Raising a Sensitive Child

Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit

Agenda for a New Economy

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I received this in my inbox today and I felt that it is important to share. It’s a David Korten’s vision for the new economy that needs to be created on the planet and I very much resonate with this vision. This is a powerful, intelligent, succinct analysis of today’s global problems, which offers some far reaching solutions that along with practical, humanitarian and financial directions include awareness of unity and our spirital nature.

The presentation is here. It’s a 50 minute video, but well worth the time (I watched the whole thing). If you’d rather read about it, the New Economy Working Group website is here, and David Korten’s website is here. 

One of the key aspects to the new economy is healthy children, families, communities and natural systems as a measure of true prosperity. I can definitely get behind that.


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