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Clearing Medhorrhinum to 50M (my journey)

During this last month, Moses and I continued to be at the same place in our treatment and we both cleared Medhorrhinum to 50M, which is one of the eight chronic miasms that is cleared during Heilkunst treatment, and 50M is the second round of healing.

As a reminder, this was the first miasm that I cleared in October 2014, after the 2 year break from Heilkunst treatment, so is a big one in me.  Medhorrhinum can be described as the following:

“The general theme running through all the symptoms of this miasm is of an expansion caught by a restriction, which either causes pain, swelling, or inflammation, and a tendency towards exploding outward. In terms of the mental-emotional state and behaviour of this miasm, there are many extremes. Extremes of behaviour and mood punctuate a characteristically brilliant but unpredictable personality, as is often portrayed in the lives of certain creative artists.” – Arcanum Wholistic Clinic


1) Medhorrhinum 50M + LM5; and

2) Staphysagria 21C (that’s just one potency on the Fibonacci scale – back in October 2014, I received Staph powders from 3C to 13C).

“The core theme of the phenotype Staphysagria centres around victimization. They are the type who get caught up in cycles of abuse where they are unable to say “no”, or assert a necessary boundary, but immediately regretting and resenting their own lack of voice, along with the actions of their abuser.” – Arcanum Wholistic Clinic


1) One dropper that contains the following (2x per day):

  • Medhorrhinum LM5 – feminine support to help moderate the Med healing reactions (The LM scale …”is very good at absorbing all of the debris and shrapnel that was let loose from the C scale” – Source);
  • Ignatia CM (for grief and sadness – a family member recently passed away);
  • Thuja 50M (for plantar warts [often associated with Med], and also for guilt and self-esteem issues);
  • Anacardium 10M (conflicted);
  • fungal 200C – to help with fungal detox of clearing Med;
  • drainage 3 – to help to the clean up and detox of clearing Med.;
  • Kleo / Asa foatida / Quercus /  Ptarax / Isaar 200C (I can’t really make out the hand-writing on the remedy bottle  – not really sure what these were for).

2) A second dropper that contains the following (3x per day):

  • Bacillinum CM + LM6 (to help reduce healing reactions related to Med);
  • Silicea MM (this is my constitutional remedy – introversion and perfectionism);
  • Lachesis 10MM (to help me find my voice and to help with my self-esteem – this is a huge potency!); and
  • Arsenicum CM (fear, anxiety).

Three days after taking the Med powder, I felt like I had been hit by a bus. Exhausted. Nausea. Vertigo. Four days after taking the Med powders, I felt tired, headachy, lacking motivation and energy. Later that night, the “cloudiness” seemed to lift.

It’s now approx. 3 weeks later and it’s been a crazy rollercoaster of a month for other reasons, so I can’t really pinpoint how clearing Med affected my state of mind. Overall, I do feel that despite the craziness of the month, I have been able to process my emotions in a healthy way.

More reading:

  • Nov 2014 – Clearing Med on Fibonacci scale to first level here.  I didn’t write about my clearing Med to 10M.
  • Article about Medhorrhinum here.

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Clearing Medhorrhinum to 50M (Moses’ story)

During Moses’ appointment with his Heilkunstler on March 18th,  we discovered that Moses wasn’t ready to clear the next round of chronic miasms (Medhorrhinum) after all…

He was in a place of rest (the last stage of the four-beat cycle) following last month’s clearing of the Ringworm chronic miasm. How sweet. The rest phase is exactly as it sounds – a time to rest and recharge after the tension, charge and discharge phases. In general, she said that his body was detoxing as a result of clearing Ringworm. Emotionally he was doing well and he wasn’t in need of any of the emotional remedies.

The symptoms he was presenting with was: 1) a wet cough; and 2) ear fissures that were much better than what they had been (i.e., not weeping or red or inflamed or as deep), but still present.

Based on the pendulum testing, he only needed two droppers:

1) One dropper containing the following (twice a day):

  • Fungal 1M (to help him finish discharging fungal issues, which is related to clearing the Ringworm chronic miasm);
  • Petroleum 1M (to help his ear fissures);
  • Calcarea carbonicum 4C (a constitutional remedy – very down to earth);
  • Silicea 12X (another constitutional remedy – highly introverted, but this was also to help his ear fissures and helps prevent scarring);
  • Carboneum Sulphuratum 200C; and
  • Sarsaparilla 10X

2) One dropper containing the following (three times per week);

  • Baccilinum CM / LM6 (this is a pretty high potency)  this was a pathic remedy for his cough. This remedy is often needed when clearing the Ringworm miasm;
  • Thuja 50M (to help a stye that was starting to form on Moses’ eye. Also Thuja is often related to Med, so a sign that Med may be rearing its head soon).

In addition, we continued with: Silicea 12X cell salt / tissue salt (lactose-free version)  this was for his ear fissures . “This cell salt/tissue salt is for connective tissues, skin and has the function of helping with skin eruptions, brittle hair and nails, cleansing, initiating healing processes, sores, constipation and functionality of the skin”. 

In addition, we kept the ) Stramonium MM dropper– in case he has any night terrors (but it’s different since during the last month, he took this dropper every day twice a day). Happily, he’s been night terror free for over a month now. Woot woot!

Within a day of starting the droppers, his wet cough went away (i.e., the Baccilinum dropper seemed to help) and the stye on his eye resolved (i.e., the Thuja dropper seemed to help).

