is tied up with my work. I can very easily be unmotivated and sloth-like with all of this extra time on my hands.

Last week was my first week of “holidays” and I took a two day first aid course and spent most of the rest of the week with Moses because he’s had a challenging couple of weeks. Yesterday, I also spent some sweet time hanging out with one of my dear friends. My intention during my time off includes spending time with friends, helping a friend with her campaign for the municipal election, dance, practice yoga, attend a deep water fitness class with a friend (!), meditate, lots of reading, writing, self-care (massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic), clean the house (something that I tend to avoid), declutter, cook some meals (when I’m busy at work, DH typically does most of the cooking), do some professional reading, explore my life purpose, work on our taxes, find ways to save money, think about our family’s financial health, go for walks, and otherwise do things that feed myself. Whew! That sounds like a lot of stuff! I also don’t want to be too busy (and truthfully, I haven’t been). Trying to find a middle ground.

I’ve been a bit down / stressed because of Moses’ recent health issues – especially needing general anaesthesia twice in a 12 day period and making a decision to start him on a new prophylactic antibiotic, but I’m hoping that next month will be a gentler month for us all. My focus is to stay grounded. Breathe in and out. Trust that everything will be okay.

I’m sure that my next round of homeopathic droppers will help to support me emotionally, mentally and physically, and I plan on receiving a karmic healing in mid-February, which I’m sure will help too.

May February be a good month for our family and yours.

I am enough




Late January 2016 – Heilkunst update

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in January 2016 over a 3.5 week period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On January 7, 2016, Moses started the following droppers.

1) Aborot/ 5C – (Physical – Ear fissures/Thrush/Rashes/Asthma/Food Allergies/Stomach aches/Eyes/Lungs/Digestion) – a drop a day

2) Clem. 30C – (Emotions/Abscesses/Dealing with a bully/Stress) – a drop a day

3) Hippoz. 1M – (Mentals – Brain fog/spaciness/night terrors/Sleep/Energy level/Pessimism/Immaturity) – a drop a day

Even before he received his first droppers, the abscess on his head resolved itself (i.e., as soon as his Heilkunstler determined the remedies for Moses, they were already working).

The day after starting his droppers (in less than 24 hours), the huge abscess under his left armpit burst. Hallalujah!!  His body sure was ready for a change in remedies.

The following day (2 days after starting the droppers), he had a night terror. And later that night, he woke up at 4 am, telling me that he had voices in his head screaming at him and showing him pictures. (Which was very interesting because 24 hours before this, he had a session with his karmic healer and she mentioned that she saw this very image too).

On Tuesday, January 12, he had laughing gas to remove two teeth (baby teeth that didn’t shed themselves – a symptom of his primary immune disorder – the adult teeth had already grown in behind the baby teeth) and to fill a cavity on a baby tooth.

On Wednesday, January 13 (6 days after starting the droppers), Moses had a new abscess and one on his left eyelid that was already coming to a head. He had another night terror the next day.

On Friday, January 15 (8 days after starting the droppers), the abscess under his right armpit was painful and he came home from school early. We received an email from Moses’ teacher that he was having difficulty with focus this week and needed Benadryl and his ventolin puffer every day at school. Later that night, he had his third night terror of the month. An increase in night terrors as a result of having laughing gas for dental work on the Tuesday?

On Saturday, January 16 (9 days after starting the droppers), he had general anaesthesia to have two abscess drained (right armpit and one in another area).

On Sunday, January 17, he had two small new abscesses on the left side of his head.

For the last two weeks, he was having difficulty breathing too. He had a pulmonary function test on January 20, and he needed to take his Ventolin puffer and Benadryl before his test (even though he’s technically supposed to be medicine-free prior to the testing).  Eep!

On Friday, January 22 (15 days after starting the droppers), he had a huge swollen lymph node appear on the right side of his neck. It was painful, so he came home from school early. One of the abscesses on his head drained on its own. Yay!  But, a different part of right armpit was swollen (again), after being drained last week.

