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November 2015 (Moses’ Heilkunst update)

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in October/November 2015. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On Thursday, October 15, 2015, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Senega 1M – (Mentals – Energy levels/Stress Levels/Socialization/Self-confidence/Motivation/Attention span) – a drop a day

2) Lon. peri. 200C – (Emotions – pessimism) – a drop a day

3) Calc. chl. 12C – (Physical – abscesses/rashes/itchiness/cysts on eyes/ear fissures/lungs/asthma/dry scalp/Food allergies/Vision/Thrush/Immune Boost/Digestion) – a drop a day

By Saturday (2 days after starting the droppers), the styes on his eye lids disappeared. Great!

On Sunday, after giving it his all at a hockey game earlier in the day, he wasn’t feeling himself. Headachy, general malaise and lying down at his Grammie’s house, instead of his normal energetic self. He perked up after eating dinner, so we thought that perhaps he didn’t eat enough at lunch after his big game.

On Monday, we kept him home from school because he wasn’t feeling well (headache, stomach pains, general malaise, tired). He had a night terror later that evening.

On Tuesday, he threw up before school (something that doesn’t happen very often), but felt well enough to go to school. Later that evening, we discovered a new rash on his lower back (~ the size of a quarter). He said that it wasn’t itchy, but it was painful to touch. Weird.

He was back to himself on Wednesday, so it wasn’t so bad of a healing reaction, and it passed even quicker than last month’s healing reaction. But, that same day, we received a note from Moses’ teacher that he’s been having difficulties with focus. We’ve also been noticing that since Sept, Moses is having a lot of difficulty with focus. A week after starting his new droppers (the next Thursday), he started a new dropper to help with his focus (Trill. 12C – 2x/day).

On the same Thursday, he had an incident at school where his teacher caught him right before he was about to punch another student, who has been physically aggressive with Moses since September (it’s a long story). Goodness – this was completely out of character for Moses. He’s typically overly passive, so truthfully there was a part of us that was happy to hear that he was standing him for himself, and we were also relieved that the teacher walked in before anyone was really hurt.

One and a half weeks after starting his new droppers, he developed two small infections (looked like a staph infection) on his leg. I put frankincense and melaleuca essential oil on them to see if it could help resolve them. One popped two days later. And the other resolved itself after ~ a week.

Two weeks after starting his new droppers (on Oct 30), he developed 2 abscesses under his right armpit and another one in another location. Yikes. It felt like these came from out of no where. Not sure if the trigger was related to homeopathy (was it was a healing reaction to the new focus dropper?) or something else (e.g., something karmic / energy related??).  It kind of felt like the latter to me, but I wasn’t 100% sure of the cause / source.

Six days after developing the new abscesses, on November 5, Moses had general anaesthesia to drain two abscesses under his right armpit and two in another location. He had been home for a week from school because he was in pain and having trouble sitting. One of the abscesses was channelled deep into his body and was as large as a clementine orange (his surgeon’s words), so he was admitted to the hospital for one night to make sure that everything healed okay before they sent us home. By the time he was discharged, his wounds were just about all closed – he heals that quickly.

We were thankful that it was just for one night. Moses is currently in good spirits and we are thankful that he is home now. In five days, we have a follow up appointment with his Heilkunstler and it’s a fresh start.


  • He’s playing hockey!!!
  • Moses has been less prone to emotional break-downs. He’s becoming more emotionally robust.
  • He is starting to stand up for himself. His self-confidence is increasing.
  • Only one night in the hospital (whereas, in the past most of Moses’ admissions have lasted for 12-14 days).
  • We saw a nurse in the OR who remembered Moses from when he was little and she remarked on how his skin has cleared up. She assumed that Moses was on new medications and it was helping. I told her that we were using homeopathy and it was helping. She looked surprised / shocked by my response.
  • Great care in the hospital by his surgeon, interns, and nurses. So many of the hospital staff know and love Moses, which helps with his care.

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Clearing Leprosy to 50M (my Heilkunst journey)

This is a summary of my Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in September / October 2015. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

In September, I cleared the Leprosy chronic miasm to 50M (12C/30C/200C/1M/10M/50M).

Leprosy is not one of the main 8 miasms that are typically cleared with Heilkunst, but depending on the practitioner, sometimes two additional miasms (Leprosy and Smallpox) are cleared, if an individual requires it.  In terms of seasonal influence, the time of Leprosy coincides with Psora or immediately precedes it (i.e., early fall), so I was treated for Leprosy at the perfect time of year.

