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“The New Children, Indigo Children, Crystal Children” video


If you are new to the concepts of indigo children or crystal children, this video is a short (8 min) primer on the subject.


My husband found it while googling “crystal children”.  He generally doesn’t like the “indigo children / crystal children” label, but thought that I might be interested in watching it.

He thought it was particularly interesting that it was mentioned on the video that one should not heal a crystal child — it is best if the crystal child is empowered to heal his/herself. Great wisdom there.


3 thoughts on ““The New Children, Indigo Children, Crystal Children” video

  1. Thank you for your article concerning crystal children. I do believe that many advanced beings are born now, at a greater rate than before. I also believe, though, that there are many quite older crystal children who were born as far back as the 1920s and even before. I’m too old to be considered a crystal child, but did remember past lives from the time I was three years old, and have always been in tune with the true reality. Thank you for helping all of us with your insight. Warm wishes, Kay

    Healing Metaphysical Crystal Systems

  2. Thanks for your message, Kay. I agree that there are also older crystal children who were born much earlier than these times. I believe Jesus was a crystal child.

    I don’t believe that I am a crystal or indigo, but a lightworker of some sort.

    We all ultimately come from the same divine source, so I guess the labels don’t really matter, but I use them hear to allow others who think that may have crystal children to find my site.

    Thanks for your message! You are lovely and wise.


  3. Thanks a lot! These children need some special care! More information, you may find on my page!

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