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I started this blog in February 2009, when my son, AJ (not his real name; Moses isn’t his real name either, but he wanted me to call him AJ on this blog as of Jan 2017), was 2.5 years old. At the time, he was extremely sensitive — emotionally and physically to the environment, to chemicals and to most foods (was 40+ foods at one point). When he was 4.5 years old, he was diagnosed with a very rare genetic primary immunodeficiency, Hyper IgE syndrome or  Job’s Syndrome (which explains his extreme sensitivity and allergies to everything). We tried everything under the sun to heal our son because the medical system offered no cure for this diagnosis. Out of all of the many things that we tried (and we tried many, many things), Heilkunst homeopathy (a form of sequential homeopathy) has helped to address the root cause of this disorder and has healed him. My son is now a healthy and vibrant 10 year old. If you or a loved one is suffering from a difficult to treat ailment and you have no hope, I would encourage you to try Heilkunst. My son was once a “non-responder” and we were once desperate for an answer as well. I hope that by reading about the ups and downs in our journey, you will find the hope and encouragement that you are looking for.

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“I am” poem

Love this poem that Moses wrote for school. The teacher provided the first part of each line for inspiration and he filled in the rest.

“I am” by Moses

I am nice and kind.
I wonder about my school.
I hear the wind whistle.
I see Vancouver.
I want to play in the NHL.
I am nice and kind.

I pretend I am superman.
I feel the sand on a beach.
I touch my pet, Slim Jim. (His skinny pig)
I worry about Newfoundland.
I cry for my Grandpa Joe.
I am nice and kind.

I understand about moving.
I say, “You are awesome”.
I dream of Newfoundland.
I try to be in the NHL.
I hope that I could hug my gram. (Both of them.)
I am nice and kind.


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Ozonated oils for infections

My Heilkunstler mentioned something that might help Moses’ MRSA infections: ozonated sunflower oil. Ozone damages bacterial nucleic acids, and a scientific study has found it to be effective against MRSA as well. Woot woot!

Ozone has these effects on the body:

1. Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells. These cells protect the body from viruses, bacteria, fungi, and cancer.

2. Interferon levels are significantly increased. They inhibit viral replication and control of phagocytic cells that engulf and kill pathogens and abnormal cells.

3. Ozone stimulates the production of Tumor Necrosis Factor. TNF is produced by the body when a tumor is growing.

4. Ozone stimulates the secretion of IL-2. Interluekin-2 is one of the cornerstones of the immune system.

5. Ozone kills most bacteria at low concentrations..

6. Ozone is effective against all types of fungi..

7. Ozone fights viruses in a variety of ways.

8. Ozone is antineoplastic.

9. Ozone oxidizes arterial plaque.

10. Ozone increases the flexibility and elasticity of red blood cells, increasing oxygen levels.

11. Ozone accelerates the Citric Acid Cycle.

12. Ozone makes the anti-oxidant enzyme system more efficient.

13. Ozone degrades petrochemicals.

Ozonated oils can be used to treat:

Herpes simplex/zoster
Measles Infections
Viral Pneumonia
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Raynauds Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Wound Infections
Septicemia (staph, strep, pneumococcus)
Recurrent skin infections (furunculosis)
Necrotizing infections
Inactivation of Toxins
Fungal/Yeast Infection
Chronic Fatigue
Lower back
Retinitis Pigmentosa
Primary Glaucoma
Optic Nervy Dysfunction
Macular Degeneration
Non-healing wounds
Severe Acne
Recurrent skin infections (furunculosis)
Heart conditions
Peripheral vascular disease
Vascular headaches
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Diabetic Ulcers

Some articles

Some scientific articles about ozonated oils

Ozone and ozonated oils in skin disease – here

Microbicidal effects of ozone solution on MRSA here

Antibacterial activity of ozonated sunflower seed oil here.

Comparative study of ozonated olive oil vs ozonated sunflower seed oil here.

Comparison of the antibacterial activity of an ozonated oil with chlorohexidine and iodine (Montevecchi et al) – here (the ozonated oil was more effective than the chlorohexidine and iodine at each concentration).

Purchasing ozonated oils

I decided to order it from PurO3. There’s quite a lot of information on their website if you want to check it out. The prices and the shipping costs were reasonable ($35US). There were a number of oils to choose from, and decided on the ozonated sunflower oil and also ordered a small sample of the ozonated olive oil, which is less ozonated than the sunflower oil, but has a more mild scent.

  • Choosing the right ozonated oil for you (e.g., avocado, jojoba, olive, sunflower seed and hemp oils)  here.
  • Measuring the strength of ozonated oils here.
  • How to use ozonated oil here.



January 21, 2017: Well, unfortunately, Moses hates the smell (and I don’t really like it either), so I don’t think we’ll be able to use this. ugh. The unscented oxidized sunflower oil is very strong. The oxidized olive oil is not as strong, but still gross. ugh.


January 2017 – Heilkunst update

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in December over a 3 week period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

This was a rough month for Moses.

On December 17, 2016, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Citrus 12C – (Physical – Abscesses/Eczema/Ear fissures/Digestion/Thrush/Allergies/Dry skin/Asthma/Coughing/Sleep) – a drop a day

2) Aurant. 200C – (Emotions – Anger/Fear/Anxiety/Stress) – a drop a day

3) Anhal. 1M – (Mentals – Night terrors/Behaving babyish around mother/Frustration with homework/Brain fog/Spaciness/Time management skills) – a drop a day

4) Anxiety – Pichi 30C – as needed or once a day

Even before Moses started these new droppers, he had a persistent cough, which he had had for weeks. He also had an abscess under his right armpit. Sigh…  He had been receiving 24/7 CoRe treatments for approximately 2 weeks to help his system to stabilize. He was not quite himself emotionally. He was stressed out about starting at a new day home in our new community. He was also in a dark mood because his secret Santa at school gave him a gift of chocolates, which he couldn’t eat because of his allergies to milk. ugh!

Dermatologist’s advice

Moses stopped his prophylactic antibiotic about a week and a half ago, and his back is broken out. I’m remembering now that in the past, when we stopped his prophylactic antibiotic, he experienced a break out in his rashes. Moses recently saw a new dermatologist and he suggested 14 days of a strong steroid cream, 14 days of mild bleach baths (yep, that’s exactly what it sounds like) and 14 days of slathering Moses with Glaxalbase. As much as I hate steroid creams, we are actually going to do it. I was scared that the steroid creams would move the “disease” to this internal organs (i.e., make his chest infection worse). It sounds wacky, but according to homeopathic theory, if you suppress the “disease” at the level of the skin, it has to express somewhere. Despite my fear, I didn’t have it in me to convince DH not to follow it, so I went with the flow of it and we followed the dermatologist’s protocol. Well, I would find out the hard way a few days later, that Moses’ body responded in exactly the way homeopathic theory would predict…

He had a night terror on Dec 19th. As of Dec 20th, Moses was still not happy about being at a new day home, and his skin was still broken out, despite having started the 14 day skin regime. In particular, he had a painful new bump on his back, which is a new place for him to develop bumps. He was still bumpy under his right armpit.