On Saturday, January 23, he had a “cold” or something, and had trouble breathing. He took his Ventolin puffer around 20 times (no exaggeration) and he was still struggling to breathe.  He also had a runny nose and a cough. No fever. He had two night terrors (his 4th and 5th of the month that evening – maybe because of all of the Ventolin???) He woke up at 1:30 am, having trouble breathing and asked us to bring him to the hospital. We calmed him down and he took his Ventolin again and again (several additional times in the middle of the night) and I slept with him to keep him settled.

On Sunday, January 24, his Heilkunstler provided an acute remedy for his cold symptoms: Ostyra 12C (ironwood) – twice day plus in his water. It was tremendously helpful and he dropped his Ventolin usage to 3x that day. We noticed a new abscess on the back of his left knee – this was a new location for them. He also had a “light” night terror later that evening.

On Tuesday, January 26, the abscess under his right armpit had grown to be HUGE!!!!! This was the same armpit that was drained during general anaesthesia 10 days ago, so this was pretty demoralizing. And he was complaining of pain in his left ear when he yawned. The pain went away after I put some warm olive oil in that ear.

On Thursday, January 28 (3 weeks after starting his new droppers), Moses was in pain, so the abscess under his right armpit was drained under general anaesthesia, and they aspirated the abscess behind his left knee. Goodness – this was only 12 days since his last procedure.

Emotionally, Moses has been feeling sad / like life was hard and unfair / emotional / down / angry this month. Who could blame him?

This was a difficult month for us all. I feel that some of the increase in chest congestion was due to the increase in medicated creams that started last month. I have been minimizing the use of medicated creams, but DH is still gong-ho on using them (especially because one of the surgeons mentioned that if we heal Moses’ skin, perhaps the occurrences of abscesses will decrease). I also feel that this month has been difficult (in terms of abscesses) because of an odd (but consistent) pattern I have noticed.  The increase in night terrors is likely because of all of the anaesthesia Moses had this month and the increase in use of Ventolin. Man, what a vicious cycle we are in. And since the abscesses have been pretty unrelentless for over 2 years, we have decided to start Moses on a new prophylactic antibiotic (Doxycycline- it’s a long story, you can read my rant about it here, but I’ve mostly come to terms with it now) which is supposed to decrease his susceptibility to abscesses – we haven’t started him on it yet, but we will be soon.


  • He didn’t have any “itchy throat” reactions to eating foods during this period of time.
  • He is so resilient. We were so happy that he didn’t need to be admitted for either of his minor surgeries. After the second surgery, the surgeon (not his typical surgeon) said that if it had been anyone else, he would have admitted him for one night, but because we know how well Moses typically does after these procedures, he let him go home to sleep in his own bed. We were so thankful and relieved.
  • Currently, his skin is relatively clear (likely because of all of the medicated creams), and his lungs are clear (likely because of the acute homeopathic dropper).
  • He is planning on getting back to hockey tomorrow (~36 hours after his procedure) because he is so hardy and resilient.

We are so ready for our next set of droppers. May next month be an easier and gentler month for us all.

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January 2016 (Heilkunst update)

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update from mid- December 2015 to early January 2016. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On December 10, 2015, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Tan. 9C – (Physical – Lungs/Vision/Thrush/Itchiness/Asthma/Ear fissures/Dry scalp/Rashes/Abscesses/Dental issues/Immune boost/Styes/Digestion/Allergies) – a drop a day

2) Pancr. 200C – (Emotions – pessimism/dealing with bully/stress) – a drop a day

3) Lith. c. 1M – (Mental – Sleep/Socialization/Energy level/Night terrors) – a drop a day

A day after started his new droppers, Moses was more hyper / crazy / chaotic than usual, but seemed more himself by the following day.

Around the same time that we started the new droppers, we also started using his medicated creams more frequently because his dermatologist “wanted us to get on top of his rashes”.

Four days after starting his new droppers, he had the start of a new “bump” under his left armpit, and two other abscesses in other areas. The latter two had been there prior to starting the droppers, but they seemed smaller than they had been (according to Moses’ surgeon). His lips looked worse to me (dry, corners of lips very cracked).

