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I started this blog in February 2009, when my son, Moses (not his real name), was 2.5 years old. At the time, he was extremely sensitive — emotionally and physically to the environment, to chemicals and to most foods (was 40+ foods at one point). When he was 4.5 years old, he was diagnosed with a very rare genetic primary immunodeficiency, Hyper IgE syndrome or  Job’s Syndrome (which explains his extreme sensitivity and allergies to everything). We tried everything under the sun to heal our son because the medical system offered no cure for this diagnosis. Out of all of the many things that we tried (and we tried many, many things), Heilkunst homeopathy (a form of sequential homeopathy) has helped to address the root cause of this disorder and has healed him. My son is now a healthy and vibrant 10 year old. If you or a loved one is suffering from a difficult to treat ailment and you have no hope, I would encourage you to try Heilkunst. My son was once a “non-responder” and we were once desperate for an answer as well. I hope that by reading about the ups and downs in our journey, you will find the hope and encouragement that you are looking for.

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October 2016 – My Heilkunst update

This is a summary of my Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update from  early September to mid-October (6 weeks). Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

I started the following droppers on September 8th, 2016:

1) Alm. 30C – (Physical – Sleep/Digestion/Neck and back pain/TMJ/Plantar’s warts/Hay fever and Allergies/Peri-Menopausal/Weight gain) – a drop a day

2) Arg. cy. 200C – (Emotions – Stress/Anxiety over the move) – a drop a day

3) Bar. iod. 1M – (Mentals – Adjustment to Calgary/Life Purpose/Career/New Life) – a drop a day

4) Acute – Stress over Move and job search/starting new job – Lep. bon. 200C – a drop as needed

5) Peri-Menopausal symptoms – Glon. 30C – a drop as needed

6) Sleep – Kre. 12C – a drop at bedtime each night

New Timeline Wafers:

Pallad. 12C/30C/200C/1M/10M/50M – Start two weeks after finishing last set of wafers, taking over six consecutive nights, 1-6. (2013 – Vacation cancelled at last minute)

Jatr. u. 30C/200C/1M/10M/50M – Take over five consecutive nights, 1-5. (2010 – Ended relationship with a spiritual teacher)


One thing that I noticed after starting my new droppers (one of which was a sleep dropper) is that I started sleeping well (i.e., my jet lag was over and I stopped walking up in the middle of the night). Yay!

On September 13th, five days after starting the droppers and 8 days after finishing the Nat. mur wafers from the last timeline clear (i.e., the end of a significant relationship), I was experiencing grief. Nat. mur is related to old grief, so it was unsurprising that I was experiencing grief. Also, life was beginning to slow down after our whirlwind month of travelling, packing and moving, so the emotions related to saying goodbye to my life in St. John’s and also our loved ones were also starting to catch up with me.

On September 19th, I was scheduled to start my next set of wafers (i.e., 2 weeks after my last set of wafers), but I wasn’t feeling well, including a sore throat and runny nose, so I decided to delay my new wafers. I also felt like I was on edge and more sensitive than normal. I was also itchy in places (esp. belly, shoulders).

Clearing cancelled vacation

On September 24th, I started the Pallad wafers to clear an incident related to a postponed vacation in August 2012. Incidentally, this is the same timeline event that Moses was in the middle of clearing, and was having a difficult time clearing. The vacation had been postponed because Moses had a painful abscess and a doctor friend had advised us not to travel with him. It had been absolutely devastating since it was a last minute decision (made by DH), and Moses woke up the morning that we were supposed to leave on vacation to the news. It was awful for all of us. It was awful for me because the vacation was our first one planned to visit my family in three years. My best friend from high school had planned her vacation back to Winnipeg to coincide with my vacation, and I hadn’t seen her in several years. My mom’s sister had also planned a trip to Winnipeg at this time, and I’d never met my mom’s sister before because they had been estranged for over 50 years for reasons beyond their control. And, I was going to miss them both. I bawled my eyes out and grieved. Feelings of life not being under my control and not being able to enjoy the simplest joys. And also holding space for Moses’ devastation. I still remember how awful it was when Moses woke up, expecting to be in a plane ride and to the news that our vacation wasn’t going to happen because he wasn’t well enough. It still brings me to tears when I think about it. It was so awful. Truthfully, we had made so many plans that were cancelled due to illness that it was depressing for us both.