I wasn’t surprised that I needed to clear this miasm because I had been treated with Leprosy homeopathic droppers in the past. Back in 2011, during my Heilkunst treatment, I developed a difficult to treat and very itchy mysterious rash. I saw a dermatologist for a diagnosis and he even suggested that it might have been leprosy (among some other suggestions). A biopsy showed that it was just eczema, but the fact that he even mentioned that it could have been leprosy felt that it was a cosmic nod that I needed the Leprosy homeopathic remedy.

The leprosy chronic miasm is thought to be a combination of traits of both tuberculosis and syphilis miasms (which both show up strongly in me).

Not surprising, its description is pretty intense.

“Feeling like a leper – rejected by society and by family. Without hope. With an intense need for change.” – Source.

Before clearing this miasm, I didn’t necessarily relate to the above description, but one of its descriptions include being suicidal and I was suicidal as a teenager, and I often feel like I’m an outsider. I looked forward to removing the root of this energetic imprint from my psyche.


1) Veratrum album 1M (Mentals – relationship support, life purpose) – a drop a day

2) Orchitinum 30C (Emotions – stress/anxiety) – a drop a day

3) Acute – Hives behind knees – Kali chloricum 9C – a drop a day, plus put a drop into a glass of water and sip throughout the day ad/or put a drop into a spray bottle of water and spray a fine mist on the area once or twice a day

4) Acute – Overall itchiness – Platanus 200C – a drop a day plus a drop in water to sip and/or a drop in a spray bottle with water to spray over itchy areas 1-2 X a day

My update

I started the new droppers on Sept 17. On the first day, I was intensely itchy. On the second day, I was itchy all over (forearms, shoulders, neck, back, thighs, back of knees, stomach). Scratching myself until a hot red rash appeared on most of the places that I was scratching. Going out of my mind with the itch. Getting a better idea of all that Moses has gone through over the years with intense itching and scratching. My Heilkunstler, during our last appointment, said that my new rashes could symbolize me “breaking through my old skin” into a new paradigm. I hoped that I would break through soon!

Five days after starting the new droppers, I was absolutely GOING OUT OF MY MIND with the itch!!!! I had developed a terrible rash on my back, neck, parts of my torso, backs of knees, thighs, groin. It was a red, mean and hot itchy rash.  Uncontrollable scratching at night. Drove me crazy. My Heilkunstler said to stop the acute droppers and start another one (Rosa dam. 30C – 2x per day).

Ironically, my rash in September was way worse than Moses’ rashes. I had such compassion for Moses…. The itch was so bad that I started taking Moses’ Benadryl AND his 24 hour Reactin tablets for good measure.  (I can’t remember the last time that I took any medicine – I basically never ever take medication, but the itch was so bad and I was desperate!!!)

On Sept 24th, I started the Leprosy wafers. Three days later, I was still itchy, but perhaps not quite as much as I was before. I hoped that the worst was behind me. I did an amazing job of purging paperwork from my office. I let go of two large recycling bags full of paper. It felt so good!

On the day after I took my last wafer, I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo itchy again. Out of my mind with the itch!  I scratched my legs and my back and my torso to bits. I took more Benadryl and Reactin. A couple of hours later, I was overwhelmed by fatigue and fell asleep directly after dinner and slept for 13 hours. I missed my dance class and the  Hawksley Workman concert. Ack!!!!  But I sure needed that sleep.

That seemed to be the peak of my healing reaction. The next day, the rashes almost disappeared overnight. I still had some itchiness, but it wasn’t as intense as it was. I was still tired, but not absolutely exhausted. And, I was feeling optimistic! Thank God!!!  The worst was over, but as of today (3.5 weeks after starting my new droppers), I’m still having bouts of intense itchiness. Since this last month has been so rough on me, I’ve booked my next session with my Heilkunstler at the 4 week mark, rather than my typical 7 weeks between treatments.

I have a feeling that this miasm may be one of the main roots of Moses’ diagnosis (which is related to terrible skin afflictions and intense scratching and itchiness). He’s probably a long way away from clearing this miasm since he’s currently taking a break from clearing any miasms (since they are destabilizing for his sensitive system). Since we are resonate with each other,  I hope that my work in clearing it will also help his healing journey.

Self care

I’ve been paying more attention to my own self care lately. I started seeing a physiotherapist for my TMJ tension and it’s really, really helping!!! I’ve been practicing yoga more regularly and have been meditating daily. I’ve been enjoying my weekly modern dance class. I’m currently on vacation and have been enjoying my mom’s company (she’s visiting for a week). We’ve been enjoying lots of family time, good food and nice walks in the woods. So nurturing!

