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Preparing for his birth

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I received a message before my son was born that he would be sensitive.

In 2001, when I was making plans to attend a 10 day spiritual fast retreat, my second one, the woman who facilitated the fast told me that her guides told her that I was preparing for “him”. Him being the child that I was to have. I was told that he was so sensitive that I needed to prepare and purify my body to receive a soul of such a high vibration. I was told that the child that I would have would actually help the heal the world, the planet.

When I received the message, it felt like “truth” in my body that I knew that it was true.

My son actually didn’t arrive until five years later. During the period of time between the prophecy and his arrival, I went through a lot of things (including a divorce). I wondered if he was really going to come. If I had “purified my body” enough.

There were some moments where I doubted that I deserved him. And, then years when I didn’t believe the truth in her prediction.

And, it wasn’t until a full year after he was born that I realized that the soul that I had been preparing for had actually arrived.


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