We wound up rescheduling the trip for the following month (and we had a great trip), but I found that when we went on vacation to Winnipeg in August this year, I was reminded about this incident and it felt like something that needed to be cleared for him and also for me as well. It was a major incident for us to clear (so big that Moses hasn’t yet been able to finish all of his wafers because he was having too big of a healing reaction). Feelings of: We don’t deserve to have good things happen to us. Life is not to be trusted. We might as well not make any plans because life sucks and is full of suffering. Really dark feelings and thoughts that need to be brought to the light and healed, especially in light of the fact that our family is at a different part of our healing journey and we are creating a much more light-filled life. A brand new start and a brand new life.

The morning after I started the first wafer, I developed a new rash on my inner left elbow. (The same place that I  developed a rash two timeline clearings ago). And I noticed that I was angry. For no apparent reason given how well life in present time was going for us. I knew that the anger was related to the clearing. This anger lasted for days. And interestingly since Moses and I were clearing the same timeline event, it mirrored the same anger that Moses was releasing. I noticed that shortly after I started taking the timeline wafers, Moses was starting to have an easier time physically.

But then on October 2nd and 3rd, we spent a total of 12 hours in the ER, which I found to be very difficult. It was the first time that we had to deal with abscesses since we started using Doxycycline in Feb, so I was freaked out. And, I was even more freaked out because I was scheduled to start fulltime work for the university, and I was worried about whether I would be able to meet my new work commitments. I was feeling angry and hopeless about the situation, but when we got home, Moses’ friends 2 doors from us came over with a card and a small gift for Moses. It melted my heart and my anger.

Clearing end of significant relationship

On October 13th, I started my next wafers (Jatr. u.) to clear the end of a significant relationship with a spiritual teacher in 2010. Today is Oct 17th and I took the last of my five wafers this morning. It’s too soon to tell if I will have a healing reaction to this clearing.


These last 6 weeks were incredible for so many ways. As mentioned above, I have a new job at the university as a research coordinator. I started my new job last week and I love working there. I love my bosses and my colleagues, my work, my office and my daily walks along a ravine.  I love, love, love my job! It feels so good to be using my gifts and skills for something that I feel passionate about.

We have now been living in Calgary for 6 weeks and I’m so happy to be living here. I love our current home that we are renting, and I love the home that we purchased, which we will be moving into next month. I love the sun. I’m so happy!! All three of us are happy, getting settled in our new lives, and reconnecting with our community here.

p.s. I started a new supplement a couple of weeks ago and I think it’s really helping my energy levels and mood.

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October 2016 – Heilkunst update

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in October over a 2.5 week period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On September 30, 2016, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Frag. v. 30C – (Physical – Digestion/Stomach pains/Rashes/Ear Fissures/Cracked lips/Dry scalp/Accident prone/Tooth decay/Allergies/Bloody snot/Asthma-Breathing issues/Itching/Sleep) – a drop a day

2) Cycl. 200C – (Emotions – Social anxiety/Fears/Anger/Sadness/Mood swings/Loss and missing friends and family in Nfld.) – a drop a day

3) Bol. sat. 1M – (Mentals – Smooth transition to all the changes in his life – new city, new house(s), Mom going back to a regular job with travel, etc./Cleanliness/Focus on academics/Night terrors/Babyishness) – a drop a day

New Timeline Wafers:

Nit. spi. dulc. 30C/200C/1M/10M/50M – Take one every fifth night, 1-5. (Devastation over cancelled vacation three summers ago – 2013) – Had last two wafers to take.


On the day before Moses started his droppers, he had a new abscess develop. The first that had developed since he started Doxycycline in Feb. It had me a bit worried….

On the day that he started his droppers, he was angry and talking back a lot. Not getting along with his friends. Argumentative. Also still very sad about missing his friends and family in NL.