Second IVIG Infusion  = bad experience

On Dec 21st, Moses had his second IVIG infusion. He had a difficult IV start, but they were able to get the IV started at a second site. Because they started the IV later, they sped up his infusion (~3 hours; the first infusion was 6 hours), which was probably too fast because later that evening, he vomited twice and had a nasty headache. Poor boy. He slept in the next morning and I stayed home from work to be with him. He wasn’t feeling himself at all. He still hadn’t eaten by 11 am and he was sad because “I thought that IVIG would help me and now I’m feeling sicker than I ever have been”. And he was sad because Christmas was approaching and he was missing his friends and family in NL, esp. his cousins. “Why did we move here, when we don’t have family here and everyone will be celebrating Christmas with their families except for us.” Goodness. And, the abscess under his right armpit was huge and he had another bump on his back. He had another night terror that evening.

On Dec 23rd, we brought Moses to his family physician and discovered that he had a double ear infection (something he hasn’t had since he was 2 years old) and a viral chest infection. (I think these were the result of following the dermatologist’s advice and the use of the strong steroidal creams). His physician  prescribed a 10 day dose of Amoxicillin. Oh boy – more assault to his gut. DH thought it was important to follow the physician’s advice. I also applied melaleuca (tea tree essential oil) to the outside of his ear. Moses was so miserable, not sleeping well, coughing a lot and having difficulty breathing.  He was so sad to be sick over Christmas. But by the end of the day on the 23rd, he was perking up and being more himself. Not as sad and sick and emotional.


New remedies and more abscesses

On Dec 24th, his Heilkunstler said that he was ready for new droppers (only 7 days later – he was processing through his remedies so quickly; for context for new readers, he used to be able to be on the same remedy for 3 weeks):

  • Physical: Tus. far. 12c
  • Emotional: Semp. 200c
  • Mental: Nit. ox. 1m
  • Anxiety: Merc. bin. 200c

Later that afternoon, the abscess under his right armpit started to drain on its own (yay!), and we learned of another abscess in another location, but that looked like it might drain on its own soon. We had a good Christmas spent with friends, but then on Boxing Day, we discovered that Moses had yet another abscess developing. So that made four abscesses, three of which were probably ready to be drained.  WTF? His last drainage under general anaesthesia was only 24 days ago. We can’t continue this. Moses can’t get general anaesthesia once a month! We started the IVIG because we hoped that it would help decrease the frequency of abscesses, but truthfully, it doesn’t seem like it’s been helping at all. I booked a session with his karmic healer. (I try not to book with her very often because her services are astronomically expensive. She typically books a month in advance, so we scheduled an appt for Jan 13th).

My theory about the abscesses was that his body was trying to push out what some of the western medicines have tried to suppress. Since homeopathy generally draws things out of the body, the recent droppers likely gave Moses’ body the energy to push out, which is needed. (Say whereas strong steroidal creams suppress and drive the disease deeper into the body, into the lungs). Out is better than in, but it’s still hard because some of Moses’ abscesses inevitably need to be drained by a surgeon, which means more anaesthesia, which means more night terrors and we keep going around and around and around in this vicious cycle. Plus, DH and I are both working fulltime and my schedule will get busier in the new year. We can’t continue like this. We can’t.

By Dec 27th, he had 6 abscesses: both armpits (the one under his right armpit was huge), his back, and then three in other places). He was also having difficulty hearing – probably because of the ear infection. We hoped that his hearing would return to normal after the infection cleared up, but at least his ears were no longer hurting. His last day of the 24/7 Core treatment was on December 29th, and his Heilkunstler suggested that he take a few days break to see how he does without it. She said that sometimes gains are made in the breaks after the 24/7 treatment.


General anaesthesia and abscess drainage

On Dec 29th, we spent a very long day at the hospital – between 11 am and 3 am. His immunology nurse said that she would put in a request with surgery, which we thought might expedite the process, but it really didn’t because since Moses is MRSA-positive, they will always schedule his surgery to be the last one. Moses had three abscesses drained under general anesthesia. He was put on the emergency list and was the last surgery that day – his surgery was a midnight and we didn’t get home until 3 am. Oh boy. On the good side of things, at least these were drained before we all started back to school and work in the new year. Also, we really like our surgeon and the immunology team. The anesthetist was very friendly too. His surgeon listened to our request and didn’t put wicks into Moses abscesses and they also didn’t give him any morphine post-surgery (like they did last time). Moses was still yelling and upset when coming out of the anaesthetic, but it wasn’t as terrible as it was last time.

Moses was such a trooper. He slept for 6 hours and then was ready to go sledding with some friends the very next day after his surgery. I was exhausted, but Moses is fed by fun, so we went sledding.

Moses’ hematologist prescribed another 7 day course of antibiotics  for the MRSA infection (Levofloxacin – this is a new one for Moses. I did some reading on Levofloxacin – it doesn’t look like it’s effective against MRSA, so I have no idea why they prescribed it. Also, it’s generally not approved for children because it is associated with an elevated risk of musculoskeletal injury in this population. We decided not to give it to him).

New remedies

On Dec 30th (the day after the surgery), I checked with his Heilkunstler and she said that he was already ready for new droppers:

  • Pancr. 12C (Physical)
  • Sium 200C – (Emotions)
  • Sfo. 1M – (Mentals)
  • Anxiety – Iber. 30C

This was only 6 days after getting new droppers. For some reason, he’s needing new droppers so frequently (every 6-7 days). Not sure why.

In the evening of Dec 30th, before Moses received his first dose of the new homeopathic droppers, he was having trouble breathing. It’s scary when he takes his puffer a number of times and he still has trouble breathing. Goodness.  Our family needs a break from stress. We really do. During this bout of difficult breathing, I gave Moses his first drops of his new remedies and within 30 minutes, his breathing settled down and he went to his friend’s house to hang out. Thank goodness!

MRSA decolonization

Since we are desperate to stop all of these abscesses from occurring and because they are MRSA infections, we are going to try to decolonize the whole family from MRSA using this protocol. We tried following this protocol a few times. The first time was   5 years ago when DH and I both had MRSA infections. The protocol involves all three of us using a body wash for 5 days (triclosan 1% or chlorhexidine gluconate 4%; we are using the latter); and twice daily nasal ointment (mupirocin 2%).