His Heilkunstler recommended booking an appointment within two weeks, so that we would have the remedies for Med, since we are planning on going on a trip across the country in a couple of weeks.

Four days after his appointment with his Heilkunstler (right after I wrote this post about how Moses had been abscess-free for five weeks), I discovered the start of an abscess under his left armpit. Oh boy.

I emailed his Heilkunstler about this development on the Monday. On the Tuesday, she was in clinic and prepared the Medhorrhinum powder (Med 50M + LM5), and the following two droppers (we were also continuing with the droppers mentioned above):

1) Medhorrihinum LM5 – 2 times a day

2) Staphylococcinum 10MM/ Nitricum acidum MM – 2 times a day – holy moley – these are huge potencies!!! This is for the abscess. He has previously had a Staphylcoccinum 10MM potency during the Tuberculinum clearing 2.5 months ago.

Before I got a chance to pick up the remedies, Moses was showing signs of illness (feeling achy and chilled). On Tuesday night, I gave him the Med powder and the new droppers. That night, he had a night terror (interestingly, his last night terror was on the night that he was given the Ringworm powder – I mentioned this to his Heilkunstler and she thinks this is his body’s way of discharging Medhorrhinum.  Later that night, he cried out in the middle of the night that he was sick and complained of stomach pains. Thankfully, he woke up feeling better, but we kept him home from school for three days because he wasn’t feeling quite himself. His big complaint was a sore throat, but he was also coughing up phlegm, had a wet cough and a runny nose. But, his emotionally, he was doing well (the emotions are always a better sign of health). On Friday night, he had a second night terror, and on Saturday morning, he woke up with two sizeable bumps (abscesses) on both sides of his head. They were sore to touch. He also developed a scarlet rash on the back of his neck and “crustiness” and a weird rash on the skin around his eyes. On Sunday, the bumps on the size of his head were gone. His ear fissures were worse and he had a rash all along his scalp.

March 30 consult

On Monday, March 30, we had another follow-up with his Heilkunstler. She said that he still had the flu, so she made up an Influenzium dropper for him. She thought the increase in rashes (e.g., back of neck, scalp) was related to fungal discharges related to clearing Med.

New droppers

1) Influenzium 50M (flu) – can stop in one week – 3x a day.

2) Stramonium 10MM / Arsenicum CM (for night terrors and fear related to night terrors) – 3X a week.

3) Dropper with the following (2x per day):

  • Medhorrhinum LM5 (for support when clearing Med);
  • Thuja 50M (for support when clearing Med; for rash on head); and
  • Tarentula 10M (not sure why he needed this).
  • Staphasagria CM (related to victimization).

Tissue salt

Natrum sulphuricum 12X (non-lactose solution) – “This cell salt/tissue salt is for the liver and digestive system and has the function of helping with flu, nausea, vomiting, eliminating excess water, rheumatic ailments, joint pain and sadness in lactose-free solution.” – 3x / day (Just started this on April 19)

15 days after taking the Med remedy

Approximately 10 days after taking the Med remedy, Moses had a number of styes develop on both eyes. In addition, a large abscess developed on the back of his head (right side). 15 days after taking the Med remedy, he was diagnosed with pneumonia in his left lung. On the good side of things, he was able to be treated with oral antibiotics and did not need to be hospitalized. Approx. 18 days after taking the Med remedy, he had a dental abscess and needed to have two baby teeth removed.

Our regular Heilkunstler was not available, so another Heilkunstler helped with remedies:

  • Strych 30C – for pneumonia
  • Melit 5C – for abscess
  • Sin Alb 30C – aches and pains associated with pneumonia
  • Vib. T 12C – for Job’s syndrome
  • Jug C. 30C – for stomach aches and pains
  • Eriodyct 200 C – for diarrhea associated with the antibiotic for the pneumonia
  • Rx C 10M at 9 am – emotional remedy for panic attack and feelings associated with feeling sad about being sick on vacation.
  • Ran Flam 30C – 2x per day to counteract the negative effects associated with dental work to remove this baby teeth (including topical anesthesia and nitrous oxide).

Thank God for our new Heilkunstler who helped us out. Immediately after starting the remedies, he stopped having aches and pains and diarrhea. He recovered from the pneumonia quickly. The abscess on the back of his head went away and the styes disappeared. It’s now a week later and Moses is back to himself, running around, playing street hockey and back to power skating.

I’m so impressed with our new Heilkunstler that I’ve decided to switch practitioners. I loved our former practitioner, but it’s sometimes difficult because she is only available twice a week and Moses sometimes needs support outside of those two days…..

There are a lot more details that I’ve omitted in the above account, but we have an appointment with our new Heilkunstler tomorrow, so I wanted to share this much for now….

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In honour of Autism Awareness Month

I am sharing the following information because as you know, I feel that Heilkunst has been instrumental in my own son’s healing, and Sandra Weizman is a dedicated Heilkunst practitioner, who has been generous with her knowledge with me and others on a Heilkunst FB group. She wrote an informative and well-received guest article, Tips for Managing your Child’s Heilkunst Treatment, here.

In honour of Autism Awareness Month, Heilkunst practitioner Sandra Weizman is pleased to offer a 2 for 1 Special for the month of April, 2015. Book an Initial Consult for a parent and child and the child’s Initial Consult will be FREE. (Value is $160.00 for a child under 12 and $200.00 if 12 or over). This offer is open to any parent of a child with autism or other developmental disability. Contact Sandra at sandra@heilkunstmedicine.com and visit her website at www.heilkunstmedicine.com.


