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We had a naturopath appt today and she thinks that Moses’ body is strong enough to do some mild cleansing. So we’re going to start adding greens (such as chlorophyll, spirulina [a type of blue-green algae], etc.) as our next step.

There’s lots of health benefits of chlorophyll:

  • helps to rebuild red blood cells
  • anti-oxidant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • removes heavy metals from the body
  • contains magnesium, Vitamin K, C, folic acid, iron, calcium and protein

I’ve given Moses both chlorophyll and spirulina before, but at the time, his eczema flared up quite a bit, which was probably a detox reaction. (It’s confusing because sometimes his eczema flares when he’s sensitive to something, but sometimes his eczema flares when he’s detoxing, which is a good thing, but we don’t want to go overboard). At this point, his naturopath thinks that Moses’ system is strong enough that the detoxing shouldn’t be too big of a reaction. We’re not going to go overboard on this.

Of course, all green leafy vegetables contain chlorophyll. I’ve started putting lettuce in his morning shakes, but other than that, truthfully, he hasn’t been getting a lot of leafy greens. It’s all about making it palatable to him.

As always, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update:  Moses’ eczema flared up after I gave him only 1/4 tsp of spirulina in his shake (I cut the suggested dosage of 1 tsp to 1/4 tsp).  Enough of a flare up that DH says no more. I’m a bit frustrated b/c I want to clear out Moses’ system; it’s frustrating when things that are good for him result in a “negative reaction”. DH doesn’t believe in the theory that sometimes things get worse before they get better, but with detoxing, the truth is that sometimes things do get worse before they get better. That being said, we do want the cleansing process to be gentle for Moses.

On the positive side of things, we’re going to try a drop of liquid chlorophyll in a couple of weeks and see how that goes.

April 20, 2010: The drop of liquid chlorophyll also caused Moses’ eczema to flare up. Again, enough for DH to notice and say no more liquid chlorophyll. Goodness, but chlorophyll is so good for him and is the  main ingredient in all green leafy vegetables! Anyway, this is to give you an idea how sensitive Moses’ system is. Basically everything sparks a “reaction”, even things that are good for his system and overall health.

May 19, 2010: Someone with multiple chemical sensitivites mentioned to me that she also has issues with taking concentrated chlorophyll even though she can eat green leafy vegetables. Algae and spirulina are also not compatible with her body. It’s good to know as I was concerned with Moses eating green leafy vegetables since he had such a reaction to the one drop of chlorophyll.

December 11, 2011: Gave Moses a drop of chlorophyll and he did just fine. A sign that his body is a lot stronger as a result of all of 1.5 years of Heilkunst homeopathic healing. I’m going to start sneaking it into his shakes, etc.


11 thoughts on “Chlorophyll

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  2. Hi, have you ever thought of getting a karmic session done for your child to remove the cause of the eczema? http://www.soulwisdom.net. Worth thinking about, Thanks.

  3. just thought you might like to know that i get eczema..i too tried spirulina..i had a very bad reaction to it im pretty sure its because of the high protein level in it..as this can be acidic..so i switched to liquid chlorophyll…my eczema went…i also take apple cider vinegar & fish oil..both good for this skin condition…acv got lots of potassium in it which is healing..hope this helps ..garlic is excellent…all these supplements are cheap & affordable

  4. Hi Christine: Thanks for the tips of what worked for you. We tried liquid chlorophyll as well and it also caused his eczema to flare. My son’s allergic to fish, otherwise, we would definitely get him on fish oil. I agree that ACV is great, though I wonder if I’ll be able to get my four year old to take it. He used to be sensitive to garlic, so we don’t like to over-do it now. It’s been a slow process of healing for him, but it is happening…

  5. Hi,
    It sounds like your son has allergies and that he is allergic to chlorophyll. My son used to have eczema, too, among other allergies. I took him to a NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) practitioner, and he cured my son’s allergies. See if you can find a NAET practitioner in your area. I found it very worth my while because I, too, was allergic to many healthy things. Give it a try!

  6. Hi Anuket: Thanks for the suggestion. My son actually saw two different NAET practitioners for several sessions and we actually didn’t find it helpful. I’m glad to hear that it helped you with your allergies though. I *wished* it had helped with my son. My son was two years old when we started the NAET sessions.

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  8. I’m sensitive to salicylates b/c of the phenol- cheminal sensitivity aspect. My body is always deficient in sulfer so i built up too many toxins, hence the sensitivities. I found out that the liquiid chorophyl I bought yesturday and have been consuming for 2 days is made out of alfafa. It didn’t say it on the label so I bought it without even thnking what the chorophyll was being sourced from. So, now I know I’m gonna have a reaction anytime soon because alfafa happens to be really high in salicylates. But I know that its the magnesium component of the chorophyll (for the most part) that’d helpful. So, I’m gonna have to go bak to my MSM and sulfer minerals until I figure out what to do. I don’t know the salicyllate content of spirulina; i looked but couldn’t find. But the spirulina I was taking before didn’t give me a reaction. But I bought this new organic spirulina and might have to give it to my husband because I saw beta carotene in it ingredient list. I don’t know if they added it or if it came with it. but I know my body is going to react to the beta carotene in it. I always hope the amount of minerals (sulfate based one) I’m taking will offset the salicylates I miss when i’m reading the labels. But who knows. I just wait for the headaches to start. Not one yet. My daughter, who’s 10, has the same things I do. Our diet is so depressingly limited. I’m hoping after we unload our toxins and kill our candida overgrowth that will change. This is all scary for me because this knowledge is very uncommon. My mother is dead and the only people who know about this stuff is you moms on the other end of this keyboard. I have now acquired more knowledge than I doctors I have access to. Which is really sad. I’m hoping God is behind me helping me with my doctorate level research. I’ll give myself a doctorate after I changed my daughters life for the better. She just wants a normal anount of hair on her head which makes me want to cry sometimes. But I just want all her other symptom. allergies, sensitivities, asthma, ezcema and candida ti clear up. That’s all I working for as a secret X-mas present for 2012. Just between me and thge person upstairs and now whoever reads this message.

  9. Hi Dee: Good to know about the salicylates… I wish you and your daughter the best in your healing journeys. Have you considered homeopathy?

  10. There’s a probiotic called “fivelac” that ive been giving my 17 month old for a month. He loves it, and his eczema is WAY better, pretty much nonexistent now. Just a little FYI:) Candida is the root cause of all illness in my opinion. Five lac is a good way for children to cleanse and get it under control.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing!

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