Five days after starting his new droppers, he was needing his puffer a lot. (Was this a consequence of suppressing  his rashes, a healing reaction to the new droppers or a consequence of the paint fumes from painting our livingroom, or a combination of all three factors?)  His teacher also emailed us because Moses was working so slow at school and he came home with a lot of school work that he didn’t complete when he was in school due to a lack of focus.

A week after starting starting his droppers, he came home from school early because he rubbed something that he was allergic to into both eyes and his eyes were red and puffy. Things settled down after taking Benadryl and putting some eye drops in his eyes.

10 days after starting the droppers, he had an abscess starting under each armpit and another one on his groin. The next day, out of the blue, he threw up.

Mid-way through this month, we had an appointment with his naturopah and we re-started him on sublingual Vitamin B drops, Genestra colloidal multimins liquid,  and MMS baths (started with 10-12 drops. Will work back up to 20 drops).  I think he might have had a healing reaction after his first bath (general malaise, feeling tired, nauseous and a lack of energy), but thankfully that passed after 24 hours, just in time for us to enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

This month, I stopped giving him his remedies 3 weeks after starting them because we wondered if after the 3 week mark, he was starting to prove the remedies (rather than them being of benefit). This time, his symptoms seemed to increase after the 3 week mark and stopping the remedies early didn’t really help.

It’s now January 3 (3.5 weeks after we started the remedies), and his rashes seem increased, and he has two abscesses under his left armpit,  one under his right armpit, and one on the right side of his head. He had a night terror a few days ago. I think he’s ready for his next set of remedies. We have a session scheduled with his Heilkunstler in a couple of days. She mentioned that he’s on a 21 day cycle (i.e., it would be best if we scheduled every 3 weeks rather than every 4 weeks). I think she’s right, but I’ve been scheduling them every 4 weeks to reduce costs.


We had a great Christmas break and other than the relatively minor symptoms described above, Moses has been vibrant, healthy and well.

Christmas 2015 031

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a happy new year! May this he a healthy year for us all.



It’s now January 6th (we had our consultation with our Heilkunstler tonight), and the abscess on the side of Moses’ head has been causing him pain, interrupting his (and our) sleep, and causing him to miss school. Also, the abscesses under his armpits have “ripened” and are quite large (he now has four abscesses under the left armpit and one under the right armpit). And, he had a second night terror last night. His body is really ready for the next set of remedies. It’s obvious that a 3 week cycle for remedies would be beneficial for Moses.

Also, as a result of the increase in medicated creams earlier this month, Moses’ asthma has gotten worse (because of the suppression of symptoms). We are backing off of the medicated creams now.


A year in review – 2015

2015 was an amazing year for the family for so many reasons.

The highlight of our year was definitely when Moses’ wish to meet the Vancouver Canucks was granted by Make-a-wish in April!

Sony camera 072

Moses with Daniel Sedein


Overall, this has been Moses’ healthiest year and our whole family has had a more “normal life”.

That said, this year hasn’t been without its challenges.

  • Moses developed pneumonia in April, immediately after meeting the Canucks.
  • He had a severe allergic reaction on his 9th birthday in May.
  • He spent one night in the hospital in November, after having general anaesthesia to have some abscesses drained.
  • Overall, abscesses continue to be an issue. He developed a total of 53 abscesses in 2015. On the positive side of things, most of the abscesses either spontaneously drained or otherwise disappeared on their own. His surgeon drained 7 of them (one was a minor incision and 6 needed general anaesthesia on two occasions), and he currently has 4 that are unresolved.

For context, we consider this a better year since in 2014:

  • Moses spent 3 days in the hospital in January getting a dozen intra-abdominal abscesses drained, and 7 days in the hospital in May with a UTI infection.
  • And, in 2014, he developed 67 abscesses between the end of March and the end of the year: 41 abscesses that have drained spontaneously, 17 that needed surgical intervention (2 general anesthesia for 11 of them, and 6 under local), 9 that disappeared on their own.

In October 2014, we started back with Heilkunst homeopathy after a 2 year break, and I really feel that made a difference in Moses’ health. In April 2015, we switched to a new Heilkunst practitioner and I have been very pleased with Moses’ progress with our new practitioner. The healing reactions have been a lot milder and we have received great support from her. I am so pleased.

