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Tips for Managing your Child’s Heilkunst Treatment

Dear friends,

As you know, my interest in Heilkunst treatment as a modality of healing has been renewed after a 2 year break. I’ve recently had the pleasure to connect with a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst, Sandra Weizman. Sandra has so much knowledge to share and she offered to write a guest blog post with tips on how to manage your child’s Heilkunst treatment.  In this article, she shares information about remedy potencies, how to make your own remedies, tips for helping your child take their remedies, orgone energy, and so much more!

Tips for Managing your Child’s Heilkunst Treatment

By Sandra Weizman, DMH, DHHP

I began treating my son with homeopathy when he was a young child. On two separate occasions, with two different practitioners, my husband was unsupportive and felt it was a waste of time and money. At that time he was working in advertising sales and he happened to call the owner of a dinner theatre company to sell him an ad. Somehow during the conversation my husband mentioned that he had an autistic child. The dinner theatre proprietor started telling him that his adult son used to have autism as well, but that he recovered with the use of special diets and homeopathy. My husband stopped complaining about the cost and time involved. Two years later, we were with a new practitioner, and there were more complaints from my husband. Then one day he sold an ad to an organic produce company. The same thing happened. The business owner told him that she had an autistic child who recovered using homeopathy. My husband stopped complaining and became supportive from then on.

Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy, coined the term “occurrents,” for seemingly unrelated events that occur at significant times for specific reasons. What most people would call a coincidence is often a phenomenon meant to happen at a specific time and place to either assist you in achieving something, remind you of some trauma that you have not yet resolved, or perhaps show you the path or be a guiding light. Whether you believe in God or simply in a higher power, things happen for a reason. I was resolved to continue trying to heal my child; my husband was not supportive of my efforts and people were put in his path as guiding lights.

Through such guiding lights I was led to study Heilkunst in my desire to treat children with special needs and their families and to share this amazing system of medicine with them. I would now like to share a few tips for parents managing their children’s treatment.

It’s All in the Potency

Heilkunst practitioners typically prescribe remedies in the C-scale (centesimal scale). However, We will often start at a 30C and go up in potency to a 200C, followed by a 1M, 10M and so on. However, if there is a strong or lingering healing reaction, some may either pair the C-scale remedies with LM-scale remedies, in an attempt to add a gentle, more spherical dose to help ground or even out the effect of the C-scale remedy. There is a duality insofar as the C scale represents the male side while the LM represents the female side, sort of like yin and yang. That being said, LM potencies are capable of having a strong impact that is not always gentle in nature.

Other potencies that we have in our tool chest include homocords as well as the Fibonacci. Homocords combine two or more potencies into one dropper. So, for example, if you are prescribed Arnica 3C/5C/7C, it combines all three low potencies in the same remedy. This can be especially effective for certain remedies that offer an energetic rendering of a biomedical intervention that the child needs. A good example of a successful homocord used for autistic patients is Secretin 3C/6C/9C. The homeopathic version of Secretin can give the patient a similar benefit to gastrointestinal disorders that the physical drug bestows. In the case of my own son, when we first tried Secretin 30C, it proved destabilizing, but the homocord improved his gut problems significantly.

Homeopath and medical doctor Joe Rozencwajg, who published the book The Potency, Advanced Prescribing in Homeopathy, says that he sometimes prescribes a homocord such as Belladonna 30C/200C, because he is not sure which of the two potencies the patient needs. He claims that the patient will utilize the one needed and slough off the other one with no ill effect. It could be possible, however, that the patient requires both potencies simultaneously.

Rozencwajg also developed prescribing according to the Fibonacci Code. Fibonacci, a 12th century Italian mathematician, developed his mathematical algorithm that mimics what is found in nature, such as the coiled nautilus shell, and in man-made entities, such as the Parthenon or Leonardo da Vinci’s Golden Ratio. Fibonacci prescribing generally begins with 3C, 5C, 8C, 13C, 21C, 34C, 55C, 89C, 144C, 233C and so on. Many patients respond well to this manner of prescribing and many practitioners report success when they start with potencies this low.

Fibonacci scale

Fibonacci scale

Fibonacci scale

Fibonacci scale in nature

Many Heilkunst practitioners use paper remedies and tell their patients to write the remedy on a small piece of paper and tuck it into a sock or pocket. Since none of the original substance remains in a remedy when potentized beyond 12C, and only the energy of the original substance remains, the same energy is available in the universe and therefore the act of simply writing it down and holding it close to one’s body will work, provided it is the correct remedy.

