Raising a Sensitive Child

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Getting to sleep


We had trouble putting our sensitive child to sleep at night.  Even as a baby, he didn’t want to sleep.  I think a lot of it had to do with being in constant pain because he was sensitive to even my breastmilk (because I was [unknowingly] eating things that he was sensitive to).

Now that he’s older (almost three), he’s sleeping better, but these are things that are currently helping us:

  • a himalayan crystal salt rock
  •  crystals in his room
  • praying with him before bed
  • asking for angels (esp. Archangel Michael) to protect our son as he sleeps
  • telling him that he’s safe
  • clearing all of the “scary monsters” from his room, but the “friendly monsters” (his words) can stay
  • routinely “smudging” his room with sage

Doreen Virtue’s book on the Care and Feeding of Indigo Childen is a also a great resource.


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