We made it through

We made it through.

It’s such a significant thing that I need to write a post about it.

Moses has officially been abscess-free for 5 whole weeks. This is huge since he hasn’t been abscess-free for an extended period of time since June 2012. His last abscess resolved in mid-February 2015. That’s almost 3 years of a steady stream of abscesses.

The details:

  • 2012:
    • 11 abscesses between June to December 2012; hospitalized for a total of 22 days to treat abscesses (two separate occasions) on intensive IV antibiotics to try to resolve them. He developed pneumonia as a secondary infection during the second visit. Almost all of them needed surgical drainage (combination of general and local).
  • 2013:
    • 34 abscesses in 2013 plus a dozen intra-abdominal abscesses; hospitalized for 12 days to treat the intra-abdominal abscesses on intensive IV antibiotics; started a super-antibiotic (Linezolid) for 6 weeks to resolve them further. So much pain and suffering.
  • 2014:
    • hospitalized for 3 days to surgically drain the intra-abdominal abscesses.
    • 67 abscesses developed between the end of March and the end of the year: 41 abscesses that have drained spontaneously, 17 that needed surgical intervention (2 general anesthesia for 11 of them, and 6 under local), 9 that disappeared on their own.
  • 2015
    • 6 abscesses spontaneously drained and 1 resolved on own during a 6 week period from early January to mid-February.

Total from June 2012 to Feb 2015: 131 abscesses over a period of less than 3 years = insanity

Before this time, there were sporadic abscesses between the time that he was an infant until he was 5 years old

  • 1 year old: several abscesses developed on his head that were drained by his family physician and one that needed general anaesthesia on the side of his jaw;
  • 2 years old: one on the back of his head resolved on its own;
  • 3 years old: one under his eye needed general anaesthesia.
  • 5 years old: a dental abscess resulted in pneumonia and a blood tranfusion (15 days of hospitalization).

Grand total:

  • 141 abscesses;
  • 53 days of hospitalizations over 7 visits related to abscesses (there were other hospitalizations for different reasons, such as pneumonia and other infections);
  • countless general and local anesthesia;
  • countless medical visits related to abscesses, not including all of the other medical visits related to other aspects of his care (often weekly with his surgeon in 2014, which meant missed swimming lessons); and
  • countless at home nurse and at school visits for after surgery care (in 2012, the nurse would visit every day for up to a month after the surgery to “pack” the abscess with dressings).

Thankfully, many of the abscesses were pain-free. Thank God!  But, a few of them caused a lot of pain and one was so painful that it caused us to postpone our summer trip to visit my family in another province for a month. (Oh, the emotional pain / disappointment of cancelling that trip). And all of the abscesses always caused some sort of physical pain either during local anaesthesia (the anaesthesia didn’t numb all of the pain), or the pain associated with the open wound care and the dressing changes. It has literally been non-stop for almost 3 years.

So much pain. So much suffering.

So much pain for us all.

Then, there was my own personal pain – the fact that I stopped teaching yoga and offering energy healing classes because I thought that there might be a link between the abscesses and the healing work that I did. I grieved the loss of my identity for months.

What does it all mean?

What was it all for? What was the gift? What were the blessings?

God only knows.

One thing that I do know is that we learned firsthand what it means to suffer and we how to be present for another’s suffering. (Goodness, it was hard). It took all of my wits to be present for it. And the truth is that for a lot of it, I wasn’t completely present and embodied. It was too hard.  But, man, did we ever get practice.

The blessings


I shared the above meme back in September 2014, when we were contemplating re-starting homeopathy. I had a feeling that this meme had a message for us. That somehow it would all make sense one day. That somehow the magnitude of the blessing would be in proportion to the magnitude of the battle that we fought. And oh, what a battle it was.

On December 1, 2014, I had a dream that the “root” of Moses’ abscesses had been excised, and a huge “energetic” surgery had been done.  I saw it so clearly in my dream. I can still see it now. It felt like a prophetic / meaningful powerful dream. And so it is and so it was.

While we were on the 2 year break from Heilkunst (between Nov 2012 and Oct 2014), I think that Moses’ body was stuck in one of the miasms and he was on a repeat loop. His body kept creating abscesses to try to resolve the “disease”, but without the right remedies, his body was just stuck on repeat. And the repeat loop got worse and worse until we re-started back with homeopathy.

In fact Arcanum Wholistic Clinic talks about just this phenomenon:

“This is where Heilkunst shines, in terms of bringing in the counterpart to energy prescribing (symptoms), and into what we call ‘tonic’ prescribing — that is, the disease pattern which is creating the underlying force field, and from which all symptoms emerge. Without a logical, systematic understanding of how to address this force field, the patient will forever repeat their symptoms in the same or similar form, never fully curing them.” – Source.

I mentioned to my Heilkunstler back in December that Moses started developing chronic abscesses when we started clearing the chronic miasms (it started when when we were in the middle of clearing Carcinosin), and she thought that once we cleared the first round of the miasms (there are 8 in total), he would no longer have any abscesses.

I’m happy to say that it didn’t take clearing all 8 of the first round of miasms. (It took clearing Tuberculinum to 50M, Medhorrhinum to 10M and Ringworm to 50M, and Staphylococcinum powders to 13C on the Fibonacci scale and a CM dropper). That’s all (I say with tongue in cheek)!