I sometimes use paper remedies, but I prefer to teach my patients how to make the remedies themselves by adding spring water to a dropper bottle, affixing the label to the bottle, and succussing it multiple times. I often give them a paper remedy to write down and try out overnight. If their symptoms improve with it, I may then suggest that they make it up in a dropper bottle or I will make it up for them. That way, we can more easily control the frequency with which they are receiving the remedy. If it’s an acute remedy such as ARR (Arnica/Ruta/Rhux-t) for a twisted ankle, for instance, I will recommend that they either take a drop every 15 minutes or put a drop in their water bottle to sip on throughout the day.

Sometimes kids, especially those with autism, may blow the powder off the paper or spit out the wafer. I always reassure parents that this is nothing to worry about because as long as the remedy touches inside the mouth, it will work. If your child gets into the remedies and drinks the contents of all the dropper bottles and swallows all the powders or wafers, this is also not cause for concern. (I treated one autistic child who did this exact thing.) The body takes in what it needs as though it is a single dose. Sometimes if stressed and operating with little sleep, the parents may get confused and accidentally take their children’s remedies or give their own remedies to their kids. This, too, is no cause for concern. Each individual only assimilates what they need; the rest is sloughed off with no adverse side effects.

For those children with more severe behaviour problems who tend to have healing reactions that involve aggression or self-injurious behavior, I have a different method for administering the remedies. Once I establish the sort of pattern the child tends to exhibit with healing reactions, I will prescribe acute remedies for these sorts of more challenging behaviours. I ask the parents to obtain bottles with a spray attachment. That way, if the child becomes unruly or aggressive or self-injurious behaviours are out of control, it can sometimes be very difficult to enlist their cooperation to open their mouths for a drop. Instead, I have the parents spray a fine mist of the remedy over their head. I find this works with great success.

While it is recommended that patients schedule follow-up appointments every four to six weeks, I find that there are some, particularly children, who are on a three-week cycle and require their next set of remedies more quickly. We know this because such patients start to ‘prove’ their remedies, that is, after a time the remedies begin to worsen the symptoms that they were prescribed to alleviate. In these cases, more frequent appointments are highly recommended.

Orgone Energy

In addition to the complete writings of Samuel Hahanemann, Heilkunstlers also incorporate the works of Rudolf Steiner (founder of the Waldorf School Movement and anthroposophical medicine) and Wilhelm Reich, an MD and psychoanalyst who initially was a protegé of Freud’s, but later broke away and formulated his own theories of orgone energy. Reich discovered a bioelectrical charge whose flow within the body could be detected as waves passing through his clinical patients as they began experiencing intense emotional breakthroughs.

The ability of the body to expand and contract and not become “stuck” in one mode, is what Reich termed the pulsation of life. This pulsation of expansion and contraction also followed a specific four-beat cycle:

Tension – Charge – Discharge – Relaxation

Reich was able to produce the positive effects of this four-beat cycle through the creation of an orgone accumulator. (Read more here). The effects have been reproduced in orgone pendants that create a field of high frequency energy that interacts with one’s energy field, raising and strengthening it.

You can wear one of these pendants around your neck and you can also place your homeopathic dropper bottles on the pendant. Within a half hour, the remedy will be energized many times over and work more effectively. The same holds true for essential oils. These pendants can be purchased here. I highly recommend them to my patients.

Orgone pendent

Orgone pendant

Orgone blankets, made with interleaved layers of fabric and steel wool, can also be very helpful in managing pain. The energy they provide gives off heat and a reduction in symptoms of pain. You can order them here or from Elizabeth Van Gulick at orgone@bell.net. You can even make your own, if so inclined. I keep mine on the couch in my own clinic and wrap it around those patients who need it for the duration of their appointment.

orgone blanket

Orgone blanket

These are just a few of the many tips I have learned in my practice that can help you to administer remedies to your child, alleviate symptoms, energize your remedies, and support you through the journey of healing.

Sandra Weizman, DMH, DHHP, practices Heilkunst Medicine and Homeopathy in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is a Board member of the Canadian International Heilkunst Association. She can be reached at Clinic for Heilkunst Medicine, Sandra@heilkunstmedicine.com or by phone at 403-238-1734. Appointments are in person, by phone or Skype and she welcomes distance clients.

Sandra Weisman

Sandra Weizman

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Clearing Tuberculinum LM3 (again) (my journey)

During my consultation with my homeopath in early January, the pendulum indicated that I wasn’t quite done clearing Tuberculinum on the LM scale and still needed to the Tub LM3 in dropper form (read my journey with clearing Tuberculinum  to 50M in December here). I wasn’t ready to clear any new powders this month. It made sense since January is still in Tuberculinum season. So interesting that both Moses and I were still needing to clear Tuberculinum – we were mirroring each other.