I have been less concerned about whether I’m on track with my life purpose (and have been embracing where I am with my life). I am still concerned about my job since work continues to be slow (with periods of manic busy-ness), but my inner voice has been telling me not to worry. Just enjoy the slow pace of work. All will be well. Just trust.

So be it and it is so.

More reading

  • A case study that involved clearing the Leprosy miasm here (by a homeopath, not a Heilkunstler).
  • More about the 10 chronic miasm system here and a slightly different one discussed here.


Fall 2015 – Heilkunst update

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in September/October 2015. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On September 17, 2015, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Magnesium phosphorica 12C (Physical – rashes/ear fissures/cracked lips/asthma/dry scalp/dry skin/abscesses/immune boost) – 1 per day

2) Mephitis mephitica 30C (Emotions – Anxiety/squeaking/Socialization) – 1 per day

3) Rhamnus californica 10M – (Mentals – Self-confidence/Agility/Focus/Motivation/Energy Level) – 1 per day

Moses wasn’t feeling well even before he started his droppers (potentially because the droppers actually start working as soon as they are prescribed by our Heilkunstler – it’s actually a form of energy medicine). I picked him up from school because he wasn’t feeling well a couple of hours before he received his first dose.

The morning after he started the droppers, he told me he had a bad dream (but it wasn’t a night terror = progress). That morning, he also told me that he was surrounded by angels. This was interesting because it’s been at least a couple of years since he mentioned seeing angels (this used to be a common occurrence when he was five years old or younger). A couple of hours later, I picked him up from school early because he had a headache, his eyes were twitching, he had a stomach pains and a stuffy nose. He felt better after a nice long, warm bath.

On day 2 (Saturday), he still had a runny nose = discharging.

On day 3 (Sunday), he still wasn’t himself: runny nose, wheezy, needed his puffer a lot, complaining of stomach pains and nauseous from a drive in the car. Loss of appetite. Still seeing angels. DH was starting to get worried / anxious.

He had a night terror that evening.

On day 4 (Monday), he stayed home from school. Complaining of a sore throat, intermittent stomach pains and had a nasty cough. His surgeon said that his lungs sounded clear, however. His energy levels were good and he was in good spirits. It felt like he was on the mend. He only had one abscess left (left groin). The abscess on his left armpit disappeared. Great news!

On day 5 (Tuesday), we sent him to school in the morning, but I picked him up early from school because he had a headache and a stomach ache. Still felt like he was on the mend though…

By day 6, he was feeling better and back to school. So, it wasn’t a terrible healing reaction and the great news is he didn’t develop any new abscesses during this time!  On Friday, he came home from school saying that he had the best day ever. He was back to swimming lessons after a month break and he reported that he learned to dive and swam to the bottom of the deep end of the pool. This was a boy who just learned how to swim a couple of months ago!

On day 11, Moses had an allergic reaction (itchy eyes, runny nose) to touching a plant at school. And, later that day, he had a “tingly throat” reaction to a GFCF spaghetti and meat sauce that we made (this is his second time having a reaction to this dinner), and we eat this pretty regularly. What’s up with this increase in food sensitivities in the last few months?

Three weeks after starting the droppers, Moses came home from school early, complaining of stomach pains and general malaise. Hmmm… This is out of character for him, unless he’s actively clearing something.

Good news – his last remaining abscess disappeared on its own.

3.5 weeks after starting the droppers, he developed small styes on his eyelids. hmmm…  I think he’s ready for his next set of droppers…


This was a very minor month for healing reactions for Moses. Other than the minor ailments mentioned above, he had a great month. He’s active, happy and healthy. And, he started hockey. We’re so proud of him! Woot woot!


Physiotherapy for TMJ pain

I started physiotherapy for TMJ dysfunction. I’ve been having TMJ-related pain and “clicking” in my jaw for ~ a year. My physiotherapist said that they have ~90% success rate with treating TMJ and it generally takes 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks, in addition to the intake session. That’s a lot of sessions, but my jaw has been killing me, so it’s worth it.

Session 1

I learned that my chronic neck and shoulder pain is related to my TMJ pain. My left shoulder is higher than my right shoulder. It’s been that way for way over a decade. And my jaw opens to the left when I open my mouth – it’s quite out of alignment and it’s noticeable when I talk or open my mouth. Yikes!