Moses’ main symptoms are the recurrent abscesses, but as I mentioned, this year, he developed fewer abscesses and more of them resolved on their own. Thankfully, Moses also has a surgeon who has really worked with the family to minimize hospitalizations and has not pushed for IV antibiotics (unlike some of Moses’ other doctors in the past). We feel so blessed.

I’m a bit anxious because Moses’ immunologist has recently suggested a new prophylactic antibiotic to help with the recurrent abscesses (you read more about that here).

In addition to Heilkunst treatment and monthly sessions with a chiropractor, who does cranialsacral therapy on Moses, we have continued to receive karmic healing sessions with a healer in California. I’ve been trying to minimize the number of sessions because her sessions are ridiculously expensive (painfully expensive) and the weak Canadian dollar isn’t helping. In 2015, Moses had three sessions with her, I had two and DH had one. I used to blog about our sessions but her work is really out there, so recently, I haven’t been openly sharing about those sessions. I have another karmic healing session booked for Moses in early January. I do still feel like her work is relevant to our family’s healing journey, and I practice her grounding exercises several times a week.

So, that’s where we are right now. As I mentioned, overall, Moses has had a very healthy year. He is vibrant and strong. He is playing hockey!!!  I feel that our family is definitely healing together.

I feel so blessed and am so pleased. May 2016 be an even healthier year for our family. So be it, and it is so.

Christmas 2015 080

Happy holidays from our family to yours


* I didn’t write a year in review in 2014, but this was one of my last blog posts in 2014, which summarizes where we were in our healing journey a year ago.


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Visit with our naturopath – December 2015

As I mentioned in this post, we recently had a visit with Moses’ naturopath, who we love.

Since Moses doesn’t see her very often (every 6-12 months), she has a long view on Moses’ healing and she also knows where he started from since we started seeing her when Moses was 3 years old.

I always find it’s a good “check-in” and helps me to affirm that we’re on the right track.

The main things that came out of this appointment include the following:

  • Overall, Moses is doing well!
  • We’ll consult with Moses’ dentist about her thoughts on Doxycycline;
  • I’m going to start Moses back on CD baths (perhaps it’ll help with the recurrent abscesses);
  • I’ll start using the sublingual vitamin B with Moses (something that his Heilkunstler suggested, but Moses doesn’t like the taste, so I got out of the habit of doing); and
  • we’ll start him on a good multi-mineral supplement (Genestra Colloidal MultiMins Liquid). (The MultiMins Liquid is sweet and tastes like a melted orange popsicle, but for some reason, Moses doesn’t like the taste. ugh).

She thought the vitamin B might help with the chronic cracks that Moses has in the corners of his lips.

I’m thinking the CD baths might help with the recurrent abscesses. We got out of the habitat of doing so because truthfully, we’ve been doing diluted bleach baths (as per the recommendations of Moses’ dermatologist and immunologist), but I think the CD baths would be more effective for his abscesses. Unfortunately, I was too enthusiastic on the CD bath yesterday, and today, on Christmas eve, Moses isn’t feeling well (I think a die-off response to yesterday’s CD bath*). It’s a good reminder for me that slow and steady wins the race. ugh!

* Last year, Moses routinely had 20 drops of CD in his bath. Yesterday, I started with 10 drops, and then he had a second bath with 12 drops. This was evidently too much to start with.


More reading:

  • Read about our last naturopath appointment in July 2014 here.


“Maybe one day, he’ll grow out of it”

It’s well-intentioned, but it makes me cringe when people comment that, “Maybe one day, Moses will grow out of it”.  “It” being his immune disorder.

Most people in our lives have noticed that Moses  has become healthier as he has gotten older and have assumed that he is just growing stronger as a matter of course because he is aging.*

I can appreciate what people are saying, but still it makes me cringe because I feel that it belittles our family’s healing journey and the seriousness of his diagnosis.

