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Healing children with autism blog list


I’ve started a blog list of parents who are using biomedical techniques, homeopathy or energy healing to treat their autistic child. I have done my best to try to categorize the major method of healing that the parents are using. I’ve defined biomedical treatments to include any treatment that a Defeat Autism Now! doctor or naturopathic doctor may recommend, including gluten-free, casein-free diet, supplementation, chelation, antiviral and antibacterial therapy, etc. See Generation Rescue’s website for more information about biomedical treatments, and also check out this link for parent’s ratings of biomedical interventions.

I am offering this list to help those parents who are looking for inspiration, personal stories and ideas for treatment options. I know that there are many, many more healing autism blogs out there, and will be adding to this list as I discover more.

Please let me know if you know of other blogs (your own or others) of parents who are healing their children.

Kerri Rivera’s Protocol

  • As of May 28, 2014 June 15, 2014, Kerri’s protocol has recovered 133 136 individuals with autism between the ages of 2 to 33.
  • Read how Dante’s ATEC score dropped from 99 to 66 in 3.5 months using Kerri’s protocol here.
  • Kerri Rivera’s book, Healing the symptoms known as autism, has over 180 testimonials! 🙂
  • My thoughts about this protocol here.
  • Find out more here.
  • I’m very, very excited about this protocol! Join the FB group and read inspiring daily posts of how kids are recovering.
  • Kiera’s story – her daughter is #136 to be recovered following Kerri’s protocol.

Homeopathy and Biomedical Treatments

The following families use a combination of homeopathy and biomedical treatment. Read a post comparing the four most common approaches to homeopathy here.

Heilkunst homeopathy and biomedical treatments

  • We used Heilkunst homeopathy for 2 years combined with biomedical treatments to heal our son. I feel that Heilkunst homeopathy was one of the most important treatments that we have followed to help our son. Read my post about hope for parents of “non-responders” here.
  • Treatment 4 Autism – biomedical treatments (low dose naltrexone, glutathione cream, melatonin, methyl B12 shots, etc.), Heilkunst homeopathy, prayer. Caleb is doing so well that he’s in General Education School full time.
  • Finding My Kid – biomedical treatments and recently (Nov 2014) started Heilkunst homeopathy. Read a post about what has been working for them in terms of biomedical treatments here.

Sequential homeopathy and biomedical treatments

  • Drew’s Autism Recovery Diary – sequential homeopathy (Houston Homeopathy Center), but now doing classical homeopathy, SCD diet, 25 hours of ABA therapy, digestive enzymes, fish oil, methyl B-12 injections every 3 days, nightly epsom salt baths, elimination diet, Perma Clear, lemon juice in water at night (details here). After his 12 month vaccinations, he lost all ability to communicate. With the treatment, and with the help of signing DVDs and verbal behaviour approach, he is now talking. Inspiring update post two years after treatment and the progress Drew has made during this time (toilet training, gaining words, regulating emotions, becoming more present, etc.) They now consider Drew to have been healed from autism. Read Drew’s most helpful therapies here.
  • A Ventography!  (the companion blog to the Health Induced Autism Website) – Diet – GF/CF, eliminating allergy foods, rotation diet, paleo diet, organic, no processed foods; Supplements; B12 shots; Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT); Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA); OSR #1; Sequential Homeopathy through Houston Homeopathy Center; and Craniosacral Therapy
  • Health Induced Autism – Great resource — the story of two moms and their journey of healing their children with autism. Both of their children are over the age of 5 years old and are making slow, but steady progress.  It’s very well organized and has lots of useful information about a variety of treatments (supplements, dietary, homeopathy, and much more).

CEASE homeopathy and biomedical treatments

  • Alex’s Journey out of Autism – Healing Alex, their 4-year old, with CEASE homeopathy, acupuncture and biomedical techniques. Her son has made tremendous gains. A summary post after two years of treatment here. He has been happier, is communicating with signs, has been making more sounds and word approximations, and has been following more directions. Summary of interventions that have worked for Alex here. Update: Alex now says mama and papa!!  🙂  Update: Alex is doing really well.  Treatments include: biomedical, diet (GFCF), supplements, therapies (speech, OT, ABA), chelation, cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture, neuro-feedback, classical homeopathy and CEASE therapy.