I am so grateful.

My boy is healthy. My boy is well.  What a blessing that is.

I feel like the work that we have been doing through Heilkunst has brought us home. And so it has.

What a blessing.

p.s. During our last session with his Heilkunstler, she mentioned that we shouldn’t be surprised if Moses develops some new abscesses when clearing the next chronic miasm (Medhorrhinum) since Med. is often associated with abscesses. I do feel that even if Moses develops some new abscesses in the future, what is different is that we will no longer be stuck in that same repeat loop. I truly feel that is over. Thank God!!!!!!

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Clearing Ringworm to 50M (my journey)

Moses and I are currently at the same point in Heilkunst treatment. Last month, both of us are cleared Ringworm to 50M, which is the second round of clearing of Ringworm. Ringworm is one of the 8 chronic miasms that is cleared during Heilkunst treatment.

As I mentioned in my last post, Ringworm can show itself in skin conditions, especially fungal. It is linked with symptoms of SAD and depression.  A person with the ringworm miasm may be tired, have a dull headache and not want to do anything. One may continue out of duty, causing frustration and self-blame. Ringworm has a general sense of being a victim, a deeper fatigue and frustration. The theme of ringworm is “wants to, but can’t” (p. 70 of this link).

This miasm shows up strongly in both Moses and me. The first time that I cleared Ringworm to 10M, I developed huge chalazion under my left eye as a healing reaction.*

Since we restarted Heilkunst treatment in October 2014, I have been more in tune with my treatment and have been noticing when I start the next four beat cycle (i.e., tension, charge, discharge and relaxation).  I started feeling the “tension stage” of Ringworm in early February (right when Ringworm season starts ~Feb 2) and it felt so uncomfortable. I felt very angry and felt strongly victimized (this is a strong keynote of Ringworm). I felt that I had no voice and was powerless. The theme of “wants to, but can’t” felt strong in me.  I was starting to wake up with a sore throat (which was only sore when I first woke up in the morning) and one of my plantar warts returned (a sign of Medhorrinum, which is the next chronic miasm to clear). ugh!

My appointment with my Heilkunstler was on Feb 18, and she noted that I was strongly presenting Ringworm. The following are the powders and droppers that I started.


1) Ringworm 3C to 13C (4 powders on the Fibonacci scale, since I didn’t clear Ringworm on the Fibonacci scale when I cleared Ringworm to 10M the first time), one powder every 2 days, followed by Ringworm 50M and LM5.

2) Lachesis 3C to 21 C (5 powders on the Fibonacci scale, one powder every 2 days) – for guilt, jealousy  and envy. This powder was to help me find my voice.


1) Streptococcinum 50M for 2 weeks, and increasing to CM for 2 weeks after that(for my sore throat)/ Mercurius  highly sensitive, and will perceive slights or criticisms which may not exist in an objective sense – so true in me; this remedy also helps to decrease the Streptococcinum detox) / Hepar Sulphurius (sensitive) / Belladonna (I’m not quite sure why I needed this remedy, but this remedy is related to heat, fevers and delusions) 10M – 2x per day

2) Drainage – 2 times a day. To help help the body to detox, drain and release.

3) Ringworm LM5 (started after starting the Ringworm 50M powder; 3x per day) – this is to help minimize the healing reactions related to Ringworm.

4) Medorrhinum LM5 – 3 times a week (this was for the plantar wart and also a sign that Med is big in me and that when I am done with clearing Ringworm, I will likely start right into clearing Med right away – Med is the chronic miasm that follows Ringworm).

I immediately felt lighter (it felt like the clouds parted and the sun started to shine through) within minutes of taking my new remedies. Emotionally, I felt better and better with every day that passed for the first few days after starting my remedies. Such relief!

Suffice it to say, this month had its ups and downs. I think something significant shifted internally for me as I released a layer of victimhood, which has been a huge theme in my life. As a result, I was more aware of certain dynamics in my life, which caused some painful realizations and also friction in some of my relationships.

It feels like some significant shifts have occurred.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have discovered (and recently re-discovered) this modality of healing. I just find it so remarkable how principled the treatment is and how much it makes sense in an embodied sort of way. And to see how Moses is responding to the treatment, it brings so much relief to my mind, my emotions and my whole life. So much freedom.

I am so thankful.

*  My journey of clearing Ringworm to 10M was discussed at the end of this post here.


Clearing Ringworm to 50M (Moses’ journey)

During the last month, starting on Feb 11, Moses cleared the Ringworm chronic miasm. Ringworm is one of the 8 chronic miasms that is cleared during Heilkunst treatment.

Ringworm can show itself in skin conditions, especially fungal. It is linked with symptoms of SAD and depression.  A person with the ringworm miasm may be tired, have a dull headache and not want to do anything. One may continue out of duty, causing frustration and self-blame. Ringworm has a general sense of being a victim, a deeper fatigue and frustration. The theme of ringworm is “wants to, but can’t” (p. 70 of this link).