The big take home from session 1 is that I need to pay better attention to my posture – especially while at work since I sit behind a desk all day long (and truthfully, my posture is atrocious).

Also I need to stop:

  • leaning my chin on my hand – I learned that I do that all of the time and it adds extra pressure to the jaw joint.
  • clicking my jaw all of the time. I was doing this a lot all day long – I have to stop that. Every time I click my jaw, it’s coming out of alignment and I’m wearing down the cartilage – that’s not good!
  • eating things that need a lot of chewing (e.g., steak, pork chops, granola bars), or things that need me to open my mouth wide (like hamburgers). No raw vegetables!  Fruit needs to be cut up.
  • balancing my phone between my shoulders and my ear – terrible for alignment.
  • yawning (this is hard for me – I yawn A LOT – this is how I release energy). Or if I do yawn, now I can only open up my mouth a tiny bit. Only tiny stifled yawns.
  • opening my mouth wide.

And throughout my day, I need to practice my posture, and keep my jaw soft, with my tongue in the proper position (which is lightly resting on the roof of my mouth).

That’s a lot of things to remember!

It helped that my physiotherapist told me that it was probably not one thing that brought my jaw out of alignment and it’ll probably take many small things to bring it back into alignment.

I also purchased a heating pad for my neck, shoulders and jaw.

And I’m looking into a hands-free headset for my one hour conference calls.

It’s been four days since my appointment and I’ve been trying to do all of the above things and I do feel like it’s really helping. The constant soreness / throbbing around my jaw has dissipated substantially just by being mindful about how much I am using my jaw and watching my posture. I’m so pleased – I wish I had started physiotherapy sooner.

I’ll be posting all of my updates in this one post, so that it’s all in one place. Stay tuned.

Session 2 – October 6, 2015

My second session started off very relaxing – lying down under a blanket with a heating pad wrapped around my jaw and my neck with support under my knees. Sweet! My physiotherapist did some manipulations with my neck and jaw, and then taught me my second exercise: opening my jaw only as far as I can with my tongue still on the roof of my mouth, making sure that my lower jaw stays centre (i.e., doesn’t move to the left). 6x, 6x per day.

I have hardly been cracking my jaw in the recent days. My jaw overall has been less sore, but my neck and shoulders have been killing me in the last couple of days. And my posture at work is still atrocious.

Session 4 – Oct 13, 2015

My fourth session was similar to my second session. In addition, during the heating pad time, my physiotherapist used electro-stimulation on my neck and shoulders for 15 minutes. In addition, he applied an ultrasound to my left shoulder to get it to release. My shoulders are starting to look more symmetrical. Each session, an additional “exercise” has been added to my homework. Added homework: neck stretches (session 3) and side neck stretches (session 4).

More reading

  • Do’s and don’ts when you have TMJ issues here.
  • Simple self care management techniques for TMJ issues here.
  • Info about how physiotherapy can help with TMJ issues here.

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Clearing Lyme to 1M (my Heilkunst journey)

This is a summary of my Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in August/September 2015. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

In August, I cleared Lyme to 1M (i.e., 12C, 30C, 200C and 1M wafers). This is the first time that I cleared Lyme, and I was a bit nervous about it, given the following description.

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any worse than the Syphilis miasm, along comes Lyme Disease. The classic microbial form of Lyme is transmitted by the deer tick, and has been increasing in incidence in recent years. It is a parasite which wreaks havoc with the immune system, and is behind many “mystery” illnesses which have been very difficult for the medical system to logically and consistently identify and diagnose... Emotionally, the Lyme patient will tend to be highly irritable, with an attitude or behaviour which pushes other people as far away from themselves as possible. – Arcanum Wholistic Clinic


On July 31, 2015, I started the following droppers:

1) Pulmo v. 30C – (Emotions – Stress with work/Anxiety)

2) Trad. 9C – (Physical – Allergies/Neck and shoulder pain/jaw clicking/plantar warts/sore throat/digestive support) – a drop a day

3) Ciner. 1M (Mental – life purpose) – a drop a day

4)  Diosc. 30C (Relationship support) – a drop a day plus put a drop in a glass of water to sip

New Supplements

For my neck and shoulder pain, I started EASE magnesium spray.

My update

Physically and emotionally

Five days after I started the droppers, I felt very depressed. Super sad. Very tired. I had a terrible sleep – mind racing. Worried about work. The next day, I was exhausted. Fortunately, it was a holiday, and I had a deep nap for three hours in the middle of the afternoon. So tired!!!!

