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Another mom of a crystal child


Another mom is now blogging about raising her crystal child.  You can find it here.  My community of parents raising crystal children is growing!


2 thoughts on “Another mom of a crystal child

  1. hi. i am 26 and i have always been very very sensitive to many things. to emotions, to tension, to sound, and even to anger. I have always struggled with dealing with everything i feel inside, and still am. I have not always understood what i am feeling, and i have even tried to avoid or deviate those feelings, building masks upon my attitude, trying to become insensitive to most of all incoming information that makes me shake, but i realized that was very unwise and unhealthy (i can feel it in my body) ,and maybe that’s why im writing on this blog, to maybe hear a word from somebody who feels the same way.

    thanx for reading this.

  2. Hi Gabriel: Thanks so much for your message. It sounds as though you and my son have a lot in common. I am also sensitive, but not nearly as sensitive as he is, or as it sounds as though you are.

    Your sensitivity is a gift, Gabriel. I know that it’s a difficult and challenging path that you (your soul) has chosen, but it is definitely a gift. With your sensitivity, I know that your inner wisdom is strong (I can hear it in the words within your message). All of the answers that you are looking for are within you.

    Be still. Be quiet. The voice of the Divine speaks directly to you – in your thoughts, your feelings, your inner knowingness, your sensitivity. You are not alone. You are supported and loved. Always.

    There is a whole community of people who understand where you are coming from, who you are.

    Your sensitivity is also your power and your strength.

    I’m not sure if that helps you (I hope it does), but it helped me to write it as it reminds me that my son’s sensitivity is his power and strength. Sometimes I get bogged down with dealing with it and I find it a struggle, so I can understand where you are coming from.

    In Light,

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