“Tuberculosis – the essence of this disease state is restlessness, the desire to escape from the encroaching limits of the psoric state. There is no sense of peace in the present, but a continual need to move, preferably to higher ground (> mountains), but where they then feel the constriction in their heart, forcing them to move to descend. They feel caught between opposing forces and seem condemned to wander the earth without repose. There is an increasing sense of lack of connection with life as manifested in the lung symptoms. The paleness and weakness also speaks to the increasing lack of vitality.” – Source (page 68).


  • Nat Mur CM (old grief – this is such a key emotion for me – it goes so deep); Tub LM3; Bacillinum 50M (I think this was to prevent any potential bacterial healing reactions related to healing Tub); Sepia 10M (totally fed up – typically the “mother’s remedy”); Nux Vomica 200C (can’t stand losing); Phosphorus 10M (outgoing, enthusiastic constitutional type); drainage.
  • Pyrogenium - 1 M for 2 weeks, then 10M for 2 weeks (this was related to bowel health) – 3 times a day (fascinatingly, within 3 days of starting this dropper, my bowel health changed for the better);
  • Lachesis MM (guilt, jealousy, envy) – this is quite a high potency!/ Arsenicum 50M (fear, control) – 3 times a week.

Tissue salts:

  • “The use of tissue salts at specific junctures throughout treatment can help restore function at the cellular level and reverse the disease process. They constitute an important part of regimen and help alleviate symptoms that are the result of imbalance (rather than disease proper).”
  • Nat Mur 6X – This cell salt/tissue salt is for Cartilage, Mucus, Cells and has the function of helping with headaches, water retention, indigestion, nutrition absorption, cell division/growth, colds, emotional Stress, sleeplessness and headaches.
  • Calc Fluor 6X – This cell salt/tissue salt is for Bones, Elastic Tissues, Teeth, Joints and has the function of tissue elasticity.

I felt depressed immediately after I started taking my new remedies (things often get worse before they get better with homeopathy), but within 24 hours, I was starting to feel more optimistic and that optimism and inner peace continued for most of the month.

Overall, truthfully, I have been feeling good. As Elizabeth Gilbert said in “Eat, Pray, Love”, “Even in my underpants, I feel different”. Overall, at my core, I am feeling more at peace. More balanced.

A big outward sign that something significant has changed is that I’m dancing again. I’m taking a weekly Modern Dance class just for me. Just for the joy of it. I love it.

Dancing on the street

Dancing on the street (summer 2013)

Oh! And I learned to ice skate recently.

Learning to skate

Learning to skate

Right now, things are feeling emotionally charged as our family is discordant about a few issues, but underneath the outward turmoil at the moment, I can still access that quiet voice that lets me know that all will be okay.

I’m thankful that Moses is healthy and well. I need to anchor myself in that reality. Overall, all is well.


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Clearing Tuberculinum to 50M (again)

Moses started clearing Tuberculinum to 50M/LM5 again in early January. This is the second round of clearing Tuberculinum and the second time that he cleared 50M. He already cleared Tuberculinum to 50M  back in Oct/Nov 2014, but each chronic miasm has its season and the Tuberculinum season is now (Dec/January). Moses cleared Tuberculinum back in October (out of season) because his Heilkunstler uses a pendulum to determine what Moses’ body needs and back in October, his body was calling for a clearing for Tuberculinum (recall, we just started back to homeopathy after a two year break in October). Fascinatingly, even back in 2011, Moses’ last Heilkunstler also choose to clear Tuberculinum out of season and out of order. Obviously, this is an important miasm for Moses to clear.

Clearing this miasm is obviously an important piece to Moses’ healing. It’s related to the lungs, and Moses has a history of pneumonia and asthma, so my hope is that clearing this miasm will heal the root cause of his lung issues.

He also had powders (Phos / Led / Hyper / Arn 30C to 10M) to clear the general anaesthesia that he received at the end of December when he had 3 abscesses drained.

He also had these droppers:

– one dropper that had all the following (taken twice per day)  (read a good article that explains how Heilkunst can cure multiple diseases at the same time here):

  • Anacardium 50M (related to the hallucinations that he was having while clearing Med last month)
  • Bac CM/ LM6 (related to infections and probably to help reduce the potential for healing reactions)
  • Nitricum acidum (resentment)
  • Staphylococcinum 10MM (a huge potency – his Heilkunstler says that she doesn’t typically dose at this potency, but this is related to Moses’ abscesses, which as you know has been out of control, so it doesn’t surprise me; and also related to victimization)
  • Silicea 30C (a constitutional remedy for perfectionism);
  • Nat-M CM (for grief)
  • Pulsatilla 50M (a constitutional remedy for changeability);
  • Sarsaparilla 200 C (related to Moses’ fissures in his ears)
  • Lycopodium 1M (related to his ear fissures);
  • Graphites 12X (I think this was also related to his ear fissures).

