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My son’s MMR vaccine reaction


Note: We delayed Moses’ MMR vaccination until he was 3.5 years old and only did it when his system seemed strong enough to handle it. Despite waiting until he was older and despite the fact that he was in better health when he was vaccinated, we witnessed a marked decline in his health directly after his MMR vaccination. The original post follows below.

I discusssed here how we were starting down the road of partial vaccinations and Moses had his first MMR shot on September 9. Since that vaccination 7 weeks ago, Moses has not been able to sleep through the night (previously he was sleeping through the night), and has had three different bouts of high fevers, an ER visit, a strep throat diagnosis (accompanied with an antibiotics prescription), and thrush (which was the result of the antibiotics for the strep throat, and now he’s on an antifungal medication), and other various maladies.

We also noticed that he started getting a lot more prone to tantrums during the day and was a whole lot crankier and was also getting more night terrors* within the first month after the MMR. And, then things progressed to the point that brought us to our wits’ end (and we actually wondered if he was developing Asperger’s Syndrome).

Ah…  it’s all coming together now.

I’m starting to put two and two together and attribute the change in behaviour to the MMR vaccination. So, I feel even more strongly to discontinuing with the rest of the vaccinations we were planning. I believe my husband is now also on board and the rest is history.

*Updates:  I’ve since read other parents’ accounts of their children having night terrors after receiving the MMR vaccination.  Of course, our experience is minor compared to others whose children died after their vaccination and others who developed autism after their MMR vaccination (stories of vaccine-injured children here). Read this post about which children are at a higher risk for developing autism.

I wrote a post here about my thoughts on night terrors resulting from vaccinations.

Heilkunst homeopathy helped to reverse the effects of the MMR vaccination (read more here).


19 thoughts on “My son’s MMR vaccine reaction

  1. I already posted about Chloe’s reaction. She has been waking up at night, crying hard. My husband and I wondered if she was having a nightmare. Now that you mention night terrors, I wonder if this is why she is crying and if it relates to her MMR?

  2. Hi Michelle: It’s interesting to note that Chloe too has been having night terrors after having the MMR shot. Just from a brief google on MMR and night terrors, it looks as though some other parents have reported the same reaction. I’m not sure why it would be, but I know that in our case, it was just such a remarkable change that it was hard not to notice. It was a very rough couple of months following the MMR until things started to settle down for us again. My husband actually wanted Moses to get another MMR shot a couple of weeks ago, much to my dismay, but I feel as though Spirit intervened because the night before it was scheduled, my husband had a change of heart (I gently pointed out how the last time he had the shot, Moses didn’t sleep through the night for several weeks after).

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  5. Nice one. I think vaccines are not at all cool myself. Actually following my experiences, I don’t trust anyone who has a PHD and calls himself a doctor, in fact no-one who appoints himself an authority just because he has jumped through the hoops of the system and has a piece of paper to prove it.

    That’s my indigo system-busting coming out there 🙂

    The worst thing is being in hospital. I spent some months in those cold, lonely clinical hell-holes and I can tell you, it’s the most traumatic thing ever for an indigo child (can’t imagine what a crystal would go through).

    I can’t remember being a baby but I understand it’s a pretty regular procedure to tear the kid out of his mother’s arms to do tests first thing…….. just charming to be greeted to this world with a spank……… one of my indigo friends’ daughter was deeply traumatised after spending a day away from her mother first thing out of the womb after a very intimate and connected preganancy because of some insane doctors (my friend to dazed to stop them)……………… and 5 years later or so, they’re still working through this trauma.

    Sigh… I myself have some pretty heavy anger issues there… as you may have detected.

    Keep on being awesome m’lady 🙂



  6. Hi Andrew: I’m sensitive myself and have found it *very* difficult spending time in hospitals, and we’ve been spending some time there recently (as recent as tonight, in fact). My little boy is such a bright light — it didn’t seem to bother him much being there today.

    My guy had a bit of a traumatic birth. It was a natural delivery and quite sacred, but at the end, he was having difficulty breathing and there was a lot of interventions immediately after he was delivered. I didn’t get to hold him until the next day. I’ve seen many energy healers / shamanic practitioners to deal with this, and I think we’ve mostly dealt with it on an energetic level, although physically, I think his body is still detoxing the initial interventions (e.g., IV antibiotics, etc).

    We all have anger issues, in my mind. Better out than in. Esp. if the energy can be directed in a positive way (which I imagine yours is).

    Thanks so much for all of the comments! 🙂


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  14. My 16 month old son just had his first MMR booster 4 days ago, and ever since then he has had trouble falling asleep for naps and night time. It’s as if when he starts to fall asleep something scares him back awake, like a nightmare or night terror. He just cries almost unconsolably, and he has never been like this prior to his vaccine. I thought at first it was just teething, then maybe he was having nightmares of watching the nurse give the shot…But then started to think maybe a reaction to the MMR. He wakes up from his naps (which are also not nearly as long as they use to be) crying as well, where as before he would get out of his bed and toddle out to the living room to give me a big hug… so this has been a big change. There has been no fever, but defiantly more crankiness during the day almost sometimes he acts like he is in pain (again I thought maybe teething?) If this continues will certiantly make an appt. with his doctor. Its just interesting to see that the vaccine has affected other children in the same way, but the doc. don’t warn us as this being a potential side effect. 😦

  15. Hi Carolyn: Sorry to hear that your son has been having difficulty sleeping and has been more cranky during the day after the booster…. I would definitely keep a watch over him… In our case, our son’s sleeping patterns didn’t change until we did Heilkunst homeopathy… I wish you and your son all of the best and I hope that things go back to normal for you soon… I would consider saying no or delaying any further vaccinations if I were you, since it sounds as though your son is vulnerable to vaccine injury….

  16. Hi carolyn..to take away the ill effects of vaccines such as DPT and MMR, please try Isopathy. Its a part of homeopathy developed by Dr. Tinus Smits to nullify the side effects of vaccines. These remedies are available at remedia homeopathy..thanks.

  17. These are the exact same things that happened to our child, who was born in 1995. Diagnosis at age 5; Sensory Integration Dysfunction, PDD/Nos., Anxiety. If I knew then what I know now. 😦 Good wishes for your child & all the children who are harmed & continuing to be harmed by vaccinations. How can this continue to happen all these years later? My baby is now 18.

  18. Hi Bridget: Thanks so much for sharing your story. I totally agree with you on this — how can this continue to happen all these years later?? I’m hoping that all of our voices together will help….

    Wishing the best for you and your son…

  19. My Naturopathic Healer wrote an article that appeared in a journal of natural medicine on her homeopathic treatment of a young child who reacted badly to an early vaccination. I would like to offer a connection to her here, so that other mothers/fathers/caregivers who might find your site can find her and find relief from the experience!! Artemis Celt at http://www.deitycentral.com,

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