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Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit

Cookie and Charlie


Well, we’ve made the transition and Cookie is now living at Charlie’s house.  She loves her new home with her big brother, Charlie.

Moses has made the adjustment as well, and happily, we haven’t used the puffer a single time since Cookie left. So all in all, all is good. And, we were lucky enough to have shared a home with Cookie for a little while anyway. I think she worked some magic on the family while she was here.


6 thoughts on “Cookie and Charlie

  1. aww, look how happy they are togther. Glad to hear the puffer is on holiday.

  2. Thanks, Mon. You and me both.

  3. I think Cookie did what he was sent to do for your family.
    Happy you all are at peace.

  4. Thanks, Carla. Me too. I’ve been getting more pictures of Cookie and Charlie everyday, and now they are sharing the same dog bed and Charlie grooms Cookie and everything. I’m very glad it’s all worked out…


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