A couple of days ago, I also started giving Moses MMS baths again (10 drop dosage – will gradually work up to 20 drops).

German New Medicine perspective on abscesses

From a German New Medicine perspective, this is what abscesses mean:

“Abscesses are a problem of the corium or under-skin and when we get them it is usually a sign of a strong feeling of being attacked. That part of our skin protects the inner body, it is the tough skin underneath the surface skin. When a person feels attacked literally by a substance or injury or figuratively, by events or threats from the environment or people, the skin will react with boils and abscesses.

I can imagine that once they started and he has had to be treated for them at the hospital – the treatments themselves are a form of attack, so inevitably after that more abscesses appear as a result of the intervention to treat them! It is a tricky situation that ideally resolves once the abscessed diminish and treatments of that invasive nature can stop.”

Read full text here re: GNM perspective.

In other words, Moses is caught in a vicious cycle. We need this to stop.

Fresh start, new school

Moses started at a new school on January 3rd because we moved to a new community in November. He was terribly stressed about starting at a new school for the last two months, and when we left him at the school, he was  pale, anxiety-stricken and looked shell-shocked. I was really worried about him, but much to my delight and surprise, Moses reported when he got home from school that he had the best day and he had met a lot of people, including kids who love the Vancouver Canucks (Moses’ favourite hockey team). He connected with a kindred spirit on his first day of school, and on their second day of school, they coordinated outfits and both wore their Vancouver Canucks jerseys to school. He had a night terror later that evening (a release from the anaesthesia from the week before?).

On Jan 4th, Moses was looking healthier and was back to his confident self. This was the last day of the “MRSA decolonization protocol” that I described above, and Jan 3rd was his last day of Amoxicillin antibiotics from the ear infection that he developed after Christmas. Our lives were simplifying again and Moses was down to only two medications at night (Alvesco puffer and Reactin for allergies). His cough was even improving and only present in the morning. His skin was looking good too (which might be because of the Amocillin and the decolonization protocol – Moses’ skin generally does better when he’s on an antibiotic). We’ll see what happens in a few weeks. I’d love to be pleasantly surprised to have his skin remain clear.

On the evening of his second day back to school, Moses was doing math homework at night and doing really well, showing us dance moves that he learned at school during gym class, and excitedly described a Vancouver Canucks sign that he was going to make in wood-working class. It was so wonderful, absolutely wonderful how well his adjustment to his new school was going. So, so relieved. Big sigh out!

Perhaps some of these gains were because we recently stopped the 30 days of 24/7 Core treatment (on Dec 27th). His practitioner mentioned that sometimes the gains are observed once the treatment stops. hmmmmm……  In any case, I’m just so relieved, and I hope that this period of rest continues for Moses and for the family. We so desperately need a period of rest. May it be so.


Moses is the second from the left

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January 2017 – my Heilkunst update

This is a summary of my Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update from late November to mid January (6 weeks). Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

I started the following droppers on November 30, 2016:

1) Guaco 30C – (Physical – Digestion/Itchiness/Neck and shoulder pain/TMJ/Sleep/Peri-menopausal) – a drop a day

2) Cupr. 200C – (Emotions – Stress/Anxiety) – a drop a day

3) Aur. mur. kal. 1M – (Mentals – Self-confidence/Adjustment to new home and job) – a drop a day

4) Peri-menopausal symptoms – Mich. 30C – as needed

5) Sleep – Galega 12C – a drop at bedtime each night plus a drop in a glass of water on my nightstand to sip if I wake up.

6) Acute – Anxiety re: move to a new house and new job – Vespa 200C – as needed

New Timeline Wafers:

A – Phas. 12C/30C/200C/1M/10M – Start two weeks after finishing last set of wafers, taking over five consecutive nights, 1-5. (Children’s Hospital when Moses was an infant / toddler)

Then wait two weeks before starting “B”.

B – Sol. mam. 12C/30C/200C/1M/10M – Friend’s death – July 2006


The same day that I started my new droppers was the day that I took my last wafer for my most recent timeline clearing, which was related to a childhood trauma that occurred when I was less than 5 years old. It was a major event in my life and was difficult for me to clear. I experienced intense head and neck pain, so much internal pressure in my head and neck. Life felt that much more difficult. And it didn’t help that I had a very busy work day (fun, but busy), and Moses had two abscesses drained under general anaesthesia the very next day. I described the whole ordeal in this blog post. The experience was awful for Moses and was awful for me. I think it was all the more difficult for me because I was clearing a terrible childhood trauma, and I wasn’t feeling my strongest emotionally. And, it was hard for me to deal with Moses screaming at me for an hour while he was in a morphine-induced hallucination, terrified that he wasn’t going to be able to come out of it. And the next morning, he cried and screamed for three hours, terrified at the thoughts of removing a wick from one of his abscesses. Goodness. I was at my wits’ end. I completely lost it. Really. Swearing and kicking walls. I completely lost it.

I was going to give myself more than the 2 weeks between clearings because this last clearing was such a big one for me, but because of all of the hospital visits and medical consultations we were having, it felt like it was time for me to clear the next timeline event.

Clearing time at Children’s hospital when Moses was an infant

On Dec 14, I started my next timeline wafers (Phas), to clear all of the time spent at the Children’s hospital when Moses was an infant. Now that we are living in the city where Moses was born after 8 years of being away, I’ve been finding that I’m being re-triggered when we visit the children’s hospital. I have so many awful memories of time spent visiting various medical professionals. Moses was 2.5 years old when we first moved away from his birth city. Moses wasn’t diagnosed with hyper IgE syndrome until he was 4.5 years old, so no one had any answers for why Moses was so sick during his first few years of life. He was covered with rashes from his head to his ankles. (I remember one  cranialsacral specialist who would kindly say, “Look at his beautiful feet,” because I think she was looking for something positive to say and it was the only part of his body not covered in rashes). As I mentioned in a recent post, Moses had a traumatic birth and spent his first 6 days in the hospital. And when we got him home, he was colicky (allergic to my breast milk because I didn’t know that I was eating so many foods that he was allergic to) and covered in rashes by the time he was 14 days old. He was less than a year when he started developing abscesses and he was already getting them drained under general anaesthesia and also local anaesthesia. He also had 3 anaphylactic reactions before the time he was 2.5 years old. There were so many trips to the ER that we were known by triage nurses as “the family with the child with so many allergies”.  In addition, he was admitted to the hospital on at least 3 different occasions (drainage of an abscess along his jaw, pneumonia and gastro-intestinal bleeding).


I was surprised to find this old-school medical file on Moses’ bedside before his general anaesthesia / abscess drainage. It was from 8 years before and there was a stamp on the front of the file saying that this is only a portion of his file. Moses only lived in this city for 2 years to amass a medical file this thick.

