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Mon at Holistic Mama had a great post today about three different types of moms: the natural mama, the social mama and the mindful mama.

It was just what I needed to read today because this past week in particular, I’ve been a bit hard on myself that I wasn’t a natural mama. Homemaking doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s a struggle. But that being the case, I love my son with all of my heart and soul and yet, I have these other parts of my being that need expression for me to be completely fulfilled (like teaching yoga, moving my body, being in nature, connecting with other likeminded people, writing, meditation). Of course, many of these things things, I can do with my son, but sometimes, I also need to be in my own energy.

My husband and I very much value family time, but we also very much value our own time. We each generally give ourselves one night away as “our own time” and for me, this means teaching a yoga class, which I love to do. And during the last year, we’ve been having a date night every one to two weeks (prior to that, it was once a month, which wasn’t often enough for our liking).

This past weekend felt like a particularly difficult week because Moses was teething (those last darn molars), and so this week, it became important for me to have more “me time”. I had a haircut last night, and met at a coffee shop with a good friend of mine. Then this morning, when  Moses spent his first few hours on his own at the dayhome, I chose to go to a fusion tai chi / yoga / pilates class rather than spending that time working. I also booked an energy session for tonight (which was postponed), but just knowing that it’s coming has helped my mental / energy body! And sure enough, Moses has been feeling more himself today and the whole household has been going more smoothly.


2 thoughts on “Mindful Mama

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I have a zillion thoughts about all this and it makes all the difference in making sense of them by reading other mothers’ personal stories.

  2. Mon: Thanks for reading my story. I am finding that it helps to read other mother’s stories and realize that I am not alone in this.

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