On the day after he started his droppers, he had an abscess develop between his nose and his eyes (or so we thought). It was painful. A dental abscess?

On Oct 2nd, he had 2 abscesses near his nose and it was affecting his breath. And 1-2 more abscesses on another part of his body. Eep! We were all upset about this, given that Moses has essentially been abscess-free since February (since he started Doxycycline). What was going on?  I contacted our Heilkunstler and she thought that it was a healing reaction to the new droppers, in combination with the wafers that he had been clearing related to the last minute cancelled / postponed vacation in 2013. What a doozy of an event to clear. She prescribed an acute dropper to help him through it.  (Ars. hydro 12C).

In the meantime, we brought Moses to a dentist (thankfully, a dentist saw him last minute even though it was a Sunday!). They did some x-rays and determined that it was not a dental abscess. That’s good news. DH suggested that we go to the Children’s hospital, which we did. I had suggested that we feed Moses first because I had fasted him for the dental appt, in case they needed to pull a tooth. But, DH thought that the visit would be a quick one (but, of course, ER visits are NEVER quick), so we went straight there, and unfortunately spent 6 hours at the ER until 9:30 pm. Goodness. It was awful because Moses was sooo hungry. He basically missed eating lunch AND dinner, with just a few small non-substantial snacks instead. We found out that the abscess was actually INSIDE his left nostril. No wonder it was painful. They tried to drain it (which was awful and painful for Moses), and there was only blood in it, not pus, which concerned them, so then they wanted to schedule a CT scan. We waited for a couple more hours, and then they decided to send us home (thankfully), so that the CT scan could be done the next day and Moses could sleep in his own bed.

On Oct 3rd, we went back to the hospital. Moses had to fast for another 4 hours, get an IV and a contrast CT. And then we waited in the ER for another 3 hours to find out that they weren’t really sure what was going on with his nose. They sent him home (thankfully) because it was starting to get smaller on its own (I suspect because of the acute remedy that our Heilkunstler made up for him the day before). I was in a cranky mood about the whole thing, but when we got home, Moses’ friends 2 doors from us came over with a card and a small gift for Moses. It melted my heart and my anger. And, Moses was in good spirits because we bought him a special LEGO set, and spent the evening putting it together. And he even had a small playdate with his friends. All was well in our world.

And, on Oct 4th, the abscess on another part of his body burst on its own. Hallelujah! Woot woot! He still had an abscess in his nose, but it seemed to be getting smaller. And, on October 5th, the abscess in his nose was essentially gone (just a tiny bit was left). We were sooo happy and relieved.

On Oct 7th, Moses had an intense night terror. One of the worst that I’ve been in awhile. And, when Moses woke up the next morning, he told me that it was the worst bad dream that he had ever had. He felt like he was hallucinating and couldn’t get out of it. He was shaking like crazy. It was like it was affecting his nervous system. And he was panicked. I wondered if he was discharging some of the medical interventions that he endured the previous week. And maybe also discharge related to his homeopathic remedies and also a karmic healing that I had recently had, which would also indirectly affect Moses. I visualized Moses’ energy being grounded and shortly after, he calmed down and went back to sleep.

On Oct 10th, we had big news! We discovered that Moses was no longer allergic to sunflower seeds! (Read more here).

On the evening of Oct 12th, Moses had a night terror. It was odd because he actually walked downstairs before he started screaming and jumping around. He developed a chalazion on his right eye lid on Oct 15th, but it mostly went away on its own by the next day. He had some dental work on Oct 16th (including laughing gas), and his dentist noticed tongue ulcerations and signs of thrush, as well as his ever-present cracked corners of his lips.  He also had a huge emotional meltdown during homework. Later that evening, he told me that he was having hallucinations – he was seeing things that he sometimes sees during his night terrors, but while he was awake. And, later that night, he had a deep night terror – it took awhile for him to come out of it and he thrashed around violently and was difficult to control. He’s getting so strong, we are afraid that he will hurt himself (i.e., fling himself into the furniture or walls) or hurt us while we are trying to control him. We found him in the livingroom again.  I think this night terror was related to the laughing gas he had received earlier that day. On Oct 17th, he developed a new bump on the top of his head (right side). Given the increase in symptoms, it felt like it was time for Moses to have his next Heilkunst appt, and I bumped up his next appt by two days. It was only 2.5 weeks since his last appt, but Moses’ body lets us know when he’s ready for his next remedies.