Classical homeopathy and biomedical treatments

  • Recovered from Autism – excellent resource describing the steps that Kaeden’s parents took to recover their son. They consider their son completely recovered from autism.
  • Biomed Heals – Read about all of the treatments used to heal Anthony here.  Very well organized blog. Videos about Anthony’s story here.  They used homeopathy (Alan Freeman) as well. Anthony has been recovered (watch this video here).
  • The Light – using homeopathy and biomedical treatments to recover two boys with Autism, PANDAS, Chiari 1 Malformation, developmental delay (hypotonia and apraxia), ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, OCD, and Tourettes.
  • Treat Autism Now – Sahil is 13 years old; GFCF; cranialsacral therapy; homeopathy; tried camel milk for a short time.
  • Dancing Naked Around Bonfires and Other Treatments for Autism – One mom’s honest journey of trying many different treatments to heal her son’s autism. She describes her son’s response to the various treatments. Read her “If I knew then when I know now” post here. They currently follow a GFCF diet, Feingold diet, homeopathy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc.
  • You are What You Eat – Grayson was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, but is no longer on the spectrum. Grayson’s mom used biomedical techniques (GFCF, supplements, enzymes, rotation diet, organic foods, chelation, cleaning up toxic house, Biofilm Protocol, BioVEDA BAX 3000, wheatgrass, low oxalate diet, kefir, natural antiviral treatments, camel milk) as well as classical homeopathy to heal her son. Information is very well organized.
  • Journey with Imaan – chelation, supplements, Son-rise program, body ecology diet, homeopathy
  • Journey towards a cure for Skyler  – DAN! doctor, methyl-B12 shots, chelation, NAET, chelation, classical homeopathy. After Skyler’s first year of treatment, he is doing great, including talking!
  • Regarding Caroline – recovering Caroline using diet and supplements (e.g., DMG, GFCF, digestive enzymes, soy-free, low sugar, methyl B-12 injections, cod liver oil, specific carbohydrate diet, GAPS diet, diflucan, antibiotics, low dose naltrexone, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, antivirals, alpha lipoic acid, Andy Cutler chelation process, adrenal cortex extract, classical homeopathy, immune system enhancers (e.g., Transfer Factor), camel milk, etc. Also homotoxicology.  Read more here. Her supplement list is here. More useful info here.
  • Healing without Hurting – I discovered Evan had numerous food sensitivities, which were addressed with diet modification, nutrient therapy, homeopathy, osteopathic care, chiropractic care and acupressure. They addressed bowel and gut inflammation and toxicity issues, gut permeability, hypoglycemia, adrenal fatigue, amino acid/neurotransmitter imbalances and got to the root of all of Evan’s nutritional deficiencies. Additionally, they discovered some underlying genetic mutations that were preventing Evan from correctly metabolizing certain nutrients that directly affect brain health.After treating Evan bio-medically, and with other healing practices we witnessed such a tremendous improvement in all areas of Evan’s life. Today, Evan is a happy and well-adjusted 8 year old.
  • Hidden Recovery – A parent’s experience with High-Functioning Autism. Diagnosed at 2 with PDD-NOS, and recovered by kindergarten. Intervention overview here. Links to useful biomedical treatments here.
  • This Little Light of Mine – diet (GAPS), homeopathic detox of each and every metal/vaccine, camel milk, essential oils


  • Read a post comparing the four most common approaches to homeopathy here.

