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Healing with Heilkunst – Round 2


In case you’re wondering how the Heilkunst (homeopathic) healing is going… This month was not as dramatic as the first month when Moses developed pneumonia, but it followed a very similar pattern to the first round of healing:

  • his eczema was very bad for the first couple of weeks (esp. his back, neck and face);
  • then his eczema started to clear up and sure enough, the inflammation moved to his lungs;
  • within a week, his breathing became quite laboured and we brought him to the ER at midnight;
  • he had another chest x-ray (gosh, he’s probably had about 25 x-rays for various reasons by now), and the good thing is that the x-ray showed that his lungs were not as bad as they were in early June, but they still showed signs of either pneumonia or inflammation related to his asthma;
  • on the positive side of things, the doctors wanted to see if Moses could fight it on his own and they didn’t prescribe any antibiotics.  Yay!
  • on the not-so-positive side of things, it was generally a difficult month for a number of reasons and the added stress of Moses going through another healing crisis was just one more thing for us to deal with;
  • his Heilkunst doctor started him on  another homeopathic remedy, which was to help support the clearing process that his lungs were going through, and also to help clear the radiation related to the x-ray.
  • This week has felt more settled for us and Moses seems to have gotten over his lung congestion.
  • We are back to not using any medications. (When he was having difficulty breathing, we were using his ventolin and flovent puffers).
  • He’s only had a few night terrors this month (which were quite common for him prior to starting the homeopathics).

I have to say that, in our experience, healing with Heilkunst is not for the faint of heart. But, I’m still wanting to stick with it, mostly based on the recommendation of a mom whom I trust who has said that it’s really worked for her two children and also herself. This same mom read my blog entry about the first round and she said that she almost cried when she read it because my description of Moses’ healing reactions were similar to those that her children experienced, and in her experience, she told me that Moses is healing. He’s really healing. His experiences are not signs that things are staying the same, or even getting worse. They are signs that his body is releasing toxins and energetic charges. His body is strengthening. He is healing. This encouragement is just what I needed to hear. It’s been a difficult process, but knowing that the process is actually helping Moses to heal — it makes the process easier to go through. Or at least gives me some perspective.

When I think about it, this month’s reactions were less dramatic than the first month’s. So that’s a good sign. And the ER visit was probably the first visit we’ve ever had where the doctors didn’t prescribe anything.

I also had a consultation with the  Heilkunst doctor last month. The healing reaction from the homeopathics wasn’t obvious to me, although it’s been a very emotionally charged month for me. I’m not sure if that was related to the homeopathy or not.

Next week, Moses has another appointment with the Heilkunst doctor and we go through the cycle again. Hopefully, next month’s healing reaction won’t involve a hospital visit! I’ll let you know how it goes.


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