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More helpful autism websites


I came across a couple more autism websites that I feel drawn to share. 

1.  Dr. Klinghardt’s website on autism is here.

There are a number of videos where he talks about the causes and treatment of autism.

2.   Also here’s a link to Dana Gorman’s Defeat Autism Yesterday website here.

She has a lot of information on her site, but I especially like her list of free things that you can do, which is here.

Interestingly, the first thing that she lists is Emotional Freedom  Techique (EFT), which Dr. Klinghardt says increases uptake of nutrients in the brain by 60% and is the  deciding factor between which of his patients heal and don’t. I’ve mentioned this before, but instructions on how to do EFT is provided here

I haven’t had a chance to fully go through her website yet, but I intend to. I believe this information can help many children, but especially sensitive children, including crystal and indigo children.


6 thoughts on “More helpful autism websites

  1. There are a number of us who believe that those who are labelled as being autistic are simply entities who are not fully grounded in the body. So I can see how EFT would be effective.

    I worked with one child who had been labelled as autistic, but was actually a telepath. Once we spoke with him thought to thought, he began to acquire a spoken vocabulary… he already had quite a sophisticated vocabulary thought to thought! The whole story is on our website on the story and articles page, http://www.placeoflight.net.

    I ask you to consider the use of labels… once given, they tend to define and limit people. Your child’s name is quite enough and evolving into all that he is is also quite enough!

    dance in the light!

    Susan Gale

  2. Hi Susan: I very much agree with your line of thinking and also agree that many children labelled autistic are quite sensitive, intuitive, gifted, and telepathic.

    My son actually hasn’t been labelled autistic (though he is sensitive, intuitive, gifted and telepathic).

    I use the autistic label to connect to other parents who have children who have been labelled autistic and share articles or websites that I think may be useful.

    I use EFT on both myself and my son and I find it very effective.

    I will certainly take a look at your website — thanks for passing the link.


  3. I look forward to a conversation with you if you like! It is good to share information…

    dance in the light!

  4. I would love to have a conversation with you! Your website is very interesting and very much in line with my own life mission of helping people hear the voice of Spirit.

  5. please write me at apolfriends@earthlink.net and we can set up a time!



  6. loving your blog and all the resources! God bless for sharing!

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