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More orbs!


I was going through my Christmas photos and found another photo with Moses and Cookie (the dog) and a number of orbs (I count eight when zoomed in).   As mentioned before, orbs are thought to be angels captured in a photo.  I posted another picture of Moses, Cookie and orbs  here.  The angels seem to be very active around Moses and Cookie!


5 thoughts on “More orbs!

  1. I am going to find a picture I took last summer. We were camping and I had the most amazing feeling come over me. A sense of camlness like no other. I felt so connected to the night. I took a few pictures and when I got home and was viewing them, I realized I had the most amazing orbs captured in the photographs.

    That is a great photo, I am sorry you had to give your dogs away. Thankfully your friend was able to take them. We are going through the same decision with our cat. It is tough.

  2. Hi Michelle: What a beautiful story about your feeling of calmness and connection and then the subsequent pictures of orbs that you captured. How amazing! I’d love to see it.

    Yes, we’re so happy everything turned out well with Cookie. In Moses’ first year, we also went through a heartbreaking decision to find homes for my two cats, Randy and Toby. They were older cats (and very grumpy, hard to live with cats, but I absolutely loved them both dearly). I prayed and prayed that we would find a loving home for them. And, thankfully (I feel like it was a true miracle really), we did.

    I hope that something will also work for your family. I know that it can be very difficult.

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