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Heilkunst case study

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I found a Heilkunst case study online.  Sam was 2.5 years old when he started his Heilkunst treatment. He had severe asthma, multiple food and environmental allergies and could only eat pureed liquids and foods because of severe reflux. After a year of sequential treatment and one round of chronic miasms, Sam no longer needed any medications, his asthma was long gone, he was eating solid foods and a varied diet, and he no longer had any food or environmental allergies. It’s a phenomenal recovery, in my opinion, but from what I can gather from reading other case studies, virtually everyone who undergoes a Heilkunst treatment demonstrates a significant change in health.

If you read the full case study, you can get a sense of how Sam’s various traumas were treated sequentially, how the chronic miasms were treated and what his healing reactions looked like during the course of treatment.

I’m at the point where there is no doubt in my mind that Heilkunst is working in our family, but it’s still confirming to read case stories such as this one, especially since Sam’s symptoms actually presented far worse than Moses’. Plus the fact that we are still in the beginning stages of healing — it’s encouraging to know the potential of what lies ahead for us.


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