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Our energetic bodies


I recently came across an amazing comprehensive article by Dr. Ralph Wilson, entitled Dynamic Energy Aspects of the Human Being, that explained the energetics involved in Heilkunst homeopathy.

This is the article that I’ve been looking for because I’ve been trying to understand Heilkunst homeopathy in relation to my knowledge of energetic bodies from other traditions (like yoga and shamanic traditions). I’ve been trying to wrap my head around it for the last year and I couldn’t quite connect the dots, but this 3-page article succinctly captured it in a way that made sense to me (I think the use of the schematic diagrams in Dr. Wilson’s article helped). Yay!

My Heilkunstler had  mentioned that the four levels of healing of the chronic miasms corresponds to each of four bodies (read also another Heilkunstler’s description of the four bodies here):

  • the physical layer – sensations (1st round of chronic miasms at 10M potency);
  • the etheric layer -functions (2nd round of chronic miasms at 50M potency);
  • the astral layer – feelings (3rd round of chronic miasms at CM potency); and
  • the ontic layer – state of mind (4th and final round of chronic miasms at MM potency) (see also p. 18 of this document).

On the 3rd page of the article, Dr. Wilson shows a schematic of the four layers, which has helped me to conceptualize it, and also allowed me to see clearly how it relates to the shamanic and yogic view of our energetic bodies.

Interesting, Alberto Villardo in Shaman, Healer, Sage also discusses four energetic bodies (p. 45):

  • the physical layer (the body);
  • the mental-emotional layer (the mind);
  • the psychic-etheric layer (the soul); and
  • the causal layer (the Spirit).

Similarly, the yoga tradition identifies five energetic bodies:

  • annamaya kosha—the physical body;
  •  pranamaya kosha—the breath or life-force body; 
  • manomaya kosha—the mental body; 
  • vijanamaya kosha—the wisdom body; and
  • and anandamaya kosha—the bliss body (i.e., Spirit body).

Acknowledgement of the various energetic bodies relates well to Dr. Klinghardt’s 5 levels of healing (i.e., healing the physical body, the energy body, the mental body, the intuitive body and the spiritual body) (Dr. Klinghardt’s original article is here; my blog post about this topic here).

Given that I resonate so strongly with all three of these healing traditions, I was delighted to find parallels in the interpretation of human’s energetic bodies in all of these traditions. I love that all of these healing traditions view humans as much more than a physical body. In my opinion, this is what is missing from the medical paradigm of healing.


4 thoughts on “Our energetic bodies

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  2. Isn’t it amazing when you see things come together like this? It reinforces the truth you know is at the heart of it all!

  3. Yes, Lisa — it never ceases to amaze me! I find it all very amazing and confirming. 🙂

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