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Dog allergies?


Moses’ asthma seems to be getting worse and we’re thinking it may be related to the puppy we got at the end of October. Sad, but true. We’ve been using his puffer (which we hate giving to him) pretty regularly. And recent blood work shows that his IgE levels related to dogs have changed from low to moderate within a month of getting Cookie dog. It’s been such a gradual progression (i.e., his asthma getting worse), but my husband thinks that it started soon after we got our puppy.

On the positive side of things, we have dear friends who are great dog owners (and have a dog of their own) who are willing to take Cookie either temporarily (if we decide that Cookie wasn’t a factor in Moses’ allergies), or adopt her permanently, if need be. We make the transition this weekend.  We’ll be able to visit Cookie as much as we like and I think she’ll be happy there because she’ll have Charlie (the other dog) for company, and she’ll be walked more consistently than she’s being walked by us.


10 thoughts on “Dog allergies?

  1. Oh I am so sorry Janice~

    Are you familiar with Bach flower esseneces? Rescue remedy is wonderful for this. I have included the link in case you are not familar with it. If you scroll down the page they recommend certain ones for allergies etc. I use them on my cats, and Emily for various symptoms.



  2. Hi Carla: Thanks for your message, and for recommending the Bach Flower essences. I am familiar with them and used them in the past, but I hadn’t thought to use them for Moses. Which ones would you suggest for allergies (agrimony or beech or…)?


  3. Those both are exellent, I have found the RR(rescue remedy) to be effective when Emily is out of sorts in various ways be it emotional, physical, or spiritual that is why I thought perhaps the RR may assist Moses.


  4. Duh — I didn’t notice that you had already mentioned Rescue Remedy above! We have some (my husband’s been using it), so that’s convenient! How do you normally give it to her? (In some water, or ??)

  5. I do put it in her water cup. I have been taking it this past week, and I assume she is getting it through the Breast milk. But on the norm, I put it in her water.

    Since I am here.. I was going to do a post about this, but this week has been busy so since my focus was to reach out to ‘you’ I will put the link here.

    I came across what is called the Feingold diet… With Emily’s many food sensitivities I have been reading about it. I immediatly thought of you when I found this. So I apologize in advance if you already are aware of this method…
    It mentions many aspects we deal with with our children.(eczema, pdd, add,etc.)



  6. Hi Carla: Thanks for reaching out to me this week! 🙂

    I hadn’t heard about the Feingold diet, so thanks for passing this info along. I think for the most part, we are following it as we make an effort to avoid preservatives, artificial flavours / colours, etc., although we aren’t avoiding foods believed to contain salicylates.

    Are you following it and have you found success with it? I look forward to seeing your post (when you get the chance)!!!


  7. Hi Janice…Sorry for Moses, everything will be fine…

    I think Carla is doing good job
    Keep it up Carla…


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