We’ve now returned to Moses’ birth city after living in NL for 8 years and it’s a bit sobering that although Moses has made amazing progress in his health, we are still firmly entrenched in the medical system and are still making weekly visits to the Children’s hospital. We’ve been back for 3 months and he’s already had 2 ER visits, drainage of 5 abscesses under local and general anaesthesia, two 5-day courses of higher potency antibiotics and consultations with an immunologist; infectious disease specialist; dermatologist; ear, nose and throat specialist; and multiple surgeons. And he started monthly IVIG treatment. Goodness! WTF.

I knew that I needed to clear all of the time spent spent at the Children’s hospital when Moses was an infant because every time that I drive into the hospital parkade, I get flashbacks of carrying Moses in his infant car seat and pushing him in his stroller into his appointments, and it hurts my heart as 1) I remember all of those awful times of stress and not understanding why Moses was so sick and feeling a tremendous amount of guilt for not being a good enough mom to keep my son well, and 2) I experience more heartache that despite the fact that we have done so much to facilitate Moses’ healing and even though he is doing phenomenal given his diagnosis, he is still considered sick by the medical system and is still enduring medical traumas. When we left our home in NL, Moses had been doing so well. I had naively thought that maybe hospital visits were a time of the past. Little did I know that moving would be so traumatic for Moses and that his body would have such a hard time with the move, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Since Moses’ system isn’t strong enough to clear any timeline events at the moment, any clearing that I do will help both me and him since we are so interconnected. I am still optimistic that now that we are done all of our moving (we had 2 moves within 2.5 months) and once Moses adjusts to his new school in January, his system will once again come back to equilibrium. As I write these words, Moses is home sick with me with a cough. I pray that his system comes back to equilibrium. Of course, I know that it will, but there’s still a part of me that worries when he has a cough that it will spiral into pneumonia. That’s always the fear lurking in the background. Thankfully, he’s been pneumonia-free for a year and a half now, but still that fear is always there.


Thankfully, Moses didn’t develop pneumonia and he was well enough for us to attend a Christmas party in the mountains, which was so much fun for all of us. We had an overnight trip to the mountains. Just what we needed. Some fun, good company, reconnections with old friends/colleagues and joy.


We drove home from the mountains today, on Dec 17th. I took my fourth timeline wafer (Phas 1M) today. I have one more to take tomorrow. Not surprisingly, it feels like another doozy of a clearing. I’m feeling overwhelming sadness and hopelessness. Headachey. Empty. Hungry, but don’t feel like eating anything. I forgot to eat lunch today, which explains why I was so ravenous by supper time. I’m feeling sad. Normally, I feel optimistic about things and energized by life, but right now, I’m just feeling sad. I’m thankful that DH and Moses are out and I have some quiet time to process my emotions. We have been through a lot over the last year. It has been a helluva year. So great in so many ways. I’m thankful that we are rooting in his home that we love. I’m thankful that we’ve returned to a city that we love. I’m thankful for a job that feeds my soul. So very thankful. I’m thankful that overall, Moses is well, especially given his diagnosis.

And yet and yet and yet… Today, I feel beat up. Tired. I’m sad that Moses has yet another huge abscess under his right armpit, after having 5 drained by surgeons in the last 2 months. His last general anaesthesia was only 15 days ago. Goodness. Really?! We are tired of this. WTF. Seriously?! We need to get off of this rollercoaster ride. We need for life to be stable for us. What to do, what to do, what to do?

Moses has his second IVIG appt in a few days. We’re hoping that the IVIG will help. We’ve recently stopped Moses’ prophylactic antibiotic because it’s not effective against Moses’ infection. Did you know that between March 2014 to Dec 2016, Moses has had 142 abscesses? It’s ridiculous! I’m feeling powerless and hopeless today. I know that my current state of mind will pass, and I’m feeling like I am because of the timeline event that I’m clearing. Goodness, it feels like a doozy.

Praying that Moses’ body can somehow get off of this abscess train. May it be so. Hopefully the combination of karmic healing, homeopathy, CoRe treatments and IVIG can help. May it be so.


It’s now 3 days later (Dec 20th) and I’m not feeling as sad. Now, I’m just feeling headachey and stiff, even though I’ve actually started practicing yoga again. Nonetheless, things are feeling extra hard and I’m not feeling at the top of my game. I’m still productive at work, but at home, I’m feeling sluggish. My energy levels probably make sense as we are approaching the solstice, which is a time of darkness, stillness and quiet. I am feeling quite internal.


It’s now January 5th and my next Heilkunst appt is tomorrow. In the last 16 days, Moses had had his second IVIG infusion (a bad experience), vomited twice, had an intense headache, developed a double ear infection, a viral chest infection, developed 6 abscesses and had 3 abscesses drained under general anaesthesia at midnight and we were kept at the hospital until 3 am (incredibly, he fasted for 18 hours from 8:30 am until 2 am), and he also started at a new school. You can read all about those adventures here. So it was a hard couple of weeks. To be fair, we also had some good times, like Christmas dinner and New Year’s eve with some friends, but mostly it was difficult and I worried a lot. I also needed to help keep Moses’ spirits up because he, understandably, was going through a difficult time emotionally.

Thankfully, Moses’ first couple of days at school have gone really well and it feels like Moses’s physical and emotional health is on the up and up.

I took a week and a half off of work over the Christmas holidays and have been back at work for three days now. It feels like we are getting back into our regular school / work rhythm. Moses and DH are playing hockey at our neighbourhood hockey rink as I type these words. I’m still loving, loving, loving my new job. So happy to have a job that feeds my soul and makes use of my skills on a project that my heart is passionate about. I hope and pray that Moses’ health comes back to equilibrium because my new job will require more of my time and energy in the new year, including travelling to different sites within the city and outside of the city (but within the province), some early mornings and also some evenings. I’m praying that it will all work out. May it be so.


Clearing a friend’s death

Oh, I almost forgot that on Jan 2nd, I started my next timeline clearing to clear the trauma and shock of a friend’s sudden death in July 2006, which occurred a couple of blocks away from my house, and the evening of a D&C surgery that I had 6 weeks after Moses was born. I remember coming home the next morning after my surgery and police had barricaded the street behind my house. I found out later that the barricade was related to my friend’s death. I went into a deep shock when I found out. I called her house to ask for our spare set of keys because she had recently house sat for us, and her sister told me that she was sorry but my friend had died. I remember that I was holding Moses at the time and I had to put him down in his crib so that I could scream and cry my eyes out.

I’m still in the middle of clearing this event and am still taking the wafers. I’m taking the last of my last of five wafers related to this clearing tomorrow morning, which is when I have my next Heilkunst session. I had a bad headache on the days that I took my first two wafers, and have been eating for comfort a lot lately.