Moses has not simply grown out of his immune disorder. We have been very intentional in our family’s healing journey. We have worked hard to get him to where he is. We have spent thousands of dollars, conducted many hours of research, tried countless modalities of healing, consulted with numerous specialists (conventional and non-traditional), followed our intuition, and have forged a middle ground where both DH and I now feel comfortable (in terms of balancing western medicine and alternative therapies). As my long-term readers will know, I personally feel that out of all of the things we have tried, and we have tried many, Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) has addressed the root cause of Moses’ genetic disorder, and has healed him at a very deep level. We are reaping the rewards of our hard work. But it has been far from an easy journey.

Sometimes, I let people know that we are using homeopathy to heal Moses, but I find that most people’s eyes glaze over when I talk about things that are outside of the realm of western medicine. So, it is often easier just to smile and say, “Yes, he is getting stronger as he is getting older. We’re so pleased.”

It’s one of the reasons that I’m thankful that I have an outlet for all of my thoughts about our family’s healing journey. And, I’m thankful to those of you who are regular readers of my blog and can understand our journey, know how far we have come, and why.


*Although I blog very publicly about his healing journey, I have only shared this blog with a very small number of people who actually know Moses. I am thankful to all of you who are witnessing and supporting his healing journey.

** As Liz lovingly said in her comment below, “In the end, it really doesn’t matter what other people think and I feel truly blessed to have found Heilkunst.” This is truth.

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I haven’t quite been myself lately because I’ve been worried / thinking about a recommendation for a new prophylactic antibiotic that Moses’ immunologist has suggested.

Moses has been on a prophylactic antibiotic (Keflex) since he was four years old. That means that he’s been on a twice daily antibiotic for five years. Goodness.

I have mostly come to accept it because, well, it’s what we are doing, and it doesn’t make sense for me to inwardly fight something that we are giving to our son everyday (read more about why/how I came to terms with it here). The compromise that DH and I have is that we are following some of the advice of the doctors, and we are also treating Moses with other therapies (like Heilkunst).

My hope is to eventually get him off of his prophylactic antibiotic, but I know that I won’t get buy-in from DH during the winter (cold/flu season), so my only hope is during the summer. This last summer, Moses’ eczema seemed extra flared up, so there wasn’t a good time to take him off of it. We actually have tried on three other occasions to stop the antibiotic, and twice, he got sick afterwards and another time, his eczema flared up, so we started him back on it.

In any case, my plan is to eventually get him off of his prophylactic, and not to start a new one. During Moses’ last appointment with his immunologist, she mentioned that she has been talking to a Job’s syndrome specialist in the US and his infectious diseases specialist, and they think it would be worth starting him on Doxycycline because it might give him protection from the recurrent abscesses that he has getting.

The downside to Doxycycline (besides the fact that it’s an antibiotic that is used to treat illnesses such as malaria [!!]) is that is causes permanent yellow / brown staining of teeth. As a result, it’s not recommended for children under 8 years old. Moses is 9.5 years old, so he’s not under 8 years old, but all of his adult teeth haven’t yet come in, plus Moses’ teeth are not healthy to begin with (likely because he’s been on a twice daily prophylactic antibiotic since he was 4 years old!!). The teeth discoloration that is caused by Doxycycline is permanent because the damage occurs while calcification of the teeth are occurring and teeth remodeling and calcium exchange do not occur after calcification is completed (Source).  I have no interest in putting Moses on a long-term medication that I don’t even want him to be on in the first place, but especially one that can cause permanent staining of his teeth. Call me superficial, but that’s a deal-breaker to me.

Anyhoo – thankfully, DH doesn’t seem to be keen on changing Moses’ antibiotic either, but all of these discussions are stirring up anxiety in me.

Interestingly, our Heilkunstler intuited that Doxycycline would be the “lesser of the two evils” between the two antibiotics. hmmm.. That gives me food for thought.

I scheduled an appointment with Moses’ naturopath so we can discuss my concerns. I love our naturopath and she’s like a counsellor to me. I love her wisdom, intuition and how she bridges the gap between traditional medicine and alternative treatments. She told me that she didn’t intuit that Doxycycline would be negative for Moses, but when she read up on it, she didn’t feel as good about it (i.e., the incidence of staining for long-term treatment with doxycycline is 100%). She did pointed out something that I noticed as well – that some doctors recommend waiting until children are at least 12 before starting this antibiotic (i.e., waiting until all of their teeth have erupted). She did recommend that we consult with Moses’ dentist to see what she has to say, which we plan to do.

