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Happy home


I also thought I’d share a general update that overall (besides the recent pneumonia incident), Moses has been doing very well and we’ve all been a lot happier in our home.

As I mentioned, my husband’s been more balanced since he’s started his vitamin B supplement (in addition to some others). I’ve been happier since I’ve been following my own bliss (being more authentic with teaching yoga, acknowledging myself as a healer, starting to do some Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy treatments, and starting my shamanic practitioner training on Saturday). And Moses has been happier since we’re happier!

Moses has been blossoming in his day home. I *love* Moses’ day home provider. She’s really wonderful and balanced in her approach (not emotional like I can get when he’s throwing a tantrum). She makes him special meals for his special diet and she’s so imaginative in what she creates. She is one of those “natural moms” that Mon at Holistic Mama talks about. She is a God-send. Moses loves going to his dayhome. He calls it “going to his friend’s house”. 

We are also enjoying Moses a lot more. And, I’m sure he’s enjoying us a lot more.

So, all in all, all is well!  🙂


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