Heilkunst homeopathy

  • We are using Heilkunst homeopathy to heal our son. Read my post about hope for parents of “non-responders” here.
  • Adam’s Journey – healing her autistic son with Heilkunst homeopathy. Read about Adam’s amazing progress after 18 months of treatment
  • Healing with Heilkunst – healing her two children (one is on the autistic spectrum) with Heilkunst homeopathy
  • Verspoor and Smith’s Autism: The Journey Back – Recovering the Self through Heilkunst book. (This book highlights the healing journey and recovery of several autistic children and explains why Heilkunst homeopathy works. I highly recommend Heilkunst homeopathy and feel this book is a must-read).
  • Allyson McQuinn’s Path to Cure. Allyson describes her son’s recovery from autism through treatment with Heilkunst homeopathy, in addition to her own healing journey. Her son is now completely recovered.
  • Testimonial of a full recovery from autism using Heilkunst homeopathy.

Sequential homeopathy

  • My Child: A Former “Non-Responder” – an amazing story of how Michael, an 11 year old former “non-responder” to biomedical treatments, made remarkable improvements with sequential homeopathy.
  • A mom describes how her son did not respond to DAN! protocol treatment, including HBOT, specific carbohydrate diet, MB12 shots, secretin, chelation, etc. However, her son responded very well to sequential homeopathic treatment through the Houston Homeopathy Clinic. Two years into the treatment (with lots of ups and downs), her son is blossoming. He is no longer self-injurious, is attempting words and communicates with a voice output device.
  • Autism testimonials for the Homeopathy Center of Houston – here

CEASE homeopathy

  • Boy Connected – CEASE homeopathy and specific carbohydrate diet (SCD). Dante, a 7 year old boy, has been much happier and more stable with the SCD diet and CEASE homeopathy. He communicates with picture exchange communication systems (PECs), a couple of signs and his IPad.
  • I Love Queen Anne’s Lace – recovering Lizzie with CEASE homeopathy
  • Mission Johah – recovering Jonah with CEASE homeopathy
  • The Cult of Recovery – recovering Ruby with CEASE homeopathy
  • Autism and homeopathy (in Portuguese — you can use Google translate to translate to English, if needed) – recovering Oliver with CEASE homeopathy
  • Eight CEASE homeopathic successful case studies here.


Classical homeopathy

  • Recovering Nicolas – After years of research, supplements, hbot, etc. Nicolas’ mom decided to try Classical Homeopathy. Since moving from a heavy and costly biomedical regiment to using a single homeopathic remedy, Nicholas no longer has any symptoms of autism. Read her update story (“living life autism-free”) here. Nicolas’ mom shares other autism recovery stories here.
  • Autism Case Study – Fascinating blog that is following Brendan’s progress with homeopathy and cranialsacral therapy (Brendan’s parents, the homeopath and the cranialsacral therapist are all participants in the blog so you get everyone’s perspective on the progress).
  • Stories written by moms with PANDAS children who have seen remarkable improvements with homeopathy here.
  • Classical homeopathy case studies here.
  • Stories of “impossible cures” (including some autism recovery stories) resulting from classical homeopathy here.
  • Impossible Cure by Amy Lansky – the amazing story of how Amy’s son was cured of autism with homeopathy.