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2016 – a year in review

2016 was a big year for our family. I was laid off in May, which turned out to be a huge blessing. We moved across the country from St. John’s to Calgary in September, and I started a new job  in October. We love that we are back in Calgary and living close to the mountains!


Moses was very healthy during the first part of this year, especially between March and September, when he was abscess-free after starting a prophylactic dose of Doxycycline. We got a taste of what “normal life” could be like. It was glorious and gave us the energy that we needed to move across the country.

Good news

Moses is no longer allergic to sunflower seeds, and he isn’t allergic to pecans. Woot woot! Moses didn’t need to be admitted to the hospital,  didn’t develop pneumonia, and didn’t have any severe allergic reactions this year. Moses stopped taking a prophylactic antibiotic earlier this month.


Moses had 27 abscesses develop in 2016, which is  actually a huge improvement because in 2015, Moses developed 53 abscesses.It is undeniable that prophylactic Doxycycline was effective in reducing the occurrence of abscesses, but after we moved, this was no longer the case and Moses stopped taking Doxycycline in early December.

In 2016, Moses had a total of 10 abscesses drained under general anaesthesia on 5 separate occasions (in comparison, in 2015 he only needed general anaesthesia twice to drain 6 abscesses). Therefore, even though Moses developed fewer abscesses this year, the amount of surgical interventions was actually worse this year.  Approximately 50% of Moses’ abscesses needed to be drained by a surgeon under general or local anaesthesia in 2016; whereas in 2015, only 13% of his abscesses needed surgical attention. I have no idea why this has changed.

The move across the country away from family and friends was hard on Moses emotionally and physically. We’re hoping that once Moses settles into his new school and after school care program and makes new friends in our new community that things will settle down for him.

The plan

We are continuing with Heilkunst, essential oils, karmic healing and have started 24/7 Inergetix CoRe treatments when needed. He has started IVIG treatments and we hope that it will help reduced the frequency of abscesses.

Moses looks forward to playing in a grassroots hockey league in January, and also skating at our community rink with DH. We also look forward to a lot of family walks and hikes in the mountains and in our neighbourhood coulee.

I hope and pray that things will start to settle down for Moses once he gets settled in our new neighbourhood. May 2017 be Moses’ (and our family’s) best year yet.

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  • You can read about our 2015 year in review here.

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December 2016 – Heilkunst update

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in December over a 3 week period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On November 23, 2016, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Chry. ac. 12C – (Physical – abscesses/Rashes/Ear fissures/Thrush in mouth/AsthmaAccident prone/Tooth decay/Brain fog/Bloody snot/Itching/Food allergies/Sleep) – a drop a day

2) Guarea 200C– (Emotions – Anger/Grief over so many changes) – a drop a day

3) Kali bi. 1M – (Mentals – Academic motivation/Friendships/Peer socialization/Babyishness with mother/Overly emotional) – a drop a day

4) Anxiety re: transitions to new home and impeding change to new school in January, making new friends – Piper nig. 30C

5) Cold: Bals. 9c

He started these droppers the evening of his first day that he received his first IVIG infusion (read more about this experience here), and earlier that day, had developed a new abscess and had another large abscess under his left armpit. He had a night terror that evening, his second one in a row. And he had another night terror four nights later on Nov 27th.

24/7 CoRe Treatment

His session with his Heilkunstler was on Nov 29th, and based on all of the difficulties that Moses has been having since our move (abscesses, night terrors, hallucinations, emotional stress, anger and grief), we decided to start a 24/7  Inergetix CoRe treatment.

I had planned to do it for at least 10 days, but because it appeared that Moses was responding well to the treatment, I decided to continue the treatment for an entire month to try to help stabilize Moses’s system.

The CoRe treatment practitioner explained:

“For now, I am focusing on the part that remedies are not able to hold stable or change fast enough. I know he is being treated every 10 days or so. The 24 hr treatment is meant to reduce tension and symptoms, stabilize him and then he can probably resume his regular treatments once more.

During the 10 days of my treatment the symptoms or main problem can change to something else, so if you let me know about it, I can pick the next set of rates accordingly. This is the main benefit from this approach – the daily monitoring and opportunity to quickly adjust the treatment as things start changing. Let’s hope it works quickly for Moses.”

New remedies

On the day after he started the CoRE treatment (on Nov 30), Moses started new homeopathic droppers. He wasn’t yet proving the previous set of remedies, but his Heilkunstler decided to give him new droppers to give him a fresh start since we had just had a consultation:

1) Fel. t. 30C – (Physical – Abscesses/Rashes/Ear fissures/Thrush in mouth/Food allergies/Digestion/Brain fog/Itchiness/Asthma/Sleep) – a drop a day

2) Lin. cath. 200C – (Emotions – Anger/Grief/Anxiety over upcoming change of school) – a drop a day

3) Merls. 1M – (Mentals – Academic work/Attention span/Frustration with homework/Night terrors & Involuntary shaking) – a drop a day

4) Anxiety re upcoming change of school – Asimina 30C – as needed

General anesthesia / more abscess drainage

The day after he started his new droppers (on December 1st), he had 2 abscesses drained under local anaesthesia (left armpit, and another location). Goodness – so much going on for my boy! I think the CoRe treatment really helped with keeping Moses’ system calm prior to the surgery. He was so calm. He didn’t complain of hunger, which was huge deal since he fasted between midnight until his procedure at 2 pm, and he typically eats when he’s stressed. He did so well.  But, he came out of the anaesthesia as he typically does, screaming, in a night terror-like state.  By the time they called me to his side, they had already given him morphine because they thought he was in pain. It was terrible; I never would have given them permission to give him morphine if they had asked. As a result of the morphine, it took him much longer than normal to come to. He screamed and kicked for an hour after I got to his side. He was terrified.  He screamed at me that he couldn’t stop kicking and screaming and he was terrified that he was never going to come to, that he was going to be stuck in that other hallucinogenic world forever. It was awful.

But thankfully, it did pass, and after he came out of it, he did really well, and he was his normal self by the evening. But, the ordeal wasn’t over because his surgeon had inserted a wick in both abscesses, and Moses has had several bad experiences with wicks getting stuck in the abscesses  / pain associated with the wick coming out. We removed one of the wicks within a few hours of his surgery because we find that his surgical incisions heal quickly and sometimes start to close around the wick, making it hard for the wick to come out, esp. if they pack it too tightly, so the quicker we get them out the better. He was freaked out and upset, but we finally convinced him to let us take it out.

The next morning (Dec 2), we had a terrible time getting the second wick out. He cried for 3 hours straight. He was so upset and scared and angry. And then later that evening, his immunologist prescribed a 5 day course of Linezolid (a strong antibiotic) because the abscesses are related to MRSA.