Note that even after the permanent teeth are in, Doxycycline still causes staining of teeth that can be reversed by abrasive scrubbing at dental check-ups. Oh boy.

Update – January 29, 2016

We consulted with Moses dentist and she said that since Moses’ teeth are formed under his gums, there is no risk of permanent staining (with the exception of his wisdom teeth, which are not yet formed).

We consulted with his infectious diseases specialist, who we love and trust about starting the medication. She chatted with DH about it for 20 minutes on the phone and put some of DH’s concerns to rest.

Our chiropractor muscle-tested that Doxycycline would be “better” for Moses than the current prophylactic antibiotic that he is on.

I asked another individual with Job’s syndrome about her experiences with being on Doxycycline and she said that she thinks that it’s help to reduce some of her infections.

Given that Moses had a brutal January (i.e., he needed general anaesthesia twice within 12 days to take care of abscesses), we are open to trying this new antibiotic.

I am still not happy about him being on a prophylactic antibiotic, but given the compromises that DH and I navigate in Moses’ treatment, I’m come to terms with starting Doxycycline and we’ll see how he does. I’ve made it clear to DH that I eventually want Moses off of any prophylactic antibiotics, but I don’t have buy-in from him yet….

February 9, 2016

Started Moses on Doxycycline today. He’s taking a half tablet daily (50 mg, which is a prophylactic dose) – for his weight (30 kg, a prophylactic dose would be 60 mg, according to his infectious disease specialist [i.e., 2 mg/kg once a day to a maximum of 100 mg], but a half tablet is easier to dose than 3/5 of a tablet). According to this document, a therapeutic dose for his weight would be 75 mg twice a day (i.e., 150 mg per day, so he is only getting 1/3 of a therapeutic dose. This makes me feel better about him being on it. He needs to take it away from any supplements or calcium, otherwise, the medicine will not be effective. Wish us luck.

More reading on doxycycline

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December 2015 (my Heilkunst update)

This is a summary of my Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update from mid-October to early December, 2015. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On October 15, I started the following droppers:

1) Colchicum 12C – (Physical – Itchiness/Rashes/Digestion/Acne/Allergies/Sore throat/Allergies/Plantars warts/Neck and shoulder pain/TMJ) – a drop a day

2) Helod. 200C – (Emotions – Stress/Anxiety) – a drop a day

3) Scam. 1M – (Mentals – life purpose/coping skills) – a drop a day (can also take as an acute for itchiness by adding a drop to water bottle or glass and sipping throughout the day)

My Heilkunstler didn’t give me any miasm wafers this time as she wanted to give my body a break after last month’s intense clearing.

The day after I started the new droppers, I was still itchy. Itchy enough to reach for Benadryl. Five days later, I was still itchy and I developed a new rash on the left side of my neck and on my torso. Goodness. DH made a joke that my “leprosy” was back (referring to a weird rash that I had in 2011) which is kind of ironic because he had no idea that I cleared the Leprosy miasm homeopathically last month (a cosmic wink). Upon seeing the rashes on my neck, my physiotherapist asked me if I have psoriasis or eczema. He was surprised when I told him that these rashes were completely new and related to a homeopathic healing reaction.

Something that I have been noticing since last month is that I’ve been “running hotter” (i.e., I used to always be cold, but now, I’m going to bed in a t-shirt and shorts, rather than long flannel pajamas). And I’m hot all day long. (Is this related to peri-menopausal symptoms, or part of the clearing reaction)?

Two weeks after starting the new droppers, I was feeling happy and content. Still itchy, but happy.

Two and a half weeks after starting the new droppers, I was crazy itchy. So itchy that it was disruptive to my yoga practice. So uncomfortable in my body.

These last notes were written in early November, when I stopped keeping close track of my healing reaction. 


It’s now early December. Happily, I am no longer itchy and my rashes have subsided. I just have some small scattered scars in some places.