Biomedical Treatments

  • Healing Autism and ADHD – excellent resource describing the biomedical treatments that one mother has used to heal her son.
  • How a Physician Healed her Son’s Autism – Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride recovered her son from autism, and in this interview with Dr. Mercola, shares her insights about Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), which can make a child vulnerable to vaccine damage and the GAPS nutritional program which can help treat autism. Her website here.
  • Hidden Recovery –  A parent’s experience with High-Functioning Autism. Diagnosed at 2 with PDD-NOS, and recovered by kindergarten.
  • Mercury Babies – As a result of biomedical treatments (natural diet, detoxification, vitamin and mineral therapy), her son has lost the PDD diagnosis and has moved up to Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • Charlie in Wonderland – following DAN! protocol; Charlie, who was non-verbal, now talks and has made tremendous progress; excellent resource.
  • Andy’s Story as Told by Mom – GFCF, DAN! protocol, Ontario resources
  • Aspie Mom – biomedical treatments, Ontario resources
  • Autism Evolution – a revolutionary approach to treating individuals with autism spectrum disorders using a combination of dietary guidance (e.g., Body Ecology diet), nutritional expertise, full spectrum energy healing, and a variety of other healing modalities (including craniosacral therapy, colon hydrotherapy, Ayurvedic medicine), tailored to each individual based on the founder’s experience healing her brother. Read “How I cured my brother of autism here”.
  • Autism Treatment, Vaccines and Recovery – Autism treatment strategy from a former US Army Medical Intelligence Officer; excellent resource. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment, etc.
  • Autism Wars – biomedical treatments, including MMS
  • Autistic by Injection – Michael said “mama” for the first time in 9 years after starting biomedical treatments [oh, this story touched my heart!] (digestive enzymes, probiotics, multivitamins, multi-minerals, diet modifications). Read story here.
  • 1-2-3, Autism Free – GFCF, biomedical treatments
  • Autism, Healing and Hope – GFCF, biomedical treatments
  • Baxter’s story – Baxter developed autism after vaccinations. Through a variety of methods, traditional and biomedical (dietary changes, chelation), Baxter is no longer considered on the autistic spectrum. Watch Waking Up Baxter here (an 8 minute documentary).
  • Becky Estepp’s story – Interview with Becky Estepp, parent of a 12-year-old Autistic child who she says is about 75% recovered after doing extensive Biomedical Treatment interventions.
  • BioKae – GFCF, antifungals, working with a DAN! doctor; inspiring post of Kaelyn’s progress after introducing GFCF diet here.
  • Biomedical Treatment for Autism – video interviews with parents, medical professionals and researchers
  • Breaking Through – following DAN! protocol
  • Bringing Emma Back – supplements, dietary changes, etc.
  • Chasing Nathan – using biomedical treatments to heal Nathan
  • Coconut milk yogurt vs Autism – One family’s experiences with Autism, Coconut Milk Yogurt, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Other Autism Treatments, including glutathione IV injections.
  • Connor’s Journey with Autism –  gluten, casein and soy free diet, Dr. Amy Yasko’s protocol and ABA as well as a lifestyle of healthy living and green practices
  • Curing Autism Blog – NAET, biomedical treatment. As a result of NAET, her 23 year old daughter “emerged from autism”. An interview with her daughter here. Her 18 year old son has been doing very well on Yasko protocol supplements and will be starting NAET as well. Summary here.
  • Deborah’s story – Deborah shares her story of healing her twin boys of ADHD, PDD, Asperger’s syndrome using biomedical techniques
  • Discovering Nathan – GFCF, chelation, etc.
  • Don’t Eat Us – A great blog from a dad’s perspective. Read their links to autism resources here.
  • Emma’s Dreams – using biomedical treatments and Son-rise program to recover Emma.
  • Fighting Autism and the Rest of the World – using biomedical treatments. Very well organized site, and includes detailed information on her son’s protocol, including camel milk, MMS, lots of green smoothies, digestion enzymes, probiotics, Chinese herbs, immune booster, and so much more.
  • For the Love of B – biomedical treatments
  • Hasan’s Recovery Journal – chelation, parasite treatment, fermented foods, methyl B-12 shots, Enzymedica Enzymes diegest spectrum 2 per meal 1/2 with snack, Cod liver oil 2 tsp kirkmans, GLA Primrose oil, Custom probiotics, Amphotericin B ( antifungal), Specific carbohydrate diet, no nuts or eggs, pic mins, TD DMPS Glutathione, Methyl cobalamine shot 0.03 ml everyday, Folapro 1600mg, co enzyme b complex 1 cap a day. (Ecological formula), Glutamine 1500mg ( gut patcher), Mitchondrial support..acetyl carnitine,taurine,selenium,coq10,mag
