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Night terrors resulting from vaccinations


Our older son also reacted to the DPT. He began having night terrors and visual auras. The night terrors continue to this day whenever he has a fever. He is in college now. -excerpted from here.

Several times a week, people come across my blog searching for whether there is a connection between night terrors and vaccinations. Why, yes there can be. And I’ll explain why below. (Note, however, that vaccinations don’t always lead to night terrors and night terrors are not always the result of vaccinations. I’m simply saying that vaccinations can sometimes result in night terrors).

We certainly found that my son stopped sleeping through the night after his delayed MMR vaccination (we delayed until he was 3.5 years old), and after that time, he started having regular night terrors, something that he didn’t experience prior to this time. More information about his reaction to the MMR vaccination here. (Of course, night terrors are a relatively mild reaction compared to other vaccine reactions, such as death, brain injury, autism — more stories of vaccine-related injuries are here).

After the MMR vaccination, Moses continued to sleep poorly and have regular night terrors, until we started the Heilkunst homeopathy. By the second round of treatment, the frequency of night terrors decreased dramatically. A year into healing with Heilkunst, he now generally only has night terrors when he is undergoing a healing reaction.  (It’s fascinating: if you search for “night terror” on my blog, the first mention of it is with respect to the MMR vaccination, and then it appears in just about every healing reaction since that time).

In case you’re not familiar with night terrors, this is what Wikipedia has to say about them:

Children who have night terrors are usually described as ‘bolting upright’ with their eyes wide open, with a look of fear and panic, and will often scream. They will usually sweat, breathe fast and have a rapid heart rate (autonomic signs). Although it seems like children are awake during a night terror, they will appear confused, will not be consolable and will not recognize others. Strong evidence has shown that a predisposition to night terrors and other parasomniac disorders can be passed genetically. Though there are a multitude of triggers, emotional stress during the previous day and a high fever are thought to precipitate most episodes. Ensuring the right amount of sleep is an important factor.

I wanted to share my thoughts about night terrors with respect to what I’ve learned from my Heilkunstler and reading Verspoor and Smith’s “Autism: The Journey Back”. In children who are genetically predisposed to vaccine injury, vaccines can cause a destabilization of a child’s system and can activate certain chronic miasms (archetypal diseases), as well as push a child into the chthonic realm. The more sensitive a child is and the deeper the chronic miasms, the more destabilizing vaccinations can be.

We have also found a link between anaesthesia and night terrors. My son had terrible and deep night terrors directly following dental work that required laughing gas.

The Chthonic Realm

The chthonic realm is described by Verspoor and Smith as the realm of fear and anxiety.

In the case of children, we see a range of behavior that is wild, defiant, scatological, self-destructive, violent, threatening and delusional. It can also involve somewhat the opposite: pathological shyness, need to control, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and a complete lack of awareness of self and one’s surroundings. In this range of behaviors, we can see the roots of many of the behavioral conditions of children these days, which are given arbitrary labels such as ADD, ADHD, ODD, PDD, autism, etc. (p. 92)

In my son’s case, he developed night terrors, wild tantrums, defiance and general contrariness (these are considered understatements because my son’s entire demeanor changed during the months following the MMR vaccination to the extent that a few weeks after the MMR vaccination, we thought that he might have been on the autism spectrum). These behaviours are all considered to be part of the chthonic realm. (In addition, my son became sick and developed a number of infections after the MMR, so the vaccination affected not only his emotional state, but his general health as well).

My Heilkunstler explained night terrors in this way. “Do you remember the boy in the Sixth Sense, who could see ghosts that no one else could? When a child is in a night terror, he really feels as though the ghosts and monsters are real, even if they are not apparent to us”.  My Heilkunstler’s words helped me know know that not only did it sound like my son was terrified, but in actuality, he really was terrified. Her words had further significance to me because I believe that these other worldly realms actually do exist and I also believe that sensitive children can more readily sense them. It is heartbreaking to witness a child who is having a night terror. He often would cry and scream at the top of his lungs for help, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!!! Daddy!!  Daddy!! Daddy!!  Help!  Help! Help!  No! No! No!” again and again and again, not aware that we were with him as he was experiencing the chthonic realm. After a night terror, he would often tell us that terrible monsters had been chasing him and he couldn’t get away.

You can read more about the chthonic realm here.

What do we do when our son has a night terror?

When our son is having a night terror, we prevent him from hurting himself, try to hold him and console him, talk to him reassuringly, and let him know that we are there for him. We also administer homeopathic drops for night terrors. Over the course of the year, my Heilkunstler has prescribed different homeopathic remedies for my son’s night terrors, most of which contained Stramonium, which is one of the eight homeopathic remedies for the chthonic realm. My Heilkunstler advised that we could continue to give him night terror drops until the night terror goes away. In some instances, the drops have been miraculous — stopping a night terror almost immediately. Other times, it still takes him a while to come out of it. Once he is out of the night terror, we continue to hold him, snuggle him, rock him, sing to him and comfort him until he is calm and ready for sleep.

Heilkunst homeopathy helped

I feel that without a doubt, Heilkunst homeopathy has helped to decrease the frequency of night terrors (they were a regular occurrence after the MMR vaccine for several months from Sept 2009 to July 2010 until the second round of Heilkunst homeopathy, when they started to subside). As mentioned above, he now only has them when he is having a healing reaction. Otherwise, he sleeps soundly through the night.

Without the Heilkunst treatment (not just the night terror droppers, but the sequential treatment of his timeline), I feel that our son would have continued to have night terrors and likely other health issues would have worsened.


