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I’m just me.


I was buckling my son into his car seat and he was being extra rambunctious and in my exasperation, I said, “You are crazy”.

He promptly told me, “No, I am not crazy”.

I asked him, “Are you precious?”

He directly told me, “No, I am not precious”.

So, I asked him, “What are you then?”

He said, “I’m just me.  I’m just me.”

And, so he is.


7 thoughts on “I’m just me.

  1. So happy to have “coincidentally” found your blog! I have a 3 month old crystal baby girl. I am breastfeeding, to date she is highly allergic to DAIRY, and SOY, needless to say I have had to be very strict with my diet. I eat organic foods, no caffeine etc. I am grateful I was in tune with her sensitivities in the womb, it can be a bittersweet experience to say the least.

    I commend your public journey with your son…BRAVO

    Carla Rose

  2. Hi Carla: Thank you so much for your message. I’m glad that you found my blog also.

    I’m glad to hear that you were in tune with your child’s sensitivities in the womb… It took me a while to figure it out, truthfully, so you are further ahead than I was when my son was 3 months old.

    My son’s allergic / sensitive to about 30 different foods, including all of the major ones (egg, dairy, soy, gluten), and many not so common. It’s been a huge struggle, truthfully.

    I’m glad to have “met you” through this forum and would love to stay in touch through this blog or otherwise. I mostly started the blog because I was looking for others in the same situation and was having trouble connecting with other moms of crystal children — esp. those whose children are highly allergic (since that was our situation).

    All the best in your journey.


  3. Hi Janice,

    Thank you for the speedy reply, and additionally Thank you for all the information you are putting out there. All your posts give a wealth of helpful resources to many..even though for you at the time..are perhaps therapeutically releasing on an energetic level.

    In my experience, I have learned that out of ALL negative situations..positive ones arise. In this case, you have had many “struggles” yet it has awakened perceptions that perhaps never would of arose, most importantly could of been more tragic.

    I live in NJ, and have no connections with others who have/or are experiencing similar issues.

    I look forward to communing with you!

    Carla Rose

  4. Hi Carla: Thanks for your note. It helped me. And, it’s confirmation for me to continue sharing my experience. I think I needed to hear that it was helping even one person.

    And, yes, I think I started it as a way to help me release therapeutically on an energetic level. In the last few weeks, I haven’t been sure what direction that I wanted to take it. I think I’ll just carry on now. 🙂

    Funny enough, I was born in NJ, but have spent most of my life in Canada. We’re currently in Newfoundland, having just recently moved here.

    Take care,

  5. Hi,

    Wow! where in NJ? I am currently in Sea Bright near the ocean. Love the sea salt healing properties. Though we may be moving the end of summer centrally located for various reasons. Are you on Face Book? If so can look me up. Carla Rose Schiavone,,, I have pics of my precious Emily on there.

    It is just so wonderfully appropriate how spirit works! I so needed connections/advice with this, and as you have said been contemplating what to do with your Blog …I am so happy you recognize and see the confirmation! . Believe me I am certain many other mothers out there are experiencing the same.. it just may not be their “time” for awakenings. Everything is exactly orchestrated the way it is supposed to be. The people you are intended to reach out to will come forward..hence ME..LOL

    Just got back from WHOLE fOODS..ugg always spend a lot there..But really love the food. It is new for me with this organic eating etc. I am slowly converting all my spices too to organic. This “shift” I am going through is difficult, though I am going with the flow rather than against it..have to for Emily..and even for me. Can you believe that she is so sensitive that when she poops it must be changed asap(would do this anyway) otherwise the skin on her bum starts to get lesions from the poop. Now that is unbelievable. My 15 yr. old is sensitive had some issues but nothing like her.

    Talk soon,

  6. I was born in Teaneck and lived in Kearny until I was five, so I was quite young when I lived there. I have only been back once since, about 7 years ago now.

    It’s great that you mention the sea salt healing properties — we live about 10 km from the ocean and sometimes I forget about the healing properties of the sea.

    Thanks again for the confirmation… 🙂

    It has been great that you have been going with the flow of the shift — it’s always easier when we go with the flow, of course. (But, I agree that it’s sometimes easier said than done). Yeah — Alex often had pretty bad diaper rash, esp. depending on what he was eating.

    We try to eat as much organic as possible, but it’s a bit of a limited supply here — less accessible and less of a selection than in the larger city from which we came.

    I haven’t converted many of my spices yet — though I haven’t been using much spices with Alex’s foods yet.


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