- Hyper / Acon / Arnica 50M – twice a day (this is for the corneal shield ulcer that Moses had when he was ~4 years old– his eyesight still hasn’t recovered in that eye [he still can’t see clearly in that eye, even with corrective lens]);

– Calici 1M (this was for his wet cough)- 3 times a day for one week (sure enough, within a week, of taking this remedy, his wet cough was gone); and

Stramonium MM (for his night terrors that occur around the full moon) / Tub LM6 (to provide support during his clearing of the Tub powders) / Staphysagria 50M (for feelings of victimization) – 3 times a week.

On January 9, he took the Tuberculinum 50M/LM5 powder and started the other droppers. He started the powders for the general anaesthesia on Jan 10 (and took one a day for a total of 4 days).

Healing reactions

  • His nose seemed extra runny in early January, but this wasn’t necessarily new as he had a runny nose in December as well.
  • He had four night terrors this month (typically, he only has one night terror around the full moon): one on the full moon on Jan 6, one four days after the full moon (he also was dosed a Tuberculinum powder at 10M that same day, so perhaps it was related to that?), one 2 days before the new moon, and 7 days after the Feb 3 full moon. But, on the good side of things, he did not have a night terror on the Feb 3 full moon. A sign of progress?  Perhaps he had an increase in night terrors this month because he was clearing the effects of general anaesthesia in December (I find that his night terrors typically increase after having general anesthesia).
  • He had an abscess spontaneously burst on the day that he started the general anaesthesia powders. He has one abscess that is huge that hasn’t drained all month, and 2 others that developed, one of which drained spontaneously a few days ago. Right now, he has two abscesses. No surgical intervention was needed in the last month. It feels that things are settling down a bit from an abscess perspective, but things haven’t completely resolved yet.  More details here.
  • He has been extra itchy at night, which causes him to scratch a lot and as a result, his ear fissures (particularly one ear) are the worst that they have ever been. During an appointment on Friday, his surgeon was particularly concerned about the ear fissures and has suggested extreme measures to keep him from scratching at night. We are already taking extreme measures as he has been wearing custom-made casts on both arms at night when he sleeps for almost a year. It’s a huge source of stress and discord for our family right now. Unfortunately.


There are always blessings that come with the homeopathic clearings. Every round of healing clears another layer of “disease”. For good. Every round of healing brings more clarity, more ease, more light, more truth.

Overall, Moses is doing so great. Really. We need to keep in mind how far he has come. Even though DH is stressed out about Moses’ ear fissures (and is causing all of us stress), there was once a time when Moses’ entire body was covered in rashes (everything except for his feet). We are not dealing with pneumonia or intra-abdominal abscesses. We are well into February and he has been well (no major illnesses this fall / winter). Amazing!

Emotionally, he is well balanced and he is doing well at school. He came home with a 50/50 on a math last week. And doing great socially. So heart-warming to witness.

One interesting that I noticed is that five days after he started this round of clearing, he wanted to wear a dress shirt to school (something he has never been interested in doing before). He wore a dress shirt to school every day for a week. During that same time, he no longer needed me to walk him so far into the school yard. He started to cross the street (with the help of the crossing guard) and walk into the school yard by himself.  Feeling more independent and sure of himself.

I raved about how far Moses has come last month. If you need a reminder, you can read more here.

Overall, I’m feeling that although we are still dealing with some symptoms (abscesses, ear fissures), they are so minor compared to what we have dealt with in the past. This too shall pass. And in the meantime, Moses is doing so well. We need to keep things into perspective.

I am feeling at peace with the path we are on. So thankful for Heilkunst homeopathy and that it is back in our lives, after a 2 year break. I feel that it will bring us home. We see his homeopath on Wednesday and then we will start a new round of clearing. As always, I’ll keep you posted.

More reading

  • Clearing Tub 10M here; and
  • Clearing Tub 50M the first time here;

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Heilkunst testimonial – full autism recovery

Reblogged from Arcanum Wholistic Clinic’s website. It’s a story worth sharing.

“My daughter was 2.5 when we started working with Allyson and Arcanum.  At the time, she had lost all but two words of her speech after receiving her delayed schedule 18 month vaccines, to which she reacted with days of diarrhea, vomiting and fever.  Looking back, there were many red flags throughout her infancy – starting with her struggles to breastfeed – only after she received her Hepatitis B vaccine.  My daughter had minimal to no interest properly playing with toys or interacting with other children.  She instead insisted on obsessively controlling every detail of our days, at which point her tantrums became out of control multiple times per day.  She hadn’t had a formed stool since she developed multiple food intolerances after her vaccines, as well – and when we stopped breastfeeding, she stopped gaining weight for months.  The light in her eyes was just gone – and I so desperately wanted it back.