14 thoughts on “Night terrors resulting from vaccinations

  1. VERY interesting and informative! Although Jack has never had a vaccine he did go through about a year where he was experiencing night terrors. I believe it was due to toxins from other sources attacking his body. As well as his leaky gut. The night terrors stopped altogether once we had pulled soy from his diet and added digestive enzymes. Night terrors are horrible. Jack still wakes in the night but not crippled in fear and, like you mentioned, unaware of our efforts to soothe him. I hope as you continue with Heilkunst that you see them trickle off of his healing reactions.

  2. Hi Juniper: Thanks for sharing Jack’s experiences with night terrors. I’m glad to hear that they stopped — interesting re: soy and digestive enzymes… I also hope (and expect) that Moses’ night terrors will eventually trickle off of the healing reactions.

  3. My daughter has night terrors from eating eggs. There are egg proteins in the MMR vaccine too? We eliminate the eggs, night terrors go away. Add eggs, they come back. She had an allergy test, so we knew she was sensitive to eggs, so when we reintroduce, we can look at the whole picture to see what the reaction was over a few days.

  4. Hi Jennifer: Interesting… From your post and Juniper’s post, it does seem as though night terrors can also be brought on by allergies as well.

    My understanding is that the preparation for the measles vaccine involves incubating the virus in cell cultures which contain chicken cells derived from the egg… (Although I don’t think that’s necessarily why the MMR vaccine can trigger night terrors).

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with your daughter’s night terrors.

  5. I have four children 2 boys and 2 girls. My first two children did get vaccines and before I had my third child I start saying NO to vaccines. So I have one son and one daughter that had vaccines up to the age of 3 years old and the other two no vaccines. My girls didn’t have any night terrors. But both of my boys did and like I said one didn’t get any vaccines. I do think it is a very intresting conecction to vaccines and night terrors.
    But I also belive it has to do with negatives (evil spirits). When my children are having a night terror I hold them and say a prayer and ask for protection for my child and to stop the attack. As soon as I end the prayer the night terror stops and my child is awake and is able to go back to sleep. Here is a book that also has been a great help to me and my family
    Practical Psychic Self-Defense by Robert Bruce

  6. Hi Gayle: Thanks for your note. Truthfully, I have also wondered the same (not necessarily evil spirits, per se, but that my son may be accessing a realm of lower vibrations). I always say a prayer for my son during his night terrors as well, asking for his protection. Sounds like it’s certainly been helpful with your children.

    I should have made it more clearer in my post that night terrors don’t always results from vaccinations, and vaccinations don’t always result in night terrors. But vaccinations can sometimes result in night terrors. I added a statement to try to make that a bit clearer!

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  8. I didn’t have night terrors but had nightmares every night of my life until I detoxed from mercury (from dental amalgams) in my 30s, then it finally stopped. Anytime I slowed down on my detox and the mercury builds up, I get nightmares again.

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  10. I am so glad I found this article;
    My son had his first night terror two weeks on the day that he got his first Japanese Encephalitis injection. I had to get him the injection, because we live in Japan and it is one of about 5 vaccines that are required for kindergarten which he starts in April. I am not a big fan of vaccines and I may be oversensitive to the potential dangers, so I am glad to read that others think there *may be a link. My son used to have 3 food allergies. He has outgrown all but one – raw egg. I don’t think there is egg in the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, but I will check it out before he gets part two. He was supposed to get part two yesterday, but he developed a fever randomly in the waiting room. In retrospect I think he was so anxious he broke out in it. He just had his second ever night terror. Most of what I read on the Internet tonight suggests they don’t remember the episodes, but he did remember the last one so I am also glad to see information that indicates some children do remember the terror and I can put him in that “box”… Anyway sorry for the long comment; I’m just really glad to find an article that helped.

  11. Hi Elle: Glad that this article helped… Good luck with Part two. It’s too bad that you son can’t get an exemption for them… If they become problematic, I highly recommend sequential homeopathy to help detoxify your son’s body from the vaccines. Good luck and take good care.

    My son definitely remembers some of his night terrors. He’s often lost in a forest, or fighting with a dragon or monster, or can’t find us in his dream…

  12. I suffered from night terrors as a child, had one case of it in high school and have had a few cases of something very similar as an adult. It was never consistent, just happened a few times and then again years later. I have no recollection of the events as a child other than waking up with my mother holding a wet towel on my head and my whole family sitting there looking at me. Apparently I screamed and even started calling them names before coming out of it.
    As an adult when no one else was around i would find myself half awake in another room (once outside). The best way I can explain it is it is similar to that feeling you get when leaning back in your chair and catch yourself right before falling over backwards, except instead of a split second, it is constant. I would have this oh no, oh no, oh no feeling but had no idea what was scaring me. No monsters.
    There are two things that seem to coincide with these episode, about half of which I can 100% confirm from records. They are vaccines (Hep B and DPT as an adult) and dental work. I believe it has to do with mercury. I also think it is sort of a mental immune response to the toxin, since I have also had the physical consequences. 5 days in ICU with pneumonia within weeks of having 2 fillings replaced at a time when I was in excellent physical shape. Doctors had no explanation for the severe inflammation in my lungs, only prednisone helped. They also commented on how I looked so healthy for someone nearly dying of pneumonia. After coming home from the hospital I also had a few night terror episodes.
    I am so glad I found this. I actually just about broke down after reading it, but in relief. It seems to just connect one more of the dots in my body’s relationship with mercury which I have recently begun ending by safely removing fillings, whatever chelation is needed and avoiding any vaccines.

  13. Hi Dan: Thank you sooo much for your note. It’s also confirming for me as well. Take good care.

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