I have decided that I’m officially having peri-menopausal symptoms (feeling hotter, my metabolism seems to be changing, my breasts have felt heavy and sore). I spend a lot of my time turning off our pellet stove that DH likes to have running all of the time. I have discussed some of these changes with my naturopath and one of my dear friends and have been coming to peace with these changes. This can be a time of empowerment / a “second spring” / a “time to pick up where I left off when I was 12 years old”. A time to create something new.

I have been decluttering and letting go. I love Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I have been following her advice and letting go of things that do not spark joy. I’m still in the process of going through our stuff, but a lot of things have been leaving our home. Clothes, books, toys, etc. Most significantly, I have let go of all of my journals / writings / notes about Moses’ healing journey and my own. All gone – well, except for the 500+ posts on this blog (haha!).  I have also let go of my energy healing notes and teachings. There is still more to clear, but it feels like some significant space has been created.


I have been going through some significant changes / reflections about my work. There is much uncertainty at my place of employment and I have had a significant slow-down in my work. We are living in interesting times. My intuition is saying “enjoy this slow time”. All will be okay.

I had an epiphany about a week ago that “all of my dreams have come true”. Moses is healing / is healed. DH and I have been enjoying ourselves and each other. We have some great friends, and heart-connections. Our family is healthy. We have a beautiful home, and live an abundant life. I am grateful, and feel ready to create some new dreams.

So, that is where I am at right now.  All is well. And it is so, and so it is.

Mom's visit 014

DH and me and our moms, during my mom’s visit in October


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December 2015 – Moses’ Heilkunst update

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in November / December 2015. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On Thursday, November 12, 2015, Moses started the following droppers.

1) Pte. 10M – (Mentals – Pessimism/Sleep/Night Terrors) – a drop a day

2) Jeq. 200C – (Emotions – feeling picked on) – a drop a day

3) Corn. a. 12C – (Physical – abscesses/cysts/styes on the eye/asthma/Allergies/Itchiness/Rashes/dry scalp /Ear fissures/Thrush on mouth) – a drop a day

Two days later (Saturday), the stye on Moses’ left eye was larger. He had a night terror later that evening.

On Monday, he had a runny nose and had a slight tickle in his throat.

On Tuesday, he came home from school early with an intense stomach ache that subsided with a bath while I diffused an essential oil blend that helps with stomach upset. Later that evening, he was coughing and needed to take his Ventolin puffer.

On Wednesday, we cancelled his pulmonary function test (again – Moses has a pattern of having congestion when he has a PFT scheduled) and kept him home from school because he had a headache, stomach ache and a cough. He didn’t seem terribly sick, but he definitely wasn’t himself. Later that evening, he complained of stomach pains again.

And he stayed home on Thursday again because of stomach pains, a headache and feeling like he wanted to throw up.  But, it seemed like he was on the mend. He was back at school on Friday and played hockey on Saturday and Sunday.

On Sunday, Nov 22, he developed a new small abscess on his right armpit, but it was already coming to a head. He also had stomach pains and diarrhea. (An allergic reaction to something? Cross contamination? A healing reaction to the major decluttering that I was doing in the home? Interestingly, Marie Kondo mentions in her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, that some people have diarrhea or other healing reactions after decluttering, and Moses’ stomach pains were the most intense when I was working in his room. hmmmm…). Two days later, the new abscess burst on its own (while Moses was at school and at a time when DH had two meetings and I was at a physiotherapy appointment) – nonetheless, it all worked out.

On Wed, Dec 2, seemingly out of the blue, Moses developed a huge abscess in a sensitive area, but great news – it burst on its own the very next evening. Woot woot! By Sunday, it was looking better, but the area was still sore to touch. Later that day, Moses complained of an ear ache on his left ear, but within minutes of an application of helichrysum and melaleuca essential oils, the pain was gone. Pretty amazing.

This was Moses’ 36th Heilkunst session. All in all, it was a relatively easy month with respect to healing reactions, and Moses was healthy and well. Slow and steady wins the race.


  • Moses scored his first goal in hockey. Woot woot!
  • The afterschool care staff mentioned how calm Moses is.
  • He did great on his report card (with the exception of some problems with focus). He is very, very bright, which is balanced out by the fact that he is also very lazy. We’re proud of him.
  • A friend of mine commented on how vibrant Moses is. How truly healthy he seems.


