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Healing prenatal ultrasounds – Heilkunst Round 11


During these last two weeks, Moses has been healing from the three prenatal ultrasounds that he received when in utero. This is the last thing for him to clear on his timeline!  During my Heilkunst treatment, I also needed to clear the ultrasounds as well. Dr. Douglass states that ultrasounds cause subtle brain damage to the developing brain.

The healing reactions this month have been minor (thankfully). Approximately one week after starting the ultrasounds homeopathic powders, he started complaining that his eye was hurting him (and we’ve restarted him on all of the various eye drops to treat his eye — thankfully, I don’t think it’s another eye ulcer, and it isn’t bothering him as much as it has in the past), the rash on his back got worse, and he had one night terror.

His breathing remained clear. (DH has been giving him one Flovent puff twice a day, although in the past, Moses still had trouble breathing despite any medications that he was on). It is amazing that his breathing is still clear. Probably the first healing reaction that did not affect his breathing. A huge sign of healing.

He’s been doing great emotionally. He’s been more confident in his body, more grounded, and more talkative. Less fearful of new situations. He’s really blossoming, joyful and it’s a joy to witness.

We tried to introduce eggs and cantaloupe, both of which we’ll need to try to reintroduce another time (with the cantaloupe, I think we tried introducing it too close to the healing reaction, so it was too difficult to tell if he was reacting to the cantaloupe or having a healing reaction).

He’s technically in the middle of the healing cycle related to his ultrasounds, but he’s having more dental work on Tuesdsay (his 6th stainless steel crown), so I wanted to give an update on how it is doing prior to the dental work. He’ll be treated with homeopathic powders for the laughing gas and with homeopathic drops for any additional x-rays that he may need). I’m not happy that he’s having more dental work, but in the dentist’s view, they are necessary and he hasn’t given us any other treatment options.

Ramiel Nagel’s Cure Tooth Decay book about curing tooth decay naturally suggests that stainless steel crowns are not necessary (he would suggest treating with dietary changes alone), but I don’t have it in me to fight the dentist about this (plus the fact that it’s difficult for us to follow all of Ramiel’s dietary suggestions due to Moses’ food sensitivities). I’ve discussed it with my Heilkunstler and as I’ve mentioned before, she really believes that eventually Moses’ teeth issues will heal as we heal his chronic miasms (the next step in the Heilkunst healing). She says that health issues related to teeth generally reflect deeper issues, as the teeth are related to the meridians. (I’m not really sure what this means, but I’m comforted by the fact that she thinks that Heilkunst can eventually help). On the good side of things, Moses has generally been able to recover from the other stainless steel crowns through the Heilkunst treatment. I’ll let you know how it goes!

I’ve been continuing with my Heilkunst healing. Last month, I cleared the x-ray and effects of the broken pinkie that I had when I was in Grade 4. My healing reaction was a huge migraine that lasted for a day (inevitably, I always need to spend one day in bed when I’m going through my healing reaction). This month, I’m clearing the chicken pox that I had when I was 8 years old. Emotionally, I’ve been doing really well. It helps tremendously that Moses has been doing so well.

Read more about our Heilkunst healing journey here.


4 thoughts on “Healing prenatal ultrasounds – Heilkunst Round 11

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  2. I didn’t know about ultra sounds being bad my first pregnancy. Luckily the midwives I had only did one (the 20 week one) then again to make sure he was head down. I could have lived with out the last one. This time around, my homebirth midwife who is also a naturopath, didn’t even care that I got any. (We chart fertility so we always know when we conceive) But I wanted the 20 week one just to make sure everything was ok, and we wanted to know boy/girl.
    Hopefully that is the last one, unless I go super duper late with this pregnancy and they want to do the stress test. But I still have a ways to go for that.
    Glad he is getting healed. This is all so interesting to me.

  3. Hi Cassie: I didn’t think about ultrasounds at all during my pregnancy with Moses. It didn’t occur to me at all not to do so. I still don’t know a lot about it, except for the fact the Heilkunst homeopathy feels that it’s important to clear the effects of it during treatment. I love it that you have a homebirth midwife / naturopath! I hope all continues to go well during your last few weeks of pregnancy!!

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