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Healing with Heilkunst – Round 1


We are seven weeks into our healing with Heilkunst homeopathy journey. I really feel like we are on to something, though we’re still in the initial stages of healing.

Essentially the homeopathic remedies remove the underlying causes of disease. The thing about it is that sometimes during the healing process things get worse before they get better. The mother who introduced Heilkunst to us cautioned me about this. After taking a particular remedy, her son regressed so severely that she was frightened by the process.  The Doctor of Heilkunst Medicine assured her that this was part of the healing process and he came out of it after a few days.

I’m very familiar with healing reactions from my experience with other types of healing (e.g., fasts, cleansing).  Sometimes things get worse before they get better.  I’ve heard the analogy of it’s like when you are washing out a caked-on frying pan — the pan seems to get a lot “dirtier” when you are scrubbing the pan, but within a few minutes, the pan is clean.

I was apprehensive about what “worse” would look like for Moses, but I also felt that if this process would help him, it would be worth it. We are still in the middle of Moses’ healing process, but I’ll share with you a bit of what the first few weeks looked like.

  • Within days of starting the homeopathic remedies, his lungs cleared and we were able to take him off all his asthma medication (i.e., Singulair, flovent and ventolin).
  • Within a few weeks, his stamina improved. He didn’t tire as easily from physical exercise and when we went on a family walk, he walked a good couple of kilometres (something he’d never done before as he always tired quickly).
  • He developed a small abscess on one of his eyelids, but has now been reabsorbed and is just about gone.
  • Within a week, his eczema got very bad. The worst it had been for a long time. But within a few days, it seemed to have a different quality than normal. I hoped that this was a good sign. His Heilkunst doctor assured us that his eczema was a cleansing reaction and encouraged us to allow his skin the opportunity to rid the body of the toxins that it was getting rid of. If we were to suppress it with corticosteroids, the toxins would seek another way to leave the body (i.e., through the lungs, which would then make his asthma worse).
  • Within a few weeks, his skin completely cleared up and was the best condition it had been in all his life.
  • Within a couple of days of his skin clearing up, he developed bilateral pneumonia (i.e., the clearing moved to his lungs on its own), but thankfully, it was a mild enough case of pneumonia for us to treat him with antibiotics at home. (All of the other times, he was hospitalized when he had pneumonia). We also put him on an additional homeopathic remedy to help him heal from the pneumonia. Our Heilkunst doctor explained that the antibiotics would slow down the process of the healing that the homeopathic remedies were doing, but she also understood that we felt the need to intervene with antibiotics.
  • Within a few days of being off antibiotics, the clearing moved back to his skin and his skin became inflamed.
  • After about 6 weeks of using the initial homeopathic remedies, we had a follow up appointment with the Doctor of Heilkunst Medicine and she prescribed a different combination of remedies to work on the next layer of healing.
  • When we visited his allergist on Friday, his lungs were completely clear and she encouraged us to continue what we were doing (we didn’t tell her we were using homeopathics, but she knows that we are minimizing medications).  She was very happy with his progress. She thought he needed to be on an antihistamine for his skin, but we are not following this advice since we are wanting his skin the opportunity to move the toxins through and out.
  • Moses is now in the middle of another healing reaction given the new homeopathic remedies that he is on. I’m hoping that he will pass through it within a few weeks. I’m feeling a bit more comfortable now that we have been through a few healing reactions, and are know a bit more what to expect. We are also encouraged that we are seeing other signs of health increase as a result of the remedies (e.g., his lungs clearing and stamina improving).
  • One of the homeopathic remedies was prescribed for Moses’ night terrors. Within a few seconds after giving him a drop of this particular remedy, he is able calm down and come out of the night terror. It’s remarkable to witness.  The first time, I thought it was a fluke, but it consistently works.
  • I’ve also started to see the Heilkunst doctor to work through some of my own “stuff”. Essentially, the remedies work on removing underlying issues related to EVERYTHING from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. We will basically work backwards through time, removing the energetic imprints of the most recent “traumatic” events until we get to birth and the homeopathic remedies even help heal events that occurred before birth (such as our experiences during utero, karmic or even past life experiences).

I’m feeling very optimistic that we have found a path of healing that we really feel will help Moses. Even DH, who is more cautious about things, is open to this method and feels that overall, it is helping.

I think the conventional medical system is really great at some things (like saving people’s lives in life and death situations). But, I believe that the medical system does a very poor job of treating the underlying causes of disease. I’m glad to have found a few systems of healing (such as  Heilkunst homeopathy and some other forms of energy healing) that treats for the underlying cause of disease.

I’ve read that for more complicated cases, it can take as long as 1-2 years to complete the first level of healing, although good improvement is normally noticed within 3 to 6 months. As always, I’ll let you know how things continue to unfold for us both.

To find a Doctor of Heilkunst Medicine where you live, there’s a directory here. There seems to be more of them in Canada than the U.S. (at least according to this directory). I know that some of them do distance work if there isn’t one in your area.


8 thoughts on “Healing with Heilkunst – Round 1

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  3. Wow. Just wow. Our bodies are amazing… I have some experience with homeopathy and am currently taking “undas,” which is a deep-cleansing homeopathic. I remember being so amazed, almost confused, years ago, when I first learned about a “healing response.” You mean, getting “sick” can actually mean you’re getting better?! It continues to make more and more sense as time goes on.

    I am wishing deep, expansive healing for Moses, and your entire family. Many blessings to you on this journey!

  4. Thanks, Stacy, for the heartfelt wishes and blessings. I am breathing them in. So good to hear about your own experiences with homeopathy and healing reactions.

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