I began spending my sleepless, crying nights – newborn son in hand, searching for someone to help me.  That’s when I found Allyson and I knew that my prayers had been answered from the first time that I spoke with her.  She understood everything and promised me that I would see the sparkle in my little girl’s eyes again.  The first huge improvement – just days after taking out first remedies, was my daughter sleeping through the night without waking and crying out multiple times.  She was 2.5 and had never slept through the night until this point.  Shortly after this, her bowel movements became formed and her belly slowly lost it’s constant distention…and with that, the ‘hurting tummy’ complaints were minimized as well.  As we navigated through the first couple of months with Allyson, my daughter gained many new words in her vocabulary – then phrases shortly after.  Before she was 3, she potty trained herself in a few short days.

Today at 5 years old, my little girl is talking (all.day.long!) in conversations,  thriving in a Montessori pre-school, spelling and writing words, asking for playdates with friends – finally enjoying being a young child.  The transformations in her because of Heilkunst and Allyson are nothing short of amazing – and I am so thankful for finding this system of medicine and an amazing doctor who truly turned our world around.  As I reflect on the changes over the past couple of years, it pains me to think how different our days and our lives could be now had we not put our faith in Heilkunst.”

~Mom of Former Autistic Babe

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Homeopathy and Heilkunst Support Group

I was happy to find a Homeopathy and Heilkunst Parent Support facebook group.

I was happy to find this group since Heilkunst isn’t a very commonly used modality of healing / treatment and it’s great to have a community to bounce ideas off of and support each other. It’s a closed group (which I like since that means that you need to be a member of the group to read the posts).

You can join here.

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Homeopathy at home, work and play

If you want to learn more about homeopathy, the Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst offers a free downloadable course for  those who wish to know more about Heilkunst/Homeopathy and how to apply it to first-aid and basic emergency situations, pending expert evaluation and treatment where still necessary.

The study material gives you all the tools you need to handle such situations as food poisonings, insect bites, burns, sprains, colds, earaches, coughs and other situations requiring immediate aid. Often, the need for further treatment is eliminated and recovery is speeded up considerably.

They used to charge for this course and now it’s offered for free. Such a great resource! I’ve learned so much already!

Find out more here.

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Clearing Tuberculinum to 50 M (my journey)

This past month, I cleared the first round of  Tuberculinum on the Fibonacci scale (3C to 13C), and then to 50 M / LM5 (which is the second round of powders because a couple of years ago, I cleared Tub to 10M*). I also used these droppers:

  • Nat Mur CM (this is related to feelings of loss of trust) once a day;
  • Drainage #2, Phosphorus 10M (enthusiasm, expression), Sepia 1M (feeling fed up)- 2x per day;
  • Bacillinum 50M / LM5 – 3 times per week (I think to clean up any healing reactions related to Tub); and
  • Tub LM5 – 3x per day after my last Tub powder.

“Tuberculosis – the essence of this disease state is restlessness, the desire to escape from the encroaching limits of the psoric state. There is no sense of peace in the present, but a continual need to move, preferably to higher ground (> mountains), but where they then feel the constriction in their heart, forcing them to move to descend. They feel caught between opposing forces and seem condemned to wander the earth without repose. There is an increasing sense of lack of connection with life as manifested in the lung symptoms. The paleness and weakness also speaks to the increasing lack of vitality.” – Source (page 68).

Two days after I started the Tub powders, my back was killing me. Sooo painful / stiff. I did a quick google search about Tub and back pain and sure enough, I found that this was a common reaction. Two days later, my back was starting to feel better. I also noticed that two of my plantar warts fell off! Wow!

A week after I started the powders,  I felt like my brain felt clearer. I felt less worried, less obsessive about getting things done, and calmer. And the third (and final) plantar wart fell off as well! Yay!

11 days after starting the powders, I felt less burdened emotionally, clearer, more present and more at ease.

17 days after starting the powders, I was still feeling good, less burdened, like I don’t need to strive anymore. I felt that I wasn’t lacking. I felt like I didn’t need to do more to achieve or prove my worth. I felt worthy and whole just as I was. I felt happy and content with my life. I felt like I was enough.

I read with interest, the following case study of another patient who cleared Tuberculinum, and I could relate:

“After one single dose of Tuberculinum, this patient returned for her next appointment as calm as a sleeping kitten, and truly having found a peace within herself that she had never experienced before. The constant chaos that was her mind had evaporated, and she was looking at her life with a clarity and perspective she had never had before.” – Source.

