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Rice milk update


Well, the rice milk re-introduction hasn’t gone so well with his eczema flared up and diarhea.  Next time, I’ll crystal test the food before we re-introduce it… 

But, I’m less emotional about the flare up, which shows me that something has shifted internally.  I used to take everything so personally — as though every flare up was a direct result of my poor parenting.  I know that I’m doing the best that I can as a parent and everything is done with love.  That’s all I can ask of myself.


3 thoughts on “Rice milk update

  1. What do you do to crystal test the food?

    It sounds like you’re surrendering to the reality of his eczema – which you know is just an outward example of his sensitivities. I know it can be frustrating for you. We never want to see our children suffer. It’s good to remember that he’s picking up on whatever self-flagellating you might be doing over his flare-ups, so the more you can surrender to it and keep your energy field clear and positive, the less of that stress he’ll absorb.

    To take that point a bit further, I wonder what would happen (for your son) if you continued to nurture that inner shift you’re feeling; focusing on self-love and self-care. Just a thought. Keep me posted!


  2. Hi Alexis:

    I discussed “crystal testing” food here:

    We’ve actually found it remarkably accurate. More accurate than any other testing that we’ve tried (e.g., RAST, IgG, skin tests).

    Thanks for your thoughts too. You are absolutely right, of course. I’ve found it very challenging truthfully. I know that it’s not helpful, but I have felt a lot of guilt about his eczema. It’s still a work in progress, but I appreciate your thoughts… I’ll let you know how it goes.


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