Although there was an increase of symptoms during these last 2.5 weeks, including time at the ER, overall, Moses is still doing really well. His been adjusting to school well and has made several friends. And, he has a best friend, who he sees everyday.

Of course, Moses no longer being allergic to sunflower seeds is a huge, huge, huge gift!

I started back to fulltime work this week, which was a big transition for the family as I have been unemployed since May, and prior to that, I have worked from a home office ever since Moses was one year of age. Moses hasn’t had any problems with my transition back to work. On Friday, we even left him home alone for a couple of hours before school because DH and I had to leave for work at 7 am and Moses has a late school day start on Fridays at 9:50 am. He fed himself breakfast, hung out at home and then locked the door and walked 2 doors down to his best friend’s house when he was ready. And then they walked to school together. On Sunday, he and his friend attended the Home Alone course that is offered by Child Safe Canada.

He is enjoying a hockey camp at the university and has made friends there. He’s a strong swimmer during his swimming lessons. He even joined the wrestling team at school; his first session is next week. We are so proud of our boy.

We’ve now been living in Calgary for 6 weeks and he’s done really well with the transition. More transitions are to come because we are moving to a new community next month, and are thinking of transferring to a new school in January. Goodness. May all of the upcoming transitions continue to go smoothly for our family. One day at a time.


No longer allergic to sunflower seeds

Wow – this is a big one! Moses is no longer allergic to sunflower seeds, something that he had an anaphylactic reaction to in the past! We fed him something that contained sunflower seeds because he was open to trying it and my intuition said that it was safe.

This opens up our world so much because every additional allergy is that much more restriction, in terms of foods that we can prepare and places that we can eat.

I also want to eventually try to feed Moses some other foods that I suspect that he is no longer allergic to, if he is comfortable trying it. His current list of allergies are the following: tree nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, mustard and fish. I’d love to get this list down, one by one. It feels like his world is opening up! So thankful!

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My baseline before Thrive

Friends, I’m starting a new supplement that a dear friend recommended. She found that this new supplement (or group of supplements) helped her energy levels, mental clarity, her emotional well being and decreased her symptoms related to PMS (a huge thing for her).

Since I’m going to be starting a new fulltime job next week, which will involve a 50 minute commute on transit, and earlier mornings than I’m used to, I’ve been concerned about my energy levels.

I thought that I’d jot down some notes about my baseline, so that I can see if the new supplement (which is quite $$) has an effect:

  • energy levels are okay, but I typically have a mid-day slump;
  • I typically crave chocolate during the mid-day and at night (maybe my body looking to increase energy);
  • I typically crave potato chips at night;
  • It’s hard for me to wake up in the morning;
  • dark circles under eyes;
  • chronic neck and shoulder tension that has been there for years;
  • I haven’t been making time to consistently exercise, despite the fact that I have time to do it. I’ve been very sporadically practicing yoga for 20 minutes a day, and go for occasional walks;
  • rashes on my belly and left inner elbow due to detoxing with homeopathy;
  • my frame of mind is generally positive, but I still have a low level of anxiety that runs in the background; and
  • I think I could ideally lose approx. 5-10 lbs.

My plan is to use the supplement at a half dose because I’m frugal and I generally take most supplements at a half dose because I tend to be sensitive (my naturopath says that I’m a half dose kind of gal). My friend found a difference at a half dose, and I hope I will as well!

I hope to have more consistent and higher energy levels and to have more mental clarity. I want to be at the top of my game for my new job, and also still have energy for the family. And energy to exercise. I’m going to stop the current supplements that I have been using (but will continue with homeopathy), and see how I do. I’ll report back in a month’s time.