I had experienced that same peace, clarity and perspective. The “constant chaos” within my mind had been abated. There was more peace and clarity. More space between thoughts.

Around this same time, I had a dream that was similar to my dream about the root of Moses’ abscesses being excised, but this dream was about my own healing. I dreamt that something significant was released from the back of my ears.  Symbolically, it feels like I released / forgave something significant about my past. (I think this dream was related to the Nat M dropper as “Nat-m holds on to the past, and has a very hard time of letting go of anything, whether past emotions of hurt, or objects infused with the feeling of sentimentality”- Source). I had let go of something from the past that was holding me back – perhaps an old story about myself that is no longer true.

And just last night, I had another dream that felt significant. I often have repetitive dreams about a certain individual from my past and often in my dream with this individual, I am being over-powered, I am fearful and am a victim. This time, I had a loving interaction with this same person. It feels that yet another aspect of my psyche has been healed. I am no longer a victim.

I am also feeling less lonely. For so much of my life, I have felt lonely – like no one really understands me. I am starting to feel and experience my own self-value and I am starting to realize that as long as I recognize my own self-value, that’s all that matters.

A couple of days ago, I read this (from the Daily Flame inner pilot light messages):

“When your marker of “success” requires a series of achievements, it’s so easy to get caught up in the game of constant winning. But then, when does it end? When are you there? When do you get to breathe and savor and celebrate and trust that you are enough, just as you are, and what you’ve already done is exactly perfect? Don’t stop pursuing your dreams, love. But please let me fill you with the bliss of presence, the appreciation of a job already well done, and the reward of relishing in your radiant awesomeness – right in this moment.”

This so spoke to me because I do chase successes and achievements. And it’s true that chasing these achievements often leaves me feeling empty.

I’ve been getting a strong message to focus inward and to be quiet. To be very choosey with how I spend my time and with whom I spend it. To be still and be quiet. Someone shared with me Lynn Jericho’s inner Christmas work. It’s speaking strongly to me. To have an inward and quiet Christmas. The journey continues….


*Note, the first time that I cleared Tuberulinum to 10M, I had no noticeable healing reaction. (I had a short note about that at the end of this post about Moses).


Clearing Medhorrhinum to 10M

It feels like Moses is done clearing Medhorrhinum to 10M and is ready to clear the next chronic miasm, so it’s a good time for an update.

Interestingly, during the last round of clearing, I cleared Medhorrhinum and Moses cleared Tuberculinum and this last month, Moses cleared Medhorrhinum and I cleared Tuberculinum, so it seems like the same chronic miasms are active in the both of us.

To recap, Medhorrhinum is about:

“The general theme running through all the symptoms of this miasm is of an expansion caught by a restriction, which either causes pain, swelling, or inflammation, and a tendency towards exploding outward. In terms of the mental-emotional state and behaviour of this miasm, there are many extremes. Extremes of behaviour and mood punctuate a characteristically brilliant but unpredictable personality, as is often portrayed in the lives of certain creative artists.” – Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

On the day of Moses’ appt with his homeopath, he was raging and angry and couldn’t control his emotions. His emotions were not to be suppressed. She remarked that he was ready to clear Med. He started clearing Med on November 18 and he cleared with powders from 30C to 10M, 3C to 13C (i.e., including the Fibonacci scale) and LM1 to LM4. He took his last powder on December 3.

He also had these droppers:

  • Fungal 30C, Drainage 2, Thuja 10M (feeling fragile), Belladonna 50M (heat, fever), Sulphur 10M (Moses’ constitutional remedy), Staph 10M (victimization), Hyos 50M (jealousy) – twice a day;
  • Staphyloccocus / Nit-ac MM (that’s a huge potency) – twice a day;
  • Veratrim CM (self-righteousness), Anachardium 10M (split personality: outward compliance with rules or authority, but with an incredible seething rage and hatred simmering invisibly on the inside), Ars 50M (fear, control freak), Bac CM / LM6 – 3 times a week; and
  • Med LM4 dropper once he finished the powders.

Moses started having hallucinations while he was clearing Med (he started seeing things that he knew weren’t there or weren’t real). Understandably, this really freaked Moses out and would have freaked me out except that I knew that Med is the remedy for sycosis and his Heilkunstler said that this was normal. The hallucinations stopped after he took his last powder for Med.

On December 1, I had a dream that the “root” of Moses’ abscesses had been excised, and a huge “energetic” surgery had been done.  It felt like a prophetic / meaningful powerful dream. I was feeling extremely optimistic, especially because Moses was abscess-free at the moment.

