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2011 – the year of Illumination

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I came across a lovely video about 2011, the year of Illumination by Lee Harris.

I have felt a lot of anxiety, fear, deep sadness and unease in my body (with some underlying peace in my centre) since the earthquake. Lee Harris also wrote a blog post about Japan and the aftershock, which I also resonate with, and found helpful. Part of the article is excerpted below.

 The surge of energies and emotions that erupted since the Earthquake in Japan has created a major dislodge in the world energetically that is still trying to settle in and for people. Devastation and loss occurred in a major way and physically, the Earth has now changed and the shockwaves are still being felt.

These events in Japan will ultimately pave the way for evolution on both emotional and practical levels, and will contribute to the awakening process we are all in as a world. But in the moment, it is a massive shift for us as human beings to adjust to, feel through and recover from…

Lee’s article also includes some useful tips on how to ground, and reminders to spend time connecting with nature, each other and our body.

Debbie at the Loving Path also wrote a thoughtful post about the recent events in Japan and how we can help as individuals, as well as another post about the shift in consciousness that is happening on the planet.

Love and prayers to all of those in Japan and those affected directly and indirectly by this world event.


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