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Gentian violet for thrush


Moses has had a chronic case of thrush that just won’t go away (likely related to all of the antibiotics he’s been on for various ailments, including pneumonia. He’s currently recovering from another bout of pneumonia, which I think resulted from a healing crisis related to the Heilkunst homeopathic treatment that he’s been on, but that’s another story). 

Anyway, he’s had thrush, on and off, for several months.  Possibly years at this point.  We’ve gone through a lot of prescriptions of Nystatin.  And, he’s been on a good probiotic for years. The latest doctor prescribed gentian violet, which I hadn’t heard of before. I googled it and it looks like it can be obtained without a prescription and it’s considered a “natural remedy“.

The only downside is that it stains EVERYTHING bright purple. His teeth, lips, tongue, t-shirt, the countertop in the kitchen and in the bathroom, spots on the floor and even the wall. From what I’ve read, the teeth and mouth stains should go away within a few days of the last application. 

I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll clear up his thrush.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Updates (June 24):  The thrush is gone (yay! – and checked by his pediatrician and his allergist), but his teeth are still purple and so is our bathroom sink!

July 9 – My mom cleaned our sink with a bleach, so it’s not purple anymore, but Moses’ teeth are still purple near the gums. It’ll probably come out when he next gets them professionally cleaned. Some of the brightness went away when we used a bit of baking soda on his teeth, but he hated the taste of the baking soda.

August 23 – It took a professional cleaning by the dentist to get the last bit of staining out of Moses’ teeth. I actually wouldn’t use gentian violet again. It stained everything and Moses’ thrush eventually came back within a few weeks.  😦

March 13, 2011 – Moses’ thrush eventually went away when we started him on Fluconazole (a prescription antiobiotic).  He’s currently on it long term due to his Job’s syndrome diagnosis (he’s on a long-term antibiotic too).  I want to eventually switch to a nonprescription antibiotic/antiofungal (like oil of oregano), but I need to get DH on side first…


6 thoughts on “Gentian violet for thrush

  1. I had to use this with both my daughters when they were very small and it always worked better then the prescription they tried getting us to use. And it makes for great pictures for our girls’ baby books :o)



    Also beware…bedding will get stained too and any towels that are used near the area because the saliva will keep getting it everywhere even a few days after application.

  2. Tamara: I love the pictures!! Glad to hear that it work for your daughters.

    Yeah — I’m noticing that his pillow and bedsheets are stained! 🙂

  3. I used grapefruit seed extract for thrush when we had it, but I only applied it on myself. I know it can be ingested, but I don’t know how you would administer it to a child? Maybe something to look up? It worked really well for me. And it doesn’t stain purple!

  4. Hi Lisa: Thanks for the suggestion. I think that will be the next thing we try if the gentian violet doesn’t work. I wonder what it tastes like.

  5. Have you tried the Homeopathic Kali Chloricum 30x

    Try just one dose and wait 24 hours for improvement. If no change at all, try another. If there is any slight improvement do not give another dose.


  6. Thanks for the suggestion — good to know about kali chloricum… Looks like his thrush has gone away. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it stays away.

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