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My son’s allergies/sensitivities are healing


I’ve been reporting every month the new foods that we’ve been introducing, but I wanted to do a summary post to let you know how far we’ve really come.

I never really told you how bad his allergies were when he was two and half years old. It was so bad that he was either allergic (IgE blood test, prick test) or sensitive (IgG blood test) to just about everything. The list is actually too long to list. I never shared it in the past because I found it too depressing and I felt that if I wrote it down, I would be “solidifying” it or “making it more real”. He was allergic to all of the major food allergens (gluten, dairy, fish, eggs, soy, nuts, peanuts, etc.) He was sensitive to all meat (except for lamb), and even to foods we thought were safe such as chicken, rice, potatoes,carrots, peas and honey. He couldn’t have foods that had preservatives, chemicals, additives, food colouring or flavouring. He couldn’t have any spices. There was a list of at least 40 foods that we were avoiding. Plus other foods that we were unsure of and too scared to try. His allergies were serious and he even had three anaphylatic reactions when he was two years old and was hospitalized for four days because of accidental ingestion of eggs. We were at the ER just about every week for other allergic reactions (breathing difficulties). We were at the ER so often that the staff would remember us as the “parents of the boy who had so many allergies”. We were advised not to have any more children because the risk of another child with allergies would be too great.  None of the doctors had ever had another patient with as many allergies as my son. Our pediatrician in Calgary, a well known and well-respected pediatrician, told us “there was nothing that he could do to help us”. No one could help us. My husband and I were both so stressed out and nervous wrecks. My husband was scared to answer his cell phone because it was often me reporting more bad news. Every time we went for a playdate to someone’s house, my son would get sick (even if he didn’t eat anything there). He would often vomit after playdates.

There was a period for several months when he was two and a half / three years old when the only safe foods were: organic hemp hearts (which he didn’t like), organic lamb, organic quinoa, organic ketchup, organic corn, organic bananas and organic apples.  That’s it. (Thankfully, he wasn’t allergic to tomatoes or corn, both of which are common allergens).

The only fruits that my son could eat when he was 3 years old

We tried many, many things from the time that he was born to heal him. I won’t list them all here because I believe that many of the things that we tried probably helped him to a certain extent, and I know can and have helped others. But, now that we know about his diagnosis (a genetic immune disorder), we realize how deeply rooted the disease state was, and why it was so difficult to heal. I often felt judged as a mom. When I went out with my baby, strangers would actually make comments like “What’s wrong with your baby’s face?” (because his eczema was so bad). Ignorant people would make comments to me on a daily basis. I often judged myself as a mom. I often judged myself because I considered myself a healer, and yet couldn’t keep my son healthy.

Even before he started Heilkunst homeopathy, we had started reintroducing some foods (such as chicken, brown rice, carrots, potatoes, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries), so life was becoming a bit easier.

Over the last six months (since the Heilkunst homeopathy), we’ve reintroduced: beef (which is now iffy), pineapple, pears, garlic, onions, celery, citrus fruits, honey, navy beans, and rice milk. I’m ecstatic to be able to re-introduce rice milk because it’s a food that I couldn’t understand why he would react to it (esp. when he could tolerate eating brown rice). We tried to reintroduce rice milk a couple of times over the last two years, but both times, his eczema flared up (here and here). This time, it seems like there’s no ill effect.  Yay, yay, yay!! He loves drinking it and it is fortified with calcium, Vitamin D and some other vitamins and minerals, so I like being able to give it to him. Plus I like it when he has his equivalent food that he can eat (i.e., rather than cow milk, he can drink rice milk).

His current list of allergies/sensitivities: peanuts (yep, he is now sensitive to peanuts; he actually used to be able to eat peanuts, but at least it’s a sensitivity and not an anaphylatic allergy — May 2011 update: he now eats organic peanut butter every day), nuts, dairy, gluten wheat, eggs (May 2011: eggs are now just a sensitivity), fish, mangoes (May 2011 – he can now eat mangoes), lentils, peas and grapes. He is also sensitive to soy, but can tolerate it in small quantities (e.g., we give him Bragg’s sauce, but can’t give him soy milk). Beef is iffy at the moment (May 2011: he can now eat beef). According to the biomeridian testing that his TCM doctor used, he is also sensitive to chicken, apples, baking soda and xanthan gum, but I don’t have the heart to take these foods completely out of his diet. None of these foods are anaphylatic allergies, but sensitivities. He still needs to avoid foods with preservatives, chemicals, additives, food colouring or flavouring. I believe that the chemicals are the worst offenders for my son. (In fact, he threw up the other day when we were out of town and fed him “precooked, frozen” chicken that had “spices and other preservatives added”, the type of food that we would not normally feed him, but we didn’t bring enough food with us during our trip to visit some relatives in a small town). The hope is that with the Heilkunst treatment and also the antiobiotics/antifungals, my son’s IgE levels will continue to go down, and his sensitivities will also be reduced.

Now that I’ve listed it all out, it may seem like that’s still a lot of foods that he’s allergic/sensitive to (and truthfully, it is), but compared to what were were dealing with before, it is so much more manageable. We are now at the point where I can actually follow some of the recipes in allergy-free recipe books. Yay, yay, yay!!

I believe that in the last 6 months, the reduction in his allergies/sensitivities are due largely to the Heilkunst homeopathy. I expect/hope that over the next year, we’ll be able to reintroduce more and more foods. I am ever so grateful!!

Sept 19, 2011  – Moses allergies are continuing to heal.

March 2012 – Moses’ latest allergy test — it’s down to five sensitivities / allergies!


9 thoughts on “My son’s allergies/sensitivities are healing

  1. It’s great to see posts like this, I am always praying for our children, and so we as the moms can find the right interventions for them. Alex had many sensitivities also, but now he can eat anything, we have no problems with this. The more his gut has healed the more he can eat. and now after and even during MMR clearing the food options have been increasing so much! Recovery will come Janice!

  2. Thanks, as always, for your support, Lucy. It’s very encouraging to hear that Alex can now eat anything and that he had many sensitivities in the past. Very encouraging!!

  3. Wow, how did you even feed him??? I have a friend with a crazy list of allergies like that (I didn’t even know that someone could be allergic to most vegetables and cane sugar! But I guess people can be allergic to pretty much anything!) Her symptoms aren’t horrible like Moses’, more like she just feels like crap. I’m so glad you for you guys that he’s getting better. What a relief!

    Okay, so my problem’s going to seem minuscule compared to yours, but I have a question. If my son gets some food on his face and it makes a rash on his face, does that mean I shouldn’t give it to him? So far I’ve seen this with cinnamon and ranch dressing. Makes me wonder if I should get him tested for allergies because we never have, and I want to make sure what goes into his body doesn’t cause any problems.

  4. Hi Lisa: Thanks for your kind words.

    I would definitely avoid the food if it creates a rash on his face. Sounds like contact hives.

    It’s kind of like one of the DIY sensitivity tests that we do at home — we put a bit on his arm and if it hives up, then we don’t feed it to him. (It’s very similar to how they do prick skin tests minus the prick).

    It might be worth getting him tested for allergies. Sometimes they don’t like to do them when children are very young, but it’s worth checking with his physician. Some naturopaths also can do allergy / sensitivity tests (IgG blood tests, biomeridian testing).

  5. Thanks for the advice. I’m wondering if it is some kind of spice in the ranch dressing since he had the reaction to cinnamon. Since not everything contacts his face like that, I don’t know what else he might be reacting to. I think I will ask for an allergy test.

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