On DH’s and my second night in NYC, while we were in Time Square, we had a call from Moses’ grammie that all of Moses’ had drained spontaneously. It felt like a miracle and was such a relief. He was still abscess-free when we returned from NYC for about a week.

But then, two days after the dream, Moses had developed 6 new abscesses:

  • 2 under left armpit;
  • 2 on right left groin;
  • a huge one on the right groin / upper thigh; and
  • large one on his left bum cheek.

I talked to Moses’ homeopath on Dec 5 and she increased his Staphyloccocus dropped to MM (a huge potency). On Dec 10, I talked to Moses’ homeopath again and she thought that the increase in abscesses could have been related to a discharge related to clearing Med. She thought that the Med LM4 dropper would help with the “clean-up”. She thought that with the increase of abscesses, his body was pushing out strongly and that his body was trying hard to come to a resolution. We talked about his state of mind, and I mentioned that Moses was complaining a lot / had a negative mindset, and she said that this was related to the Med mindset. I also mentioned that he was in a victim mindset and she said that it was related to the Staphylococcus that he was clearing, so everything seemed to make sense from a homeopathic perspective, which brought me relief.

I mentioned how Moses started getting chronic abscesses (after being abscess-free for years) when we started clearing the chronic miasms, and she thought that once we clear the first round of the miasms (there are 8 in total), she felt that he would no longer have any abscesses. I pray that this is true, but I also feel in my gut that this is true. Perhaps my dream is also a sign for me not to lose hope. (For my new readers, we had stopped homeopathic treatment 2 years ago because Moses was having such big healing reactions that I wondered what life would be like if we stopped homeopathy. Overall, Moses was healthy and well during those two years, but we have been stuck in a vicious pattern of abscess (67 abscesses since March 2014 alone). It seems to me that he was stuck in this pattern because he wasn’t receiving the homeopathic remedies that his body needed to reach the resolution it needed).

Over the next week after we talked to his homeopath, most of the abscesses either disappeared or spontaneously drained (sometimes several times), and then on Dec 20, he had general anesthesia to have 3 abscesses drained. Then on Dec 22, yet another abscess appeared and then drained on its own within 24 hours. (You can read about all of the details here).


There are always gifts related to homeopathic clearings. Moses is doing so well! He is well-adjusted, calm, vibrant, funny and grounded.

I’ve said this before, but I feel that the homeopathy unlocks something in Moses’ brain. It’s amazing to witness. He did phenomenal on his report card. The best that he has ever done. Last year, he was an average student (and we were very proud of him because we knew that he tried his best). This year, he is excelling in school. My husband said that he never in his life brought home such a remarkable report card. Moses consistently has been getting 30 / 30 on his weekly math tests (it ranges from 27 to 30, but is mostly 30). In previous years, he struggled with paying attention and getting his work done on time, and this year, there are virtually no issues. His penmenship is getting neater and easier to read. He is learning cursive handwriting and he did such a great job that his teacher asked him if I had completed the assignment for him. (Little does she know that my handwriting is atrocious). His teacher also mentioned that his journal writings make her laugh and that he makes an emotional connection to his readers in his writing.

He only missed 2 days of school in this first term (whereas last year, he missed 5 weeks of school due to sick days).

And, socially, Moses is blooming. He is making more and more friends, and is talking about playing with more kids at school. He is getting phone calls from more kids and more kids are coming to our home for playdates. It is so heart-warming to witness.

DH and I were chatting a few weeks ago about how proud we are of Moses, how amazed we are at him and how remarkable we feel that he is, especially in light of all of his past struggles.

He is a true miracle.

I enjoy writing these posts because sharing these reflections helps me to ground the truth and really see how far he has come / how far we have all come.

I am so grateful.

These blog posts are helpful to me because each round of clearing has its difficult times and it’s a great reminder for me that we always make it through and it’s always worth it at the end.

I am so grateful that we are back to integrating homeopathy back into our lives. DH still isn’t a fan of it, but we are  not fighting about it, and for that I am grateful. I no longer feel that I need to convince DH that homeopathy works. It’s not worth the fight. All that matters is that Moses truly is healing. That’s all that matters.

More reading

  • Read about the first time Moses cleared Med to 10 M here and here (Dec 2011 and April 2012). It was a doozy. Reading it helped me to realize that Moses’ abscesses first re-appeared when we first started clearing Med the first time. I also think that I spaced the powders too far apart from each other back then and perhaps that dosing made things worse. I pray that we will get some relief from abscesses soon.
  • Read more about our Heilkunst healing journey here.


