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Recommended supplements for autism

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As you are aware, I have become very interested in Heilkunst in treating my son and me. I have been trying to find as much information on the subject online and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of information. (In case you are interested, I have started a list of useful links in the “Healing with Heilkunst” tab above – at the bottom of the page). I noticed today that there doesn’t seem to be a practitioner in Calgary, where we used to live, so I feel very fortunate that we moved to Newfoundland and found a practitioner here!

During my search, I have come across a resource that I wanted to share – it’s a list of supplements that the Hahnemannn Center for Heilkunst has found useful during the treatment of autistic children (in addition to the Heilkunst treatment). You can find the list of products here.

It includes things many products that we have been using with Moses, or have used in the past, such as: hemp hearts, chlorophyll, digestive enzymes and cod liver oil, but also includes some products that we hadn’t considered, such as calendula ointment and some others.

One thing that is on this list that our Heilkunst practitioner suggested for both Moses and me is Hyland’s Bio-XII Tissue Salts, which promotes cellular health and mineral absorption from food. We both used it during our first month of treatment.


One thought on “Recommended supplements for autism

  1. Thank you for this list. We are starting hemp hearts as a family and are hoping to see positive results for all of us.

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