  • Healing JoshuaAfter his vaccine injury … Joshua never spoke another meaningful word until he was 14. This site is about HOPE and HEALING …. and the journey we have taken…. We know Autism is treatable …
  • Her Grace – chelation, etc. Grace began talking after treatment, at 3 1/2 years. A sweet story here.
  • Holding Tomorrow – biomedical treatments for Hannah, SCD diet, Nystatin, a multivitamin, Acidophilus, Fermented Cod Liver Oil, plus extra Magnesium Glycinate, Zinc Chelate, Vitamin D, and Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate -a form of B-6. Read more here.
  • Holly Riley’s story of healing her son’s autism – video of Holly Riley explaining what she did to heal her son’s autism. Her son is fully recovered. A second video of Holly discussing the GFCF diet here.
  • Jaxson’s story – video of Jaxson’s mom explaining the treatments that she used to recover her son (GFCF, SCD, body ecology diet, digestive enzymes, methyl B12, glutathione, epsom salt baths, flax oil, sensory techniques)
  • Joshua’s story – GFCF, IgG sensitivity testing, Diflucan, treatment of bacterial infections, treating immune system, vitamins and minerals, increasing glutathione levels, genetic testing, DMG, TMG, probiotics, B complex, zinc, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin C, SuperNuthera, Pure Kids, folic acid, flax seed oil, Omega 3 oils, CoQ10, etc.
  • Keely’s Kitchen – gluten, dairy, soy, rice and egg free recipes. Followed SCD for awhile. Currently following Body Ecology diet. At two years of age, Keely was showing signs of Asperger’s syndrome (after 6 stainless steel crowns and and H1N2 vaccination). A year after biomedical treatment (including removal of the stainless steel crowns, metal cleanse, specialized diet), she can talk with full sentences on her good days. Keely’s story here. Details about Keely’s biomedical treatments here
  • Kyan’s Fight – recover Kyan using biomedical treatments. Kyan is on 30 supplements a day. He also receives allergy shots and methyl B12 shots twice a week. GFCF diet.
  • Leeann Whiffen – blog by a mother who recovered her child from autism. Author of the book, “A child’s journey out of autism”.
  • Mad Mom about Autism – biomedical treatments
  • Meet Taylor Morris – At 24 months, Taylor was flapping her hands, pacing corner to corner in the room, had no communication except to get her coat to go out, and often screamed in response to stimuli. Taylor recovered quickly after milk was removed from her diet. Taylor’s mom also used adaptive learning with her. Taylor is now a “typical” teenager and is an advocate for autism and Asperger’s syndrome.
  • Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) and Autism – stories of miracles that result after autistic children have started Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS).
  • Momnivore’s Dilemma – Moose’s mom, a beautiful writer. GFCF, biomedical, more recently starting homeopathy.
  • Mother Cub – All about Autism – Susan Lynn Perry is the host of The Mother Cub Show – All About Autism. Her son is currently emerging from autism using biomedical treatments. Also see her website here, which has articles about parenting a child with autism.
  • Our Journey of Hope through Autism – biomedical treatments
  • Our Twins have Autism and We’re Participating in a Miracle – touching blog post about unconditional love.  They have pursued many healing approaches including nutritional, medical and biomedical, neurological, social / environmental, and spiritual / shamanic, as well as making extensive use of occupational therapy, speech therapy, and developmental educational therapies, including the Sonrise Program.
  • Our Road to Recovery from Autism – I am mom to 3 beautiful children.  My oldest with Autism & CP, my middle child  with sensory processing disorder (almost fully recovered) and my baby with severe
    food allergies.  I write about our personal experiences with healing autism.  Read her advice to parents of a newly diagnosed child here.
  • Our Winding and Sometimes Twisted Journey to Better– biomedical treatments
  • Out of the Darkness – biomedical treatments
  • Outrunning Autism – biomedical treatments
  • Pieces of Us – Healing Hayden though a fulltime Son Rise Program, GAPS Diet, HBOT and Biomedical.
  • Puzzle Pieces and Broken Shells – NBear is a 9 year old girl; parents were once “full-on DAN! parents”, but are now doing supplements here and there and continuing with some dietary restrictions (recent update post here).