Moses cleared Ringworm to the first level (to 10M) in September/October 2011. I was a bit dismayed to recall that Moses developed pneumonia prior to clearing Ringworm, when I delayed the treatment in 2011.  In Feb 2015, Moses started developing flu-like symptoms and was having difficulty breathing right before we started this round of treatment. Based on the symptoms that Moses was presenting, his homeopath thought that he might have the flu, so she prescribed a Influenzium / Bry / Phos 10M dropper. His homeopath sensed that the ringworm chronic miasm was big in Moses and might be a difficult one to clear (in terms of healing reactions). I started to feel a bit nervous when his Heilkunstler told me that if he needed to be hospitalized (say if he came down with pneumonia), he would continue to heal as long as I kept giving him his remedies. Gulp.


  • Staphylococcinum/ Nitricum acidum – 3C to 13C (4 powders, fibonacci scale)- for abscesses;
  • Ringworm 3C to 13C (4 powders, fibonacci scale – since he didn’t clear Ringworm on the Fibonacci scale when he first cleared Ringworm in October 2011) and 50M/LM5;


1) Influenzium 10M / Bry 10M / Phos 10M – 2x / day for a week  (increased to 50M after 4 days) – for his cough and flu-like symptoms, achy body, etc. Stopped on Feb 25 (after two weeks).

2) Stramonium MM (that’s a huge potency, but the same potency as last month) – 2x / day – for night terrors;

3) Ringworm LM5 – 3x / day – started after he was done taking the Ringworm powders. This helps to moderate healing reactions related to the C scale clearing (this was up to LM6 3x/week after a healing reaction related to having a “plugged up ear”);

4) Staphylococcinum CM – 3x / week – to treat the abscesses (this is a huge potency, but not as high as the 10MM from last month); and

5) A dropper taken twice a day that includes all of the following:

  • fungal 200C (to treat thrush and other fungal infections);
  • Nitricum acidum 200C (resentment);
  • Graphites 1M (for ear fissures);
  • Sarsaparilla 1M (for ear fissures);
  • Petrussinum 200C (for his cough – this is a remedy for “whooping cough”;
  • Silicea 6X –  this was for his ear fissures;
  • Aesculus 1M (I assume this is for ear fissures, but not sure); and
  • Hepar Sulphuris 30C (I assume this is for ear fissures, but not sure).


Hubner silicea for ear fissures (silicea is good for healthy skin, hair and nails) –  1 teaspoon daily. It’s thick and kind of tastes like chalk, but easy to hide in shakes.

Healing reactions

The night that he started the remedies, he had a night terror. Two days later, he was having difficulty breathing, was coughing a lot, and had an increase in rashes (back, stomach and other areas). (I later found out that the increase in symptoms was related to an allergic reaction to something, but that’s a whole other story). Three days later, the huge abscess under his armpit that had been there for 6 weeks spontaneously drained (yay – I think likely as a result of the Staphylococcinum powders) and the rashes seemed to be subside. Thank goodness! He still had a bad, congested cough and couldn’t make it through his entire skating class since he was having difficulty breathing.

Four mornings after starting the remedies, he woke up crying and said that he was feeling sick, so I upped his Influenzium / Bry / Phos from 10M to 50M. (His homeopath had said that he might need the higher potency, so when he woke up with the same complaint that he had on Wednesday, I took it as a sign that it was time to up his dose). Within minutes, he calmed down and felt better. Amazing.

One week after starting the remedies, he started to complain that his ears were plugged and he was having trouble hearing. His Heilkunstler changed his Ringworm LM5 dropper to Ringworm LM6 (three times a week) and within a day, this complaint disappeared.

Eight days after starting the remedies, we rejoiced that he was officially abscess-free (another abscess that was developing disappeared on its own), for the first time in four months (since October, when he was abscess-free for three weeks). His ear fissures were looking much, much, much better (not oozing, inflamed or raw looking).

11 days after starting the remedies, he was doing really well emotionally. The main symptom remaining was a cough, the healing ear fissures and some rashes in places.

13 days after starting the remedies, we received a message from Moses’ teacher that he was not focused in class and was having too much fun (i.e., laughing and talking). Truthfully, I see this response as being a good sign (i.e., having fun, being sociable and laughing are all great things, really – especially a child who hates school and has previously been so shy — he’s starting to come out of his shell and make friends!), but not great for classroom management.

Two weeks after starting remedies

Two weeks after starting this round of clearing, we had a 15 minute consultation with his practitioner because she thought he might need more support to make it through this round of healing. (I had booked this consult immediately after the initial consult because my practitioner is busy, so it’s difficult to get last minute appointments).  I’m glad that I had this time put aside because there were some additional things that needed attention (e.g., cough, rashes and  ear fissures). I mentioned how thrilled I was that he was officially abscess-free. Woot woot!

She added these droppers to the mix:

1) Rumex 200C – for use as needed for a wet and productive cough that he still had (note, we were able to stop the Influenzium dropper after 2 weeks).

2) Baccillinum 50M + LM5 was added to the Ringworm LM6 dropper – 2x/day – this was for the increase in itchiness and rashes that he was experiencing.

3) Gemmotherapy Betula Ver. – he was supposed to have 1/2 teaspoon of this, but with Moses, I need to hide most things in his shakes and 1/2 teaspoon would be too difficult to hide since this has an alcohol base. I just hid a couple of drops in his shake a day. This is anti-inflammatory. I can’t remember if this was for his cough or his ear fissures.

4) Silicea 12X cell salt / tissue salt –  this was for his ear fissures (I ordered this online as she wanted him to have Silicea in the cell salt / tissue salt format, but I needed to order a lactose-free version). “This cell salt/tissue salt is for connective tissues, skin and has the function of helping with skin eruptions, brittle hair and nails, cleansing, initiating healing processes, sores, constipation and functionality of the skin”. 