Le-vel Thrive Experience Product Line

Le-vel Thrive Experience Product Line

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Late Sept 2016 – Heilkunst update

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in Sept 2016 over 3 week period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On September 9, 2016, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Rx. c. 30C – (Physical – Ear fissures/Rashes/Digestion/Allergies/Corner of lips cracked/Asthma/Itchiness/Tongue bite/Immune system) – a drop a day

2) Pop. c. 200C – (Emotions – Stress/Groundedness) – a drop a day

3) Nicc. 1M – (Mentals – Brain fog/Hygiene/Accident prone/Babyish behaviour/Adjustment to new city) – a drop a day

New Timeline Wafers:

Nit. spi. dulc. 30C/200C/1M/10M/50M – Take one every fifth night, 1-5. (Devastation over cancelled vacation three summers ago – 2013)


On the day we started the new droppers, we also started the Nit. spi. dulc. wafers to clear Moses’ devastation over a cancelled vacation three summers ago. (In retrospect, it was probably  too much to start the droppers and the wafers at the same time). The vacation had been postponed because Moses had a painful abscess and a doctor friend had advised us not to travel with him. It had been absolutely devastating since it was a last minute decision, and Moses woke up the morning that we were supposed to leave on vacation to the news. It was awful for all of us. We wound up rescheduling the trip for the following month (and had a great time), but when we went on vacation to Winnipeg in August of this year, I was reminded of this incident and it felt like something that needed to be cleared for him and also for me.

On the day after we started the new droppers and timeline wafer, Moses was highly emotional and missing St. John’s (of course, to be expected after such a big move). By the following day, he was feeling more emotionally balanced. Four days after starting the droppers, we had guests over who he had never met and Moses was outgoing, confident and over-the-top entertaining – unlike I’d really ever seen him behave.

The next day, September 14th, Moses took his 2nd Nit. spi. dulc. wafer, and after a busy day at school, playing with friends after school and a 4 km walk up and down an escarpment, he was feeling not himself (i.e., tired, needing his puffer, stomachache, runny nose and flu-like symptoms). Likely a healing reaction to the wafer. He slept in and stayed home the next day, and was feeling better by the evening. But the symptoms continued on and off. On September 18th, he still had a runny nose, shortness of breath and complained of stomach pains at dinner time. But, he was still able to go for a bike ride (with a lot of rest breaks along the way) that same evening. On Sept 19th, he was supposed to take his 3rd wafer, but I decided to give him a break until his symptoms subsided. On Sept 20th, he was still having difficulty breathing, especially at night. He was also complaining of more stomach pains.

On Sept 23rd, he was still out of breath and having difficulty with short bike rides. And feeling mad about it. Telling me that it’s not fair that he has these symptoms to deal with. His state of mine was much the same as the state of mind that he was in when his vacation had been cancelled. How life is not fair. A clue for me that these symptoms were, in fact, related to the timeline clearing that he was in the middle of. He had a night terror later than evening, and the next morning, he told us that he was really sad about moving from St. John’s and how he missed his friends and family and his life in Newfoundland.

On Sept 24th, he started swimming lessons. He loves swimming, but hates swimming lessons and had a lot of resistance and was even angry about going to swimming lessons. We made him go anyway, and when he came out, he was happy that he had gone and was proud of himself.

I gave him the third Nit. spi. dulc. wafer on Sept 25th, 11 days after his last dose (typically, I dose him every 5 days because of his sensitivity [based on our Heilkunstler’s recommendation]). Within minutes of receiving the wafer, he was angry that I didn’t let him eat in the livingroom, and then also sad about missing his friends and family in St. John’s. But that wave of emotion passed minutes later. Around this same time, he developed a bump on his head (related to a Staph infection???). He used to get recurrent Staph infections all over his body, including his head. This was the first one to develop since he started Doxcycline in Feb, so it made me nervous. He couldn’t ride his bike or scooter because it was too painful for him to wear his helmet.

I started my own timeline clearing of this same event on Sept 24th, and I noticed a couple of days later, Moses was doing better physically. DH remarked that Moses “was getting over his cold”. He had more energy when we went on a family walk together along the Bow River. The bump on his head was still there, but wasn’t getting any worse.