No more prophylactic antibiotic

On Dec 7, he had an appt with a new infectious diseases specialist (new since we recently moved to this city). She said that Moses’ cultured MRSA is resistant to the prophylactic antibiotic that Moses is on, so we can stop Doxycycline. Woot woot!!!!!!!!

I really felt that the 24/7 treatment was helping. Moses was emotionally stabilized. He hadn’t had any night terrors since we started the CoRe treatment. I was also relieved that he didn’t have any gastrointestinal issues to the 5 day course of Linezolid. He was emotionally stable. No new abscesses had developed. His only symptom was a persistent cough that was present for weeks.

New remedies

December 8 was Moses’ first day of being antibiotic-free. And, oddly enough, he woke up in a black cloud. He was so angry. He felt like he was hard done by. He felt like life was unfair. I asked his Heilkunstler if he was ready for new remedies since it was day 9 of his droppers, and he’d recently been on a 10 day cycle. She checked and said that he could have still continued on the same droppers for another 2 days, but given the recent symptoms, she gave him 3 new remedies.

  1. Physical – Carbo h. 30C
  2. Emotional – Crot. c. 200C
  3. Mental – Fluor. ac. 1M

That same day, he called me from school (this was before he received his new remedies) and he asked to be picked up from school because he had hurt his toe and thought it was broken or sprained. When I got to school, I could tell that it wasn’t that serious by the way he was moving, although it was swollen. When we got home, I put some frankincense, massage blend essential oil and peppermint essential oil and within an hour, there was no more pain. Thank goodness for the essential oils. I think the new homeopathic droppers helped as well. He had a night terror that evening and the following evening.

On Saturday, Dec 10th, Moses found out that his budgie bird in NL died. He was very sad and mad. He was mad all day long.

On Sunday, Dec 11th, his cough continued and seemed to be getting worst. It hurt for him to cough. The cough was so bad that I was worried that might develop into pneumonia. He had play dates on the Sat and Sunday, so he still had energy to play and have fun, but on Sunday evening, he was feeling he sick and mad and down in the dumps. His Heilkunstler gave him a new cold dropper (Pop. c. 9C), and Moses’ CoRe practitioner  noted that :

“It is interesting to note that from a German New Medicine perspective coughing is a sign of territorial fear conflicts and a result of a previous irritation of the air passages, when the person was in stress mode. Coughing is a release, but can become chronic when the stress repeats itself. In essence it is a healing process in the body that can be quite uncomfortable, but is meant to clean up and restore the respiratory system.

All healing symptoms worsen at night when our mind is more relaxed and when our body is at rest – with the coming of night we switch to the autonomic nervous system and the body begins a process of self-cleansing etc – and all fevers, coughs and such can feel worse then.”

It’s true – Moses’ symptoms always worsen at night. By the evening of the following day (Dec 12), Moses was feeling much better. He still had a cough, but it was better than it was. I think the  homeopathic dropper helped. I also massaged his back with melissa essential oil (which has anti-viral properties). And, he had a pocket full of essential oil cough drops, which he was popping in his mouth as needed during the day.

On the evening of Dec 13, Moses’ cough was worse again, and he was also very emotional because he didn’t do so well on a social studies test and DH was harder on him than he needed to be.

On the evening of Dec 14, his coughing worsened again, and he was up half of the night coughing. He also had the beginnings of a night terror, but came out of it easily. We kept him home from school on Dec 15th to rest. There’s a also huge bump starting under his right armpit.

Tomorrow is Moses’ next Heilkunst appt, and his last day of school before the holidays. Next week, Moses will be starting at a new day home in our new community, then I’ll spend a week home with him during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, and then he starts a new school in January. There are still a lot of new transitions that Moses is navigating. I am hoping that now that we are rooting in one home (which all three of us love) that things will start to settle down for Moses. I also hope that the continued homeopathic and CoRE treatments continue to help his system to stabilize.

More info re: Inergetix CoRe treatments


No more prophylactic antibiotic!!!!

Moses had a consultation with his new infectious diseases specialist. They  cultured Moses’ MRSA infection and it is resistant to Doxycycline, so we can stop Doxycycline. It’s as simple as that!  I’m so happy!!!!  Moses has been on a prophylactic  antibiotic since he was 4 years old. That’s six full years / more than half of his life of taking a prophylatic antibiotic. Every single day. It’s an answered prayer to get him off if it. Thank goodness!!!!

Given that Moses has been getting recurrent abscesses in the last month (aka MRSA infections), I could have told you that Doxycycline wasn’t helping (and his prophylactic antibiotic before that [Keflex] didn’t help either). I am so happy, happy, happy to get him of this medication. It also caused staining of his teeth, so not only did it create havoc on his gut flora, it also caused aesthetic issues.

I’m a bit worried that his immunologist will want to re-start him on a different prophylactic antibiotic (since just about all individuals with Moses’ diagnosis are on a prophylactic antibiotic), but for now, starting tomorrow, we have the blessing of at least one physician to stop the antibiotics. Woot woot! May he continue to have the blessings of his physicians to remain off of the antibiotics and give his system time to heal. (Or may DH be on board with keeping him off of antibiotics regardless of what the doctors say).

By the way, we have been using a daily probiotic – perhaps now the probiotic will be able to do its job.

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  • Stopping and restarting prophylactic antibiotic in August 2014. Read here.
  • Thoughts on starting Doxycyline.

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November 2016 – My Heilkunst update

This is a summary of my Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update from mid-October to late November (6 weeks). Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

I started the following droppers on October 18, 2016:

1) Vern. 30C – (Physical – Digestion/Neck and shoulder pain/Itchiness/TMJ/Plantar’s warts/Hay fever/Allergies) – a drop a day

2) Puls. 200C – (Emotions – Anxiety/Stress concerning Moses, new job and transition to new life in Calgary) – a drop a day

3) Pilo 1M – (Mentals – Socialization/Self-confidence/Self-esteem) – a drop a day

4) Peri-menopausal – Eryng. m. 30C – a drop a day or as needed

5) Anxiety re transition to new job and new home – Stan. 30C – a drop a day

New Timeline Wafers:

A – Gall. ac. 12C/30C/200C/1M/10M – memory of Moses being in NICU at birth and working at the same hospital now.

B – Physo. 12C/30C/200C/1M/10M/50M – Abuse pre-age 5

After starting my droppers, I noticed that I was itchy and was scratching at night. Especially my stomach area. A week later, I was feeling annoyed, ungrounded and itchy. Likely a healing reaction to my timeline wafer clearing that I finished right before I started these new powders (i.e., clearing ending a significant relationship with a spiritual teacher).

