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Clearing emotional birth trauma – Heilkunst Round 10

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Last month, we cleared the general trauma associated with Moses’ birth, and this month, we cleared the emotional trauma associated with his birth.

I waited a few weeks before starting his emotional birth powders because he had a couple of weeks when his asthma was very flared. We had started him back on Flovent and he was using Ventolin quite regularly (in addition to his homeopathic remedies for breathing). I wondered if it was due to a healing reaction related clearing the dental work that he had done last month (x-ray, local anaesthetic and one more stainless steel cap). We also found out that they were doing construction on the mainfloor of Moses’ dayhome, so it was probably a combination of the two. I was happy when his breathing started to clear up a bit.  His breathing is better today (knock on wood).

For most of the month, Moses did well emotionally and he didn’t have one night terror during this entire month. Yay! Also, he hasn’t been regularly waking up in the middle of the night anymore. He was doing so well. Emotionally and healthwise, he was probably the best that I had ever seen him.

He didn’t have a major healing reaction to the emotional birth powders right away. His asthma did get a bit worse for a few days. Over this last week, his skin is looking the best that it’s looked in a long, long time (maybe ever)!

Around two weeks after starting the powders, his emotions were up (lots of tantrums,  very volatile) and he re-injured his eye again (rubbed another hole in his weakened corneal shield). We spent today in the ER, and will be back to the eye doctor tomorrow. Prior to this, his eye was healing really well, but we were still continuing with the eye drops because he still had a bit of “cloudiness” on his cornea.

I’ll talk to his Heilkunstler, and no doubt she will say that this is related to the syphilitic miasm, which is the root of a lot of my son’s health problems. We’ll eventually clear the syphilitic miasm, as we are two powders away from starting healing of the miasms (the next major stage in Heilkunst healing after the timeline).

I’ll let you know how it goes. Let’s pray that his eye heals and recovers quickly.

Update (March 18, 2011) – What a crazy week it has been. Thankfully, his eye healed quickly (still some cloudiness on his cornea, but the ulcer itself has healed). Immediately after, his breathing /asthma was the worst that it’s been for a long time. He was emotionally very unstable and angry. He had his first night terror for a long time. It feels like he’s starting to come back to himself, slowly but surely. I’ll be glad to be done this round of healing. Given the magnitude of his healing reactions this month, healing the emotions of his birth was obviously a big and important step in his healing.

More about our healing with Heilkunst journey here


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