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Birthing the new earth and trusting your heart


Related to my last post about entering the 9th and final universal cycle of the Mayan calendar, I’m very much feeling it.

The truth is that I’ve been feeling the approach of the end days of the Mayan calendar for the last 10 years, but it does feel to me that things are very much speeding up in this last month.

I had the honour of taking an advanced Munay-Ki workshop (the nine great rites of initiation of the medicine way of the ancient Inka) in early February, and the energy of the rites really helped to transform my inner and outer world. So much so that we are actually going to be moving to a new home in the next month, and my new home will have a healing room in which I can do  energy healing work.

Since the workshop, I’ve been spending more time with my daily practice (breath work, feeding my chakras with fire ceremony), and have been feeling more connected to Spirit. And, as a result, I have been feeling less triggered by Moses’ (apparent) health issues, and more in harmony with the universe.

I’ve been spending a lot of time ingesting the Wayne Dyer’s book, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, which I mentioned earlier, has also helped me to reframe a lot of things.

It occured to me that in this blog, I have spent relatively little time discussing my inner spiritual world, even though this is a very important aspect of my life. A lot of the content of this blog has been about what I’ve learned about the physical aspect of raising a sensitive child (i.e., how to feed him, what kind of supplements to use, how we are progressing with the Heilkunst treatment). I’ve spent a lot of time discussing this topic because I really struggled with the physical aspect of how to raise my sensitive boy, and have used this blog as a sounding board for what I was learning, in hopes that it could also help other parents with sensitive children.

In case I haven’t made it clear enough, I am very thankful to God, to the universe, to the Source of all for all of the guidance that I have received to help me in parenting Moses. I believe that Heilkunst homeopathy, for example, has really helped my son, but even more than that, I am thankful to Spirit for leading me to learn about this healing modality, among other things that have helped him.

The message that I have been getting  is that above all else, it is of utmost importance to trust your heart during this period of the Great Shift. So much stuff is happening right now on the planet that if you try to figure it out with your head, you will literally go insane. Go inside, dear reader, and listen to the messages that you are getting and trust.

These can be challenging and tumultuous times, but also joyful, expansive and light-filled times. To gracefully navigate through these times, it is of great importance to find a daily practice that feeds you. Whatever that practice is for you, find some time to be by yourself and spend some time listening to your soul. Prayer. Meditation. Walking in nature. Ecstatic dance. Sitting in front of a fire. Quiet candlelit bath. Journalling. Fully embodied exercise. Creative activity. Listening to the silence. Whatever feeds your soul, do it.

We are being called to access and connect to that deep wellspring within. If you connect within, you will receive all of the guidance that you need to navigate these times. And, of course, connecting within will also provide you with the guidance necessary to care for your sensitive child (or your own inner child). Be well, my friend.


3 thoughts on “Birthing the new earth and trusting your heart

  1. What a wonderful post, Janice! I’ve been getting a lot of messages of trusting myself and being myself. There is so much energy out there right now!

    I also wanted to share that I am taking Reiki I this week! I wish we were closer so we could do a Reiki share.

    I’m off to meditate!

  2. Lisa: How exciting that you are taking Reiki I this week! I also wish we were closer so we could do a Reiki share. Sounds like a very expansive time for you! 🙂

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