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Specialists and medical attention


I don’t want to spend a lot of time focusing on this, but to give you the full story, my sensitive boy gets a lot of medical attention. His system has been so sensitive that his entire system is enflamed.

In October 2008, we moved to a new city and it’s taken us a while to get back established in the medical system. On Monday, we met with a respirologist and she’s referred him to a number of specialists.

My son has 9 medical doctors following his case, and some additional practitioners who we are choosing for care:

  1. pediatrician
  2. allergist
  3. dermatologist (update: no more follow ups since we are not following his advice re: medication)
  4. respirologist (update: our province no longer has a pediatric respirologist)
  5. geneticist (update – July 2010: we haven’t had an appt yet)
  6. ear, nose and throat specialist (update: July 2010 – follow up no longer needed)
  7. cardiologist (update: Apr 08 — no follow up needed).
  8. family doctor
  9. shaman psychologist
  10. chiropractor who specializes in healing and energy work (update: no longer seeing this specialist — we want to simpify Moses’ care)
  11. naturopath
  12. dietician (update – July 2010: no more follow ups scheduled)

Yikes!  We are hoping that many of the specialists will only need a treatment or two, and that this list will be pared down.

Please pray with us. Whenever I meditate on this, I get the message that my son is perfect as he is.  He is perfect exactly as he is.


4 thoughts on “Specialists and medical attention

  1. Hi it seems apparent I will be following some of your footsteps during this journey. Because my Em is only 3 1/2 months I am struggling with the accuracy of the results should I go now for blood/skin testing verses going in a few months. The pediatric gasto Doc.. found blood in her stool after I convinced him to check it. I do not want to put her through unnecessary tests a multitude of times. She has eczema now I am not consuming dairy.soy.gluten.She has horrific flatulence, gas after foods I have logged and not taken since.
    Also, I find too that I get inwardly frantic when a issue arises immediately blaming myself with worry/anger/fear….all of which are negatives this I know. I am to learning as being a student in this “life” as it comes with many twists and turns.

    Your confirmation pal

    I even checked “in” regarding Breast feeding.. and I get this is yet another powerful learning experience and you must follow through. Which explains why she refuses I mean down right REFUSES to take a bottle with breast milk. I was going to try giving her NEOCATE doc. prescibed..however this is impossible as I am uncomfortable with the thought of forcing this formula. She loves to BF and I believe needs to for highr reasons I am yet unaware of.

  2. Hi Carla: Thanks for your post and for sharing. It helps to know that I’m not alone. I completely understand where you are coming from. When I get some time, I’m going to share the journey through all of the testing that we did… I guess as always, checking in with your own intuition is the best possible thing that you can do. You know more than anyone else about your child. Trust yourself.

    I had very similar experiences to you re: breastfeeding. Both Alex and I felt strongly about continuing the breastfeeding experience and I had strong intuitions about not using formula. It was a difficult time for me because even my “spiritual teacher” at the time told me that she got the message that I needed to feed Alex “tinned milk” (i.e., formula) and that my breastmilk was low quality food for my son. It was a gut wrenching time for me. And when Alex was 8 months old, my naturopath who was a strong proponent for breastfeeding advised that it may be easier for me to wean him because it was so difficult for me to avoid all of the foods that he was sensitive to. Still, I carried on because I couldn’t find anything that seemed to be a suitable substitute. We carried on to 18 months and I wouldn’t have done it any differently now that I look back.

    I encourage you to just simply follow your intuition. You know best. Moms / dads always know best.


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  4. try seeking a naturopath who has a ZYTO. . . my son now three has been through the ringer allergies, siezers, very sensitive we now seek a naturo/homeo who uses a zyto it cuts out the blood work the guessing the invasive testing and manipualtion.

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