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Joy Pockets

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I’m joining in on Holistic Mama’s Joy Pockets series this week.

Celebrated 5 years of marriage last weekend
Imprompt movie date with friends at our house
Meditation – connection
Tuesday yoga – full class, new students, in the flow, “heart class”
Thursday yoga – bliss, relaxation, tears of release
Spoke my truth
Created space for me
Kisses from my boy
Watching my boy enjoy the snow
He learned how to put his thumbs in his mittens!
Absolutely *love* my new purple cloth pads. Comfortable and funky.
Talking with my mom
Enjoying Cure is in the Cupboard: How to Use Oregano for Better Health
Cuddling on the couch

What were your joy pockets this week?


One thought on “Joy Pockets

  1. lol…I’m trying out my first cloth pad right now. So comfy!

    Love all the yoga…sounds so great.

    I’m getting lots of love from my little boy, too. Oh, if it could just last forever…

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