Raising a Sensitive Child

Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit

Children of the New Earth

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When I first heard that I was going to be having a “sensitive child” back in 2001, I tried to find what I could on the web.  At that time, I came across channelled information from The Group by Steve Rother about crystal children.  I “knew” then that I was going to be having a crystal child…

Children of the New Earth  http://lightworker.com/beacons/021502Children.shtml
Awakening the Crystal Children http://lightworker.com/beacons/101502AwakeningCrystalChildren.html

Doreen Virtue’s website also has useful information about Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children
http://www.angeltherapy.com/article1.php.  Doreen Virtue is also the author of the highly useful book, The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children and The Crystal Children.

This is also very useful information for parents of indigo and crystal chldren:


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