Moses had an interrupted sleep on the night that we started the new remedies and woke up with his ear fissures looking more red again. By the next day, the cough remedy seemed to be working as his cough was starting to “dry out”. Two days later, he went to bed angry and ripped his left ear apart – the left fissure deepened. ugh…

Six days after the short consult, on March 3, Moses had an allergic reaction to an unknown food (swelling of his throat at school). The school gave him Benadryl and I brought him to the ER and they gave him Decadron (a corticosteroid) to calm down the swelling. Early March coincides with the start of Medhorrhinum season and I wondered if the reaction was related to this. (I just did a quick search and it looks like it likely was).[Update March 22, 2015: his Heilkunstler thought it might have been a healing reaction related to clearing Ringworm and not Medhorrhinum]. During the short consult, his Heilkunstler had said that she wouldn’t be surprised if Moses went directly into Medhorrhinum after clearing Ringworm, and since she was going to be on vacation, she provided a Med LM6 dropper, just in case.  The instructions were to not give him the dropper unless he was showing signs that he needed it (e.g., if he started acting like a maniac) and then to give it to him just 3 times a week. She cautioned against giving it to him too soon. I gave him his first drop of Med LM6 on the day of the allergic reaction and then gave him the Med dropper ~2-3 times a week.

Gifts of clearing Ringworm

Despite the ups and downs of the healing reactions (which were relatively minor this month), Moses continues to do remarkably well. We are so pleased.

Moses had an appointment with his chiropractor who has been treating him for the last 3 years and he is happy with how Moses is doing. He just needs to treat him structurally now (whereas, in the beginning, he was doing a lot more to help his organs, etc.).

Moses had an appointment with his dentist last week. This dentist remembers when Moses was a sick little boy and had terrible skin afflictions. (Moses actually once developed pneumonia and was hospitalized for 15 days after developing a dental abscess, so this dentist knows Moses very, very well). Whenever he sees Moses, he reminds us how far he has come. His dentist knows about Moses’ diagnosis and past hospitalizations and I could tell that he was surprised (and pleased) about how well Moses is doing. He was amazed at how calm Moses is now, and also how clear his skin is. It helps me to have these health practitioners in our lives who can remind us about how far Moses has come and that we really need to appreciate and celebrate where we are today.

He has officially been abscess-free for one entire month. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Read about why this is significant for us here).

He didn’t have a night terror during the last two full moons. I think this pattern is officially done. And it’s been more than a month since his last night terror. Woo hoo!

He has made it through the entire fall and winter without any major illness or hospitalizations. Wow!!!!!

He is a strong, robust, happy, well-adjusted boy. He is doing well at school and is doing well socially. He just started power skating and he did phenomenal. He is healthy, well and strong!

It’s hard for me to express how significant this all really is.

I’m so very thankful. So thankful.

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A link between healing miasms and energetic release

A friend of mine wondered if there was a link between the Heilkunst treatment of miasms and an “energetic release” (the removal of extraneous energies within our energetic bodies that do not serve us) that an energy healer or karmic healer might conduct.

hmmm… This is fascinating to me since after all of my many trials of different forms of healing modalities, the two that I have felt healed at the deepest levels and have been the most effective is Heilkunst and karmic healing. I haven’t written about karmic healing in a while since, well, it’s “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there” and difficult to explain. But, I’d wondered if there was a connection between the two forms of healing.

I do know that Heilkunst does talk about healing generational patterns (as does my karmic healer) and the deeper we go in treatment, even karmic healing is eventually addressed with Heilkunst (but we are not yet there in our Heilkunst treatment).

My friend share a link to this website that mentions that the treatment of miasms is a form of “energetic release”. hmmm…. so fascinating for me to think of it in these terms.

“Homeopathy describes miasm (or miasma) as an energetic holding pattern, which makes one predisposed to a particular pattern of imbalance, either physical, mental or emotional. This pattern can be passed through families. The code is stored in the chromatid layers of the cell. When carefully traced, these patterns emerge as links to deep memory of previous life experiences, and can be cleared. – Blue Sage Institute

So very fascinating to me…..

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Tips for Managing your Child’s Heilkunst Treatment

Dear friends,

As you know, my interest in Heilkunst treatment as a modality of healing has been renewed after a 2 year break. I’ve recently had the pleasure to connect with a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, Sandra Weizman. Sandra has so much knowledge to share and she offered to write a guest blog post with tips on how to manage your child’s Heilkunst treatment.  In this article, she shares information about remedy potencies, how to make your own remedies, tips for helping your child take their remedies, orgone energy, and so much more!

Tips for Managing your Child’s Heilkunst Treatment

By Sandra Weizman, DMH, DHHP

I began treating my son with homeopathy when he was a young child. On two separate occasions, with two different practitioners, my husband was unsupportive and felt it was a waste of time and money. At that time he was working in advertising sales and he happened to call the owner of a dinner theatre company to sell him an ad. Somehow during the conversation my husband mentioned that he had an autistic child. The dinner theatre proprietor started telling him that his adult son used to have autism as well, but that he recovered with the use of special diets and homeopathy. My husband stopped complaining about the cost and time involved. Two years later, we were with a new practitioner, and there were more complaints from my husband. Then one day he sold an ad to an organic produce company. The same thing happened. The business owner told him that she had an autistic child who recovered using homeopathy. My husband stopped complaining and became supportive from then on.

Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy, coined the term “occurrents,” for seemingly unrelated events that occur at significant times for specific reasons. What most people would call a coincidence is often a phenomenon meant to happen at a specific time and place to either assist you in achieving something, remind you of some trauma that you have not yet resolved, or perhaps show you the path or be a guiding light. Whether you believe in God or simply in a higher power, things happen for a reason. I was resolved to continue trying to heal my child; my husband was not supportive of my efforts and people were put in his path as guiding lights.

Through such guiding lights I was led to study Heilkunst in my desire to treat children with special needs and their families and to share this amazing system of medicine with them. I would now like to share a few tips for parents managing their children’s treatment.

It’s All in the Potency

Heilkunst practitioners typically prescribe remedies in the C-scale (centesimal scale). However, We will often start at a 30C and go up in potency to a 200C, followed by a 1M, 10M and so on. However, if there is a strong or lingering healing reaction, some may either pair the C-scale remedies with LM-scale remedies, in an attempt to add a gentle, more spherical dose to help ground or even out the effect of the C-scale remedy. There is a duality insofar as the C scale represents the male side while the LM represents the female side, sort of like yin and yang. That being said, LM potencies are capable of having a strong impact that is not always gentle in nature.

Other potencies that we have in our tool chest include homocords as well as the Fibonacci. Homocords combine two or more potencies into one dropper. So, for example, if you are prescribed Arnica 3C/5C/7C, it combines all three low potencies in the same remedy. This can be especially effective for certain remedies that offer an energetic rendering of a biomedical intervention that the child needs. A good example of a successful homocord used for autistic patients is Secretin 3C/6C/9C. The homeopathic version of Secretin can give the patient a similar benefit to gastrointestinal disorders that the physical drug bestows. In the case of my own son, when we first tried Secretin 30C, it proved destabilizing, but the homocord improved his gut problems significantly.

Homeopath and medical doctor Joe Rozencwajg, who published the book The Potency, Advanced Prescribing in Homeopathy, says that he sometimes prescribes a homocord such as Belladonna 30C/200C, because he is not sure which of the two potencies the patient needs. He claims that the patient will utilize the one needed and slough off the other one with no ill effect. It could be possible, however, that the patient requires both potencies simultaneously.

Rozencwajg also developed prescribing according to the Fibonacci Code. Fibonacci, a 12th century Italian mathematician, developed his mathematical algorithm that mimics what is found in nature, such as the coiled nautilus shell, and in man-made entities, such as the Parthenon or Leonardo da Vinci’s Golden Ratio. Fibonacci prescribing generally begins with 3C, 5C, 8C, 13C, 21C, 34C, 55C, 89C, 144C, 233C and so on. Many patients respond well to this manner of prescribing and many practitioners report success when they start with potencies this low.

Fibonacci scale

Fibonacci scale

Fibonacci scale

Fibonacci scale in nature

Many Heilkunst practitioners use paper remedies and tell their patients to write the remedy on a small piece of paper and tuck it into a sock or pocket. Since none of the original substance remains in a remedy when potentized beyond 12C, and only the energy of the original substance remains, the same energy is available in the universe and therefore the act of simply writing it down and holding it close to one’s body will work, provided it is the correct remedy.

I sometimes use paper remedies, but I prefer to teach my patients how to make the remedies themselves by adding spring water to a dropper bottle, affixing the label to the bottle, and succussing it multiple times. I often give them a paper remedy to write down and try out overnight. If their symptoms improve with it, I may then suggest that they make it up in a dropper bottle or I will make it up for them. That way, we can more easily control the frequency with which they are receiving the remedy. If it’s an acute remedy such as ARR (Arnica/Ruta/Rhux-t) for a twisted ankle, for instance, I will recommend that they either take a drop every 15 minutes or put a drop in their water bottle to sip on throughout the day.

Sometimes kids, especially those with autism, may blow the powder off the paper or spit out the wafer. I always reassure parents that this is nothing to worry about because as long as the remedy touches inside the mouth, it will work. If your child gets into the remedies and drinks the contents of all the dropper bottles and swallows all the powders or wafers, this is also not cause for concern. (I treated one autistic child who did this exact thing.) The body takes in what it needs as though it is a single dose. Sometimes if stressed and operating with little sleep, the parents may get confused and accidentally take their children’s remedies or give their own remedies to their kids. This, too, is no cause for concern. Each individual only assimilates what they need; the rest is sloughed off with no adverse side effects.

For those children with more severe behaviour problems who tend to have healing reactions that involve aggression or self-injurious behavior, I have a different method for administering the remedies. Once I establish the sort of pattern the child tends to exhibit with healing reactions, I will prescribe acute remedies for these sorts of more challenging behaviours. I ask the parents to obtain bottles with a spray attachment. That way, if the child becomes unruly or aggressive or self-injurious behaviours are out of control, it can sometimes be very difficult to enlist their cooperation to open their mouths for a drop. Instead, I have the parents spray a fine mist of the remedy over their head. I find this works with great success.

While it is recommended that patients schedule follow-up appointments every four to six weeks, I find that there are some, particularly children, who are on a three-week cycle and require their next set of remedies more quickly. We know this because such patients start to ‘prove’ their remedies, that is, after a time the remedies begin to worsen the symptoms that they were prescribed to alleviate. In these cases, more frequent appointments are highly recommended.

