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No more follow ups with the dermatologist

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We have no more follow ups with the dermatologist scheduled.  Not because A.’s skin has cleared up, but because we haven’t been following his advice (i.e., to use protopic, which has a “possible cancer risk”).  The dermatologist assured me that the medication is completely safe to use, but we still don’t feel comfortable putting anything on our son’s skin that may be a potential cancer risk.

We’ve continued to use the 1% hydrocortisone ointment sparingly on A.’s skin when it’s particularly flared up, and generally only do it for 2 weeks at a time and then give his skin a break, but moisturizing a lot of Glaxalbase.  (It took us a lot even to start using hydrocortisone on A.’s skin — we essentially didn’t use it for the first 18 months of his life despite his extreme eczema — hoping that we would find a “natural” way to deal with it.  As I mentioned here, we tried many things).

When we have follow up visits with specialists, I often feel as though I am doing something wrong (by not following their prescriptions), but then I ask my Self whether it’s in my son’s highest good for me to be using the medications, and I get a “no”.  So, I guess that’s the truth I’ll stick by.  And, I guess it’s also cause for celebration that we have one less doctor to visit.  As I mentioned here, we have a lot of doctors following our son as it is.


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