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Healing dental work – Heilkunst Round 12


Clearing Moses’ recent dental work (his 6th stainless steel crown and a root canal — ack!) was very painful, stressful and challenging for us all, and was even more difficult because it coincided with the week before our move. He received homeopathic powders for the anaesthetic and also homeopathic drops for the x-ray.

He immediately started complaining of more pain in his eyes the night after the dental work and the next day. Two days later, his breathing became worse and we needed to use his Ventolin puffer. Then he developed a runny nose and was irritable. We went to a birthday party on Saturday and he was very withdrawn and irritable and we left early. He had three terrible and deep night terrors, which were difficult to awake him from.  He reinjured his eye during one of the night terrors and couldn’t open his eyes the next morning. He had diarrhea a couple of times.

A week after the dental work, he was very lethargic and slept through the day. We brought him to the ER and they did blood work, urine tests and took yet another chest x-ray. Thankfully, his lungs sounded clear, although the x-ray showed a bit of abnormality on one of his lungs. They said that he was starting to develop an ear infection. This was four days before our move. Yikes!

I talked to his Heilkunstler and she said that he was having a difficult time clearing the dental work. The night terrors were resulting from the effects of the anaesthetic. She increased the strength of his night terrors dropper, and also prescribed a stronger homeopathic powder to help him clear the anaesthesia.

Later that night, Moses woke up, screaming and complaining of abdominal pain. The next morning, he was still crying and screaming, so I took him back to the hospital. He fell asleep in the car and when we got to the hospital, I sat in the car, praying, while he slept. He woke up crying and I carried him across the looooong parking lot and into the ER. And, amazingly, he was perfectly fine when we got to the hospital. So fine that he ate some snacks and then we just went home without seeing any doctors. He passed out on the couch with exhaustion when we got home, but when he woke up, his crying started up again. It reminded me exactly what he was like when he was a colicky newborn and in so much pain. It was terrible to witness and not be able to alleviate his pain, except to hold him. This was three days before our move.  Yikes!

The next day, his stomach pain was mostly gone, but he continued to be lethargic for most of the day. But then his stomach pain was up again later that night and we brought him to the ER yet again.  This was two nights before our move.  Ugh! He had a night terror that night (thankfully, the new homeopathic drops helped resolve the night terror quickly.

On the day before the move, we went back to the ER for yet another assessment. He had developed a new cough and the doctor was concerned about pneumonia (which is a big deal for Job’s syndrome patients because they have the potential to develop abscesses on their lungs), so they gave him yet another chest x-ray and he received two more x-rays for his abdomen. Thankfully, his chest x-ray was clear (thank God because they were talking about the possibility of IV antibiotics). His abdominal x-rays showed compacted bowel, so Moses needed an enema to get things moving.  It did the trick, but was very uncomfortable and painful for him. We were able to go home (yay) and he rested on the couch for most of the day while we packed up. Later in the evening, he was complaining of more pain and we gave him an oral laxative that the ER doctor suggested that we give him to help continue to relieve his constipation.

A bright spot during this time was two dear friends who helped us to pack up and also move some stuff to our new home. We were so grateful for their physical help and moral and emotional support. I literally don’t think we could have gotten it all done without them. Thank you, C and T. We hope you know how much we love and appreciate you and your friendship.

Our boxes are mostly packed and the movers come tomorrow, and it will be a brand new day. I’m hoping that we are done the worst of this healing reaction. I’ll let you know how it all turns out in our new home.

I think this time has also been difficult for Moses because he is sad about the move and has felt unsettled during this time of change. I pray that he will love our new home as much as I anticipate that he will.

Update (April 25, 2011) – We are settling into our beautiful new home that we all love and Moses is having his first good day. Praise God.

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10 thoughts on “Healing dental work – Heilkunst Round 12

  1. wow, how horrid for him and stressful for you!

    it’s so tough to watch our children in pain, even when we know it’s for a greater good.
    Like we’re exposing her to chickenpox right now and I know it’s a good idea and still it feels weird.

    congrats on getting into your new home!

  2. Thanks, Monica. It was such a rough couple of weeks, but now we’re (mostly) on the other side of it. We *love* our new home. It feels so good being here. A place we can be at ease. And Moses is mostly through his healing reaction. Thank goodness!

  3. I must admit my 8 year old aspie has dental surgery coming up. I know it is the best thing to do it at the hospital with anesthesia/”asleep” as he has such sensitivity issues with mouth/gag reflex he couldn’t do it all in office awake. But I am worried about how he will react to the medication, antibiotics, anesthesia. I have a feeling…

  4. Hi Denise: I hope all goes well with your son and his dental surgery. It’s nerve-wracking for mom, isn’t it? My son has had two dental surgeries in the past (with general anaesthetic), but this last one was actually with laughing gas, and it was still a huge reaction for him. He’s better now, though, thankfully…

    On another note, my son was scheduled for general anaesthetic tomorrow for his eye, but thankfully it was cancelled. Whew!

    Hope all goes well for your son.

    Take care,

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  9. Ugh. I’ve taken Homeopathic powders to clear out dental anaesthetic and x-rays and I ALWAYS have strong healing reaction as a result. It’s amazing how much you learn about your sensitivities through this process. I’ve always felt that dental freezing took me a whole day to get over and seemed to affect my whole body. Now I know why 😉

  10. Yep — what an incredibly stressful week that was! Though it seems like a lifetime away now since Moses has been doing so well recently!! He has a dental appointment next week — I’m hoping that it’ll just be a cleaning and he won’t need any substantial work….

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