Orgone Energy

In addition to the complete writings of Samuel Hahanemann, Heilkunstlers also incorporate the works of Rudolf Steiner (founder of the Waldorf School Movement and anthroposophical medicine) and Wilhelm Reich, an MD and psychoanalyst who initially was a protegé of Freud’s, but later broke away and formulated his own theories of orgone energy. Reich discovered a bioelectrical charge whose flow within the body could be detected as waves passing through his clinical patients as they began experiencing intense emotional breakthroughs.

The ability of the body to expand and contract and not become “stuck” in one mode, is what Reich termed the pulsation of life. This pulsation of expansion and contraction also followed a specific four-beat cycle:

Tension – Charge – Discharge – Relaxation

Reich was able to produce the positive effects of this four-beat cycle through the creation of an orgone accumulator. (Read more here). The effects have been reproduced in orgone pendants that create a field of high frequency energy that interacts with one’s energy field, raising and strengthening it.

You can wear one of these pendants around your neck and you can also place your homeopathic dropper bottles on the pendant. Within a half hour, the remedy will be energized many times over and work more effectively. The same holds true for essential oils. These pendants can be purchased here. I highly recommend them to my patients.

Orgone pendent

Orgone pendant

Orgone blankets, made with interleaved layers of fabric and steel wool, can also be very helpful in managing pain. The energy they provide gives off heat and a reduction in symptoms of pain. You can order them here or from Elizabeth Van Gulick at orgone@bell.net. You can even make your own, if so inclined. I keep mine on the couch in my own clinic and wrap it around those patients who need it for the duration of their appointment.

orgone blanket

Orgone blanket

These are just a few of the many tips I have learned in my practice that can help you to administer remedies to your child, alleviate symptoms, energize your remedies, and support you through the journey of healing.

Sandra Weizman, DMH, DHHP, practices Heilkunst Medicine and Homeopathy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is a Board member of the Canadian International Heilkunst Association. She can be reached at Clinic for Heilkunst Medicine, Sandra@heilkunstmedicine.com or by phone at 403-238-1734. Appointments are in person, by phone or Skype and she welcomes distance clients.

Sandra Weisman

Sandra Weizman

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Clearing Tuberculinum LM3 (again) (my journey)

During my consultation with my homeopath in early January, the pendulum indicated that I wasn’t quite done clearing Tuberculinum on the LM scale and still needed to the Tub LM3 in dropper form (read my journey with clearing Tuberculinum  to 50M in December here). I wasn’t ready to clear any new powders this month. It made sense since January is still in Tuberculinum season. So interesting that both Moses and I were still needing to clear Tuberculinum – we were mirroring each other.

“Tuberculosis – the essence of this disease state is restlessness, the desire to escape from the encroaching limits of the psoric state. There is no sense of peace in the present, but a continual need to move, preferably to higher ground (> mountains), but where they then feel the constriction in their heart, forcing them to move to descend. They feel caught between opposing forces and seem condemned to wander the earth without repose. There is an increasing sense of lack of connection with life as manifested in the lung symptoms. The paleness and weakness also speaks to the increasing lack of vitality.” – Source (page 68).


  • Nat Mur CM (old grief – this is such a key emotion for me – it goes so deep); Tub LM3; Bacillinum 50M (I think this was to prevent any potential bacterial healing reactions related to healing Tub); Sepia 10M (totally fed up – typically the “mother’s remedy”); Nux Vomica 200C (can’t stand losing); Phosphorus 10M (outgoing, enthusiastic constitutional type); drainage.
  • Pyrogenium – 1 M for 2 weeks, then 10M for 2 weeks (this was related to bowel health) – 3 times a day (fascinatingly, within 3 days of starting this dropper, my bowel health changed for the better);
  • Lachesis MM (guilt, jealousy, envy) – this is quite a high potency!/ Arsenicum 50M (fear, control) – 3 times a week.

Tissue salts:

  • “The use of tissue salts at specific junctures throughout treatment can help restore function at the cellular level and reverse the disease process. They constitute an important part of regimen and help alleviate symptoms that are the result of imbalance (rather than disease proper).”
  • Nat Mur 6X – This cell salt/tissue salt is for Cartilage, Mucus, Cells and has the function of helping with headaches, water retention, indigestion, nutrition absorption, cell division/growth, colds, emotional Stress, sleeplessness and headaches.
  • Calc Fluor 6X – This cell salt/tissue salt is for Bones, Elastic Tissues, Teeth, Joints and has the function of tissue elasticity.

I felt depressed immediately after I started taking my new remedies (things often get worse before they get better with homeopathy), but within 24 hours, I was starting to feel more optimistic and that optimism and inner peace continued for most of the month.

Overall, truthfully, I have been feeling good. As Elizabeth Gilbert said in “Eat, Pray, Love”, “Even in my underpants, I feel different”. Overall, at my core, I am feeling more at peace. More balanced.

A big outward sign that something significant has changed is that I’m dancing again. I’m taking a weekly Modern Dance class just for me. Just for the joy of it. I love it.

Dancing on the street

Dancing on the street (summer 2013)

Oh! And I learned to ice skate recently.

Learning to skate

Learning to skate

Right now, things are feeling emotionally charged as our family is discordant about a few issues, but underneath the outward turmoil at the moment, I can still access that quiet voice that lets me know that all will be okay.

I’m thankful that Moses is healthy and well. I need to anchor myself in that reality. Overall, all is well.



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