X-mas parade 004

Moses and with Jack, the elf


November 2015 (Moses’ Heilkunst update)

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in October/November 2015. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On Thursday, October 15, 2015, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Senega 1M – (Mentals – Energy levels/Stress Levels/Socialization/Self-confidence/Motivation/Attention span) – a drop a day

2) Lon. peri. 200C – (Emotions – pessimism) – a drop a day

3) Calc. chl. 12C – (Physical – abscesses/rashes/itchiness/cysts on eyes/ear fissures/lungs/asthma/dry scalp/Food allergies/Vision/Thrush/Immune Boost/Digestion) – a drop a day

By Saturday (2 days after starting the droppers), the styes on his eye lids disappeared. Great!

On Sunday, after giving it his all at a hockey game earlier in the day, he wasn’t feeling himself. Headachy, general malaise and lying down at his Grammie’s house, instead of his normal energetic self. He perked up after eating dinner, so we thought that perhaps he didn’t eat enough at lunch after his big game.

On Monday, we kept him home from school because he wasn’t feeling well (headache, stomach pains, general malaise, tired). He had a night terror later that evening.

On Tuesday, he threw up before school (something that doesn’t happen very often), but felt well enough to go to school. Later that evening, we discovered a new rash on his lower back (~ the size of a quarter). He said that it wasn’t itchy, but it was painful to touch. Weird.

He was back to himself on Wednesday, so it wasn’t so bad of a healing reaction, and it passed even quicker than last month’s healing reaction. But, that same day, we received a note from Moses’ teacher that he’s been having difficulties with focus. We’ve also been noticing that since Sept, Moses is having a lot of difficulty with focus. A week after starting his new droppers (the next Thursday), he started a new dropper to help with his focus (Trill. 12C – 2x/day).

On the same Thursday, he had an incident at school where his teacher caught him right before he was about to punch another student, who has been physically aggressive with Moses since September (it’s a long story). Goodness – this was completely out of character for Moses. He’s typically overly passive, so truthfully there was a part of us that was happy to hear that he was standing him for himself, and we were also relieved that the teacher walked in before anyone was really hurt.

One and a half weeks after starting his new droppers, he developed two small infections (looked like a staph infection) on his leg. I put frankincense and melaleuca essential oil on them to see if it could help resolve them. One popped two days later. And the other resolved itself after ~ a week.

Two weeks after starting his new droppers (on Oct 30), he developed 2 abscesses under his right armpit and another one in another location. Yikes. It felt like these came from out of no where. Not sure if the trigger was related to homeopathy (was it was a healing reaction to the new focus dropper?) or something else (e.g., something karmic / energy related??).  It kind of felt like the latter to me, but I wasn’t 100% sure of the cause / source.

Six days after developing the new abscesses, on November 5, Moses had general anaesthesia to drain two abscesses under his right armpit and two in another location. He had been home for a week from school because he was in pain and having trouble sitting. One of the abscesses was channelled deep into his body and was as large as a clementine orange (his surgeon’s words), so he was admitted to the hospital for one night to make sure that everything healed okay before they sent us home. By the time he was discharged, his wounds were just about all closed – he heals that quickly.

We were thankful that it was just for one night. Moses is currently in good spirits and we are thankful that he is home now. In five days, we have a follow up appointment with his Heilkunstler and it’s a fresh start.


  • He’s playing hockey!!!
  • Moses has been less prone to emotional break-downs. He’s becoming more emotionally robust.
  • He is starting to stand up for himself. His self-confidence is increasing.
  • Only one night in the hospital (whereas, in the past most of Moses’ admissions have lasted for 12-14 days).
  • We saw a nurse in the OR who remembered Moses from when he was little and she remarked on how his skin has cleared up. She assumed that Moses was on new medications and it was helping. I told her that we were using homeopathy and it was helping. She looked surprised / shocked by my response.
  • Great care in the hospital by his surgeon, interns, and nurses. So many of the hospital staff know and love Moses, which helps with his care.

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