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Normal hemoglobin levels


Just wanted to share more good news today. Moses’ hemoglobin levels are normal.

For the longest time, his hemoglobin levels were down (when he was two, it was half of what it should be at 66 g/L, when normal is around 120g/L or more). As a result, he’s been on a daily iron supplement  for the last two and a half years. Even with a daily iron supplement, it took a while for his iron levels to increase.

His hemoglobin levels have been consistently higher (around 109 to 115 g/L) for the last few months. A couple of months ago, we cut back his iron supplement to about once a week, so we were curious how his hemoglobin levels would fare during today’s blood test.  Happily, his hematologist reported that his hemoglobin levels are the highest that it has ever been at 119 g/L, which is normal.  Yay!  We’ll take him off his iron supplement completely now. This is just more tangible evidence of real health changes that are occuring for Moses.

We had a consultation with a geneticist this week (nothing new), and we travel to Nova Scotia in a couple of weeks to see an immunologist, a respirologist, an allergist and a dermatologist over a three day period. I’ll let you know how it goes and hope to come back with more good news. (Well, it wasn’t good news…  update on this visit here).


October 21, 2011 – Moses’ hemoglobin levels are still hovering just short of normal (118 g/L today) and his hematologist is pleased. So pleased that Moses no longer needs to see this doctor on an annual basis. One less doctor for Moses to see. Yay!!!

August 28, 2014 – Moses’ hemoglobin levels are still on the low side (103 g/L), but his immunologist is happy enough about the levels. He hasn’t been on an iron supplement for awhile, and his levels have increased since when it was 91 in November when he was in the hospital for intra-abdominal abscesses.


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