Moses and I spent the day at the Children’s hospital, meeting his new immunologist and getting blood work on Oct 27th. It took me days to get over this day. I dropped into a dark funk, and I grieved another layer of emotions related to having a son with a combined primary immunodeficiency. Moses had been abscess-free for so long (since Feb), and now he had tons of  abscesses (~7 in three places). My poor boy. What was going on? I felt grief and guilt-stricken too because Moses has an undeniable pattern of developing abscesses after I spend time with spiritual people. This will sound woo-woo to most, but I’ve been the pattern too many times over too many years not to see the pattern. And, I was heart-broken because I think it means that I will need to take space from some friends who I love. I was also grief-stricken because his immunologist strongly recommended that Moses receive monthly IVIG infusions, which means spending a day at the hospital once a month to receive a blood product made up of immunoglobins donated from thousands of people. His immunologist in our last city had recommended it too, but didn’t strongly push it and our family wasn’t ready to go this route. To me, the feels like admitting defeat – that my son needs such an extraordinary intervention to be well. Also, it’s signing up for a monthly appointment at the hospital, when my son needs to be hooked up to an IV. And, it’s managing yet another appointment, while DH and I are both trying to manage fulltime jobs and responsibilities. It feels like a whole lot. And yet and yet and yet…. my gut has been telling me “say yes to the IVIG. It will help”. And so, we are saying yes. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t grieve.

We are also three weeks to moving again. We purchased a sweet home in a nearby community. I hate that we need to pack, un-root and transition again after so many transitions in the last couple of months. And also trying to keep life as stable as possible for Moses. I’m going through a hard time right now. I’m not sure if it’s worst because of what I’m clearing homeopathically. It’s hard for me to tease out what’s what.

Clearing trauma of Moses being in NICU at birth

On November 1st, I started my timeline wafers (Gall) to clear the trauma of Moses’s birth. Again. I’ve cleared the trauma associated with Moses’ birth in the past (and Moses has cleared his own birth – the physical effects and emotional effects), but I knew that it needed to be recleared for me because I’m now actually working at the very same hospital where Moses spent the first 6 days of his life at NICU. He was born at one hospital, had difficulty breathing when he was born and he was whisked away from my belly moments after his birth so that he could be intubated. Because the hospital that he was born in didn’t have a Level 3 NICU, he was transported in an ambulance to another hospital within hours of his birth. He was such a trooper that he ripped out the tubes that were inserted into his lungs during his ambulance ride. I was later transported in an ambulance to the same hospital that Moses was. I remember waking up with a night terror, the night of Moses’ birth. I woke up screaming and trying to get out of my hospital room, the nurse trying to calm me down. My first hours as a mother wasn’t supposed to be that way. I still hadn’t met or held my son. I didn’t see him or get to hold him until the next morning, 12 hours after he was born.

I knew that I needed to reclear this timeline event because on the day before my interview for my new job, when I looked at the map of the hospital where I was going to be interviewed, I burst into tears because it retriggered the memories of Moses’ difficult first days. And now, every morning when I drive to work, I am reminded about Moses’ birth. Every single morning.

It’s kind of ironic that my life’s journey has lead me to working at a hospital. I’m actually working for the university as a research coordinator, but my office is at the hospital. The project that I’m working on is about less medical interventions at birth, so it’s a project that I am passionate about. I feel that it’s quite amazing that I have this current role (divine intervention?) given that it’s a completely different line of work than what I have done in the past, since I’m a wildlife biologist by training. I’m actually loving my new job – I’m using my skills (i.e., project coordination, writing, research) on a project that I’m passionate about. I also love my colleagues. So, I feel that this clearing will be important and so very helpful in me being able to more present with my current job and will allow me to make peace with the past, which will help with my healing journey as well as Moses’.

My healing reaction was an increase in rashes on my belly. My belly was a mess of bloody scabs during this time. Symbolic? hmmmm…

It’s now a few weeks later and I am no longer reminded about Moses’ birth every time I drive to my work. Thank goodness!

Clearing childhood trauma

We moved to a new home on Nov 19th, Moses had his first IVIG infusion on Nov 23rd and I started my new timeline wafers (Physo. 12C/30C/200C/1M/10M/50M) on Nov 24th. I had delayed started the new wafers by four days, but perhaps I should have delayed even more because they hit me like a ton of bricks. These wafers were related to clearing a childhood trauma that occurred when I was less than 5 years old. I felt like I was travelling through dark energetic muck during this time and everything felt that much harder. I also had an intense headache and my neck and shoulder pains were much more intense than they normally are. I’m still in the middle of it right now as I just took the 10M wafer today. I’ll be taking my last wafer (50M) tomorrow, on the day of my next appt with my Heilkunstler. It’ll take at least a couple more weeks before this works through my system. Suffice it to say that it feels intense, and it’s been an intense time for the family with all of the changes that we’ve gone through in the last three months (moved across the country, started a new job in a new field, moved homes again, and of course, holding space for everything that Moses is going through physically and emotionally).

Overall, I’m actually coping extremely well and doing so well. I think everything that I’ve been doing to support myself has been helping (e.g., homeopathy, karmic healing, essential oils, daily walks in nature,  listening to meditations, trying to stay grounded, listening to my intuition, saying no to some things that don’t feel right, saying yes to things that feel right, not over-scheduling). I also really feel that the Thrive supplements that I’ve been taking have been helping to give me more energy and mental clarity. I feel that they’ve been a complete game-changer actually.

It also helps that I absolutely love, love, love my new job and the people that I’m working with. And, I love, love, love the city that we are living in and the nearby mountains and our new home. I love everything about our new lives. I’m so happy and relieved that we had the courage to take the leap of faith and everything has worked out. Big sigh out of relief. And, DH is also so happy living here. It just feels like sunshine in our lives and in our home.

My biggest concern at the moment is to get Moses off of the “abscess train” that we are on. I’m hoping that the IVIG infusions will help. May it be so. Nonetheless, I’m thankful that Moses is doing as well as he is doing. He is otherwise healthy and well. And for that, I am thankful.


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Our IVIG experiences

Moses had his first IVIG infusion on November 23, 2016. My plan is to keep track of all of his IVIG experiences in this post for easy tracking.

This last week was a crazy one for us. We moved homes for the second time in three months on Nov 19th, and then four days later, Moses had his first IVIG infusion. I was grief-stricken leading up to his first infusion for reasons that I detailed in a previous blog post. I’ve also spent a lot of time reading up on IVIG infusions, including potential side effects, etc. so I was worried about the procedure. I was also concerned about making the procedure as easy (and painfree) as possible for Moses.

