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Heilkunst: Removing Cause vs Managing Symptoms


A fellow mom of two sensitive children passed on this link to me about Heilkunst  and Autism: Removing Cause vs. Managing Symptoms.  The presentation is by Rudi Verspoor , the founder of the Hahnemann Centre and Heilkunst Homeopathy Clinic in Ottawa. It shows a grounded way to look at health, treating chronic/complicated illnesses and cure. The video is an hour long and the truth is that I was reluctant to watch it because I don’t like watching videos online (I am more of a reader than a video watcher), but when I finally watched it, I got very excited because Heilkunst approaches treatment in a way that makes sense to me: removing the underlying cause.

The traditional medical system manages symptoms and does not remove the underlying cause. An example of managing a symptom would be treating eczema with hydrocortisone. The problem with managing the symptom in this way is that approx. 70% of children with eczema who are treated by hydrocortisone develop asthma. (And, we’ve seen this for ourselves).

Heilkunst treatment addresses the underlying cause on an energetic level. This makes a lot of sense to me since I am attracted to other methods of energy healing (Reiki, IET, shamanic healing).

The mom who recommended the video told me that her daughter had multiple sensitivities (like Moses) and her son was starting to develop autistic tendencies. She has tried many things to help her children (like we have) and out of all of the things that she has tried, the Heilkunst treatments have been the most effective at removing the cause of her children’s sensitivities (including removing the harm caused by vaccinations). Both her children are now flourishing and her son is no longer showing signs of autism.

From the Canadian-International Heilkunst website:

Hahnemann’s system (i.e., Heilkunst) encompasses homeopathy (indeed, some know it only as homeopathy), but also nutrition, hydration, dormition, exercise, mental and moral health… The often highly-diluted medicines are used to treat disease, but before we can determine the disease, we have to separate out those symptoms that are caused by disease, and those caused by faulty regimen, specifically faulty nutrition, dehydration, lack of sleep, by a distorted sense of oneself or a non-resonant relationship.

We have tried many different homeopathic remedies to help Moses(recommended by a number of different specialists: naturopaths and classically trained homeopaths, including one that specialized in healing children with eczema), and are currently using two homeopathic remedies right now. Truthfully, we haven’t noticed much of an effect of the ones that we are using now, but are still continuing with them because we figure that it can’t hurt and maybe it’s making a subtle difference. Some other remedies that we used in the past seemed to cause his symptoms to worsen and after a few months, we discontinued treatment.

In any case, we’ve made an appointment with a Heilkunst-trained homeopathic practitioner for next Friday. DH is even coming to the appointment because he wants to understand what they do. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Update: (June 7, 2010) We are already seeing changes in Moses’ health and there are strong signs that this is working.

All of the posts about our Heilkunst journey can be found here.

If you are in the St. John’s, Newfoundland area, I would recommend the calling the Dynamis Health Centre and booking an appointment with one  of the Doctors of Medical Heilkunst who practice there.


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