  • Red Green Lellow – recover Isaac using biomedical treatments. Things they have tried: QiGong Massage, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Vision Therapy, Listening Therapy, b12 injections, Chelation Therapy.
  • Recovering Boys – Mother’s story of recovering two of her sons. Her five year old is recovered, and she is recovering the three year old.
  • Recovering Kids – parents helping other parents using Andy Cutler Chelation.
  • The River to Recovery – A very well-organized blog documenting biomedical methods to heal children with autism. River’s ATEC score was 170 at its worst and it’s now 16 as of July 2015.
  • Rhonda Spellman – Read how a glutathione-accellerating supplement helped her son with autism and PANDAS. I  highly recommend Dr. Keller’s Original Glutathione Formula because autistic children are low in glutathione, which is the body’s master anti-oxidant and detoxifer This supplement actually detoxifies children of metals, including mercury and aluminum.
  • Saving Graison… One Day at a Time – Graison is three years old. Graison faces an immune system dysfunction, gastrointestinal and digestion issues, feeding challenges, and multiple food allergies. GFCF diet, SCD diet, organic diet, many supplements (all detailed here).
  • Saving Savannah – Savannah has been recovered from autism using biomedical treatments (supplements, alpha lipoic acid, frequent dose chelation). Savannah is now a neurotypical 6th grader. Savannah’s mom wrote a book about their journey, Fight Autism and Win, here. Savannah’s mom is a child/family therapist and help to provide advice to other parents to recover their children as well (read more here). She recommends here that children need the following 3-4 times per day:
    • Vitamin C: 500-1000 mg/day divided into four doses
    • Magnesium: 400 mg/day per day divided into four dose
    • Zinc: 30-50 mg/day divided into four doses.
    • Fat soluble supplements are given once per day:
      • Vitamin E: 400 IU/day (d-alpha tocopherol, not dl-alpha tocopherol),
    • Fish oils (while not one of the “basic supplements” we have found it beneficial for children to be on high-quality mercury free fish oil.)
  • Speaking on the Spectrum – blog with daily news about autism.
  • Spectrum Mum in Malaysia – great practical advice for newly diagnosed families here. She is no longer an autism mom. She is a spectrum mom of two children recovered from autism.
  • Takes a Town… Love through Autism Healing Filbert using Sonrise program, GAPS diet and supplements. A  beautiful and very inspiring blog.
  • Tribal MamasThis is a group blog of families on the specific carb, GAPS, and low oxalate diets who
    also dabble in camel milk and NAET (allergy elimination treatments).  Kids are recovering from allergies, ADHD, apraxia, autism spectrum disorder, and autism.  Moms are recovering from celiac disease, IBD, IBS, allergies, and more.
  • Whole New Mom – occupational therapy, genetic testing, nutritional supplementation, dietary intervention (GFCF), whole foods, candida diet, nutritional balancing, essential oils, “taking things low and slow).
  • Wren’s story – video of Wren explaining how biomedical treatments (GFCF diet, heavy metals removed, DAN! doctor) have helped her 8 year old son
  • Jenny McCarthy’s Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing their Children Against All Odds
  • Healing Autism: A Breakthrough Approach with Kenneth Bock, M.D – DVD – follows five families undergoing Dr. Bock’s biomedical healing program over the course of a year.

Son-rise Program

Special Diets (GFCF, SCD, etc.)

GFCF – glutenfree, casein free; SCD – specific carbohydrate diet

Raw foods, supplementation and energy healing

  •  Live Consciously, Heal Artfully – excellent resource describing the steps that Gina Laverde took to heal her son, Dougie, using raw foods, Body Ecology diet, supplementation and energy healing. Dougie is considered recovered from autism. (Note: Gina also helps to coach parents to do what she did and heal their children). Love this perspective from Gina’s husband (find out what it was like for this “autism dad” here).

Shamanism and Horseback Riding



  • Guru V’s blog – an inspiring blog of a mama who sees her children as her guru. “A mom with passion, action  and an inclusion revolution on her mind shares moments, mantras & wisdom gained from her adventures parenting her two children blessed w/autism…her gurus”

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  3. Denise: You’re welcome. I’m glad that you are finding it a helpful resource.

  4. I know where I’m going if I ever have a child with autism! I starred and shared this in my reader. I also just recommended your blog to a mom with an autistic child.

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