His nurse and others with experience with receiving IVIG infusions recommended keeping Moses hydrated so that his veins would be full, and also keeping him warm. Some individuals take pre-meds to help them tolerate the infusions better (like Benadryl, Tylenol, gravol or other anti-nausea medications). We didn’t bother with any pre-meds since we wanted to see how he if he needed it. We had Emla cream handy, but his nurse told us that they preferred not to use it because the Emla cream sometimes makes it harder to insert the IV because it causes veins to hide.

For the two weeks before his infusion, we kept reminding him to drink more water than he typically drinks. We also made sure that he was warm, and wore mitts to his appointment, and when he got to the hospital, they wrapped his arms with a warm blanket. Before he left for his appointment, I put Balance essential oil blend on his hands because it helps oxygenate blood and I know of some RNs that use Balance to help veins to pop out before IV insertion or before patients give blood. Some people use clove essential oil as a natural analgesic (I use it before I get any blood work), but clove is quite stinky and technically the hospital is a scent-free zone, so I didn’t use it. Thankfully, the nurse had no problem at all finding a good IV insertion location and they got the IV in on the first try. Moses was a trooper and didn’t even use any Emla cream. Whew! So thankful and relieved that it wasn’t a traumatic experience for him (as it has been in the past).

They used IGIVnex. The immunoglobulins came in a clear bottle and was clear in colour. They infused it over 6 hours because the longer the infusion takes, the lower the probability of side effects like nausea or headaches. Moses tolerated it really well. He didn’t really have any side effects, except for some slight nausea later that evening, and I rubbed a digestion essential oil blend on his belly, which always helps him when he has any belly upsets. I’m so happy and relieved that it went well. Next time, they will try infusing it over 4 hours. Hopefully, it will go just as well. The plan now is for Moses to receive IVIG infusions every 4 weeks, indefinitely. (DH and I will assess how Moses does and see, but the immunologist’s plan is that this is part of his course of treatment now).

Even though the infusion was 6 hours, Moses was at the hospital for an additional couple of hours because he saw the surgery team and they were planning on draining one or two abscesses that he had that were ready for drainage. They even had him fast for 6 hours, in case they were going to do a procedure, but then after all of that waiting a surgical emergency came up and they couldn’t fit him in. It’s now four days later, and those abscesses haven’t resolved themselves, so I will need to call the surgeon tomorrow to see if she can fit him in sometime this week. Goodness – we so want to get off of this abscess train. It’s hard on the family, and of course, especially hard for Moses. The hope is that the IVIG will decrease the frequencies of abscesses. May it be so.

Moses says that he hasn’t felt any different since the IVIG infusion, but he felt well enough to play hockey the day after his infusion, so that was a good sign. He said that he felt more tired while skating, but he still scored a couple of goals during the practice game. And, today, we did a 4 km hike at Lake Louise and he did just fine. So proud of my boy and thankful that his first IVIG experience was a positive one overall. May they all be so.

December 21, 2016 (2nd infusion)

On Dec 21st, Moses had his second IVIG infusion. He had a difficult IV start, but they were able to get the IV started at a second site. Because they started the IV later, they sped up his infusion (~3 hours; the first infusion was 6 hours), which was probably too fast because later that evening, he vomited twice and had a nasty headache. Poor boy.

They thought he had a difficult IV start because he wasn’t drinking enough. Our son generally doesn’t drink enough and no matter how much we encourage him to drink more, he doesn’t remember to drink unless we put a glass in front of him to drink. ugh.

He slept in the next morning and I kept him home with me the next day

A couple of days later, he developed a double ear infection and a viral chest infection (infections that he generally doesn’t get). Read more here.

January 20, 2017 (3rd infusion)

On Friday, January 20th, AJ was scheduled for his third IVIG infusion. They were able to get the IV inserted on the first try and AJ was a real trooper during it (closing his eyes and breathing through it), with the support of a Child Life Specialist. But then he freaked out when he realized that the nurse was going to flush some saline solution through the IV because the flushing caused him pain when they tried to flush on the Wed and Thursday of this week. And he completely lost it (screaming and kicking and thrashing about), and they lost the IV site. They called the expert IV specialists, but he was so anxious and in such a state that they couldn’t even try to insert the IV. One of the nurses remarked that it would take 3 grown men to hold AJ down for the IV insertion and they couldn’t do it. So then his immunologist was called in for a consultation and he explained to AJ why he thought the IVIG would help him (since he’s seen that it’s helped others with his diagnosis), but it might take 6 months for his body to get used to the infusions and for us to see a difference.

AJ agreed to the IV if they sedated him for it, so they planned to give him Madazalam (conscious sedation), but it took a lot of time for pharmacy to prepare the Madazalam, and we waited, waited and waited. We arrived at the hospital at 10 am to allow more time for the infusion (since last time, AJ had a bad reaction to the IVIG because of the fast infusion). And, unfortunately because of AJ’s anxiety, they couldn’t even get the IV in to start the infusion until 2:30 pm, and they did a 4 hour infusion. We were at the hospital for 10 hours for a 4 hour infusion.

A couple of days later, he was sick (nauseous, achy, headachy, low energy). hmmm….


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Late Nov 2016 – Heilkunst update

This is a summary of Moses’ Heilkunst (sequential homeopathy) update in late November over a 10 day period. Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.

On November 13, 2016, Moses started the following droppers:

1) Turn. a. 30C – (Physical – abscesses/Rashes/Ear fissures/Thrush in mouth/Asthma/Ulcerated tongue/Bumps on head/Accident prone/Tooth decay/Brain fog/Bloody snot/Itching/Food allergies/Sleep/Effects of anesthesia) – a drop a day

2) Euon. atro. 200C – (Emotions – Anger/Grief over move to Calgary and missing friends and relatives) – a drop a day

3) Lep. bon. 1M – (Mentals – Academic motivation/Friendships/Peer socialization/Babyishness with mother/Overly emotional) – a drop a day

4) Anxiety re: transitions to new home and school and impeding second move, as well as anxiety about medical interventions – Gadus 30C

5) Cold: Pod. 12C

On the day that Moses started his new remedies (even before he started these droppers), he had cold symptoms (difficulty breathing, coughing, needing puffer) and had 4 abscesses under his left armpit and 2 abscesses under his right armpit.

He received a karmic healing on Nov 15th, and we moved to a new community on Nov 19th, so this week was a time of intense change for Moses. On November 22nd, he had a night terror during which one of his abscesses drained because he thrashed around so much. He woke up with a new painful abscess in a new place the next morning, and the abscess in his armpit was huge. He was scheduled to start his first IVIG infusion on this very day (read more about that experience here). I emailed his Heilkunstler because of the increase in symptoms and she told me that he was already proving these remedies and was ready for new droppers. Since moving to Calgary, Moses has been needing new droppers more frequently (when we were in NL, Moses was on the same dropper for 3 weeks – now he is needing new droppers every 10 days or so). Goodness!