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“Food Allergies and Me”


Allergy Mama (Juniper Skinner), a mom with a child with multiple food allergies has written a book for children with food allergies, Food Allergies and Me. A preview of the book can be seen here. I especially like that it is written by a mom whose child has food allergies because you know that it will be a favourable and empowering message that you will want your child to receive. It takes a child with allergies through his day at school, parties and other outings. I can’t wait to read it to my son.

I ordered a copy for my son today, and will tell you more about it after we read it, but all of the reviews that I have read so far have been very favourable. You can purchase the book from Amazon.


6 thoughts on ““Food Allergies and Me”

  1. Hope you find good info there to help your son too!

  2. Thank you for the shout out !!! I hope you (and little man) enjoyed the book!

  3. I’m slowly becoming more aware of my food allergies…sites like these and allergy free dessert books are helping a ton.
    My latest story about it:http://housewifingaround.wordpress.com/2011/02/05/i-saw-red40/

  4. It’s so great that awareness is being spread to children now too so they can understand themselves and their fellow children. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Thanks for this book recommendation. I wish I’d had been available when I was younger! It looks like just the thing that would really help parents of children with food allergies.

  6. Looks interesting! It’s so great that more and more resources for food allergies are becoming easier to get… Thanks for the post

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