Raising a Sensitive Child

Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit

Your child is already perfect

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As mentioned, I am starting to go through my earlier journal writings from 2007, and sharing them in My Path to Healing blog.

I’ve decided to post some of the journal entries that are relevant to my son here. At the time of my journalling, I asked God to guide me in how best to care for a such sensitive toddler. I was feeling unworthy as a mother because my son was itchy, in apparent discomfort, with eczema all over his body, allergic to most everything.

July 5, 2007 — original journal entry

You child is already perfect, whole, complete, magnificent. There is nothing that you need do to add to that or change that. Just open your eyes and see his magnificence. He is a beautiful sight to behold. Not only from a physical perspective. He is already transforming the world, one heart at a time, starting with yours. Open your eyes and see. He is not flawed in any way. He is perfect. Behold him as such.


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