The following week, I continued to be so tired.

On August 9, it appeared as though the digestive support dropper was helping!

On August 10, I started the lyme wafers and on August 11, I started the magnesium spray (applied to my jaw and my neck and shoulders) and started applying the MAF cream on my two plantars warts. By the next day, my chronic neck and shoulder tension were dramatically reduced, but my jaw tension was still present, and it felt like something shifted internally (feeling more optimistic and energy increasing).

I didn’t experience any noticeable healing reaction to the lyme wafers, at least not immediately. But at the end of August, I developed red, itchy hives on the backs of my knees and an itchy rash on my forehead, esp. the sides of my head (pimples in my early 40s). I asked my Heilkunstler and she thought that it was likely due to the lyme clearing (as opposed to the MAF cream that I had started using). On Sept 5, I started a new dropper for the hives (Sfo 9C – twice a day and a drop in my water). The new dropper didn’t have a noticeable effect.  As of today (September 17), I am still really, really itchy (but not all of the time – it comes on sporadically in waves).  These new rashes have given me an appreciation for what Moses goes through with all of his rashes. I’m sure my experience of being itchy is only a small fraction of what Moses experiences and it’s been driving me crazy. So intense!

On Sept 3, one of my remaining two plantar warts resolved. Yay! I’ve been putting the MAF cream on my warts because I’d read that it helped others with their warts. The cream itself helps with immune function.  On Sept 11, the last plantar wart resolved. I have had that one come and go for ~ 3 years, so I am very pleased!

So, this was a significant month for relief from some of my long-held physical symptoms (neck and shoulder tension, plantar warts). I still have a lot of jaw tension and I have a session with a physiotherapist booked. My friend also suggested that neurogenic yoga might help too, and I may explore this form of yoga, which helps the body to release trauma stored in the muscles. I’m intrigued….

I’ve been practicing more yoga lately, and been meditating more regularly. I’ve been feeling less anxious. More at peace.

Overall, there’s been a lot more ease in our home given that Moses has been doing so well, and DH’s mental and emotional state has shifted as well. We’ve all shifted together.

My life purpose

I’ve been continuing to explore my “dharma” / my life purpose and the following message is one that currently speaks to me (shared by someone on FB in response to another individual’s question about creating a spiritual business):

“What if your purpose isn’t related to creating a business? What if all the time, effort, money and energy you put into planning and thinking and vision-boarding, isn’t actually where you are supposed to be? Part of the problem is the linking of ‘sacred purpose’ with the idea of creating a business. Sometimes, perhaps even oftentimes, to fulfill your sacred purpose, is to put aside these desires to create a life-saving, world-changing business, and just work in your ordinary job, bringing your inner love for yourself and the world out from there. It’s not sexy or dramatic, but it is living the final stage in our growth cycle, of moving through humility and stepping into our greatness.”

Other messages that have been coming through for me include:

  • You are enough.
  • You are already living your life purpose.
  • Be at peace with where you are.
  • It’s time to have fun and enjoy yourself!

So be it, and so it is.

My boy and me

My boy and me


September 2015 – Heilkunst update

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in September 2015. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On August 27, 2015, Moses started the following droppers.

1) Arum triphyllum 9C (Physical – skin rashes/abscesses/itchiness/Immune boost/Thrush/Lungs/Asthma/Allergies) – a drop a day and can also spray on his skin when itchy

2) Eryngium maritimum 200C – (Emotional – pessimism/shyness) – a drop a day

3) Menyanthes 10M – (Mentals – Focus/Sleep/Energy and Stress Levels/Night Terrors) – a drop a day

New Supplements

  • Sublingual vitamin B – I’ve been putting a couple of drops in his smoothies. It’s not even close to a full dose, but it doesn’t taste very good and I figure that it’s better than nothing.
  • Ease magnesium spray – been giving him a couple of sprays at night, when I remember.
  • MAF cream – gave him a break this month since he had such a big reaction to it last month.

On the first night that he started his new droppers, he seemed extra emotional. The day after he started the droppers, he had a night terror (which was the night before the full moon). Two days after starting the droppers, he developed a large abscess under his left armpit. (This is in addition to the two abscesses he already had under his right armpit and right groin). Four days after starting the droppers, he was complaining of pain with the abscess on his right groin and stayed home from daycamp. On Sept 2th, he developed a 4th abscess on his left groin. And on Sept 3rd, he developed an abscess on his left eyelid. Oh boy.