Today is Sept 28th, the day before his next session, and it feels like Moses is ready for some extra emotional support. This has been a big month for him emotionally (i.e., getting settled after the big move, in addition to clearing a significant timeline event). He still has 2 more timeline wafers to take, which I’ll give to him after he starts his next set of droppers.


Despite it being a more difficult time for Moses than recent months, it was still a great month overall. He has done really well with the adjustment to a new city and a new school. He’s made friends at school and in his neighbourhood, and already has a best friend who lives 2 doors from us. He’s also been very motivated at school and has been getting all of his work done in school, so that he doesn’t need to take any work home. He’s been focused and has been doing a better job with time management.


Moses woke up on the morning of Sept 29th to the bump on his head being completely healed. Glad that is over with.

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September 2016 – my Heilkunst update

This is a summary of my Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update from late July to early September (6 weeks). Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

I started the following droppers on July 26th:

1) Slag. 30C – (Physical -Digestion/Neck and shoulder pain/TMJ/Hay fever & Allergies)

2) Nyct. 200C – (Emotions – Stress/Anxiety/Self-confidence and Self-esteem)

3) Mitch. 1M – (Mentals – Finding own voice/Socialization/Life purpose/Preparation for move-new career-job interviews)

4) Acute – Stress re move to Calgary and job search – Olean. 200C – a drop a day plus sip by putting a drop into a glass or bottle of water and sipping throughout the day.

5) Acute – Peri-menopause symptoms – Put a drop of #1 above into a glass or bottle of water and sip throughout the day.

6) Itchiness all over – put a drop of #3 above into a glass or bottle of water to sip throughout the day or night.


New Timeline Wafers:

A – Ichthyolum 9C/12C/30C/1M – Start now, taking over four consecutive nights, 1-4. (2003- Unresolved emotions)

B – Nat. mur. 12C/30C/200C/1M/10M – Take over five consecutive nights, 1-5. (Relationship stuff – 2003)

Two days after starting my new droppers, I felt very tired / low energy / not motivated to do much of anything. I practiced yoga for the first time in two months later that evening and was so itchy that it affected my practice. Eep!

On August 4th, I started the Ichthyolum wafers regarding unresolved emotions from 2003. During the days that followed, I was sooooooo tired / low energy. Sleeping in. Taking naps. So. Very. Tired. I was also so very itchy too. All over.

Nine days after starting the new wafers, I developed a rash on my inner left elbow – this is a new location for a rash.

On September 1st, I started the Nat. mur. wafers to clear a significant relationship that ended in 2003 (this was my second time clearing this event). I was taking these wafers right before our move to Calgary, so it was a time of intense change and transition for the family. I didn’t notice any obvious healing reaction as a result of the wafers.

So much happened during these last 6 weeks (i.e., vacation in Winnipeg and Waterloo, packed up our home in 8 days, said goodbye to loved ones in St. John’s, moved across the country), and am now getting settled into our new home in Calgary. We did it!!!  I love our new home and look forward to connecting with my friends and community here. I’m going to start looking for a dance class to join.   I’ll have a more detailed update next time.


Early Sept 2016 – Heilkunst update

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in late August 2016 to early Sept 2016 over 3 week period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On August 18, 2016, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Phas. 30C – (Physical – Rashes/Ear fissures/Bloody snot/Food allergies/Digestion//Sleep/Asthma/Dry scalp) – a drop a day

2) Mimosa 200C – (Emotions – Stress/Anxiety/Emotional self-regulation) – a drop a day

3) Jeq. 1M  (Mentals – Hygiene/Accident proneness/Brain fog/Spaciness/Babyish behaviour with mother/Missing father during vacation) – a drop a day plus put a drop into a glass or bottle of water to sip throughout the day to help with stress over potential move to Calgary


On the first evening after Moses started his first droppers, he woke up twice in the night because he was scratching like crazy and needed Benadryl.That was the only obvious healing reaction related to his droppers.