The birds are singing again

“The birds are singing in our living room and in our back yard.”

It feels like that statement sums up our lives at the moment. The birds are singing again.

In our living room…

We have two budgie birds, John and Yoko, in our livingroom and they are singing. They bring us such joy.

Over the summer, we had another bird, Ringo, who became sick with a brain tumour (poor bird) and it was sooooo terribly sad when the birds stopped singing. We didn’t have Yoko then and we needed to separate the two birds. John, bewildered, would spend all day over on the side of the cage, peering into Ringo’s cage, silent and watching and worried.

And Ringo would spend his days with his head heavy and would often fall off his stick, only to climb back up again. And again, and again.

It was a heartbreaking couple of months.

Now, we have a new companion for John, and it brings me such joy to hear them singing again.

Backyard birds

We live in a newer neighbourhood without many trees, but close to a green space. When we moved in, we planted a couple of new trees and put up a bird feeder. And then another. Over the years, we often had a pair of dark-eyed juncos who would visit our backyard, but something shifted towards the end of the summer. The pair of juncos must have told their friends because we started to have a multitude of birds show up in our backyard.

This year, we’ve had five blue jays, a northern flicker, a dozen or more juncos,  a chickadee, 20 or more starlings, a couple of crows, and even a sharp-shinned hawk visit our backyard. And, earlier in the summer, we had a big fat American robin and some of his friends, who ate the dozens of cherries on our cherry tree.

Three or so years ago, we planted a pear tree in our front yard. In the first year, it produced one small (inedible) pear. The seond year, it produced ~8 small pears, but we didn’t know how to ripen them. This year ~30 pears and we learned how to ripen them (put them in a pot with a lid along with a couple of ripe bananas). The pears were delicious! We are finally enjoying the benefit of all of the seeds that we have planted.

From our pear tree

From our pear tree

And that’s how our life feels – it feels like the birds are singing in our lives and in our hearts and all of the seeds that we have planted long ago – the seeds of healing for Moses, are now blooming. And it’s time for us to enjoy the benefits of our sweet life.


Clearing Medhorrhinum (my journey)

I’ve also re-started my homeopathic treatment since it helps the child’s healing journey when the parents heal as well. (They say that it is very difficult for a child to heal beyond the level of the parent). And it also helps because I can get a sense of what the process might feel like for Moses.

The pendulum indicated that I needed to clear the Medhorrhinum chronic miasm (i.e., sycosis) on the Fibronacci scale to 13C (I had previously cleared Medhorrhinum to 10M, but not to the Fibonacci scale).

“The general theme running through all the symptoms of this miasm is of an expansion caught by a restriction, which either causes pain, swelling, or inflammation, and a tendency towards exploding outward. In terms of the mental-emotional state and behaviour of this miasm, there are many extremes. Extremes of behaviour and mood punctuate a characteristically brilliant but unpredictable personality, as is often portrayed in the lives of certain creative artists.” – Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

This miasm is all about extremes and I think for me, this miasm shows up in my “all or nothing” personality , and how obsessive I can become about things. Nothing in moderation. All or nothing.

I also received powders to clear Staphysagria on the Fibonacci scale from 3C to 13C.

“The core theme of the phenotype Staphysagria centres around victimization. They are the type who get caught up in cycles of abuse where they are unable to say “no”, or assert a necessary boundary, but immediately regretting and resenting their own lack of voice, along with the actions of their abuser.” – Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

I think this theme shows up with me in my work (i.e., having no boundaries with respect to my workload) and also feeling like a victim in other areas of my life (e.g., in dealing with Moses’ health issues).

She also gave me dropper remedies to help clear the “fall out” (i.e., fungal 30C, drainage 2). And she gave me a couple of droppers to help with some plantar warts that I have (Thuja 50M [feelings of ugliness] / Bac 10M / LM4 / Sil CM) and Caust 1M  /Nit-ac 200C).

Healing reaction

Two days after I started my powders, I felt intensely sad / depressed / headachy. I feel like curling up in a ball and staying in bed. Life felt overwhelmingly sad / hard to manage. Thankfully these feelings passed within 24 hours, but it certainly was intense while I was in it.

So glad to have that layer of energy gone…

The gifts

It’s hard for me to isolate the effects of the homeopathy from the effects of the recent karmic healing that I’ve received and also the effects of the work that I did with my friend Cheryl related to Lissa Rankin’s work. I think it’s all helping. Overall, I have been feeling really good lately. Optimistic. I’m still having difficulties with boundaries at work, but my work load is easing up and DH and I are even going on vacation by ourselves to NYC for a week. We leave in 6 days. Woot woot! Life is good. Not just good – the birds are singing in our sweet lives.


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