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No more wheezing – Heilkunst round 5

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We are at the end of Round 5 of our Heilkunst healing journey.  During this round, Moses was cleared of the trauma related to four times he was under general anesthetic (two dental appointments, drainage of two cysts).

Prior to this round, Moses was having a lot of night terrors (which is considered in the Heilkunst view, to be part of the chthonic realm, or the realm of fear). Within a week, the frequency of his night terrors diminished considerably. In the last couple of days, his night terrors have resurfaced again, likely as a result of all his sleep disruptions after travelling and the general emotional upheaval that has been present in the house after the diagnosis.

Prior to this round, his cyst on his right eyelid had grown to the size of a small marble and was starting to bring us some concern. Within a week of starting the new remedies, his cyst had shrunk considerably and is on longer noticeable (it’s still there, but is barely discernable — none of the five doctors that he saw in Halifax took note of it).

He is no longer wheezing. We have only used his ventolin puffer around two times this month (and we used it not so much for breathing problems, but for a cough). Within a few days of starting this round, he developed a raspy cough. We consulted with his Heilkunst practitioner, and she prescribed him with a dropper with Rhus tox (or the remedy for poison ivy). Interestingly, on the same day, she also prescribed Rhus tox for me — an incredibly itchy rash had developed in two spots on my legs. My son’s cough has persisted through the month, but is less intense than it was earlier in the month.

He had another two x-rays in Halifax as part of his work-up (and we were able to use the two x-ray/cat scan droppers that his Heilkunst practitioner had prepared for him in advance, knowing that he undergoes so many x-rays, which helped to minimize the negative effects of the x-ray radiation). His lungs are still showing some minor abnormalities, but nothing that the doctors are too concerned about.

DH still has him on the preventative puffer (flovent). He dropped it down to one puff a day for a few weeks, but it’s back up to two puffs a day given the new diagnosis. Once his cough is gone, DH has mentioned that he will be open to reducing it back to one puff a day, and then stopping it completely.

I’ve already mentioned that his hemoglobin (iron) levels are now normal.

We continued to introduce some new foods: navy beans, organic pears, onions, and garlic. We also tried organic grapes, which caused his eczema to flare up. (Oddly, he can eat raisins with no ill effect).

Emotionally, he’s doing remarkably well, especially considering the disruptions to his schedule during our trip to Halifax.

I am very happy with his continued progress with Heilkunst. I hope that the progress continues despite the antifungals and hydrocortisone creams that have been started related to his recent diagnosis, and the antibiotics that will be starting in a couple of weeks. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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