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Dr. Mercola’s advice for eczema


Since I’m on a roll with talking about Dr. Mercola’s website, I also wanted to mention that he has some effective and inexpensive ways to deal with eczema on his website here. These include:

  1. Saltwater compress
  2. Omega 3 fats
  3. High quality probiotic
  4. Avoid highly allergenic foods (e.g., gluten, dairy, eggs).
  5. Getting sufficient sun exposure or taking a quality Vitamin D supplement.

We have Moses on a high quality probiotic, are avoiding highly allergenic foods, and have him on a quality multivitamin that contains Vitamin D.

I’ll have to remember the saltwater compress to address itchiness. Currently, we just use a wet washcloth to sooth his skin when he’s itchy, but want to try the saltwater compress. Dr. Mercola suggests using a high quality, natural salt.

I know that Moses is low on Omega 3s — partly because he’s allergic to fish, so I need to find other good sources. Hemp seed oil is a good alternative, I believe (although Dr. Mercola mentions that the plant-based omega 3 sources aren’t as good as the fish-based omega 3 sources). Dr. Mercola also mentions that evening primrose oil (as a source of gamma linoleic acid) works well for eczema. We’ll give it a try.

I should also mention that since last year, Moses’ eczema has lessened tremendously and we no longer need to use hydrocortisone regularly. (He has the occasional flare up when we do use it). So I believe the diet changes and other measures have helped.


8 thoughts on “Dr. Mercola’s advice for eczema

  1. Hi Janice~

    It is so refreshing reading your trials and tribuations with Moses. I resonate with the honesty, the fresh perspective approach.More importantly, the amount of learning our kiddos are infusing us with.

    Eczema is a sure thorn in ones side. Emily’s has disappeared for sometime now. I’m certain her diet was the antidote.

    Thanks to you and your resources 🙂 we only consume Hemp in place of dairy Hemp milk, seeds, oil,and ice cream.
    Be Well my friend,

  2. Hi Carla: Thanks so much for your comment! Thanks for letting me know what’s worked with Emily. We are using Hemp seeds, of course, though Moses doesn’t like it as much as I do (I’m eating it for breakfast every morning). But, I didn’t know about hemp ice cream!!! I think I will try hemp milk, oil and ice cream! Do you buy it locally, or do you order it in? (I order my hemp seeds in because I consume so much of it.

    Take care,

  3. I’m an emotional eater as well. I would be interested in hearing how EFT works for you. I keep dipping into it but haven’t had the time to research properly.

  4. Hi Mon: Thanks for sharing — it’s nice to know that I’m in good company… I did EFT a few times on this topic and felt that a lot of energy moved when I did it. I think that I will need to continue with it though… I’m attempting to continue not having a block of cheese in my house, which is helping (but I’m finding I’m eating a lot more butter!) 🙂

  5. I have eczema as well. Mine is over reflexology points that correspond to problem areas in my health. The same can be true of acupressure points. So if he continues to get them in specific locations, it may be something to look into.

    Also, my eczema lessened when we started consuming unpasteurized dairy, eating eggs from our backyard and even more so when I gave up gluten. So there is def something to that I think! 🙂

    Oh and olive oil helps when I get a flareup. I’ve never had any luck with other creams of any kind.

  6. Hi Organic Sister: That’s interesting about the reflexology points / acupressure points. For Moses, it’s mostly on his face, neck and head (but then sometimes his whole back and stomach), so it seems pretty systemic.

    He’s been off dairy, eggs and gluten for, forever… (And also some other foods that he seems to be sensitive to).

    Good to know that you’ve been using olive oil. We tried it on his skin when he was younger, but not recently (though he does get it in his bathwater). We’ve been using coconut oil lately, but also glassalbase as well.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas! That’s cool about eating eggs from your own backyard. I love that idea, but both my husband and son are allergic to eggs, so I don’t eat them as much as I used to! We try to get our eggs from a local farmer as much as we can.

  7. You have some great tips here and if you don’t mind, I would like to add another:

    I find that when I pat dry and apply a moisturizer immediately, it keeps my eczema under control and prevent my skin from drying out.

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