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One year of Heilkunst healing


As mentioned, Moses recently completed healing his timeline with respect to Heilkunst treatment. Although there have been lots of ups and downs related to healing reactions, overall, his health has improved remarkably. These are some of the improvements that we’ve witnessed over the last 12 months:

  • His iron levels are now normal, and he no longer needs to take a daily iron supplement.
  • We have been able to introduce a number of new foods in the last year, including: organic beef, pineapple, pears, garlic, onions, celery, citrus fruits, honey, navy beans, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds. Peanuts are back on the safe list. Eggs and soy are only mild sensitivities.  Overall, we are not frightened to feed our son or to introduce new foods (as we were in the past, when he was sensitive to just about everything)  and we fully expect him to be able to eat most foods one day. More about his food sensitivities/allergies healing here. More about what he can currently eat here.
  • As of last month, his skin has just about cleared up (without the use of medicated creams). His skin has never before been clear (it first developed when he was 3 weeks old and never went away before this time). This is a miracle, especially given his Job’s syndrome diagnosis because one of the major symptoms of Job’s syndrome is a terrible skin condition (the syndrome is named after the biblical character’s skin afflictions).
  • He only had two abscesses develop (another symptom typical of Job’s syndrome), but they both resolved themselves. (On two separate occasions prior to this, he needed them to be drained under general anaesthetic).
  • He has not had pneumonia for the last 10 months. He actually developed pneumonia during his first two healing reactions (round 1, round 2), but the first was mild enough for them to treat with antibiotics at home and the second, they didn’t prescribe any antibiotics at all. Prior to this, Moses required IV antibiotics in order to fight pneumonia (he had a total of three hospitalizations due to pneumonia).
  • Overall, his lungs have been a lot clearer and the last time he received a chest x-ray, his lungs were clear despite the fact that he was in the middle of a major healing reaction.
  • Related to his lung function, he is more physically active and confident. He used to tire easily, but now he runs and rides his bicycle without fatiguing.
  • He did not require hospital admission for anything this entire year!!!!!  (Amazing!!)
  • His immune system seems to be a lot stronger. There were several times when many of the other children at his dayhome were sick (or DH or I were sick) and Moses did not get sick. In fact, other than healing reactions, he has not had any recent infections.
  • His mouth is no longer chronically sore. (His mouth used to be so sore that he wouldn’t let us brush his teeth, and we had daily battles over this). The chronic sores at the corners of his mouth have healed. I also believe that the Fluconazole (antifungal) helped with this.
  • He has grown quite a bit over the last 6 months (prior to this time, he was very short for his age — he looked to be about a year younger than he was, which I thought might have been due to the steroidal creams and puffers he was on). He is now in the normal range for his age (still small, but neither DH or I are very tall). I take it as a good sign that his body is actually spending some time growing rather than simply always fighting off infection.
  • He no longer regularly has night terrors (unless he is going through a healing reaction). He now sleeps through the night.
  • Conversational skills had never been a problem for Moses, but by the third month of treatment, we noticed that his conversational skills really took off.
  • Between healing reactions, he is happier, more grounded, more confident. He seems to have better regulation over his emotions (i.e., less tantrums).

Wow — isn’t that amazing??? I feel that my prayers for my son’s healing have been answered.  I am so grateful to God / Spirit / the Universe. I am so grateful to the mother who introduced me to Heilkunst. I am so grateful to Rudi and Patty and to my Heilkunstler.

Overall, life has become easier for the whole family.

What’s next?

My prayer is for my son’s healing to continue to unfold. I would love to witness:

  • A complete healing of my son’s eye (it is healing).
  • To continue to introduce more and more foods.
  • For his skin and lungs to stay clear.
  • For his baby teeth to remineralize; that his adult teeth develop healthy.
  • For my son’s IgE levels to be in the normal range.
  • For his healing reactions to get more and more milder.
  • For him to be able to discontinue all medications (with support from DH).

And it is so, and so it is. Thank you for your continued blessings and support.

Read more about our healing with Heilkunst journey here.


12 thoughts on “One year of Heilkunst healing

  1. How amazing is this?!?! If someone told you a year ago that all those things would be healed and/or improved, would you have believed it? What an amazing healing power you and your specialists have tapped into!

    All the love you put into your son, your family and the universe is returned to you. You are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing!

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  3. Thank you, Lisa. I know, it’s so amazing!! Thank you for your love, support and blessings. I can feel it.

  4. Because of your determination this has manifested!!
    Yay for you and your family. You and Moses are always in my prayers!
    Love, C

  5. Carla: Hugs and kisses to you and Emily. Thank you for your continued prayers. I also hold you and Emily in my heart. Always.

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  7. Wow — so incredible. I have become very interested in Heilkunst healing because of your posts. Thank you!

  8. It *is* so amazing. I am so very, very thankful. I’m so glad that you have become interested in Heilkunst. I am so thankful to have learned about it myself… It was definitely an answered prayer.

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  11. Hello, I have a 5 years old son, with severe eczema asthma and many allergies, Im looking into heilkunst, he is so sensitive, Could you share your practitioner info, Im in montreal and looking desesperate for help. Thanks in advance

  12. Hi Katy: I do highly recommend Heilkunst homeopathy, as well as our practitioner. Our practitioner is Sheila Earl and she does distance work as well.

    You can find her contact info here, in addition to a number of other highly qualified Heilkunstlers: http://www.homeopathy.com/college-practitioners/267/practitioners-of-heilkunst

    I trust that this will help your son.

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