During this three week period it was a time of intense change for the family (i.e. we were in Winnipeg and Waterloo for vacation, then we spent 10 days in St. John’s packing up our house and saying goodbye to loved ones and friends, and Moses started school 3 days after arriving in Calgary). It’s been a whirlwind. Through it all, Moses has been grounded and emotionally stable. It’s been amazing to witness. We discovered that there is a boy Moses’ age who lives 2 doors from us, and Moses has already made friends with him. This has been the highlight of our move so far. I have a feeling that everything is going to turn out okay.

We have Moses registered in swimming lessons, and will find a house hockey league for him to play in. He’s also talking about trying out for Grade 5 wrestling. We’re so proud of him, and happy to have a fresh start in a city that we love. A brand new start.


August 2016 – Heilkunst update

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in August 2016 over 3 week period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On July 26, 2016, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Euon. europ. 30C – (Physical – Rashes/Ear fissures/Cracked lips/Thrush/Asthma/Dry scalp/Food allergies/Bloody snot/Digestion) – a drop a day

2) Cycl. 200C – (Emotions – Stress/Anxiety/Balanced emotions) – a drop a day

3) Azad. 1M – (Mentals – Brain fog/spaciness/Socialization/Sleep/Babyish behaviour) – a drop a day

4) Acute re stress of the impending move – Sip on #3 above.

New Timeline Wafers:

Gels. 30C/200C/1M/10M – Taking one every fifth night, 1-4. (Winter 2016 – Almost hit by a taxi and relives incident whenever he sees that brand of taxi.)


On the morning that Moses started on his new droppers, he woke up with a hoarse voice. Later that morning, he complained of pain in his right ear. He didn’t experience any other healing reactions.

On August 4th, Moses took his first timeline wafer related to almost getting hit by a taxi while crossing a cross-walk in front of his school in Winter 2016. He seemed like he needed extra reassurance / cuddles during the days that followed after he took his first timeline wafer.

He took his second timeline wafer on August 9th. Four days later, he had an increase in rashes on his inner elbows.

We flew across the country to visit Grammie Rosie and Grandpa George and arrived on the 13th. On August 14th, he started his third timeline wafer. Later that evening, his rashes seemed particularly bad: inner elbows, back of neck, front of neck and a smattering on his chest and his belly. I’m not sure if the increase in rashes is because we didn’t bring his probiotic (since it requires refrigeration and was difficult to travel with), the third timeline wafer, a change of diet (more sugar than normal), and/or the lack of sleep with the long travel day (he woke up at 4 am and didn’t sleep until 9:30 pm in the new time zone  [which was midnight in the original time zone]). That’s a looooooooong day, especially for someone who is susceptible to being immuno-compromised. Not surprisingly, he also hasn’t been himself emotionally. He’s been a lot more short-tempered, for example. Despite the increase in rashes and change in emotional balance, these are pretty minor compared to what we have dealt with in the past. Overall, we’ve have been having a great time visiting with family and friends. Children’s Museum, Zoo, parks, and have plans for waterslides, go-karting, another museum and a trampoline park. Lots of fun!

Overall, Moses has been very adventurous during this three week period. For the first time, he jumped off a high diving board a few times at the pool. During one of the jumps, he wore his glasses, which flew off his face when he hit the water. Another diver helped to retrieve his glasses, but what was amazing about this experience is that he didn’t get me or get concerned when he lost his glasses. I was really proud of how brave he was to jump off  the high dive and also how he managed the whole incident on his own.

And prior to our trip, Moses was very emotionally balanced, especially since things have been so topsy turvy in terms of whether or not we are moving across the country and relatives pulling on his heart strings about us potentially leaving them. He has been so grounded through this process – so amazing to witness.


