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One year

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Today is a big day for us because it means that it’s been one whole year of no trips to the ER.  This is huge for us because we spent the first 2.5 years of our little guy’s life making many trips to the ER — 3 anaphylatic reactions, plus less severe allergy reactions, pneumonia, breathing problems, etc.   We were at the ER so often that the nurses started to recognize us — “you’re the parents of the child with all of the allergies”.

The last ER trip was on my husband’s birthday and was the day before we were scheduled to leave on vacation. Our son was hospitalized for three days. We wound up cancelling our vacation, but the blessing was the day after A. was released from the hospital, we sold our home privately on our first showing, and it was followed by a flurry of other activity, which eventually lead to us moving across the country to our current home, which we love.

We have not had any ER visits since we’ve moved to the east coast and now that it’s been a whole year, it feels as though we’re officially out of the energy of that time.  We are very thankful!!!!!!


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