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Clearing his birth – Heilkunst Round 9


During this round of healing, we used Heilkunst homeopathic remedies to clear the difficulties associated with Moses’ birth.

Thankfully, this month was a lot gentler than last month’s healing reactions. Right away, his asthma was up and his back became itchier. Then a week later, a painful “bump” appeared on his cheek. We weren’t sure what it was, but we were concerned that it was another abscess (which is typical of individuals with Job’s Syndrome). Thankfully, it went away after three days.  I assume that it was related to the healing reaction.

During this period, he only had one night terror (something that was quite common for him in the past). His sleep has been disruptive though and he’s been waking up most nights, although in good spirits. 

He’s been drinking more water this month (something that we had a hard time getting him to do in the past). We successfully introduced sesame seeds (which is a common allergen) to his diet, as well as aloe vera juice and cactus juice, both of which are dietary supplements which should help his immune and digestive systems.

Within ten days of starting the birth remedies, he was more joyful, grounded and easy going. It’s the happiest that I’ve seen him for a long, long time. It was obvious that something major had been cleared from his system. It felt as though I was getting to see more of Moses’ true personality shining through.

Yesterday, he had another major dental appointment and they put another stainless steel crown on one of his molars. I was pretty upset about it as I was concerned about the potential toxic effects of the metals (stainless steel, chrome and 10% nickel — thankfully, no mercury, but nickel is a known carcinogen), but the dentist was pretty adament about it and said that the white fillings would not have been adequate. We used x-ray droppers and anaesthetic homeopathic remedies before and after the appointment to clear the effect of the x-ray and laughing gas. Moses did great with the procedure overall.

We received amazing news about Moses’ eye. The ulcer has healed over. All that is left is some cloudiness on his cornea, which we expect to continue to heal. The vision in his left eye has completely recovered. We are so happy and feel that the rapidness and completeness of the healing is a miracle in itself. The eye doctor was surprised that his vision wasn’t affected by the ulcer. We are relieved and thrilled. We are continuing with eye drops and also a homeopathic remedy for the eye.

Although Moses lungs were clear last week, his asthma is currently up again (it worsened after the dental appointment). The skin on his face is currently clearer than it’s been just about ever, and the skin on his back is even better than it normally has been.

Last month, I cleared the years that I was on acne medication while I was a teenager (my healing reaction was extreme fatigue, as always, as well as overwhelm / deep depression that lasted for a day). After the healing reaction, and also after letting go of guilt and shame, I felt better than I have felt for a long, long time. It feels like both Moses and I have made a huge breakthrough in our healing.

Next week, we’ll start the remedies to heal the emotional impact of Moses’ birth. May it also be a gentle healing for him. I’m currently clearing a minor car accident from I was 12 years old.

Read more about our Heilkunst journey here.


5 thoughts on “Clearing his birth – Heilkunst Round 9

  1. How wonderful, Janice!! So glad to hear about all the healing in your lives!

  2. Thanks, Lisa!!!

  3. This sounds wonderful! Well, except for the crown. I’ve been hearing lately of ways to strengthen teeth, like using xylitol, calcium, vitamin D, and of course cutting out sugar and processed foods. I know he already gets vit D, and I know the diet is a struggle… Ugh, it just doesn’t sound like fun.

  4. Lisa: Thanks for the ideas re: strengthening teeth. I’m reading the book, Cure Tooth Decay, by Ramiel Nagel right now. It’s very interesting. Hard to follow though b/c of Moses’s dietary restrictions, but it’s been giving me some good ideas….

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