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We had a bonfire with our extended family on the beach last night. Moses had a lot of fun exploring with his cousin and finding lots of driftwood and sea urchin shells.

Since Moses couldn’t eat any of the typical bonfire food (no Smores, no hotdogs), we brought some of his safe snacks for him to munch on. We also put a breakfast bar type snack on a hotdog stick and roasted it for him.  It was a special treat for him.  He told me, “One day, when I’m older I’ll eat marshmallows”.  I’m hoping as soon as next year.

Update:  Colorful Canary shared a link for organic marshmallows (see comments) and it occurred to me that I can probably find a recipe for marshmallows that would be safe for Moses to eat.


2 thoughts on “Bonfire

  1. Although corn syrup and sugars are not that healthy, these are organic and made with unfiltered organic gelatin if you would like to try them as a treat:


  2. Thanks, Colorful Canary!! So good to know about these! 🙂

    As I was falling asleep last night, it occurred to me that I could make some homemade marshmallows too.


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