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Sensitive teeth


My sensitive child has sensitive teeth. I think it’s a combination of many reasons:

  • both my husband and I have poor teeth (most of my molars have fillings and my husband tells me that he had teeth pulled when he was a toddler);
  • he drinks way more apple juice than he really should be (we water it down — half apple juice, half water), but he would rather dehydrate than drink water (we model drinking water all of the time as it’s the only thing that I drink, but to no avail);
  • he had quite a lot of antibiotics when he was young as a result of numerous health issues (one of his doctor’s mentioned to me that antibiotics can interfere with the healthy development of tooth enamel);
  • he’s on a daily iron supplement due to low iron, which stains his teeth;
  • he has very sore gums and mouth and is very susceptible to mouth sores; and
  • as a result, fights us in brushing his teeth.

A month ago, he had to have dental work done (yes, another day surgery*), and he had 11 cavities to fill plus a root canal.  Yikes!

On the good side of things, happily, his day surgery went without a problem. On the challenging side of things, he developed a fever a few days later and teeth brushing has continued to be a problem. We brought him back to the dentist last week and we found out that he has a very bad case of cold sores. Poor little guy.

In the meantime, my husband and I have found a good way to get to brush his teeth. After we let A. have a try, one of us begins to brush his teeth. When he bites down on the toothbrush (which inevitably happens), we get into A.’s mouth with a second toothbrush, which allows us to brush the front of his gums and teeth, which are generally the most sore for him and he doesn’t let us brush them. Today, A. actually let my husband brush his teeth completely (one of the first times ever), without us needing to go in with a second brush.

Anyway, I’m just sharing our story in case any of you have sensitive ones with sensitive teeth.  I’d love to hear if you have any tips / good news stories for me.

July 3, 2015

  • Another reason for Moses’ poor teeth is related to his diagnosis. Individuals with hyper IgE syndrome are very susceptible to cavities and dental infections. There’s even a scientific study about it here.

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  3. A good article about how “Natural sugars can still cause tooth decay” at http://www.keeperofthehome.org/2010/10/natural-sugars-can-still-cause-tooth-decay.html

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