July 2016 – my Heilkunst update

This is a summary of my Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update from June to July (6.5 weeks). Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

I started the following droppers on June 11th:

  • Prim. ob. 12C – (Physical – Digestion/Neck and shoulder pain/TMJ/Hay fever & Allergies) – a drop a day
  • Sal. mollis. 200C – (Emotions – Stress/Anxiety/Self-confidence and Self-esteem) – a drop a day
  • Trimethyl. 1M – (Mentals – Finding own voice/Socialization/Life purpose/Preparation for move-new career-job interviews) – a drop a day
  • Peri-menopausal symptoms – Merc. sul. 9C – once a day

New Timeline Wafers:

Corn. f. 30C/200C/1M/10M/50M (Job lay off – May 2016)

Physo 30C / 200C / 1M / 10M / 50M (grief regarding a death in the family – April 2016)


Immediately after starting my new droppers, I felt hit by a wave of tiredness and the tiredness lasted for days. I was wondering whether I was also starting to clear my layoff even though I hadn’t started my timeline wafer yet (again, the remedies often start to have an effect as soon as they are chosen by my Heilkunstler). I had a session with my energetically sensitive chiropractor two days after starting my new droppers, and he said that my body was processing “stuff”, likely based on the new droppers.

I started my timeline wafers to clear my recent job lay-off on the solstice (June 20th), and later that evening, I received a karmic healing, so I was releasing a lot at this time. I felt not my best in the days afterwards. I was comfort eating during this time.

These last 6.5 weeks were a busy time for me. I have been creating / holding space for a major transition for our family (moving across the country), which has been very emotional as we have very deep roots in St. John’s and close friends and family who are having a hard time with our impending move because everyone loves Moses so much.

On July 4th, I requested an acute dropper from my Heilkunstler to help me process guilt, grief and feelings of being selfish about leaving family and friends. The dropper helped almost immediately. I started my timeline wafers to clear my grief regarding a death in the family that occurred this past April on July 11th. About a week after starting these wafers, I was met with a wall of tiredness and inertia.

Overall, I have been feeling very good, strong and purposeful. I have been nourishing myself with meditations, walks in nature, spending time with good friends, and reading Tosha Silver’s Change Me Prayers and Outrageous Openness. I feel like Tosha’s books have changed my life, as I have listened to the divine’s whisper in my heart about the next chapter in my life’s unfolding. It promises to be beautiful.

July 2016 - not copied yet 143

Top of Tablelands in Gros Morne National Park  = stunning beauty

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July 2016- Heilkunst update

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in July 2016 over 3.5 week period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On July 1, 2016, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Carbo h. 12C – (Physical – Abscesses/Rashes/Dry scalp/Ear fissures/ Cracks in lips/Digestion) – a drop a day

2) Dulc. 200C – (Emotions – Anxiety/Stress/Fears) – a drop a day

3) Fer. bro. 1M – (Mentals – Self-confidence/Friendships with peers/Brain fog or spaciness/Motivation/Behaving babyishly) – a drop a day

He started his new droppers on Canada Day, which was a fabulous and fun day. By the end of the day, he lost his voice, which may have been because of the new droppers or maybe it was the result of all of the fun that he had on Canada Day.

And on July 2nd, he took his 3rd timeline wafer related to clear all of the many general and local anesthesia that he endured in 2015 (post about the first 2 timeline wafers here). Moses didn’t have any obvious healing reactions, but the next day, DH had a healing reaction (stomach upsets, digestion issues, migraine). Good grief.

He took his 4th timeline wafer on July 11 with no obvious healing reactions. DH didn’t have a noticeable worsening of symptoms, but he was already in a bad state anyway emotionally.

DH remarked that Moses is the most emotionally balanced child or even person that we know. We are going through a huge transition (preparation for a move across the country) and leaving family and friends here, and he is taking everything in stride. We even found a new home for his budgie birds and he was able to let them go with ease and grace. It’s been amazing to witness.

As mentioned previously, Moses does best when he has a Heilkunst session every 3 weeks, but this session was pushed to 3.5 weeks. By day 23, Moses was starting to “lose it”. He woke up crying in the middle of the night, he complained of stomach pains, he was having sensitivities to foods that he typically isn’t sensitive to, he was sleeping in until 9:30 am, and was otherwise emotionally unbalanced. It helps me to see how the right remedies at the right time  keep him so balanced, and how much it shows when his body is ready for new remedies.

If all goes as planned, these next 3 weeks will be a big one. Keep us in your thoughts during our big transition.