On Sept 6, he had a night terror (on the same night that he had a karmic healing session, so it might have been related to a “discharge of energy” related to the session). He came out if it really quickly though – it wasn’t as deep as they have been in the past.

By September 16, two abscesses resolved themselves (disappeared). Yippee!  He still has one on his left armpit and one his left groin.

An easy-peasy sort of month from a healing reaction perspective.


I was reflecting this morning how Moses is truly a vision of health. He is happy, healthy, grounded, confident, and has a great sense of humour. It is truly amazing to witness how far he has come in his healing journey.

I know that Moses has come a long way because my husband is now starting to see Moses as the strong and healthy boy that he is. For example, this past spring, Moses voiced the fact that he wanted to play hockey and DH was dead-set against it. Now, it’s 6 months later and we have officially registered Moses in hockey. Moses is absolutely delighted and DH is so proud of his son. We both are.

We bumped into one of Moses’ former doctors in the grocery store and she was delighted and also amazed by how well Moses has been doing.  More cosmic winks that we are on the right track and how well he is doing. Even his karmic healer mentioned how well Moses is doing from an energetic standpoint, and how far he has come. He’s been learning and practicing techniques to ground his energy and it’s been making a difference.

When I talked to our Heilkunstler today, she was also thrilled by all of the improvements that Moses has shown physically and emotionally since she started treating him in April.

  • Fewer abscesses and they are just about all resolving on their own;
  • Fewer rashes;
  • Decreased itching;
  • Ear fissures are healing / have healed;
  • Dryness / rash on scalp has improved;
  • Cracked corners of his lips are healing;
  • Asthma is under control; no coughing; lung capacity is good;
  • Fewer occurrences of itchy throat;
  • Night terrors aren’t as deep / don’t last as long;
  • Sleeping well;
  • Energy levels are good;
  • More independence;
  • More motivated and more focused (e.g., actually getting to school early); and
  • Increased optimism (i.e., decreased pessimism).
  • He can now skip every second bar on the monkey bars!
  • For the first time, he is enjoying school. I think it helps that he has several good friends in his class, and he is so much more sociable and confident.
  • He is now walking home from school on his own!
  • He’s been motivated to complete his homework independently.
  • He is happy.

Wow, wow, and wow!

We’re so proud of him!

I have a feeling he’s going to have a great school year!

First day of Grade 4

First day of Grade 4!

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The impact of a wish come true…

DH recently wrote this email to Make-a-Wish:

“Just wanted to give you an update on how Moses been doing since the big wish. We’ve had so many people tell us how healthy looking and confident Moses has been since his Vancouver experience and we can see it ourselves. He still has his health issues, Job’s Syndrome is still a part of him, but his health issues seem to be in the background and do not define him.

I used to looked at him and see a sick child with a huge spirit that fought every day to live a “normal” life. Now I see independent kid who is wise beyond his years and capable of doing anything he sets his mind to.

Whether you know it or not, the work you do has an immeasurable impact and is more effective than any medication. You’ve made a huge difference in our family’s lives and we just wanted to say thank you.

p.s. Moses registered for hockey this year for the first time. A year ago we would have never considered it but he’s convinced us he’s ready for it.”

Read more about Moses’ wish here.


The impact of a wish…

Did you know…

According to the results of a 2011 – 2013 Wish Impact Study that involved interviewing wish parents, past wish kids, health professionals, and volunteers, a wish come true empowers children with life-threatening medical conditions to fight harder against their illnesses.

When wish kids are granted a wish, they get more than just a great experience for a day, two days, or a week. That experience improves the quality of life for them and their entire family.

Health professionals treating them say the wish experience is an important adjunct to medical treatment, and they observe their patients feel better and comply more readily with treatment protocols when they experience their wish come true. And the community volunteers who grant wishes say the wish granting process heightens both their ability to see the best in others, and their commitment to actively help more people in need.

Adult former wish kids say the wish experience made them feel better socially and emotionally, improved their health and strength, gave them more confidence and the will to pursue more challenging life goals, made them more compassionate and philanthropic, and even helped to save their lives.

Find out more about the Wish Impact Study here.

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August 2015 Heilkunst update

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in August 2015. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On July 31, 2015, Moses started the following droppers.

1) Kamala 12C (Physical – eczema/abscesses/itchiness/stomach aches/asthma/cradle cap/lungs/food allergies/rashes/thrush in mouth/immune boost) – a drop a day plus spray on body if itchy or where there is eczema, rashes, abscesses as required.

