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Results of the egg challenge


Big news this week is that we fed Moses GFCF banana bread with 1/3 of an egg. He had about 1/10 of the banana bread, so he had about 1/30 of an egg. His allergist has been encouraging us to try baking with an egg because his last allergy test only showed a moderate reaction to eggs, and she finds that eggs that are baked in foods are generally tolerated well by individuals who are moderately allergic to eggs.

I’ve been reluctant to try eggs. When he was two, he was actually hospitalized for four days due to accidental ingestion of eggs (it caused gastrointestinal bleeding). And the last time, we tried baking with 1/4 of an egg, his rash got a lot worse. DH is also very sensitive to eggs.

But, based on our allergist’s recommendation, we went for it. The truth is that we didn’t notice a reaction at all, but Moses later told us that it gave him a tummy ache and he didn’t want any more banana bread. Although we will continue to avoid eggs for now, this still shows tremendous progress relative to how he used to respond to eggs. We now consider eggs to be a food sensitivity and not so much of a food allergy (i.e., it’s not a potential anaphylatic trigger for Moses).


5 thoughts on “Results of the egg challenge

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