2) Cainca 200C – (Emotions – pessimism/stress/anxiety) – a drop a day

3) Piscidia 1M – (Mentals – Focus/energy level/Night terrors) – a drop a day

Recommended supplements:

On the day after he started the droppers, he had diarrhea for no particular reason (i.e., he didn’t eat anything new), so I think it was a healing reaction to the new droppers. It was just the one time and then things cleared up.

Four days after he started the droppers, the swollen lymph node on the right side of his neck was decreased in size by a half (25% of the original volume), but he had developed a new abscess on his left armpit (but it was already coming to a head and his surgeon thought that it was going to resolve on its own). Later that night, he had a night terror and threw up in the middle of the night.

The next day, he developed a new abscess on the right side of his lower jaw, which was sore to touch. Oh boy. Both of these new abscesses showed up a day after I spent time with a spiritual friend. The abscess on his jaw turned out to be a dental abscess and he had yet another (baby) teeth pulled. His fifth baby tooth to be pulled since April. Goodness.

On August 10, the abscess under his left armpit burst on its own. Yay.

On August 11, I started him on a tiniest little bit of VDBP-MAF cream.  The next day, he woke up with an increase in rashes (a bunch of tiny little rashes appeared on his back and torso – yikes), stomach pains and general malaise. He came home from day camp early because he wasn’t feeling well (but perked up quickly in the afternoon). A week later, he still had an increase in rashes (back, face), likely from the MAF cream dose on August 11. (I haven’t applied any more since then).

On August 21, Moses developed two abscesses: one on his right armpit and one on his right groin. Today, it’s August 24 (two weeks after the one dose of the MAF cream) and he is still experiencing an increase of rashes (back, chest,  stomach, arm creases, armpits, back of knees, groin, back of neck). Also, he’s been needing his Ventolin puffer a lot more in the last couple of weeks. Oh boy!  He’s experiencing what’s referred to as a “return of old symptoms”.  Hopefully the return of old symptoms is a sign of some deep healing. I’m sure it is.


  • Other than the abscesses and rashes, Moses is physically, emotionally and socially healthy and well.
  • Moses learned to swim this month! It was amazing to watch his progress. One week, he needed a life jacket to swim in the deep end of the pool. By the next week, he was in the deep end without a life jacket. Now, he can jump into the deep end, do “pencil dives”, tread water and swim across a half width of the pool and back! Wow!
  • I forgot to mention this from last month, but he is now able to swing backwards on the monkey bars!
  • He’s  coming out of his shell socially. We were at a bonfire on Sunday and Moses shared a couple of stories and jokes in a group of adults. It is so heart-warming to witness him coming into his own.

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EASE Magnesium

My Heilkunstler recommended Activation’s EASE Magnesium for my chronic sore neck and shoulder aches and pains.

From Activation’s website:

What if 30-40 sprays per day is all it would take to greatly improve your overall health and feeling of wellbeing? Ease topical magnesium can make that a reality! Delivering 27.2mg of magnesium per spray, this powerful supplement is easily absorbed into the skin, enters the blood stream and goes to directly to work in your body, eliminating aches and pains, alleviating stress and anxiety, aiding digestion, ensuring deeper and more satisfying sleep and leaving you feeling revitalized and strong. With over 80% of the world in a state of magnesium deficiency it’s no wonder that pain relief is constantly sought after and insomnia affects so many.

Ingredients:  Purified water and pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate.

Magnesium is responsible for over 300 enzymatic reactions in your body and it regulates serotonin. It is calming for the nervous system.

From Dr. Hyman’s article about the importance of magnesium, the RDA (the minimum amount needed) for magnesium is about 300 mg a day (this would be equal to about 11 sprays per day). Most of us get far less than 200 mg. Most people benefit from 400 to 1,000 mg a day (1,000 mg would be equal to ~ 37 sprays per day).


How much magnesium a child should take varies, but the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of magnesium for children is:

Ages 1-3: 80 mg (3 sprays)
Ages 4-8: 130 mg (4 sprays)
Ages 9-13: 240 mg (9 sprays per day)

The common method is to give a child no more than their RDA in supplement form (magnesium from food does not have to be limited at all). But some experts like Dr. Leo Galland, author of Superimmunity for Kids, say hyperactive children may need as much as 6 mg per pound of body weight per day. Moses is 65 lbs (which would mean 390 mg or 14 sprays)

It is recommended to start at a low dose and increase over a period of days to avoid digestive upsets. Dividing the full amount into 2-4 doses per day is recommended for optimal absorption. – Source

Dietary sources

The following foods are natural sources of magnesium: kelp, wheat bran, wheat germ, almonds, cashews, buckwheat, brazil nuts, dulse, filberts, millet, pecans, walnuts, rye, tofu, soy beans, brown rice, figs, dates, collard greens, shrimp, avocado, parsley, beans, barley, dandelion greens, and garlic.

Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) baths are a good source of magnesium as well.

Our experiences

I am loving Activations’ other products (Amaranth oil and Oceans Alive), so I was open to trying their magnesium supplement too.

I started applying the magnesium spray to my neck and shoulders and also my jaw (I have an awful case of jaw pain / tension). It is making a HUGE difference in my neck and shoulder tension. By the next day, my neck and shoulder tension was considerably better. My husband said that my shoulder felt “malleable” / like jelly when he massaged my shoulders. I’ve been using it for a few of weeks now and today during my massage, my massage therapist noted that my neck and shoulders didn’t have their normal tension. In fact, my whole body (except for my jaw) is completely at ease. I’m loving this magnesium spray!  It hasn’t helped my jaw pain (yet), but I’ll keep applying it.

I started very slowly with the magnesium spray for Moses. I just gave him a couple of sprays a couple of times. So far, so good!


I ordered 1 Oceans Alive [$39] and 1 Ease Magnesium [$29] for $83.63US with shipping and taxes, which is ~$111CA – yikes!  The weak Canadian dollar is making it very pricey to purchase anything in US$.

Update: A friend of mine shared that I can get a bottle of Ease Magnesium for $26 locally at Dynamis Health Centre. Woot woot!

More reading:



July 2015 Heilkunst update

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in July 2015. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

Moses’ Heilkunstler is now focusing on only three droppers at a time – one that focuses on the mind, one that focuses on physiological needs and one that focuses on the neurological and physical needs. I’m liking this method as it’s a lot simpler to administer and takes up a lot less space on our counter!

On July 11, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Iberis 1M (Mental Outlook – head, brain, ears,eyes, thrush in mouth) – once a day

2) Narco. 30C (Physiological – trunk/pelvis to neck/abscesses/eczema/itchiness) – twice a day – can also use as a spray

3) Stach. 7C (Neurological/physical – whole body) – once a day

On the first day that he started his new remedies, Moses started hallucinating right before bed. He said that he “saw things that are far away” when his eyes were closed and it scared him (understandably). He said that it felt like he was having a bad dream (while he was awake). He was very emotionally unstable / upset.

The day after he started the remedies, it looked like his chronically cracked corners of his lips (which we think is related to thrush) were healing.

On July 15, he had a new painful abscess on a sensitive area appear, but within 24 hours, it drained on its own. Thank God. The bump on the right eyelid resolved with some warm compresses.  The bump on his right groin disappeared.  He still had abscesses under his right armpit.

On July 21, he had an allergic reaction (tingly throat and tongue) to his lunch (with no known allergens) at his day camp. He just needed Benadryl and then came home from camp early so that I could make sure things didn’t get worst. The same thing happened again during lunch on July 26 and on July 30.

On July 23, Moses needed an ultrasound for the swollen lymph node / abscess on the right side of his neck that is ~4 cm wide that his pediatrician was concerned about, which has been present for ~ 6 weeks. He still has abscesses under his right armpit.

On July 26, the abscesses under his right armpit had disappeared and the abscess on the side of his neck seems to be getting smaller. Thank goodness!

Throughout this three week period, especially when it’s just Moses and me, he has been extra hyper, sometimes speaking non-sensibly or even non-verbally (in high pitched squeaks and beeps).  Hmmmm…..  I’m sure that’s it’s related to his current clearing, so I’m not worried about it.

On July 28, on Moses’ first night back after our 2 day road trip, he had a night terror.

All in all, a relatively low-key three weeks healthwise. Thank goodness.


  • Moses loved daycamp, and his counselors told us that Moses was a social butterfly and made friends with everyone in his day camp. So heart-warming to hear!
  • Today, during a 6 km bike ride, Moses’ endurance and biking skills have improved as he was able to climb all of the hills during the bike ride (whereas, in the past, he used to walk his bike up them).
  • Had fun during our 2 day trip to Amherst Cove.
Relaxing in Amherst Cove

Relaxing in Amherst Cove

Sunset at Amherst Cove

Sunset at Amherst Cove


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